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Kabel's Zither

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Table of Contents

  1. Why the Zither?

  2. BU 1

  3. BU 2

  4. BU 3

  5. BU 4

  6. What IS a Zither?


Why the Zither?


This chapter is not a song but merely a part of my instrument explaining the following: Why I chose the zither. Why the zither is the best choice for this song and why should we even have a zither when there is a gitar for less marks. First off, why I chose the zither. I chose it because of its sound and looks. It has a sound that bounces but is easily controlled. It uses hammer's instead of a pick or your finger so it gives more of bouncing sound. It is a very nice instrument with a very nice sound. Next, why is it the best choice? It is the best choice because this song has a long range of sounds and the bouncing affect helps make the picture of the firelizard. If this were to be played on the gitar it couldn't have as much of the affect as would a zither. A harp wouldn't suite either because it has more of a waving sound than a bounce. Why this big bulky zither opposed to the gitar? Well as I said earlier it has a better bouncing sound but if you wanted a serious sound it will still work because you can control the bounce. It may be big and bulky but it enough of a compensation because you can easily go down several scales like I did when the firelizard was falling. In conclusion this zither is worth every mark and every once it is. So that is why I chose it and that is why I'm keeping it!

BU 1


Kabel finds a convenient table to set up his zither and does so. With exaggerated facial emotions he looks for the hammers and comes across them in the last pocket he searches. With a deep breath in and out he picks his hammers up and seems to slam them on the strings but only a light sound comes out.

The soft hush of what seems to be the ocean begins and with it a sense of sea air. The hammers moving so fast to make the hush like sound begin makes Kabel's hands start to sweat. The hush of a wave that laps at your feet and the sound of small shells tinkling together sets the mood for a romantic evening.

With a crash of the wave and the flick of a wrist a sound of a firelizard comesthrough, from Kabel's quaint lizard himself. The song then seems to center on the Firelizard and he'll try to tell you the tale...

BU 2


Kabel's hands are now centering on the lower end of the instrument but his face is still filled with joy. He tells how the lizard in the story flies high with the music, and then at it's pinnacle of flight just to hovers there waitingand watching the water it hangs above. The eyes of the lizard flutter with hunger but still it waits.

With a squawk from the flit he says it dives, dives, dives. The scales on the zither drop with it making an interesting spiral effect. He tells how the wings are folded in, his eyes have the lid for water protection and it's mind set on full, the lizard doesn't hear or see anything else except it's goal: The Fish.

Hands moving so fast in a blur, sweat beeding on his forehead but not changing the quality of the music any. He explains how lizard's talons are out and that he enters the water but coming up with nothing but wet claws and a little more experience. It reaches it's pinnacle again it's eyes focus on a seemingly invisible target.

BU 3


The spiral effect again and the complete determination. Sweat on his brow is still there. Kabel still looks happy. He tells how the lizard spirals talons out as wide as they go. Making adjustments as he dives the lizard snorts at the fish, so he says, which escaped last time. Kabel's hands now are out of his control.

Entering the water with a splash that engulfs the room he seems to have drowned in the surf, the music starts to taper off. Kabel's eyes are now lowered and his face grim. For an instant the music stops, but suddenly returns, right when it seems to be over, with as much gusto as before.

The lizard is alive and a fish in its claws to bring home for the new hatchlings. He describes in detail the sneer on its face, it is one of determination and joy. The lizard then returns to its cavern to give the fish to the soon hatchlings.

BU 4


He tells how the lizard sores into the cavern fish in 'hand'. He lies it among the sea weed and goes to a perch as other lizards come in with gifts of their own. The lizard begins to warble as the queen enters. The music halts for a fraction of a second then regains. The first egg has cracked and the hatchling waddles to the offered food.

When the hatchling waddles Kabel plays alternating notes for each foot. The hatchling folds back it's wings, devours the fish and calls to the adults it is satisfied and tries to go up to them but it's wings aren't dry yet and it falls on it's back with a *thud* which Kabel thumps the table for effect. Kabel plays faster now trying to indicate it crying. It want's to fly but can't and when it finally gets up it waddles off to eat some more.

The song now moves away from the lizard and back to the ocean with crashes of waves. The song swells in and out like the swells of waves. The song has short bursts which indicate the fish jumping and splashing on the water. With a huge final wave and short ripples the song ends.

What IS a Zither?


What is a zither?

A zither is like a hammer dulcimer. If you don't know what a hammer dulcimer is it's an instrument that has a hollow body, several strings, and looks like a mutant harp. It has a bouncy sound and is very beautiful in the right light.

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