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Channels and mailers serve as ways for members of the Harpercraft to communication with one another. To subscribe to a mailer, use the command: “@subscribe *[mailer]” where [mailer] is the mailer to which you want to subscribe. To add a channel, you must first add the alias, “addcom [alias] = [channelname]” where the [alias] is what you will type to communicate on the channel, and [channelname] is what the channel is. Note that these are caps-sensitive and they do no include the “[]”’s.



[Harper] – The basic Harpercraft channel on which anyone affiliated with the Harpercraft should be.

[Music Student] – This is the place wannabe Harpers should go to meet with members of the craft. This is also the channel on which to organize an interview.

[Harper Jmen] – This channel is Harper Journeymen.

[HarperMaster] – This channel is for Harper Masters.


Please do not join any channels on which you should not be! This list is for convenience purposes only – don’t make us take it down.



*Harper (*harp) – The basic Harpercraft mailer. Every member of the Harpercraft should be subscribed.

*Harper Journeymen (*hj) – This mailer is for Harper Journeymen and above.

*HFeedback (*hf or *harper-gripes) – This is an anonymous feedback and comment mailer. Feel free to post any complaints, comments, etc. Be aware that we will most likely be unable to respond directly to you without your name attached. This mailer is readable by Harper Staff.






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