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Gallery (#181)

You reach the top of the hill expecting to see the other side, but you find yourself at the top, last row of the amphetheatre. Four rows of well chiseled steps fan out from the marble stage. Smooth, comfortable benches seem to have grown out from the side of the hill, so masterfully they were carved. There is a calming feel to this place, it makes you want to take a seat and loose yourself into the worlds of imagination, or lean back and look at the stars on a cloudless evening. As the breeze blows through, you can hear faint
whisperings of past performances. You realize it took a fine group of craftsmen and craftswomen to create this place. Choose any seat, for from any and all you can hear the sighs and taste the sounds that await you. You notice a smooth marble column in front of the stage that is just level to the floor of the stage. A gold plaque bears the inscription: "Welcome one and all to the Shinnai Memorial Center for Istan Performing Arts. Let the stories bless our children's ears and the songs bless their lips forever and a day." A silent hush falls over the crowd as you look to the stage.......
As one's gaze goes down the marble stairs, you can see that there are potted plants on each of the steps. Bright golden colored sunflowers raise their petals toward the glorious sunlight and in doing so, nearly provide a beacon of light along the way. On the sides of the benches, the parts facing inward toward the aisle, there are small groupings of flowers. Various colors adorn the groups -- Red of roses, pink of carnations, yellow of sunflowers, purple of orchids, white of lilies and many others as well. Below the plaque that is on the column, lying on the ground, there is a single red rose daintily tied with a red ribbon. As you move to take in the larger picture now, you can see that there is colorful bunting surrounding the edge of the stage. It is a summer evening. To the northeast, you see three firelizards and thirteen people. On the perch is Samye. Reyvvin, Jueann, and Brier are here.


Brier wanders down to the front, not the first row, and takes an aisle seat. He sits quietly and watches the stage.

On stage, Druid blinks in from ::between::!

Bronwyn strides in from the Gather Square and Market.

On stage, Jerran shoos Druid, who disappears *between*.

Keven walks in from the Gather Square and Market.

Reyvvin watches quietly, also, taking a seat near the upper echelon of tiers.

Talonis walks in from the Gather Square and Market.

Talonis walks to the Gather Square.

On stage, Jayla looks out into the Gallery and nods at Master Shinnai.

Shinnai walks down the tiers to find a seat in front, and quirks a smile as she notices the plaque. "A little premature, isn't it?" she mutters to herself, then sits.

Kitana steps silently in from the Gather Square and Market.

Danton wanders happily in from the Gather Square and Market.

On stage, Jayla grins and waves at Danton....indicating the seats she saved for him and Kitana on the front row.

Shinnai grins and gives Jayla a thumbs-up on the stage.

Cashar dazed and confused walks in from the Gather Square and Market.

On stage, Skylord suddenly disappears ::between::!

Fasulkad walks in from the Gather Square and Market.

Skylord blinks in from ::between::!

Kitana smiles, and looks down at Danton. "Timm still with you, dear? He didn't wander off, did he?"

Danton grins, waving at Jayla. He moves over to Kitana and thrusts his hand into hers, "How do I look?" He asks her.

Danton smiles, "Nope. On my shoulder."

Javis moves quietly in from the Gather Square and Market.

On stage, Jerran drops Tiger.

Kitana nods and squeezes Danton's hand. "You look quite handsome, Danton."

Brier leans back and stretches his legs out, the foot of one extending into the aisle, but just barely. He glances around wtching the gallery fill.

Keven enters with a smile on his face, he looks up at the stage looking for any of the harpers making them self ready for the play. He smiles to himself as he sits down at a place with great view over the whole stage, quite happy that he isn't one of those that are standing on stage trying to remember all the lines... then again it would be fun to play... maybe next time.

Javis moves quietly to a seat.

Danton grins, "Thanks. Shall we?" He asks, waving his small hand toward the seats.

Mandef Stalks like a feirce predator in from the Gather Square and Market.

Thor Trots warily in from the Gather Square and Market.

Thor enters obediently after Mandef

Sneak prowls in from the Gather Square and Market.

Sneak enters obediently after Mandef

Lisa walks in from the Gather Square and Market.

Mandef sneaks over to javis

Cashar chuckles happily as he walks in, noting the fine craftmenship of the galleries, recognizing Keven, Fas, and Jueann, he wonders over to them, flashing a broad smile "Evening folks" he says chuckling "Some place Jerrna set up here!"

Zorlus swoops in from the Gather Square and Market.

Shinnai waves to Danton and Kitana from her seat nearby the saved seats.

Talonis walks in from the Gather Square and Market.

Mandef says, "Hello Javis"

Skylord suddenly disappears ::between::!

Kitana nods to Danton. "Yes, let's." She smiles warmly at him.

Lena shuffles along behind Lisa, smiling quietly to the others. A nudge-- "Where shall we sit, Lisa?" --and the Herder Journeyman peers over the crowd.


Javis turns to Mandef "ah.. greetings Mandef."

Keven turns, happily surprised as he hears Cashar's voice "Hey Cashar! Nice seeing you, I heard you got promoted"

[Note: Lena is being played NPC'ly by her original player]

"Dunno-- Do you know anyone here?" Lisa peers about wander about, dragging Lena along behind her. "The hold's been getting a lot of newer folks lately; Have you noticed that?"

Cashar grins "Ayeup, Sure did, They seemed to have gotten sick of me at the hall, sent me over to Grinstead, studying under Danel now, Lemme tell ya, them farm folk can party!"

Danton waves at Shinnai, tugging Kitana along.

Tiger runs around, skidding to a stop every so often. The little pup examines everything in detail.

Mandef says, "Javis...may i sit?"

Javis nods to Mandef.

Fia steps softly in from the Gather Square and Market.

Mandef gathers his new coat and sits

Lena nods to Lisa while attempting to find a face she recognizes. "Yah--even inside our own /craft/!" Namely, Eludra and the soon-to-be-coming Zsa. ;> Lena glances once again over the many heads. "Nope. Dunno /anyone/." 

Priya tumbles in from the Gather Square and Market.

Zorlus launches swiftly into between.

Cashar laughs as he plops his slim frame into a chair, stretching back lazily "So Keven, How have things been with you?"

Keven sighs "You got to the farm? Darn! I had plans for that myself. They'll never let you me AND Danel be at the same place... I guess it's a wise decision but still" His eyes seam to glint showing he is less serious then he seams.

Brier pulls his foot back in from the aisle, keeping an eye on the playful pup,

He spies Priya and she enters and waves, Down here, near the front.

Mandef says, "javis...run the plot by me again..."

"I know! It's so, well, odd. Oh look--" Glancing towards the entrance, Priya is seen and Lena is left; for a while at least. "Priya! How are you? Haven't seen you in simply /ages/!"

Lena turns around. With an over-the-shoulder smile for Lisa, the Journeyman heads off towards the gather square. "I promised Rosemary I'd be gone only for a moment--I just came to see the theater." With a wave, she disappears.

Javis shrugs "I don't really know the plot" he says quietly.

Tiger runs around, skidding to a stop every so often. The little pup examines everything in detail.

Talonis walks to the Gather Square.

Shinnai grins to Danton. "So, you seem to be having fun today," she comments, smiling also to Kitana.

Mandef studies the occupants of the gallery "Hmmnnn..."

Cashar chuckles at Keven "I don't know about that pal, I'm sure Danel wouldn't mind, And I'm SURE the hall would love to be rid of the two of us!" he says as he fights a yawn

Kitana nods to Shinnai in greeting.

Keven chuckles "Yeah that's true!"

Fia steps softly to the Gather Square.

Thor looks intently at his friend

"Brier! Lisa!" Priya beams at the two faces calling out to her. Hm. Sit by Lisa, sit by Brier; sit by Brier, sit by Lisa. What to do? "Lisa," she calls the Herder, mid-contemplation. "--come sith ere with me and Brier!" She shuffles down towards the boy and plops down next to him. "Hey," she smiles. 


On stage, Jerran grins and waves to all those in the gallaries, "Hello all! As you may or may not know I'm Harper apprentice Jerran. Welcome to the opening of Ista's center for performing arts! Tonight, for the grand opening, Jayla and her crew members will be performing a play of Jayla's own invention, As Pern Turns! I hope we'll all enjoy it, so without further wind blowing from me, here she is, the one and only Jayla!" Jerran Begins Clapping as he walks down into the galleries.

Shinnai quiets down immediately, and claps enthusiastically.

Reyvvin applauds also, her expression very interested.

Tiger runs around, skidding to a stop every so often. The little pup examines everything in detail.

On stage, Jayla smiles and bows to the audience. She waits for it to settle down a bit. "Our play tonight is called, "As Pern Turns...." and the actors are Caramak as Fredrik, Kestria as Anne, Keersa as Charla, Fenris as Henrik, Fort Journeyman Harper Chrys as Magnus and myself as Desiree...." She smiles broadly..."So please sit back and enjoy yourself as we take great pleasure in presenting this play to all of you..." She steps off to the stage right and the play begins......

Mandef appluads

Cashar applauds wildly "Oh hasnt started oops" CLAP anyways Jerran picks up Tiger.

Jueann claps

Brier pull his feet out of the way, and grins at Priya. He waves at Lisa to join them, " Hey, had to go get the Food Tent cleared before you could come?" 

Keven sits back and waits anxiously.

On stage, You see two rooms: A Parlor and Bedroom, indicated on different levels. Anne, a ravishingly pretty girl of 18, is sitting on the bed. She goes to the vanity table, toys with her hair, and then enters the Parlor. Henrik, her stepson, a brooding young man of 19, is seated on the sofa, playing his harp. Anne looks at Henrik, then leans over the sofa to get his attention.

Asriene walks with practiced ease in from the Gather Square and Market.

On stage, As Anne leans over the couch beside Henrik, her breasts are shoved forward alarmingly close to his shoulder, exposing a fair amount of cleavage as she asks poutily, "Oh, Henrik dear, don't you have anything less gloomy to practice?" She bats her lashes at him, still pouting. 


Jerran moves over o take a seat with the other harpers.

Asriene waves. "Hello, everyone."

So Lisa shuffles in a general Priya-direction, smiling broadly as she makes it to boy and girl. Reaching her destination, she too plops down with a smile-- "Food? Nope. I haven't had /good/ food in turns-- Or so it seems. Oh Asriene! Hiya!"

On stage, Henrik blushes slightly and moves awkwardly back into the couch, "It isn't gloomy, it's profound." He takes the opportunity of putting down his harp to stand and move away from Anne. "Anne, I was wondering ... could we go for a walk?"

Javis smiles at Asriene in greeting.

Samye suddenly disappears ::between::!

On stage, Anne blinks in surprise at his question, and asks with shock, still leaning over the couch, "Now?"

Mandef waves at Asriene

On stage, Henrik crouches to be at eye level with Anne, "I've so much to tell you. What I've been thinking, and ...well everything."

Asriene waves to Mandef. "Hi."

Priya nods. "I did." Though the smudged apron worn probably justifies that without the need for words. Looking at Lisa, "You haven't had good food?" She giggles, deviously; "Then you'll /have/ to come to the Dining Hall sometime and sample one of my sweetrolls." Cackle.

On stage, Anne laughs girlishly and shakes her head at him, "Silly Henrik, don't you realize it's almost time for your father to come home?" she pauses and tilts her head, listening, "And I think I hear him now." she says as she rises from the couch. "I'm sure you've made the most wonderful discoveries about life, and I long to talk, but -- later." she dismisses Henrik. 


On stage, leaves for the Stage Right.

Cashar errs and hasta go for a bit "Ill be right back he whispers, left some things unattended!"

On stage, Henrik looks away from the front door and mutters disgustedly, "Later..."

Cashar turns and walks out.

On stage, Fredrik enters, from stage right, and pulls off his coat. 


On stage, Anne looks towards her husband as he enters, "Fredrik!" she calls, straightening her dress.

"Nope. I can't-- Too much work at the hall. That's why I haven't had good food in ages, Pri." Lisa smiles glancing towards the stage, poking Priya with her elbow: "What's going on? Did you catch the drift of what's happening?"

Asriene takes a seat and watches the stage attentively.

Reyvvin leans forwards, watching with avid interest.

Brier looks past Priya and shakes his head warningly, they are /good/ but he's heard tails of fingernail clippings. He checks to be sure Priya missed his warning.

On stage, Fredrik addresses Henrik, after a smile to Anne, "Hello, son. How were your lessons today?"

On stage, Henrik stands straight and attempts to center himself in his father's attention, "Well, as a matter of fact..." 

On stage, Fredrick breaks in, "You passed with flying colors."

On stage, Henrik stops, draws breath, and tries again, "And one of my teachers said..."

On stage, Fredrick breaks cleanly in again, "Splendid. You must give us a full report. Later."

On stage, Anne stands to one side of the couch, hands held together in front of her as she asks softly, "Fredrick, do you want something to eat now?" 

Priya peers at Brier, seconds late of catching the warning. Ignorant, she turns back to Lisa with a smile. "I'll make you some sweetrolls an' drop 'em off Herder Hall sometime." Muhahahaha. She hushes, focusing upon the stage. 

Jhenna walks in from the Gather Square and Market.

Jash walks in from the Gather Square and Market.

On stage, Fredrick shakes his head, "Not now, I think. It's been rather an exhausting day and as we have a long evening ahead of us, I feel a little nap is indicated. I'm taking you to a concert tonight. Journeyman Harper Desiree is performing tonight," He informs her while they walk to the bedroom and sit on the bed.

Jhenna says, "Is this the play??"

On stage, Anne smiles up at him as she leans a little towards him, "You were sweet to think of me." she sighs softly.

Keven turns to the new arrival (Jhenna) "Yep, come here have a sit and watch" 

On stage, Fredrick smiles, "I'll enjoy it too," and leans over to try to kiss Anne.

Asriene walks with practiced ease to the Gather Square.

On stage, Anne moves to the vanity table to fiddle with a jar, sighing and then turning her eyes to her husband, "Poor Fredrik! Do I still make you happy? After eleven months? I know I'm foolish to be so afraid -- and you've been so patient, but, soon -- I promise. Oh, I know you think I'm too silly to worry, but I do ..."

On stage, Fredrick sighs, deflated, and turns over, going promptly to sleep.

On stage, Anne sighs and gets up from where she was sitting at the vanity table, moving to stand beside the bed, looking down on the sleeping Fredrik, "Dear, distinguished old Fredrik!" she begins to sing...

Reyvvin looks puzzled, "What's she talking about?" meaning Anne, talking to no one in particular..

On stage, Anne's voice sings out in velvety smooth alto tones, "Soon, I promise / Soon I won't shy away, / Dear old..." she pauses to bite her lip, then resumes the song, "Soon, I want to / Soon, whatever you say / Even now when we're close and we touch / And you're kissing my brow / I don't mind it too much / And you'll have to admit / I'm endearing, / I help keep things humming, / I'm not domineering / What's one small shortcoming? / And think of how I adore you / Think of how much you love me. / If I were perfect for you / Wouldn't you tire of me soon? / All too soon? / Dear old..." she breaks the song off as she hears the sound of Henrik's harp and Fredrik stirs in his sleep. She walks to the parlour, hissing loudly, "Henrik! That racket! Your father's sleeping!" She stands half-innocent half-coquettish for a moment watching Henrik and then walks back into the bedroom.

Bronwyn oohs softly. A musical.

Mandef is giggling softly to himself

Gallen walks in from the Gather Square and Market.

"Well-- Okay. You do that. But watch, Priya. See what's happening." Lisa shifts, changing position before taking her own advise and watching. 


On stage, Henrik starts playing his harp again, a rushed tune with more than one off-key note.

Shinnai grins, cringing only a little.

Reyvvin gasps at the song, it's beautiful!

On stage, Fredrick stirs in his sleep, and says, "Desiree..."

On stage, Henrik slams the harp down onto the table and storms out of the house.

On stage, Anne's mouth opens in utter shock as she hears Fredrik whisper a name... a name other than /hers/.

On stage, And the stage fades to blackness.....

Jueann claps

Danton watches all of this interestedly, leaning quite a bit forward in his seat, sharp eyes squinting a bit as he endeavours to catch each word. He smiles slightly at the song, continuing to watch.

Keven claps too, while smiling widely.

Bronwyn applauds enthusiastically, quite entranced by the premise.

On stage, You see what appears to be a concert hall...off to the side are Anne and Fredrik seated in the audience.

Reyvvin blinks, and starts clapping too, thoroughly impressed. 

Jerran claps loudly.

On stage, Anne sits with her hands folded in her lap, staring down at them as she suddenly asks, "Is she beautiful?"

Jhenna lays her head on Jashes shoulder and sighs

Reyvvin hushes her clapping and watches avidly.

Jerran stops clapping as the play begins again.

On stage, Fredrick's eyebrows quirk a moment, and he returns, "Who, dear?" 

On stage, Anne twists her fingers together as she answers him with just a touch of childish jealously in her voice, "Desiree, of course."

On stage, Fredrick looks confused... "How would I know, dear?"

On stage, Anne sighs and murmurs unsurely into her lap, "I only thought ..." her voice trails off hesitantly.

On stage, Fredrick follows up, "Only thought---what?"

On stage, Anne lifts her head slightly, and her voice is petulant, with just a little edge to it, "Desiree is not a common name. I mean, none of your or my friends are called Desiree, are they?" she suddenly turns her eyes to look at him for an answer.

On stage, Desiree, a middle-aged Journeyman Harper, yet still incredibly beautiful, makes her sensational entrance. A storm of applause greets her. 

Fredrik claps. Anne does not as she glares at the stage.

On stage, During the applause, Desiree makes a deep curtsey, during which, old pro that she is, she cases the house. Her eyes fall on Fredrik. She does a double-take and freezes.

On stage, Anne intakes her breath sharply as she sees Desiree looking directly at her husband and she hisses, suddenly fierce as she turns again to Fredrick, "She looked at us. Why did she look at us?" she asks sharply.

On stage, Fredrick shrugs, seemingly indifferent, "I don't think she especially looked at us."

On stage, Anne becomes even more distraught as she snaps back at him, "She did! She peered, then she smiled. She smiled at us! She's ravishingly beautiful." she frowns and crosses her arms petulantly, as she holds herself angrily.

On stage, Fredrick shakes his head, and informs her, "Make-up."

On stage, Anne whips her head to look at Fredrik, her eyes flashing as she asks sharply, "How can you be sure--if you've never seen her?" her voice a shade too loud for a theater.

Zaryia walks in from the Gather Square and Market.

On stage, Fredrick looks a touch disturbed, "Hush!" as he makes motions to quiet her.

On stage, Anne begins to cry, sobbing as she demands tearfully, "I want to go home!" her voice carrying in her distress.

On stage, Fredrick looks distressed, "Anne!"

Reyvvin looks at Zaryia and smiles, patting a seat next to her.

On stage, Anne continues to sob, tears rolling down her face as she wails loudly and shrilly, repeating, "I want to go home!" as more heads begin to turn. She stands and gathers her things together. 


Zaryia smiles at Reyvvin and takes a seat next to her.

Jerran grins at the actors on stage.

Danton continues watching, wordlessly. His eyes peer across the stage, swiping from mouth to mout, catching the words as he goes.

Reyvvin grins cheerily as a means of greeting and turns back to the stage.

On stage, Fredrick, all thought of decorum gone, stands also, and calls her name again, "Anne!" as she runs off. He follows a moment later with a brief backward glance for the stage.

On stage, And the stage fades to blackness.....

On stage, You see Desiree's room. Fredrik walks on from Stage Right, as Desiree, in a robe, enters, munching on a meatoll and carrying a glass of wine.

Jerran claps vigorously.

On stage, Fredrick stands a little awkwardly near the entrance, and says in a soft but carrying voice, "They told me where to find you at the theatre." 

On stage, Desiree looks up and smiles delightedly, "Fredrik!"

On stage, "Hello, Desiree," Fredrick answers her. They pause and gaze at each other.

On stage, Desiree gazes at Fredrik a minute and then smiles. "So it was you! I peered and peered and said: "Is it....? Can it be...?... Is it possible?" And then, of course, when you walked out after five minutes, I was sure."'

On stage, Fredrick chuckles wryly, "Was my record /that/ bad?"

On stage, Chuckling softly, Desiree shakes her head, "Terrible! You walked out on my performance in Ruatha. And on my sensational singing in Benden!" 


On stage, Fredrick shakes his head as he stands there looking at her, "Fourteen years!"

On stage, Desiree nods. "Fourteen year!"

On stage, Fredrick asks, "No rancor?"

On stage, Desiree tilts her head to one side and then shakes it slowly, "Rancor? For a while a little...But now? No rancor, not trace..." She waves her hand towards a plate of meatrolls. "Meatroll?"

On stage, Fredrik holds up a forestalling hand, "Hungry as ever after a performance, I see."

On stage, Desiree laughs softly, "Worse! I'm ravenous!" She takes a bite of meatroll. "Please sit down, Fredrik..." She pours him a glass of wine and smiles slightly. "Here....You never said no to a glass of Benden white wine..."

Lyla stumbles in from the Gather Square and Market.

On stage, Fredrick sighs, and says a bit hurriedly, "About this walking out! I'd like to explain..."

On stage, Desiree smiles and nods, "The girl in the pink dress, I imagine..." 

On stage, Fredrick gives an amused snort, "Still don't miss a thing, do you?"

On stage, Desiree chuckles softly, "Your wife..."

On stage, Fredrick nods, "For the past eleven months. She was so looking forward to your singing, and got a little overexcited. She's only eighteen, still almost a child." He pauses. "I'm waiting."

Danton watches this interestedly. He glances over once and notices Lyla. He brightens, eyes going a little starry. He blinks this away and waves her over, indicating an empty seat next to he and Kitana. 


On stage, Desiree tilts her head to one side, "For what?"

On stage, Fredrick answers, "For you to tell me what an old fool I've become to have fallen under the spell of youth, beginnings, the blank page..."

On stage, Very coolly, Desiree--her back to the audience--opens her robe, revealing her naked body to Fredrik. She smiles seductively. "The page that has been written on -- and rewritten."

On stage, Fredrick looks appreciatively, "With great style. Some things--wine, for example--improve with age."

On stage, Desiree chuckles softly. "Let us hope that proves true of your little bride." She closes her robe and stands, still very cool, looking at Fredrik. "So you took her home and tucked her up in her cot with her rattle and her woolly toy."

Javis falls asleep.

Javis has disconnected.

On stage, Fredrick shrugs slightly, "Figuratively speaking."

Lyla grins at the person who waved at her, and quickly rushes over, ducking her head to keep from blocking views of the stage. She does make a better door than a window. :)

On stage, Desiree, smiles and nods, "And then you came to me..."

Yes, yes, her father was not a glass maker...

Zaryia drops Drehd.

On stage, Fredrick nods, "I wish you'd ask me why.."

On stage, Desiree gazes at Fredrik a minute, "Why did you come to me?"

Brier shifts in his seat, and glances at Priya, waiting for the snort and ewewee to happen.

Fasulkad falls asleep.

Fasulkad has disconnected.

Lyla sits between Kitana and Danton, then whispers quietly. "Sorry I'm late --mom found me, and HAD to know all that I'd been up to." Here eyes sparkle. 

Danton smiles at Lyla, "Hi there!" He whispers, glancing back at the stage and watching.

On stage, Freick shrugs, "For old times' sake? For curiosity? To boast about my wife? To complain about her? Perhaps--Shards, why am I being such a lawyer about it?" He pauses a moment. "This afternoon when I was taking my

Drehd walks to the Gather Square.

On stage, Desiree chuckles softly, "So you take afternoon naps now!!"

Emma walks with a certain grace in from the Gather Square and Market.

On stage, Fredrick makes a mock annoyed motion, "Hush! I had the most delightful dream..."

Kitana chuckles quietly. "It's okay, Lyla, dear..." She indicates the stage. 

On stage, Desiree smiles softly, "About....?"

Emma goes north.

On stage, Emma has arrived.

On stage, Fredrick looks into her face, "...you."

On stage, Desiree grins impishly..."Ah, What did we do?"

On stage, Fredrick smiles, remembering, "Well, as a matter of fact, we were in that little cove just south of here. We'd been basking in the sun all day." 

On stage, Desiree grins, "When my back got so burned it was an agony to lie down so you....?"

Jueann walks to the Gather Square.

Lyla nods her head quickly to Kitana, grins, winks at Danton, then turns all her attention to the play.

On stage, Fredrick continues to smile, "As vivid as...Well, very vivid! So you see. My motives for coming here are what might be called--mixed."

On stage, Desiree suddenly bursts into laughter....

On stage, Fredrick asks tentatively, "Funny?"

On stage, Desiree suddenly controls her laughter and becomes very mock solemn. "No...not at all..."

Zaryia turns and walks out.

Danton blinks at Lyla, then turns back to watch the stage. A wink...?

On stage, Fredrick looks around uncomfortably, "How familiar all this is."

Keven has connected.

Keven wakes up.

On stage, Looking around, Desiree nods, "Oh yes, nothing's changed. The same old inevitable routine."

On stage, Fredrick hms, "But it still has its compensations?"

On stage, Desiree shrugs, "Yes...no...no... yes..."

Mandef falls asleep.

Mandef has disconnected.

Reyvvin peers at the stage with unabashed interest..hey, she just might /learn/ something here.

On stage, With raised eyebrow, Fredrick comments, "That's a rather ambiguous answer." He pauses again. "You must, at least at times, be lonely."

On stage, Desiree smirks, "Dear Fredrik, if you're inquiring about my love life, rest assured..." She grins impishly and then winks. "It's quite satisfactory...."

On stage, Fredrick says slowly. "I see. And...If I may ask...at the moment?"

On stage, Desiree smiles. "A guard at the Hold. A very handsome, very married guard with, I'm afraid, the vanity of a peacock...the brain of a pea...but the physical proportions....."

Lyla smiles, getting that mushy, romantic-type smile on her face as she slumps her chin down on her palms, elbows on knees, staring at the actors. 


Kitana suppresses laughter, giggling at Desiree's comment.

On stage, Fredrick grins, "Don't specify the vegetable, please. I am easily deflated." They both burst into laughter. After a moment, Fredrick calms enough to say, "Oh, Desiree!"

On stage, Desiree laughs delightedly. "Fredrik!!"

Reyvvin's eyes widen as she catches onto the gist of the conversation taking place...!!

On stage, Another charged pause. Fredrick tries again, "Desiree, I..."

Jhenna blushes at Desiree's comment about the

On stage, Desiree smiles sweetly, "Yes, dear/"

Jerran grins at the actors and all the persons in the galleries.

On stage, Fredrick fumbles, "I -- er...That is..." He loses his nerve again. "Perhaps a little more wine?"

On stage, Desiree smiles and nods. "Help yourself..." She waves her hand about the room. "I apologize for all this squalor...!"

On stage, Fredrick shakes his head, "On the contrary, I have always associated you...very happily...with chaos." Another hesitation. "So." 

Danton watches all of this interestedly, and slightly confusedly. More adult stuff! His gaze drifts over to Lyla for a moment before he snaps it back to the stage.

On stage, Desiree sighs and looks at Fredrik, "So..."

On stage, Emma has connected.

On stage, Emma wakes up with a start, then realizes where she is and relaxes.

Shinnai idly notices Danton's interest in Lyla, as they're sitting just in front of her, and smiles before returning her attention to the scene.

On stage, Fredrick becomes suddenly, artificially bright. "Well, I think it's time to talk about my wife, don't you?"

On stage, Desiree grins, "Boast? or complain?"

On stage, Fredrick considers the question for a moment, and responds, "Both, I expect," as strains of music start to float in from off stage. He then starts to sing, "She lightens my sadness,/She livens my days,/She bursts with a kind of madness/My well ordered ways./My happiest mistake,/The ache of my life:/You must meet my wife."

Jhenna chuckles

On stage, Fredrick turns slightly away from Desiree, looking out more towards the audience as he sings partly to himself, partly to her: "She bubbles with pleasure,/She glows with surprise,/Disrupts my accustomed leisure/And ruffles my ties./I don't know even now/Quite how it began." He turns back to address Desiree more directly. "You must meet my wife, my Anne."

Kitana smiles, shaking her head, glancing over at her two fosterlings, her grin broadening even more.

On stage, Fredrick continues earnestly, "One thousand whims to which I give in,/Since her smallest tear turns me ashen./I never dreamed I that I could live in/So completely demented,/Contented/A fashion." 


A de-grody lookin' dude in the back groans at the 'horrible' voice on stage, readying a piece of fruit, shrtly relieved of him by a guard.

On stage, With a distracted look, Fredrick looks out over the audience again for a moment before gradually turning to Desiree again. "So sunlike, so winning,/So unlike a wife./I do think that I'm beginning/To show signs of life./Don't ask me how at my age/One still can grow --/If you met my wife,/You'd know."

On stage, Smiling sweetly at Fredrik, Desiree says, "Dear Fredrik, I'm just longing to meet her....Sometime..."

On stage, Fredrick sings, "She sparkles."

On stage, Desiree sings, "How pleasant..."

Lyla's eyes sparkle. You think she might swoon. A love song! How romantic! She doesn't seem to notice Danton -- too way gone on cloud nine to see anything but the stage.

On stage, Fredrick adds, "She twinkles."

On stage, Desiree sings, "How nice..."

On stage, Fredrick continues, "Her youth is a sort of present..."

On stage, Desiree winks at the audience and sings, "Whatever the price..."

On stage, Fredrick plows on, "The incandescent...What?...The--"

On stage, Desiree sings, "Light?"

On stage, Fredrick nods, singing, "--Of my life!/You must meet my wife."

On stage, Desiree shakes her head and sings, "Yes, I must, I really must. Now..."

On stage, Fredrick continues, enraptured, "She flutters."

On stage, Desiree sings, "How charming..."

On stage, Fredrick adds, "She twitters."

On stage, Desiree sings, "My word!"

On stage, Fredrick sings, "She floats."

On stage, Desiree sings, "Isn't that alarming? What is she, a bird?"

On stage, Fredrick ignores that, "She makes me feel I'm...what?--"

On stage, Desiree sings, "A very old man?"

Jhenna chuckles

On stage, Fredrick sings, "Yes!" then, "No!"

Kitana giggles softly.

Reyvvin blinks, that line breaking the spell the song had her in.

Jerran chuckles at the remark.

On stage, Desiree sings, "No?"

On stage, Fredrick sings, "But--"

Brier chuckles softly

On stage, Desiree sings, "I must meet your Gertrude..."

On stage, Fredrick looks back, crossly, "My Anne."

Lyla grins, swishing back her hair.

On stage, Desiree sings, "Sorry...Anne..."

On stage, Fredrick gets back into it, "She dotes on--"

On stage, Desiree sings, "Your dimple."

On stage, Fredrick shakes his head, "My /snoring/."

Jhenna giggles

On stage, Desiree sings, "How dear."

On stage, Fredrick sings, "The point is, she's really simple."

Brier chortles.

Danton watches all this wordlessly. These people can't say more than three words? Oh well. At least he can follow. it :)

On stage, Desiree looks at the audience and smiles. She sings, "Yes that much is clear..."

Efette steps with a graceful confidence in from the Gather Square and Market.

On stage, Fredrick sighs, and sings, "She gives me funny names."

On stage, Desiree sings, "Like..?"

On stage, Fredrick smiles, "'Old dry-as-dust.'"

On stage, Desiree sings, "Wouldn't she just?"

Lyla looks interested, mouthing the words, "Dry as dust?"

On stage, Fredrick sings, "You must meet my wife."

On stage, Desiree sings, "If I must..." She looks over her shoulder and smiles."Yes, I must..."

On stage, Fredrick continues to extol his young wife in song, "A sea of whims that I submerge in,/Yet so lovable in repentance./Unfortunately, still a virgin,/But you can't force a flower--"

On stage, Desiree looks shocked and sings, "Don't finish that sentence! She's monstrous!"

On stage, Fredrick looks cross, "She's frightened."

On stage, Desiree sings, "Unfeeling!"

Jhenna blushes

On stage, Fredrick amends, "Unversed./She'd strike you as unenlightened."

On stage, Desiree sings, "No, I'd strike her first!"

On stage, Fredrick sings on, "Her reticence, her apprehension..."

Reyvvin blushes, too...what's wrong with being a virgin at 18?

On stage, Desiree sings, "Her crust!"

On stage, Fredrick exclaims, "No!"

Kitana frowns slightly, slightly cross herself.

On stage, Desiree sings, "Fredrik..."

On stage, Fredrick shakes his head, and sings, "You must meet my wife."

On stage, Desiree looks at the audience, again, and sings, "Let me get my hat and my knife..."

Priya goes home.

Brier goes home.

On stage, Fredrick frowns, singing, "What was that?"

On stage, Desiree looks back at Fredrik and sings, "I must meet your wife."

On stage, Fredrick nods, "Yes, you must."

Nothing's wrong with being a virgin at 18...when you're a virgin at 29, then you're the monarch of resraint...

On stage, Desiree nods and sings, "Yes, I must..."

On stage, Desiree takes a step back and says, "A virgin."

On stage, Fredrick nods. "A virgin."

On stage, Desiree shakes her head. "Eleven months?"

On stage, Fredrick nods again. "Eleven months."

On stage, Chuckling softly, Desires says, "No wonder you dreamed of me!"

On stage, Fredrick says, "At least it was you I dreamed of, which indicates a kind of retroactive fidelity, doesn't it?"

On stage, Desiree nods, "At least..."

On stage, Fredrick is suddenly shy again, and doesn't look at her..."Desiree, I--"

On stage, Desiree smiles sweetly, "Yes?"

On stage, Fredrick starts out, "Would it seem insensitive if I were to ask you..." He chokes, "I can't say it!"

On stage, Desiree watches Fredrik a minute and grins, "Say it, darling..."

Shinnai chuckles softly, leaning back on the bench as she watches.

On stage, Fredrick tries once more, "Would you..." He looks up at her, but can't finish.

On stage, Laughing softly, Desiree says, "Of course, what are old friends for?" 

Javis's brow furrows, is he? will he?

Danton leans forward a little more, watching carefully.

On stage, Desiree takes Fredrik's hand and the two of them walk into the bedroom.

On stage, There is a knock at the door of the room.

On stage, Fredrik and Desiree appear at the Bedroom door, Fredrik in a bathrobe, Desiree is in a nightgown.

On stage, Fredrick looks up, alarmed. "Who can it be?"

Lyla leans farther and farther out of her seat...

Jhenna says, "blushes"

Jash chuckles softly.

On stage, Desiree frowns, "It can't be!"

On stage, Fredrick frowns as well, "The guard?"

Reyvvin brings a hand to her mouth, chewing at her nails in suspense.

On stage, Shaking her head, Desiree says, "Impossible! He's away from the Hold on business for the Lady Holder!! He couldn't...."

On stage, Fredrick starts to look nervous. "Is he jealous?"

On stage, Desiree nods. "Tremendously." She suppresses a giggle. "This shouldn't be funny, should it?"

On stage, Fredrick nods once, shortly, "Let him in." He starts to visibly brace himself.

Reyvvin gasps, but what if it's....

On stage, Desiree looks at Fredrik. "Fredrik..."

Ooops! Yep. Lyla fell out of her seat. Blushing, the girl sends a rainbow of quick little grins to those who noticed, then jumps back into her seat, trying to act as if nothing happened. She STARES at the characters on stage. 


On stage, Fredrick says with a touch of bravado, "I am not a lawyer, nor you an actress, for nothing. Let him in."

On stage, Magnus, a huge, arrogant, pompous Istan Hold guard swaggers in from stage right making a point to ignore Fredrik. Desiree smiles at him when he enters and says, "Magnus, how lovely! Will you be staying -- long?"

Kitana looks down in startlement at Lyla, then chuckles softly, returning her attention to the stage.

Shinnai quirks an eyebrow, but perhaps it's at the scene, not Lyla.

On stage, Magnus strides over to stand in front of Desiree. "I have twenty hours to spare. Three hours coming here, nine hours with you, five hours with my wife and three hours back." Magnus makes a point to ignore Fredrik further. "Do you mind if I take off my uniform and put on my robe?" 


Danton glances over at Lyla. Oops. Oh well. He smiles a her slightly, then turns back to watch the people on stage.

On stage, Desiree looks at Fredrik a minute and then back at Magnus and shrugs, "Well -- at the moment it's occupied." Magnus, making a definite point to ignore Fredrik, humphs, "So, I see...."

On stage, Fredrick jumps in, "I feel I should give you an explanation for what may seem to be a rather unusual situation. I came to discuss some legal matters."

On stage, Desiree smiles, "I..uh..let him in.."

On stage, Magnus turns an icy gaze on Desiree, "And then?"

On stage, Desiree grins, "Ah, yes..the..the robe...Well, you see..."

On stage, Fredrick comes to Desiree's rescue, "Unfortunately, I inadvertently spilled some wine all over myself."

Jerran chuckles.

Efette grins...

On stage, Magnus says, "In that case, I suggest you return to the bedroom and see whether this gentleman's clothes are dry by now..."

Jhenna chuckles

Kitana snorts softly. Indeed. Men. :p ;)

On stage, Desiree nods, "Yes, of course." She turns and leaves. 

Lyla grins brightly. So, she ISN'T the only clumsy person on Pern. :)

On stage, Magnus glares at Fredrik. "Are you fond of duels, sir?"

On stage, Fredrick shrugs indifferently, "I don't really know. I haven't ever tried."

Cashar walks in.

On stage, Magnus struts around the room. "I have dueled seven times. Sword, knife, dagger....I've been wounded five times. Otherwise fortune has been kind to me."

On stage, Fredrick nods, a touch mockingly, "I must say I'm impressed." 

Jhenna pulls Jashes arms about her, "Oh I love duels!"

On stage, Magnus glares slightly at Fredrik. "You see this knife? The target will be that tapestry of the Lady Holder on the wall. Her face. Her eye." Magnus throws the knife and hits the target. He stands back and glares at Fredrik even more.

Danton blinks. Duel? Erp. He watches, captivated by the players on stage, eyes rapidly flicking to take in the words and actions, brow furrowing slightly. 

Kitana snorts softly again. Ooo! Such a manly man. :P

On stage, Fredrick claps, quite mockingly now, "Bra/vo/."

Shinnai grins her agreement with Kitana's sentiments.

On stage, Magnus cocks an eyebrow, "Are you being insolent, sir?"

Jerran loves duels. hehehe.

Cashar struts in and retakes his seat near Keven

Jash turns his head slightly to look at Jhenna, A small smile forms on his face...

On stage, Fredrick grins, "Of course...sir."

On stage, Desiree returns from the Bedroom. She is carrying Fredrik's clothes in a soaking wet bundle. She has dipped them in water.


Efette blinks! Wait a sec! :P

Javis glances briefly at Kitana, and eyebrow raised, then quickly turns back to the play.

Jhenna looks excited

On stage, Desiree smiles slightly, "They're not very dry..."

Keven tuns with a smile to Cashar and says in a low voice not to disturb the crowd "Found what you were looking for?"

On stage, Fredrick frowns, "Oh dear me, they're certainly not, are they?"

On stage, Magnus crosses his arms, "A predicament."

On stage, Fredrick nods an affirmative, "Indeed."

On stage, Magnus turns to Desiree, "I imagine, Desiree, you could find this gentleman one of my nightshirts."

Cashar laughs quietly "Yep, Id loose my head if I hadn't of pinned it down" he whispers to Keven

Lyla winces. "Someone'll get hurt!" Apparently, she's really wrapped up in this.

On stage, Fredrick looks uncomfortable with that, "Thank you, thank you. But I think I'd prefer to put on my own -- er -- garments."

Keven smiles and turns his head back to the play.

On stage, Magnus, with a menacing tone walks towards Fredrik, "Unfortunately, sir, you will not have the time for that." Still glaring at Fredrik, he speaks to Desiree, "Perhaps you could tell him where to look..."

On stage, Desiree nods slowly and then gestures with her hand. "Oh yes, yes. The left hand -- on, the, uh, right hand bottom drawer of the -- er --" She points toward a chest of drawers. "--thing--." 

On stage, Fredrick hesitates, then says, "Er...Thank you." He goes to the bedroom, and while he is away Desiree and Magnus confront in near silence. On his return, in a nightshirt and carrying the robe, which he holds out to Magnus, he says, "Your robe, sir."

On stage, Magnus receives it in silence, and Fredrick says a bit hastily, "Well, er, goodnight. Desiree, thank you for your cooperation." He takes the wet bundle from Desiree and exits stage right.

On stage, Magnus steps to the front of the stage and sings to the audience, "Fidelity is more than mere display,/ It's what a man expects from life./ Fidelity like mine to Desiree/ And Charlotte, my devoted wife."

Bronwyn giggles softly.

On stage, As Magnus sings, the set for Desiree's room is rolled off and the set for the breakfast room in Magnus' house is rolled onto the stage. Breakfast for one (Charla's) -- and an extra cup of klah -- stand on an elegant little table.

Kitana rolls her eyes. /Men/. :P

Jhenna giggles

Javis shakes his head, a light smile touching his face.

On stage, Charla looks up, "How was Desiree? In good health, I trust?" 

On stage, Magnus looks at her sternly, "Charla, my dear. I have exactly five hours."

Lyla grins sideways at Kitana.

On stage, Charla chuckles softly, "Five hours this time? Last time it was four. I'm gaining ground!"

Jhenna chuckles

On stage, Magnus, preoccupied, "She had a visitor..A lawyer in a nightshirt." 

On stage, Charla laughs, "Now that I find interesting. What did you do?"

On stage, Magnus shrugs, "Threw him out.."

On stage, Charla looks amused, "In a nightshirt?"

On stage, Magnus nods to Charla, "In /my/ nightshirt." He turns to the audience and sings, "What nonsense..../ He had to be there .../ I'll kill him.../ Why should I bother?/ The woman's mine!"

On stage, Magnus continues to sing, "Besides, no matter what one might infer,/ One must have faith to some degree./ The least that I can do is trust in her/ The way that Charla trusts in me." He turns and purposefully strides back to Charla, "What are you planning to do today?"

On stage, Charla raises an eyebrow, "After the five hours?"

On stage, Magnus nods, "Right now. I need a little sleep."

Kitana crosses her arms, cupping her chin with one hand, and shaking her head.

Charla really must train her husband better than that.

On stage, Charla shrugs, "Ah! I see. In that case, my plans will have to be changed. What will I do?" She looks up with mock radiance. "I know!! Nothing!!"

On stage, Magnus glares a bit, "Why don't you pay a visit to your friend Anne, Fredrik's wife?"

On stage, Charla grins, "Ah ha!"

Danton continues watching all this, missing words here and there, but keeping up pretty well. He raises a brow at the actors mocking. 


On stage, Magnus nods, "She probably has no idea what her husband's up to." 

On stage, Charla chuckles, "And I could enlighten her? Poor Magnus, are you that jealous?"

On stage, Magnus glares at Charla a minute and then humfphs, "A civilized man can tolerate his wife's infidelity, but when it comes to his mistress, a man becomes a wild animal."

Bronwyn raises an eyebrow.

On stage, Charla grins evilly, "As opposed, of course, to a goat in rut...Ah, well, if I'm back in two hours, that still leaves us three hours. Right?"

On stage, Magnus smiles unexpectedly and kisses her on the forehead. "You're a good wife, Charla...the best."

Lisa giggles as the wirey brown hops from her shoulder spreading brown sails to stop his downward plight, then pushes upward to find a perch. 

Lisa steps away for a moment to write herself a note.

On stage, Charla shrugs, "That's a comforting thought to take with me, dear. It just may keep me from cutting my throat on the way." She walks off the stage.

On stage, Magnus watches Charla exit and then walks to the front of the stage and sings to the audience, "Capable, pliable women.../ Women.../ Undemanding and Reliable,/ knowing their place./ Insufferable, yes, but gentle/ their weaknesses are incidental, a functional but ornamental." He pauses to take a sip of klah and then continues singing, "Race./ Durable, sensible women .../ Women .../ Very nearly indispensable/ creatures of grace./ God knows the foolishness about them,/ But if one had to live without them,/ the world would surely be a poorer/ -- if purer -- place."

Kitana shakes her head mournfully.

On stage, And the stage fades to blackness.....

Javis grimaces.

On stage, Fredrik's house..Charla and Anne walk in from stage right.

Jerran claps for the beautifuly done scene.

Danton scrunches his face at this last point, scowling a little bit. He shrugs, and continues to watch.

On stage, Anne turns to Charla, her face anxious as worry plays across her features and she wrings her hands, "Charla, is that the truth? Fredrik was there -- in a nightshirt?" her eyes widen in disbelief and a little hope that it's not true.

Efette almost starts laughing. MEN :P

On stage, Sobbing quietly, Charla says, "My husband's nightshirt!" 


On stage, Anne seems to visibly crumble as her small frame wilts and she despairs, "Oh I knew it! I was sure hed met her before. And when she smiled at us in the theater..." her voice trails off as she too begins to weep. 


On stage, Charla puts her arms around Anne, "Poor Anne!" 

On stage, The door opens and Henrik walks in, taking off his hat and scarf and hanging them on the hatrack by the door. He turns to see that Anne has company, "Oh, excuse me." 

On stage, Anne tries to rise to the occasion as she sees Henrik approach and she swipes at her eyes, swallowing before introducing her stepson, "Charla, this is Henrik."

On stage, Henrik walks over to Charla, giving a short bow and offering a hand in greeting, "I am happy to make your acquaintance, Madam."

Lyla winces, then giggles.

On stage, Charla cries softly, "Happy! Who could ever be happy to meet me?" She shakes Henrik's hand and then drifts out of the room. 

On stage, Anne seats herself on the couch, watching her friend leave for a moment before she falls back, sobbing.

On stage, Henrik just stands there, watching Anne cry for a moment, "Anne, what is it?"

On stage, Anne looks up at Henrik for a moment before looking down again at her lap and stating flatly, "Nothing."

Keven has connected.

Keven wakes up.

On stage, Henrik throws a look to the door that Charla exited through and then looks back to Anne, a scowl on his face, "But what did that woman say to you?"

On stage, She shakes her head at him, struggling for control. Her voice is slightly tremulous as she again says, "Nothing, nothing at all."

On stage, Henrik snorts, almost cruelly, "That can't be true."

On stage, Anne bursts into tears again at his words and throws herself into his arms, sobbing on his shoulder.

On stage, Henrik slowly, cautiously, wraps his arms about Anne and holds her, his face a mixture of emotions. "Anne! Poor Anne! If you only knew how it destroys me to see you unhappy." 

On stage, She turns her head slightly on his shoulder as she sniffs through her tears, "I am not unhappy!"

On stage, Henrik softly strokes Anne's hair as her head rests on his shoulder. "You know. You must know", he whispers, "Ever since you married Father, you've been more important to me than..."

On stage, Anne pulls back slightly from his arms, suddenly giggling through her tears as she finishes the sentence for him, "... your studies?" she queries teasingly.

On stage, Henrik jumps out of the embrace, a deep hurt radiating from his entire body. He turns his back on Anne, his head hanging down. "Can you laugh at me even now?" 

On stage, Anne rises from his arms and the couch and sighs, suddenly contrite, "Oh dear, Im sorry. Perhaps, after all, I am a totally frivolous woman with ice for a heart." she looks hopefully to him, "Am I, Henrik? Am I?" she swings moods again and laughs, "Silly Henrik, get your book, quick, and denounce the wickedness of the world to me for at least a half an hour."

On stage, And the stage fades to blackness.....

On stage, Caramak hands Play book to Jayla.

Cashar applauds heartfully

On stage, You see the garden outside Desiree's house..Anne leads Charla on from stage right.

Gallen applauds In a super sonic boom.

Lisa returns from writing herself a note.

On stage, Anne speaks to Charla apparently in the middle of a conversation they'd been having, "....After I spoke to you, I thought: I will go! I wont! Then I thought: Why not? Well go to that awful woman's house and Ill say to her: "How dare you try to steal my husband? At your age you should have acquired at least some moral sense." And then -- coming here, I thought: "Oh dear, Ill never have the courage and maybe its all my fault." And oh, I want to go home." and with those final words, in typical fashion she bursts into sobs, again.

Lisa watches as Devon dances along on the air then lands softly on her shoulder. He looks to the other shoulder to see if Smalls and Roly-Poly are there.

On stage, Charla shakes her head, "I can't believe she invited us all here to hear her latest composition. But have no fears. Desiree has met her match!" 


On stage, Anne blinks through her tears and asks in astonishment, "She has? Who?" she swipes at her tears, looking with interest to Charla.

On stage, Charla smiles, "Me. Do you feel up to hearing my plan, dear?" She continues when Anne gives a little nod, "I /shall/ make love to your husband!"

On stage, A hand goes to Anne's thoat as she looks aghast at her friend, "You too?" she asks in shock.

Bronwyn blinks.

On stage, Charla grins, "Confident of my own charms, I shall throw myself into your husband's arms. He will succumb."

Jhenna thinks the cad

On stage, Charla shrugs, "And why not? Magnus, in a storm of jealousy, will beg my forgiveness and swear eternal fidelity. And as for Desiree, she will be back peddling her dubious commodities elsewhere. At least, that is the plan."

On stage, Anne smiles, her tears suddenly forgotten as she giggles and then says lightly, "Oh how amusing. How extremely amusing. Poor old Fredrik. And it serves him right, too."

On stage, Chuckling softly, Charla says, "I am not sure I appreciate that remark, dear."

On stage, Fredrick enters from the left, walking towards the pair. "Ah, here you are, ladies," he says with a smile.

Cimorene walks with exaggerated care in from the Gather Square and Market.

On stage, Charla suddenly flashes a devastating smile at Fredrik, "Oh, Fredrik! If you'll pardon my saying so, that's a simply ravishing scarf you're wearing this evening."

Shinnai smiles with amusement, shifting her skirts to drape more comfortably over her knees.

On stage, Fredrick looks rather bewildered. "It is?"

On stage, Charla takes Fredrik's left arm as Anne takes his right. "I can't remember when I have seen so /seductive/ a scarf." 

As Anne suppresses a giggle, they all walk off together.

On stage, And the stage fades to blackness.....

On stage, You see the dining room inside of Desiree's house. Fredrik, Anne, Henrik, Desiree, Magnus, and Charla are all seated around the dining table. 


On stage, Fredrick informs all at large, "I try not to bore my wife with legal matters."

On stage, Desiree leans forward, "How wise you are. I remember when I was her age, anything less than a new dress, or a ball, or a thrilling piece of gossip bored me to tears."

On stage, Fredrick chuckles slightly, "That is the charm of of youth..."

On stage, Charla chuckles, "Desiree, do regale us with more fascinating reminiscences from your /remote/ youth."

On stage, Magnus glares, "Charla, that is an idiotic remark."

On stage, Fredrick give Charla a winning smile, "A man's youth may be as remote, Charla, but with a beautiful woman, youth merely accompanies her through the years."

On stage, Charla grins, "Oh, Fredrik, that is too enchanting!" She leans towards Anne. "Anne, dear, where on earth did you find this simply adorable husband?"

On stage, Anne leans towards Charla, giggling slightly, "I'm glad you approve of him." she says with delight.

Cherokee appears in a graceful swirl of green, bringing a pocket of cold air.

On stage, Charla leans towards Henrik, "Your father.." Henrik leans her way. "is irresistible.." Magnus glares and leans towards Charla. "I shall monopolize him fro the entire weekend." At this, Desiree leans forward. Charla turns to Anne, "Will you lease him to me, dear?"

On stage, Anne continues to giggle as she answers Charla with a wave of her hand, "Freely. He's all yours." Fredrik looks at Anne, then at Charla, then leans in to hear better as Anne continues, "... unless of course, our hostess has other plans for him."

On stage, Desiree, rising smoothly from her seat, "I had thought of seducing him into a walk on the beach tomorrow, but I'm sure he'd find Charla less exhausting."

On stage, Charla rises. "I wouldn't guarantee that!" She claps her hand over her mouth. "Oh, how could those wicked words have passed these lips!" 


On stage, Magnus, astonished, rises from his chair, "Charla!"

Kitana giggles, grey eyes dancing in mirth.

On stage, Charla grins, "Oh, Magnus, dear, don't say you're bristling!" She turns to Fredrik, who has also risen. "At the least provocation, my husband is all spines. Beware. I am leading you down dangerous paths!" 


On stage, Magnus, suddenly frigid, "I apologize for my wife, sir. She is not herself tonight."

On stage, Fredrick's eyes twinkle, as he courteously replies, "If she is /this/ charming when she is /not/ herself, sir, I would fascinated to meet her when she /is/."

On stage, Charla claps her hands. "Bravo, bravo! My champion! Oh I am enjoying myself!! What an unusual sensation!!"

Jhenna giggles

On stage, Raising a glass of wine to Desiree, Charla says, "Dearest Desiree, at this awe-inspiring moment--let me drink to you who have made this evening possible. The One and Only Desiree, beloved of hundreds.. regardless of course of their matrimonial obligations!" She *hiccups* loudly."

Danton continues to watch, yawning slightly. Too much playing earlier. He blinks a couple times, eyes coming alive once more as they play across the scene, taking in people's speech, and the main points of action. 

On stage, Magnus looks shocked. "Charla, you will go to your room immediately."

On stage, Fredrik shakes his head, "Desiree, I'm sure Charla...."

On stage, Anne giggles hysterically at the interplay, and gasps through her laughter, "Oh, dear, oh, dear, I am beside myself."

On stage, Henrik suddenly jumps up, his chair is sent skittering across the floor. An inarticulate grunt escapes his lips as he throws his wineglass onto the table, smashing it and sending glass fragments flying. In a strained voice he screams out, "Stop it! All of you! Stop it!" 

Jhenna snugs against Jash

On stage, Fredrik looks up sternly. "Henrik!"

On stage, Henrik swings around to glare at his father, "Are you reproving me?"

Jash smiles and wraps his arm around Jhenna pulling her close.

On stage, Frederick glares, "I think, if I were you, I would sit down."

On stage, Henrik's voice is shaking with pent-up emotion, "Sit Henrik, Stand Henrik. Am I to spend the rest of my life at your command, like a lap dog? Am I to respect a man who can permit such filthy pigs' talk in front of the purest, the most innocent, the most wonderful...? I despise you all!"

Jerran , out of the corner of his eyes, sees Jash and Jhenna. He gives a brief sigh and turns back to the performance.

On stage, Anne's giggles turn nervous as she watches Henrik, "Oh Henrik! How comical you look!" she mutters up at him.

On stage, Desiree shakes her head, "Why don't you just laugh at us all, my dear? Wouldn't that be a solution?"

On stage, Henrik's voice drops to a dangerously cold mutter, "How can I laugh, when life makes me want to vomit?" He turns, and with one last despising look at his father, he runs out of the room.

On stage, Anne watches Henrik leave with a worried look, and sighs, "Poor silly Henrik. Someone should go after him." she rises from the table to do just that herself.

On stage, Fredrik rises from the table and in an authoritative voice says, "Anne! Come back!" Anne, a look of anguish on her face, looks briefly at Fredrik and then runs offstage.

On stage, And the stage fades to blackness.....

On stage, You see the garden outside of Desiree's house.

On stage, Henrik strides across the garden, his head in his hands muttering, "I have disgraced myself ... acting like a madman, breaking an expensive glass, humiliating myself in front of them all" He turns at the end of the garden and continues to pace, "They laughed at me. Even Anne. She said 'Silly Henrik, how comical you look!' Laughter! How I detest it! Desiree -- everyone -- says, 'Laugh at it all.' If all you can do is laugh at the cynicism, the frivolity, the lack of heart -- then I'd rather be dead!"

On stage, Anne calls from just offstage, "Henrik!"

On stage, Henrik's head whips around as he hears Anne's voice, "Oh God! There she is!" He breaks into a sprint and runs out of the garden. 

On stage, Again from offstage, Anne calls out, "Henrik dear!"

On stage, Anne runs on from stage right accompanied by Charla. Charla sighs worriedly, "Oh, I'm so terribly worried about Henrik."

On stage, Anne turns to Charla, her hands on her hips, looking annoyed as she sighs, "Silly Henrik! I was just coming out to scold him."

On stage, Charla nods, "I am so afraid he may do himself an injury. He is in love with you, after all."

On stage, Anne's mouth opens in shock and she blinks her wide-open eyes at Charla, stunned as she squeaks, "Me!"

On stage, Charla smiles, "You may not have noticed, but he is madly, hopelessly in love with you."

On stage, Anne clutches Charla's shoulder almost desperately, as she asks breathlessly, "Is that really the truth?"

On stage, Charla shakes her head, "Yes, you really couldn't tell, could you?" 


Lyla smiles crookedly.

On stage, Anne's face shines as she feels flattered, thrilled... and something more?... she still hangs onto Charla's shoulder, but she seems to have forgotten that she is as she speaks, "The poor dear boy! How ridiculous of him -- and yet how charming. Dear friend, if you knew how insecure I constantly feel, how complicated the marriage state seems to be. I adore old
Fredrik of course, but ...Oh, I must go and find him." she suddenly drops her hand, ignoring Charla suddenly and starting to walk off, she turns back with a smile of pure joy, "Such a good looking boy, isnt he? Such long, long lashes..." she trails off dreamily as she walks away again.

On stage, As Anne leaves the stage, Charla sits down on the bench and begins to sob quietly.

On stage, And the stage fades to blackness.....

Jerran claps his great approval.

On stage, You see Fredrik and Desiree by themselves in the dining room. 


On stage, Desiree, laughing wickedly, "Isn't my guard awful?"

On stage, Fredrik laughs, "When you told me he had the brain of a pea, I think you are being generous!" At this, the two laugh uproariously!

On stage, Still shaking her head and laughing softly, Desiree says, "What in God's name are we laughing about? Your son was right at dinner." She smiles slightly. "We don't fool that boy, not for a moment." She puts one hand on her chest and holds the other up in the air. "Presenting the One and Only Desiree, dragging about the country entertaining, carrying on with someone's
dim-witted husband." She turns and looks at Fredrik. "And Fredrik, busy renewing his unrenewable youth."

Kabel walks in from the Gather Square and Market.

On stage, Watching Fredrik closely, Desiree smiles warmly. "Shall I tell you why I really invited you here?" she says. "When we met again and we made love, I thought, 'Maybe here it is at last'.....a chance to turn back, to find some sort of coherent existence after so many years of muddle." 


On stage, A look of hope in her eyes, she pauses a minute and then continues, "Of course, there /is/ your wife. But I thought 'Perhaps'--just perhaps--you might be in need of rescue, too."

On stage, Fredrik smiles softly, "From renewing my unrenewable youth?"

On stage, Desiree smiles, suddenly tentative, "It was only a thought."

On stage, Fredrick looks at Desiree, and tells her, "When my eyes are open and I look at you, I see a woman that I have loved for a long time, who entranced me all over again when I came to her rooms ... who gives me such genuine pleasure that, in spite of myself, I came here for the sheer delight of being with her again. The woman who could rescue me? Of course." He pauses a moment...

On stage, Fredrick continues, "But when my eyes are not open -- which is most of the time -- all I see is a girl in a pink dress running through a sunlit garden to hug me at the gate as if I'd come home from far away instead of three blocks away."

Keven turns to great Kabel with a smile quickly resumes watching the play, unable to take the eyes away from it for any long perioud of time. 

On stage, Desiree smiles sweetly at Fredrik. She begins to sing, her clear soprano tones holding just a touch of sadness, "Isn't it rich?/ Are we a pair?/ Me here at last on the ground,/ You in mid-air./ Send in the clowns." 

On stage, Desiree walks slowly toward Fredrik holding her hand out toward him.

She continues to sing, "Isn't it bliss?/ Don't you approve?/ One who keeps tearing around,/ One who can't move./ Where are the clowns?/ Send in the clowns."

On stage, Gazing into Fredrik's eyes, she continues singing, "Just when I'd stopped/ opening doors./ Finally knowing/ the one that I wanted was yours./ Making my entrance again/ with my usual flair,/ sure of my lines." She pauses, "No one is there...." Fredrik rises from where he's sitting and walks, thoughtfully, off to one side.

On stage, Desiree watches Fredrik walk away from her. She continues to sing, "Don't you love farce?/ My fault, I fear./ I thought that you'd want what I want--/ Sorry, my dear./ But where are the clowns?/ Quick, send in the clowns./ Don't bother, they're here..." 


On stage, Fredrik looks back and shakes his head sadly, "Desiree, I'm sorry. I should never have come. To flirt with rescue when one has no intention of being saved...Do try to forgive me." He turns and walks off. 

On stage, Desiree's eyes fill with tears as she watches Fredrik leave. She turns back towards the audience and wistfully sings, "Isn't it rich?/ Isn't it queer?/ Losing my timing this late/ in my career?/ And where are the clowns?/ There ought to be clowns./ Well maybe next year..." A single tear rolls down her cheek as she walks off the stage......

On stage, And the stage fades to blackness.....

On stage, You see the garden outside Desiree's house. Charla is sitting on a bench by herself. After a beat, Fredrik enters, see the figure on the bench. Is it Anne? He hurries toward her. 

Gallen falls asleep.

Gallen has disconnected.

On stage, Fredrik says, "Anne? -- oh, forgive me, Charla. I was looking for my wife..."

On stage, Charla looks up through her sobs, "Oh Fredrik, how can I face you after that exhibition at dinner? Throwing myself at your head?"

Nathon slides in from the Gather Square and Market.

On stage, Fredrik smiles. "On the contrary, I found it most morale-building" He sits next to her. "It's not often these days that a beautiful woman does me that honor."

On stage, Charla grins, "I didn't"

On stage, Fredrik looks at her, "I beg you pardon?"

On stage, Charla chuckles softly, "I didn't do you that honor. I was just a charade. A failed charade!! In my madness I though I could make my husband jealous."

On stage, Fredrik nods, "I'm afraid marriage isn't one of the easier relationships, is it?"

Nathon slides to the Gather Square.

On stage, Charla looks up in frustration. "Men! Look at you -- a man of an age when a a woman is lucky if a drunken holder pinches her behind at a gather!! And yet, you have managed to acquire the youngest, prettiest----I hate you being happy. I hate anyone being happy!"

On stage, Henrik and Anne emerge from the house, carrying bags. They start stealthily downstage.

On stage, Henrik shifts the bags to one shoulder to wave Anne past, "Go on, there should be runnerbeasts ready at the stables."

On stage, Anne giggles as she looks up at Henrik, speaking in a loud whisper, "Oh Henrik darling, I do hope the runners will be smart. I do detest riding when the animals are not smart."

On stage, Henrik stops and turns to Anne, reaching out and pulling her to him. Arms about her finally, he looks longingly into her eyes for a moment before passionately kissing her. As they part he smiles and calls out, "Let all the birds nest in my hair!"

On stage, Anne looks up at him with glowing eyes and flushed cheeks after their passionate kiss and she murmurs with absolute adoration, "Silly Henrik! Quick, or we'll be caught!"

On stage, Henrik and Anne are now downstage. Unaware of Fredrik and Charla, they move right past them. For a long moment, Fredrik and Charla sit, while Fredrik's world tumbles around his ears.

On stage, Charla looks at Fredrik. "It was, wasn't it?" He shakes his head, sadly. "It was..."

On stage, Charla puts her arms around him in sympathy. "To think I was actually saying: How I hate you being happy!! It's --- as if I carry around some terrible curse."

On stage, Jayla prepares to sing with a strong breath, then begins:

On stage, Magnus, obviously furious from observing Charla and Fredrik together in the garden, runs in from stage left.

On stage, Charla sighs, "Oh Fredrik....I'm sorry." She breaks from Fredrik with a little cry.

On stage, Fredrik, still dazed, turns to gaze vaguely at Magnus.

On stage, Magnus glares, "Sir, you will stand and face me!"

On stage, Charla looks up at Magnus and slowly the wonderful truth begins to dawn on her. He really cares!! Her face breaks into a radiant smile.

On stage, Charla smiles, "Magnus!"

On stage, Magnus, ignoring her, glares at Fredrik,

On stage, Magnus says, "I think the situation speaks for itself."

On stage, Charla grins, "Magnus, dear, you won't be too impulsive, will you?"

On stage, Magnus looks briefly at Charla. "Whatever the provocation, I remain a civilized man." He turns and faces Fredrik and flourishes his fists. "The lawyer and I are merely going to spar a bit." He glares at Fredrik and says, "Well, sir? Are you ready, sir??"

On stage, Fredrik, still only half awake, "I beg your pardon. Ready for what?"

On stage, Charla looks up thrilled, "To fight over me!!"

On stage, Fredrik, looking first at Magnus and then at Charla, shrugs, "Well, why not?" He says, very politely to Charla, "Excuse me, Madame."

On stage, When Fredrik stands up, Magnus swings his fist knocking Fredrik out with one blow. Desiree runs in from stage right. She looks around frantically and says, "What is it? What's happened?"

On stage, Charla beams. "My husband and Fredrik are fighting over me!" 


On stage, Desiree cries out at Charla, "Are you insane?!?!? You let them do it?!?!?!" She sees Fredrik lying motionless on the ground. She runs to him and kneels down and then looks up angrily at Magnus. "Are you insane?? You've killed him!!! Oh, Fredrik!"

On stage, Charla cries, "Magnus!"

On stage, Magnus pompously strides off to one side and smirks. "Dear Desiree, I merely popped him once in the nose. I trust his performance in the courts is a trifle better than this." He turns and clears his throat. In an authoritative voice, he says to Charla, "I am prepared to forgive you dear. But I feel this place is no longer a suitable place for us."

On stage, Charla nods, "Yes, my darling, I agree!"

On stage, Magnus looks at Charla, "You will pack our things and meet me in the stables. I will have a wagon ready."

On stage, Charla grins excitedly, "Yes, dear. Oh, Magnus! You became a wild animal for me!!"

On stage, Magnus pulls Charla to him and then kisses her for a moment. He smiles warmly at her and they exit arm-in-arm.

On stage, Desiree cradles Fredrik's head in her lap, "Fredrik? Fredrik!" 

On stage, Fredrik stirs, opens his eyes and looks dazedly around, "I don't suppose this is my heavenly reward, is it?"

On stage, Desiree smiles warmly down at him, "Hardly, dear, with me here. Does it hurt?"

On stage, Fredrik tries to sit up, but fails and falls back into Desiree's lap. Remembering he says, "It hurts...spiritually. You've heard, I imagine, about the evening's other event?"

On stage, Desiree looks puzzled, "No, what?"

On stage, Fredrik sighs, "Henrik and Anne -- ran off together..."

On stage, Desiree arches her eyebrows, "Fredrik!!"

On stage, Fredrik finally manages to stand with Desiree's help, "Well, I think I should get up and confront the world, don't you?"

On stage, Desiree smiles and begins to sing, "Isn't it rich?"

On stage, Fredrik smiles warmly at her and sings, "Are we a pair?/ You here at last on the ground..."

On stage, Desiree sings, "You in mid-air." She helps Fredrik to his feet and says, "Knees wobbly, dear?"

Druid blinks in from ::between::!

On stage, Fredrik stands gingerly, "No, no, it seems not...In fact, it's hardly possible, but...."

On stage, Desiree sings, "Was that a farce?"

On stage, Fredrik sings, "My fault, I fear..."

On stage, Desiree sings, "Me as a merry-go-round..."

On stage, Fredick sings, "Sorry, my dear." He then speaks over a background palette of music. "How unlikely life is! To lose one's son, one's wife, and practically one's life within an hour, and yet to feel -- relieved. Relieved, and, what's more, considerably less ancient." He jumps up on the bench, without a trace of awkwardness. "Aha! Desiree!" He invites her with a
gesture to join him.

Druid suddenly disappears ::between::!

On stage, Desiree looks up at Fredrik and laughs, "Poor Fredrik!!"

On stage, Fredrick shakes his head, "No, no, no. We will banish 'poor' from our vocabulary from now on." He sweeps Desiree into his embrace for a dramatic kiss as the music swells. After a moment of violins plying their bows, he releases her, and sings to the audience, "Make way for the clowns..." 


On stage, Desiree sings, "Applause for the clowns." The two gaze lovingly into each other's eyes for a minute and then sing together, "They're finally here." As they sing this final line, they turn and walk off arm-in-arm and the stage fades to black.....

On stage, The play is now over and the lights come back up as the actors return to take their bows. Keersa comes on stage and bows to the gallery. 


On stage, Fenris takes two steps forward and with a wave of his hat sweeps 

On stage, into a low bow to the audience before stepping back. 


Jhenna starts clapping "Yea!"

Samye blinks in from ::between::!

Jerran starts a loud applause for the beautifully done play!

Cashar stands and applauds wildly "BRAVO, BRAVO!!!" "Well Done Harpers!" "WHOO WHOO WHOOO!"

On stage, Kestria moves to the center stage and curtsies lowly, sweeping her arm in front of her.

Javis stands to his feet, smiling and clapping. 


Jash stands and claps loudly... "Wondrous job!"

Danton stands and applauds, smiling brightly.

Bronwyn applauds loudly, rising swiftly to her feet.

On stage, Journeyman Chrys steps from backstage and takes a deep bow.... 

Cimorene gets to her feet, , applauding enthusiastically.

Kjeld walks in from the Gather Square and Market.

Kitana applauds, getting to her feet, grinning.

On stage, Caramak, his usual big grin on his face, steps forward and bows to the audience.

Kabel gets to his feet "BRAVO! EXCELLENT" he turns as Kjeld enters he walks to intersept.

Jhenna says, "You were great!"

Kjeld nods to Kabel, "Your order, sir." He smiles.

Kjeld hands A Dozen Roses to Kabel.

Kjeld walks to the Gather Square.

On stage, And beaming from ear to ear, Jayla steps forward, tears in her eyes as she hears the applause for the wonderful actors she had the opportunity to work with.

On stage, Fenris walks towards the cast carrying four large bouquets of flowers, handing one to Jayla, Kestria, Keersa and Emma.

Jhenna turns to Jash and smiles. "Wasn't that wondrous" 


Jerran stands and continues clapping.

On stage, Fenris hands Rose Bouquet to Jayla.

On stage, The six actors join hands in the center of the stage and bow together and then exit backstage.

Kitana grins. "Oh, dear. It is late." She smiles up at Jayla approvingly, and looks at Danton. "Do you need a ride back, dear?" she asks quietly.

Jash smiles to Jhenna, "Yes, Very very good!"

On stage, Fenris hands Orchid Bouquet to Kestria.

Motomo brings a chill of :: between :: as his flicking wings appear in the space that was empty before.

On stage, Kestria blinks and accepts the flowers from Fenris, her eyes filled with tears.

On stage, Fenris hands Carnation Bouquet to Emma.

Kabel walks up on stage to give Jayla something.

On stage, Fenris hands Rose Bouquet to Keersa.

Kabel goes north.

On stage, Kabel has arrived.

Samye suddenly disappears ::between::!

Shinnai continues applauding, on her feet and smiling at the actors.

On stage, Jayla smiles sweetly and hugs Fenris.

Jerran moves towards the stage, walking down the gallary stairs.

Jerran goes north.

On stage, Jerran has arrived.

Danton smiles at Kitana, shaking his head, "I'll stick about. I can find a way back."

On stage, Jayla hands Istan Lillies to Kestria.

On stage, Kabel walks up and over to Jayla "Hello love" he says but it hardly be heard from the rocous. He hands her something not aware if she even sees him but oh well she should soon...

Kitana nods. "Don't stay out /too/ very late, dear," she tells him, and hurries out.

On stage, Kabel hands A Dozen Roses to Jayla.

Kitana steps silently to the Gather Square.

Jhenna says, "That was a beautiful play Jayla"

On stage, Kestria blinks and hugs Jayla, her eyes glistening as she smiles from ear to ear.

Danton nods to Kitana, "I won't."

On stage, Jayla wipes her tears from her face and looks at the roses. She hugs Kabel tightly, crushing the roses between them.

On stage, Jerran grins at all the actors then turns around to the audience, "Well, from your applause I'm sure we all loved this play." He pauses for a moment, "Well, I guess this concludes the grand opening of Ista's new theater. Thank you one and all for attending!"

On stage, Kabel wraps his arms around her and pushes the roses out to the side so the don't get crushed...more...he kisses her and smiles, slightly "Congratulations, it was great!" he says to her.

Cashar thumps his hands together "Lovely Jerran, Simply Lovely!"

Danton smiles, calling up to the stage, "Wonderful. Simply wonderful." He grins, glancing about a little bit.

Jhenna looks sweetly at Jash. "Shall we go?"

On stage, Jayla smiles sweetly at Kabel. "Thanks, dearest, I'm just glad you were here for part of it!"

Jash nods to Jhenna, "I guess so..."

On stage, Jerran leaves for the Stage Right.

On stage, Kabel smiles "Well I didn't want to miss giving you these." he says and hugs her again making sure the roseses won't get smushed...

On stage, Kestria leaves for the Stage Right.

On stage, Fenris leaves for the Stage Right.

On stage, Jayla leaves for the Stage Right.

On stage, Jayla leads Kabel out.

Jhenna takes Jashes arm in hers and smiles. "Then please escort me home sir" 


Jash laces his arm with Jhenna's and heads out. 

Reyvvin fades out, her thoughts going to a certain Dolphineer, artist, and all-around fine piece of manhood...

Reyvvin has disconnected.

Jhenna walks to the Gather Square.

Jash walks to the Gather Square.

Danton goes home.

Cimorene goes home.

Lisa walks out.

Cashar dazed and confused walks to the Gather Square.

Bronwyn turns and walks out.





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