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The following is a brief question and answer segment regarding the Harpercraft Staff.

What is the Harpercraft Staff?

The Harpercraft Staff consists of many journeymen and masters. The staff are responsible for answering questions, taking feedback, and smoothing out problems. Staff members hold many duties.


What can the Harpercraft Staff do?

  • Staff can interview potential apprentices and add them to the craft.

  • Staff can permit apprentices to apply for search.

  • Staff can arrest/unarrest a Harper, which confines them to the Harperhall proper. This is rarely used, however.

  • Staff can promote characters.

  • Staff can @ltitle characters, which changes their titles.

  • Staff can initiate discussion, propose policy changes, and participate in craft, well, crafting.

  • Most importantly, Staff can RP!

What can the Harpercraft Staff not do?

  • Staff may not promote characters to Journeyman without permission from the other Staffers .

  • Staff may not arbitrarily demote characters. This requires discussion with the Harper Staff.

  • Staff may not make major policy changes. They are, however, welcome to participate in discussion of such changes.

How do I become a member of the Harpercraft Staff?

First, you must be at least of Jr. Journeyman rank. You must have spent sufficient time in the craft to understand the details of its workings. Also, you must have a recommendation from another member of the Staff. Please @send *hcou if you feel you are qualified and are interested in joining the Harpercraft Staff.





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