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The Origami Awards

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These awards are given out for any number of reasons -- mainly, because someone thinks they're deserved. They come in as many categories as we can imagine and simply mean that we appreciate the effort, creativity, and style that has been put into something that all of us on Harper's Tale may enjoy.


Never is an award given to denigrate or offend, although I can understand that sometimes they're a little harsh or poke too much fun. All it means is that we're all human, and we all have foibles, and, well, they're funny and they give everyone enjoyment. We're laughing with you, because we've all done it too.


If you've noticed that someone needs an award, let us know!

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty:
The Off-Key Bugler Awards (you're sharp!)

Teraille and Caramak earn one of these together for putting together six (count 'em!) examinations specifically for Harper Council members just to see if we all know what we're talking about. Just thinking up all those questions and grading the darn things is a Herculean task. Thank you both!

Jueann gets another one for her various informational articles, lessons, and examinations (see her Harper's Tale History exam). She has, for the last few years, been a very active member of the Harpercraft and has been on Newbie Patrol for way too long. I think she even likes it!


Originality and Fun under Stress:
The John Cage Prepared Piano Awards

The Participants in the Harpercraft Exam have earned a whole bunch of these awards for their answers. It started out as an exam to test just the Harper Council, but everyone ended up taking part. These awards were presented at the Harper Meeting held on June 21, 1999, and scores were announced. Well done!

Kaeryn, Jerran, and Teraille deserve one of these for trying to keep an Apprentice/Journeyman relationship a secret despite the occasional slip-up that poor Teraille, dutiful Harper that she is, couldn't help but notice. There was a heck of a lot of interesting RP that went into Kaeryn's promotion to Journeyman, and all's well that ends well. 


From Agricola to Mozart to Zappa:
The Schizophrenic Sunshine Loyalty Awards

There are only a few people who, year after year, continue to hang out in the harpercraft and on the Harper channel, providing gossip, conversation, and once in a while, even, role-play. Some people are so devoted to the craft that if one of their characters moves on or gets idle-nuked, they come back with another, and another...

Leanna -- a.k.a. Jesha(la) and Melidere, has been on Harper's Tale almost since the beginning, and has had more alts than most people with a college education can count. Always, though, one of those alts has been a Harper Apprentice. Cheers, Leanna!

JeDera -- She pops in and out on occasion, offering advice when it's needed. All this while holding other leadership positions and flying a dragon or two.

Caramak -- While he doesn't have ten Harper alts to his name, he has had his fair share of alternate personalities both on Harper's Tale and elseMOO. Still, he's kept coming back even when he didn't really want to, and now he's stuck again... Muahahaha!






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