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In the Vaults

The Harper's of Harper's Tale

  Masterharper Oriana (Fort, NPC)

  Craftsecond Caramak (Fort, NPC)

  Istan Craftmaster Jueann (Ista)

  Istan Craftsecond Liesana (Ista)

  Retired Masterharpers

                Filin                                        Lehrenne

                Parker                                    Suwert


  Fort NPC Masters

                Evanston                                 Jervon

                Theados                                  Delron


  Istan NPC Masters


  Istan NPC Journeymen

                Jeranium                                  Janlis


  Istan Drudges

                Leyte                                       Dernilia

  PC Harperhall Members


  Character Pages

                Kristiana, Sea Cliffs Harper Tutor

                Liesana, Craftsecond

                Mireilla, Junior Apprentice






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