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Wingleader J'rad's original wing was named the Firedancers, from Fort. One of his wingrider's children was lost in the storm with a skiff named the Wavecutter. The child was never found, but to honor her, J'rin named his wing the Wavecutters and transferred the wing en masse to Ista because many of the Riders were originally from Ista.




Weyrwoman Milsa had just Impressed Torienth and was assigned to the Weyrlingmaster as all Weyrlings are. She was a bit of a tomboy before she became a goldrider, but afterwards she had many admirers. She ran from those admirers and swam a lot to have a feeling of freedom. When Lord Ehrik Impressed his bronze, he would often sit under a tree on the path to the lake where Milsa swam. They had a lot in common, which was odd because she had been an explorer and he had been a Lord Holder. They spent a lot of time together and it felt natural to her- like being with Torienth. She felt he was handsome and confident and they started swimming together with their dragons. E'rik was the only one who could keep up with her while swimming. On night after walking back from the lake, E'rik kissed her. He was a dashing soul who swept her off her feet. They became weyrmates several sevendays later.




Master Evan said he seemed to have been reduced to an insignificant speck when he stood on the Sands at Ista's first hatching, a grain of sand on a beach yet everyone was watching him. He felt a tremendous desire for something, but didn't know what. He left the Sands without a lifemate, but that didn't ruin his life. He still feels comfortable around dragons despite the failure of his standing.




When Master Namire was at Igen, there was a place down near the shore called the 'Trap'. It was just outside the Weyr on the eastern side and no one went there because of the wind and ocean and Igenites tend towards laziness. One particularly hard summer happened where the sun was blazing hot and the wind was scorching, almost as bad as Thread in its own way. Things settled down in Fall and people moved about, venturing down the eastern side of the weyr near the shore where the sand was deceptively hard. Several children went down there because they were bored and the sand caved in- it has actually been covering an underground cave. Sand poured in on top of one of the children and she couldn't be saved in time. By the time others arrived to the scene, she was gone.




When Master Taliesin was at Fort Sea Hold, he and Lady Aislyn had been friends for Turns. His first wife, Ellye, was a Healer Journeyman but died in a miscarriage of his second child. Aislyn had been abandoned by her first two husbands. She was depressed and found him drinking in the dining hall one evening. The two found comfort in each other's experiences of loss and this led to talking of other things, particularly those not at hand. They often went out to the docks for fresh air and they both realized the possibility for more than friendship between them. That night the shipfish showed up and nothing was said about it for much longer. He continued going to her for support in his post-marital life. They grew closer and he immersed himself in his work to divert himself from the pain he had experienced. They found time to talk, walk, or both, or just have klah at night. They weren't paying attention to Aislyn's current husband, but he had been watching them. They realized they had more than friendship between them, but then Aislyn found out that her husband, Leto, had been spying on them and was infuriated. She publicly accused him but Leto shot back that she had had an affair with Taliesin. Leto left after Aislyn dismissed him from her service and traveled to Southern, where he eventually became Lord Trew's foreign minister. Now JeDera, Ellye's younger sister, accused Taliesin of having an affair before Ellye died. He wasn't able to tell her the truth of the matter before she accused him, but finally everything was patched up between them. For a while, everyone felt guilt at their relationship but finally got over it and they were able to enjoy it. He proposed to her at sea and they have been engaged ever since, still waiting to be married.




The tale began when Athiana was preparing Talmer to become her Craftsecond. The Dolphincraft had just started and they began to discover ancient artifacts. The dolphins also tended to be fond of Healers. They were sent under water around Fort and found some interesting items, including a manuscript about poison which the Healers deciphered, the dolphin bell, and a monster. The dolphin were afraid of the many-armed creature which used poison to kill its victims. MasterHealer Caitlin realized they'd need to be able to heal the poison so set out deciphering the document they had found. At the same time, the SeaCrafters came up with a plan to capture the monster using nets. The attack was exciting but dangerous, and the SeaCraft almost lost a ship to the beast. Some people were poisoned by the creature and some dolphins died before they could be helped. The creature thrashed about and destroyed some net anchors but eventually it died. Everyone else went back to work, but the Healer's jobs had just begun. Caitlin returned after an expedition with the poison cure, deciphered from the manuscripts they had found. The Healers worked day and night to beat the poison which had taken some of those who went to capture the creature. People seemed to last longer than the dolphins, and were able to finally fight the poison with the help of the antidote. Only one patient died, but everyone else was safe.




Weyrsecond D'rik was standing on the scorching sands, excited but nervous as egg after egg Hatched and was Impressed to their new lifemate. Suddenly, a great bronze hatchling ambled towards him and projected his name, Ambarth! D'rik cried out in joy and hugged his new lifemate, forever joined by that incredible human-dragon bond.




Master Vela was out in the meadow gathering wildflowers for her perfumes on a bright, perfectly clear, sunny day. She crouched down to look at a particular bulb and saw herself looking into the eyes of a feline. The feline ran away, but it turned out to belong to Larak, who was nearby. They talked and naturally liked each other, and finally fell in love.




Master Alesia was learning to sail without Master Thorn's permission with Morgan. A squall hit to boat and their feelings with put to the test as the boat went through the storm. Finally it was tipped over and Alesia was hurt, but her dolphin and others came to rescue the pair.




Master Athiana told me of when she first came to Ista, directly in the aftermath of the storm. Many were hurt whom the Healers couldn't save and had to give mercy to. One she remember was a 4 Turn old child.




Back when Brian applied for Apprenticeship, Master Galen interviewed and Apprenticed him. Brian worked long and hard to attain his Journeyman knot and finally did so just as Galen fell ill. Galen asked Brian to take charge of things while the Healers were working on bringing Galen back to health. When Galen asked that of Brian, not sevendays after Brian had gotten his Journeyman knot, Galen gave Brian his Master's knot on the spot. There was some grumbling about it from outside the Craft, but no one within the Smiths complained. The Healers finally fixed up Galen but after a short time he announced he would relinquish his Craftmaster position. He named Brian in his place, who became the Craftmaster after only a little grumbling.




Master JeDera and Master Parker were in the Rusty Bucket at Fort Hold with a huge band of Harpers and holders. They all started drinking and JeDera attempted to out drink Parker. Armahd began playing a gitar at this point and there was lots of singing and dancing and wild things, but JeDera wasn't too conscious of anything by this point due to the drink. Several months later, a weaver gave her a tapestry of something she had done that night...

The story breaks off here, though various hints and other information revealed JeDera was dancing on the bar. Reports of lack of clothes in the dance are unverified.




Weyrleader J'rad's wing and the natives were clearing a large amount of rubble from the shore, which was very tiring work, even with the dragons hauling the bulk material. They were constantly pulling humans and animals from the rubble which had been unfortunate to get caught and died within the chaotic jumble. One worker suddenly yelled that he found another body and began yelling louder. They discovered that the man was still alive! They had never worked so hard to move material- they did everything they could to get the man out without crushing him. Even firelizards began to join in the digging as everyone was so intent on it. After they recovered the man, he had only a few scrapes and hunger, nothing a warm meal wouldn't fix up.




When J'rad was the cook at Fort Sea Hold and Aislyn was the Headwoman, they occasionally took walks. She once bought a new picnic basket and the two of them decided to try it out and went for a picnic on one of the docks. She slipped during the picnic and slid straight into the water, coming up a few moments later with a worriedly chattering gold and herself covered in fish! Needless to say, the gold was delighted after she found out she could eat all of the fish.




Master Aeia was just recovering from the shock of two Herder Master's deaths and being promoted from Barn Manager to a Master. She had just finished building the second floor for the beasthold with a picture window over the barn doors. She was sitting up in the second story on night when she heard shouting from outside. Her little blue Random came whirling in and Aeia rushed to the picture window to see Master Filin being assaulted by two bandits. She quickly ran downstairs and outside where a fight ensued during which she was hurt. Filin had already been hurt, so he stayed in the newly finished Herder Guest Room to recover with Harpers constantly going in and out to see him.




Lord Trew received a note from Fort Sea Hold that Leto, the former Steward of that Hold, and Solveig were seeking asylum in Southern Hold. He permitted them to come and they arrived in Southern. For the next few days, Leto kept largely to himself, never being with Solveig, who was involved with him. Lady Aislyn then came to Southern with Master Taliesin for what she called a 'vacation'. She gave him no notification- she merely showed up in his office. He had warning of her coming only from the watchrider of his Hold. Aislyn and Taliesin then stayed for a time, neither of them seeking contact with Leto. They both finally left quite serenely, as if nothing were amiss.




Many Turns ago, there was an argument within the HealerCraft as to who could be Searched. The CraftMaster at the time, Master Xavier, wanted to stop all Healers from being Searched but Master Wayen disagreed. Most of the other Masters sided with Wayen so he called a craft-wide vote. At the end of the vote, Xavier was forced to retire and Wayen became CraftMaster. He varied a handful of policies and promptly quit as CraftMaster, going to join the HerderCraft with at least four top healers going with him. The CraftMaster who took over after Wayen sided with Xavier and revived the policy of no Healers being Searched. As a result, the Weyrhealers broke from the HealerCraft and a variety of other Healers left the Craft. Ever since the HealerCraft has never regained its former strength. Master Perick lost association with the healers for a long time and Wayen vanished until he suddenly reappeared one month ago.




Master Lana once went on a skiing trip with her friend Irkon around the mountains around Fort Hold. They encountered a hill with perfectly fresh snow and began to ski down it at a rather breakneck speed. Lana hit a somewhat large mound which set her flying a bit, landing her on a steep part of the slope. She began rolling and rolling down, gathering snow as her skis and poles went flying. She finally ended up at the bottom of the hill, Irkon laughing uproariously, her bundled up like a human snowball.




When Master Shinnai was posted to Benden as the Weyrharper before Thread began to fall, the Spring Games were going to be held a few months after the last queen rose. The new Weyrleader began reorganizing some of the wings, which made a little bit of grumbling, as would be expected. K'ren became the Wingsecond of the Pike Wing under Wingleader G'rad. K'ren was a new brownrider and relatively untried, and some of the older riders grumbled about the promotion. The wing covertly split into two factions- those who supported the new wingleader and wingsecond and those who wanted the old ones back. G'rad and K'ren thought they could work it all out by being efficient leaders and running the wing well. The two new leaders worked the wing to near death, but K'ren was certain the Pike Wing would lead in every event. The first event of the Games was the firestone drill in formation against dyed ropes. The wing started in a stepped V formation and G'rad gave the signal for the second pass to begin. This meant the rear of the V would wheel in the opposite direction with the front riders ascending to an even level with the rear riders in one line. It was at this time the older riders decided to show their dissatisfaction. Three riders on one side of the formation didn't wheel around- they kept on in a straight line. They thought to make the wingleader and wingsecond look bad for their sloppy performance. However, the move brought N'met's blue Ferth into a collision course with K'ren's brown Norvath. They avoided collision but Norvath accidentally flamed Ferth. It all happened far too fast for anyone to react. Ferth survived but was out of action for months. N'met absolved K'ren of responsibility, since he knew it was his own fault. K'ren wanted to resign from the wing but G'rad wouldn't let him. N'met, newly chastened by the experience, acknowledged the leaders and pointed out other malcontents. The wing became united eventually, but a dragon almost died to do it.


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