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An interview can only be conducted, officially, by a Journeyman or Master. Senior Apprentices may perform interviews, but they must be overseen by a Journeyman or Master and they must arrange this ahead of time. All that is required of an applicant is acceptable completion of an interview. This is intended to give some ideas for questions to ask, as a guideline, but is just a guideline; the direction taken by the RolePlaying may or may not coincide with this, and interviewer is in no way expected to ask all the questions. Enough on that. You just wanted some questions. So, here are some ideas...

What is the applicant's name?  Where are they from?  Press for background here, if possible.  Why are they in Ista, if not from around here?  Again, background.  Why is it they want to be a Harper?  What most interests them about being a Harper?  What is it they think Harpers do?  (Incidentally, if they've read 'help harper', they ought to give a good answer to that one...)

Then there are some OOC questions you might want to ask: What of the books (if any) have they read, and which are their favorites?  Favorite characters?  Do they have any RL music experience, and how much?  Do they have any MOOcode experience (and how much)?  This, of course, assumes they've had any experience on Moos at all; have they?  Do they ever plan to apply for Search?  Do they understand the difference between IC and OOC?

The OOC questions do not have any bearing on whether or not they are accepted, but are nice to know.  In terms of other advice, just be friendly and polite.  If you don't think they're up to standard, don't accept 'em, though.  If they haven't developed a background, you might tell them to spend a week RPing, and come up with one, then come back.  In general, use your good judgement and common sense as your guide.

One additional consideration; the IC age of the applicant.  Characters below the age of 14 Turns are unlikely to be admitted except in special circumstances, and never under the age of 12.  Also, if an applicant is young, they should be aware that a character under 17 Turns is extremely unlikely to be handed any sort of promotion; the necessary maturity simply doesn't come until a later age.

And as a reminder: The only thing the applicant needs to do for him/herself is to @addfeature #2870The channel, the parent change, the sethome, the title change and the mailer are all handed by one handy dandy little staff verb.  Not to say that you can't have them do any of this, if you want them to feel included right away, and there's not staff around... But it'll all be done for them anyway. :)

The above may also be accessed on the MOO itself by typing “help harper_interview.”  





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