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Table of Contents

  1. Dedication and Introduction

  2. Getting Started

  3. Joat, Pancakes, Weyr and Failure

  4. The Cruise and a Fresh Start

  5. Seamus' Ordeal and New Beginnings

  6. Tears, Jeers, and Cheers

  7. Results

  8. New Understandings

  9. Wooden Eggs and a Stolen Egg

  10. Hopes, Dreams, and Expectations



Dedication and Introduction


The following entries are from Jueann's personal notes and logs during her search for the history Ista Hold (HT). Some of the contents are her personal view of life around her. 


I would like to thank everyone who have helped me in making this diary--especially Fletcher, Seamus, and Shinnai. 

-- Sr Apprentice Harper Jueann



Getting Started




Dear Diary,
Journeyman Fletcher tapped me and another apprentice named Seamus as his special apprentices. That means I really need to work harder on my project *sighs* which isn't going very well. I did interview Lord Trew first. Now where did I put those notes? Oh yes. Here --

Lord Trew came in the move from Southern Hold after a big storm. I was informed that LT took over as Lord Holder when it was discovered that Lord Riyan was found dead, drowned in the storm holding the stilled life of his young son. All of the former Lord Holder's family perished in the storm.

The storm devastated the whole hold and half the weyr.

Well it was a start. During the interview, a lady named Niko can in and listened to the conversation. I never did discover who she was and what was her relations to LT.





Well, a new day at Ista Hold. Got another letter from father. He still insists he wants me home and settled *sighs* at least his knuckle disease keeps him from traveling or I would be dragged home faster than a dragon can fly *between*.

Now where am I? Oh yes, the history.

The next person I spoke to was Master Namire. She told me more about the storm. She wasn't at Ista when it hit, but came afterwards. She was transferred to Ista when it was discovered that most of the harpers had perished in the storm.

Oh -- I did find out that the storm occurred about 2 Turns ago.

What she remembered most of the aftermath of the storm was "Water. Everywhere." If there was a tally of victims made, it was lost. I would love to get my hands on either a copy or the archivist who didn't do his job (or both which ever came first).

She confirmed LT's statement that about half the weyr survived and she added that most of the healers had to be transported in from other places. She saw a major turnover of people since the storm.

*sighs* I was called away before I could get more from her. I liked her.




Went to another hatching today. It had been be my third. *sighs* I so wished to have a fl. I"ll never get one, so why do I keep trying. I'll just ruin another skirt. Father says they are a nuisance and a bother. Well, I don't think so. I see them flying around all the time and enjoy watching them. Oh well.

Back to the history - -

I spoke with someone named Yuvi. He told me of an archives in the hold that hadn't been destroyed by the storm. I went and checked it out. It wasn't much help though. The records were sketchy at best. *sighs* He also mentioned something of Emerald Cove.





I DID IT!!!! I finally got a fl and he's blue and soooo loveable. He has a dark blue patch on his head. I'm going to call him Milo.



Joat, Pancakes, Weyr and Failure




BOY, what a day! Our Hold Harper Finlee has nothing on Fletcher when it comes to lessons. Fletcher taught philosophy today and it was too deep for this simple holder girl. I'm to used to being told what to do and where to go. *sigh* I did want to be a Harper.

I have been sneaking over to the Weyr lately. My curiousity just wouldn't leave me be until I saw it. I've met so many people over there and was surprised that they didn't send me back to HH with a flea in my ear. One of the people I've met was a young Harper girl who's now a candidate for the eggs hardening on the hatching grounds -- Desrine. I helped her once to peel tubers. I've always thought that peeling tubers was a boring task that were only good for great thinks -- just the right mix of tedium and concentration to allow the mind to wander. She turned it into a game to see if she could peel them into faces of the Weyr folk. Such imagination, I'm envious.

Well back to history --

In the dining hall the other day, I was helping out in the kitchen when Joat and Corin came in. Joat is a great one for my pancakes. He's a Smith. I don't remember who Corin was. Anyway, I asked Joat what was his most exciting adventure and he told of the time he was drunk and fought a tree and won.

Anyway, before I tell that one, I did find out that Joat came to IH looking for a friend that had perish in the storm. It later turned out that the friend had been swepted into the sea. Poor Joat.

Joat told me the story of the tree, I started to laugh. He wrestled with it and beat it down ( oh, what was the phrasing he used? Oh here it is --) "with my bare hands while I was drunk." He won of course. Of course.

He also had both sets of knuckles broken and had to keep them bandaged and have regular numbweed treatments "for close to 3/4 of a turn."

He also told me, "I think they promoted a couple of J'man after me."




Today I had a dance lesson and I got to met Fletcher's other assistant. He's a very good looking (in my opinion) and shy apprentice -- Seamus. I've seen him around and maybe spoke a few words with him, but this was special.

He was my dance partner and a little clumsy at first. But then so was I and I was very surprised that we got on sooo well.

No history information today. *sighs*




On the bulletin board is an announcement for a cruise. They're looking for harpers to work it. I don't think I'll go.

The history project is dying. I don't seem to be getting anywhere. *sigh*




Fletcher insists I sign up for the cruise. He wants all of *his* apprentices to go. I said "yes," then found out that I would be sharing a cabin with Seamus and other apprentice (male). *shudders* I didn't like it and said so. I mean really. 2 guys and me? Indecent. A girl must have some privacy.

Maybe I'll be seeing more of Seamus. He's been walking me back to my room now. He's soo nice and very shy. *sighs*




The Cruise and a Fresh Start




Sorry for not writing in this sooner. I've been down sick -- not motion-sickness but the real thing. Fever, headache and the feeling I can't breathe. Oh well so much for a fun-filled cruise.

I must write about when I first came abroad though. I entered my new quarters and found a strange man asleep on the bunk. I ran out of the statesroom shouting, "There's a strange man in my room." I got funny looks.

Master Taliesin and Zillah took care of the problem ( I've met Zillah before. He hangs out in the dining hall in the hold sometimes. I had thought of going out with him before I met Seamus) . I keep my cabin door locked at all times.

I heard we had a stowaway. They put her in with me, but I didn't see much of her because of my illness.





Sorry, still down sick and the cruise is almost over. I was able to come on deck just before we docked. A shipfish (no, that's wrong she was a doll-fin) came along side the ship. She talked to Seamus and me. She said her name was Afo. She was very nice and too perceptive. Afo was heavy with calf and said, she hoped we would have a good calf also. *blush* How did she know I liked him?





Seamus asked me about my project today. His was done and turned in before the cruise. I couldn't lie anymore, not to him. Mine had died and I was at a lost on how to go from there. He offered to help me with it when we get back to IH and then he told me I should speak to Fletcher as soon as I can.

*sighs* I know Fletcher is going to shout at me. I just know it.





Seamus and I did some mischief today, and no, I'm not saying what. I don't want some Master to decide we didn't get punished (which as far as I know we got away with it *giggle*). It was fun and it surprised Seamus to see that I do have a mischievous side (which I keep very well hidden because of Father). But it was funny and fun.

Later I told Fletcher about my problem with my project. To my amazement, he didn't shout at me or berate me like father would've done. He sat me down and talked with me. It was sooo easy to talk to him and I came away with a better understanding of my project.

Later, he sent me a letter on it. Now, where did I put that? Here. This is what he says - -


"TO Harper Apprentice Jueann,

Subject: Jueann's Project

Here are my thoughts/expectations of Jueann's project as *I* see it. Jueann, you're welcome at any time to tell me how YOU want the project done -- it IS yours, after all (It sure is *sighs*)

I want you to gather up at least a sample of the history of HT (what's a HT?) Not Pern (huh? I thought we were on Pern) but HT (there's that term again.) I'd like you to chat with some of the oldtimers about interesting events they'd like to share. As many stories as possible from each one would be nice, but at least one is best. Get a feel for HOW HT was back then. How was it similar? How was it different?

He goes on about he wants stories. And ending with -- "Make it detailed and make sure they know what you're looking for -- a plethora (huh? need to look that word up) of interesting stories from the old days."

hhmm -- At last a direction to go.

One last note before I end this -- LT won't be returning to IH with us. He's retiring to Southern and he named Fletcher as Lord Regent.

Lord Regent!! Now, I have a new problem. How do I address Fletcher? As J'man Fletcher? Lord Regent Fletcher? or just Fletcher? *sighs*



Seamus' Ordeal and New Beginnings





Seamus has been accused of murder! He could never -- ever willingly take another life. *sob* *Tear Marks*

Ever since the dancing lesson, he has been walking me to my room. He is soo shy sometimes. Sometimes he's even shyer then me, but he's soooo sweet and loveable.

That's why I can't believe this. He's sleeping right now and is tossing in his sleep. Where do I start to write this down? Where do I begin?

When I heard of it, Seamus had been asked (ordered) to remain in the Rehearsal Hall until the pleasure of the Lord Regent. I went there immediately as soon as I heard. He was with someone but they soon left and we were alone. He told me the full story and I tried to take his mind off the horror of it.

As the time grew longer, Seamus grew more tired and disheartened. He also grew very quiet and distant. He was shutting me out. I thought he liked me and cared for me. It really hurt.

Master Shinnai came by and talked to us. She became Seamus' advocate. She helped me alot. Without her calm presence, I think I would've ran to my room and cried my eyes out. Then I remembered that Seamus had been holdless most of his life and I realized that he was drawing on that memory to protect himself from the harshness of all this. By shutting me out, he was trying to protect me. I didn't like it but I understood. No, I hated this but there was nothing I could do. It had felt like I had been dropped *between* and came out in another world. Seamus wasn't my Seamus anymore.

LR Fletcher came in then. He wasn't the Fletcher I knew and trusted either. He was Lord Regent. I became more afraid and lost. This Fletcher reminded me very much like my Father. *shudders* Very stern and unforgiving.

Seamus told me the story earlier, and now he repeated it for the LR.

A strange woman --later identified as Tilla -- was beating up a young apprentice. The young apprentice turned out to be Tilla's fosterling. Tilla had come to drag her home. Seamus had been giving a lesson at the time.

A fl came and got him. He chased the woman off and took the apprentice to the healers.

When he returned to the lesson, another fl came for him. This time, this woman, Tilla, was on the beach assaulting MasterSmith Aeia and a young apprentice Pellan. Tilla had a knife. Seamus had been able to knock the knife into the water before anyone could get hurt. He ordered the woman to leave, desist or be detained. The woman refused and went to retrieve her knife.

Seamus (here's the interesting part and one that saddens me for the pain it caused Seamus and the trouble he's in) brought his staff up to give a glancing blow to stun her. Pellan rushed in to help, tripping the woman. So the blow that was meant to stun became a killing blow -- a blow that broke her neck.

Poor Seamus and poor Pellan which I heard is a simple man and who blames himself for her death also.

*shudders* I want to be ill but I must be brave for Seamus' sake.

In the end, LR Fletcher ordered Seamus confined to his room until a complete investigation could be made. "A guard wasn't needed, LR said. Seamus is an honorable man and would not run. Master Shinnai continued on as Seamus' advocate (much to my relief).

I asked and received permission to stay with Seamus. *blush* That was very bold of me. Seamus was afraid that I would think the worse of him. I was more afraid of his state of mind. I'll sort out my thoughts later. He was still scaring me. The pain of his shutting me out was still there.

Master Shinnai's last words to me as we escorted Seamus to his room was to stay with him for she had seen his state also and was just as afraid.

When I entered his room, he was crying. My sweet shy young harper apprentice was crying! It almost broke my heart. Somehow, I managed to coax him onto the cot I laid down beside him *blush* to rest.

When I could without waking him, I slipped out to write this. What will become of him? Is anyone's guess. He is growing more restless, I must close this. . .





I managed to get Seamus to eat something. Some of the horror has left his face.

The air in the Hall is getting soooo poisonousness. *shudders* *MY* Seamus isn't a cold blooded Murderer!

Well, some good has come out of this besides spending so much time alone with him. He has agreed to help me with my project.

I teased him -- he'll still make J'man before me. He countered if he doesn't get kicked out of the Hall first. I told him, I don't believe it. It's hard to keep his spirit up.

Two apprentices came in and spoiled the fun. The one a pushy younger apprentice who has a crush on Seamus. I was completely ignored.

They ruined the mood between Seamus and me. I was very embarrassed and upset over this but managed to hide it from Seamus. I pleaded work and left them.






I did IT!! I sent out a questionaire to everyone on the list that Fletcher gave me. I didn't realize how bold it was of me. *shaking my head* The old me wouldn't have done it, but then the old me wouldn't be spending every waking and sleeping minute with a man.

The questionaire was the following- -

(opening statment of intent )

1) IH (HT) name and current rank/position:
2) Please tell me something of what you were doing when you first came to IH?
3) How did you get to be where you are (in rank) now?
4) How had IH changed since you've been here?
5) What ws the most rememberable change you remember?
6) a) What was the most exciting thing you ever did at IH?
b) sad thing?
c) funny thing?
d) embarrassing thing?
7) Dragon Riders -- please tell me the events that lead up and during Impression and (optional) memorable Mating Flights.

I hope I get some replies. I would just be devastated if I get nothing back.



Tears, Jeers, and Cheers





It's late in the evening and Seamus is sleeping (more peacefully I might add). And yes, I'm sharing his room with him, and no, we haven't done *THAT* yet. We're too shy to go that far. *sighs*

But the most wonderful thing has happened! Seamus has proposed to me!! He wants to marry me!! That is the reason why I can't sleep --- I'm too excited and it's too wonderful. Someone loves me for me. Father has someone picked out for me to wed --*shudders* Someone to get me big strong sons, but love has nothing to do with it. *shudders*

Well, maybe I forced the issue a bit. I was worried about Seamus and mine reputations. He was concerned that I would think bad of him because of this terrible thing hanging over him. Then he confessed that he was going to ask me after we made J'man. But really!! I'm just a simple holder girl and I've slept with him *blushes* 3 nights now. All we do is talk, plan, and tickle each other, but still . . .

Seamus is soooo adorable, and of course, I said "Yes."




Master Shinnai came in today and told us that there were precedents that clears Seamus of wrong doing and that Seamus won't lose his rank or hold. I saw the look of relief on Seamus. He began to sit straighter and regain some of his old self. She also informed us that Master Aeia stood up for him and Pellan. Seamus asked after Pellon, but Shinnai hadn't heard anything.

M. Shinnai met with LR Fletcher and all that's left is the Judgment. *sighs* The air seemed to go out of Seamus a bit.

We told Shinnai of our plans and she informed us we had to wait until we make J'man to wed. Which was all right with us. We weren't make anything public just yet anyway.

Alex came by later. He has become a guardsman now since being forced out of the Harpers. I feel so sorry for him, since Carsi died, he has changed. I've known Alex since I first came to IH and it saddens me to see the change in him.

Alex questioned Seamus (interrogated is the better word) and seemed real angry at Seamus. I shrank back onto the cot where I was sitting, hoping Alex wouldn't start on me. I didn't want to be in the way. I would've left but Seamus wanted me to stay.

Got some test results of my questionaire from J'man Fletcher ( I need to distinguish Fletcher here) and Seamus. They liked the questions I asked. I'll report later what I found out. Gotta run.







The results of the test questionaire is as follows:

Fletcher is the former son of a Lord Holder (I never knew this). He wrote about a story of Lady Kota who wanted to marry Vlad that didn't have any Blood at all.

hhmmm (He's alive I think. *giggles* sorry. Having Bloods means titled.)

Some traditionalist Lord Holders resented this, and decided to make it so they could relieved Lady K of her position in the ConClave. To do this, they hired Juytel to hire someone to smash the gold eggs resting on FWeyr sands. I guess the man was about to do this evil deed when some riders caught him. (Now he should've know this. )

After much investigation, the riders uncovered everything. (stupid, stupid, everyone knows you don't involve dragonriders in hold matters.)

Rider Y'sil (Fletcher doesn't give name or color of dragon) brought the evidence to Lady K. She in turn convinces LTrew (who was LH of Southern at that time) to call an emergency ConClave.

Poor Apprentice Fletcher was the only one on duty at the Hall and he was called by LT to scribe and officiate it. The outcome was what one would expect -- The tranditionists lost and Lady K married her Vlad

Fletcher continues in his questionaire about the time that he found himself once in the middle of a bandit attack. Kasia, Alex and Rhian were there also. Alex lost his eye in this attack (I've always wondered about that, but was afraid to ask.)

Also he recounted a tale in passing about how he saved a young healer from drowning. It was the first time I met Fletcher (then student) which is probably why I don't use his title when I speak of him. A young healer decided to drown himself and Fletcher swam after him. In the attempt, Fletcher was seriously hurt in the hand by a dagger. I was on the beach at the time and saw it. (*shudder* all that blood)

I didn't realize that Fletcher is a mint of stories. He mentions Basil's bachelorette party.





Seamus' story covers his holdlessness and seeing his parents killed before his eyes when he was very young. *shudders*

I found out he loves puzzles and I guess that's one of the reasons he likes me. I guess I'm a puzzle to him. Good -- I love keeping him guessing.





They set the time for Seamus' judgment for this evening. Seamus was awfully worried. We knew it was a formality, but still, something could go wrong.

LR Fletcher was so distant and cold. *shudders* After the charges were read, he pronounced Seamus and Pellan guiltless of any wrong doing. The death was an unfortunate accident. Both Seamus and Pellan will receive no punishment or lose of rank. *sighs of relief*

A strange little man was there also writing everything down. He followed us into the dining hall. Alex came in and spoke of having bad dreams. This strange man called Byron spoke to him. (He makes me nervous.)





Everything is happening so fast. Too fast! I'm frighten. Only Fletcher and Shinnai knows of our plans to wed. We can't marry until we make J'man. *sighs* Which just as well. I can wait a little while longer.



New Understandings




Seamus has changed since the Judgment. The whole affair has made him sadder somehow, but there's a new sense of maturity in him. We both worry about the future both us and the Hall. We have soooo little time together as it is.

I have *great* news -- Master Suwert has sent a response to my questionaire. Only he doesn't like to be called "Master." *sheesh* For a master of law, he's small on details. I'm suppose to look to him after all.

Let's see -- Suwert is (was, he doesn't say) married to Darnell and loves scaring poor apprentices before he passes them. Not much to go on I know. *shrugs* oh well.

I also got a letter from LTrew. He's still at Southern Hold and very interested in my Project. *smiles*

LT first came to IH with then apprentice Healer Kasia. He says if I ever find out why she had her arm in a sling I was to tell him. He says that his appointment to IH was by Kira when it was discovered that there were no heir alive after the Storm.

I'm sorry he won't be back. He was very kind to me.





Seamus and I found a secluded spot at Silver Cove. No harpers, apprentices or Fletcher!

The Inn was deserted when we entered but it was sooo lovely. Seamus said something about there's a nice dance floor but no harper to play a tune. I said, "We're harpers and we could make our own in our hearts." He said he liked my style.

Oh it was a lovely smile but best since the Judgment. He swept me up and we danced to the music only we could hear.

Got a letter from Abba who says he's (?) retired from what craft he didn't say.

I later learned he is a retired SmithCraftmaster. He was responsibile for rebuilding the Smithcraft after the Storm. He does mention someone named Elara though I need to find out about her. *hhhhmmmmmmm*

Master Abba went to a very funny hatching, He doesn't say who's or when but that he would kill for a copy of what happened. Me too.

*sighs* Another master that doesn't know how to read. Stories! I need stories! *arrrrrrggghhhhhhhhh*





OOCly-- This next entry doesn't exist in HT, Carik sent this back to me and it's too good not to add it. It's in his words, not mine or Jueann's. I'll let everyone who read this to be the judge.


By Carik's hand--

When I first came on HT, it was much like it is now; a small hold a single Weyr, and several Crafts. Everyone on the system lived in Fort Hold, the Harper Hall, the Smithcraft Hall, or the Weyr, because there was nowhere else to live! As an apprentice, I should have spent most of my time taking lessons. However, at that point there were very few journeyman and masters, at least at the times I was on. I spent a fair amount of my time entertaining at parties, same in lessons, and the rest socializing in the Rusty Bucket (Fort Hold's Tavern) or the Living Cavern at Fort Weyr (hereafter abrieviated at FW). Soon Harper Hall was expanded; during the winter it was possible to ski in mountains, and in the summer groups (of up to ten or fifteen, and down to a single couple) would gather in the meadow or the hot springs. Soon the population of FH became to big, and the Fort Sea Hold (FSH) was added. This split the population in half, but it was still increasing, so we had no problem with lack of people.

However, Southern Boll was soon opened, splitting the population again. This brought the population to a dangerously low amount in any given hold, and people were forced to travel a ridiculous (sic) distance (ICLy) to get to a gathering. . .this lead to complaints about people moving from place to place impossibly quickly, traveling from Southern Hold was opened, along with the Southern Weyr. People began to flock to the South, and the North emptied to a depressing degree. SBH was inhabited by two harpers (Caramak and I), the Lord Holder (Tekale), the Cothold Steward (Amery), and Aurora, with one or two other holder residents. Eventually it was decided that the population had spread out too much, and the move to Ista was made. The decision caused a massive amount of argument, and a small number of people actually left the MOO, deciding that the admins were becoming too unilateral, having simply declared the move, instead of asking for opinions. Eventually, we all settled into life at Ista, and it was generally agreed that the move, although originally unpopular, had been for the better; at least one no longer had to spend half an hour trying to find people to start a conversation!

--Jman Carik, aka Gramps


Wooden Eggs and a Stolen Egg

- - - -
- - - -

Where do I begin? It's been soooo busy the last few days. I've been copying some of my diary logs over into a new one for my J'man's project *blushes* Some of them are quite personal. I've never before allowed anyone to see them, and I'm giving these logs to the Masters. *shudders*

One of the best news that has happened is Seamus made JOURNEYMAN!!!!!!! I slipped Milo into the exams. They were awfully hard on him. *shudders* But I was so proud of him. He failed to answer only one question and he was very upset. HarperMaster Oriana asked Seamus to play a song. *shudders* I hope they don't ask that of me. I'm die. I just know it.

Afterwards, there was a closed meeting which I was invited to attend. I wish I could write what we discussed down, but I was asked not to. *sighs*

Alex sent in his answers. They . . .were. . .well. . .interesting. *blushes* Alex's full name is Alexxenon. I think I prefer Alex. It's more easy to pronounce. He was kicked out of the harpers because he married Carsi while he was still an apprentice. Fletcher married them. Master DeJera found out about it and reported it. Alex was dismissed and Fletcher was demoted to student. *sighs* Poor Alex. He's been having a hard time of it. Carsi is gone. She drown not so long ago and Alex is still feeling her lost. *double sighs*

The one good thing is Alex is now a Lt. guardsman and soon to be promoted.

Seamus and I are having a hard time finding time alone. Something or someone intrudes but it's mostly time that intrudes. We talk and enjoy each other's company and I'm surprise how well we blend together. We seem to know what the other is thinking sometimes. It's scary.





Showed my diary to Fletcher, Joat, and Seamus today. I'm only up to chapter 4 in the rewrite. They liked it. Weelllll, except for some minor corrections that is.


Sr. J'man Caramak gave a history lesson today. He covered most of what I ready knew. Towards the end, J'man Fletcher walked in, he and Caramak got to talking about funny events and the Fletcher told the tale of wooden eggs.

It seems that when Kira was the Southern Weyrwoman, she decided to pull a little prank on some of the Craftmasters and Lords. She went around with some of her riders and Searched them.

So all the Craftmasters and LHs went onto the Hatching Sands at SW with "no small amount of trepidation." The poor masters and LHs waited patiently for the eggs to hatch and Fletcher says "They waited and waited with all the dragons humming, and nothing happened."

Finally someone noticed that the eggs weren't moving, and well, when they checked the eggs --painted wooden eggs. Weyrwoman Kira was trying very hard not to giggle. ( It was a rotten trick and I would dearly love to know why she pulled it.) (But it makes for a funny telling, though. *smiles*)

Like I said earlier I've been awfully busy. I talked with Evan the other day. He's a SmithCraft Master, and like all the other masters I've talked to it was hard to get anything thing out of him. He's married to a traveling lady -- Arakiel and has children. He said he proposed to her at Joat's Gathering in a cove that is no longer accessable.

Caramak stopped me later and gave me a story of something I had heard when I first came to IH but never could verify. And I wanted to throw my arms around him and kiss him. Finally someone other than Fletcher understands what I want.

It seems that Malkon's father --LH of Crom Hold dies. Malkon's uncle usurps Malkon's position and Malkon goes into semi-imposed exile at FH. He has his own guards, they and him became a nuisance, throwing their weight and rank around, upsetting many people.

Amber Lightshine (gold fl to the MasterHarper Oriana) laid a clutch that was later moved to the Harper Hall. When the eggs were due to hatch, people began to arrive. MH Oriana was presiding over the hatching when this Malkon walked in with his guards. Many people, including HM Oriana, were not pleased that he was there.

"With his usual arrogance, he dismissed her complaint (she was displeased that he brought his guards) regarding it as insignificant compared to the threat of his own safety." Caramak said. "Oriana instructed him to keep his men back. He assured her he would, condescendly."

It seemed that Maklon wasn't finished. He selected "choice pieces of meat" for the hatchlings.

According to Caramak the hatching went well. The first to hatch had been a blue. (*sighs* Blue is my favorite color, isn't it Milo? hmmmm)

When a bronze fl hatched, Malkon showed his true intent. Before anyone could stop him, he strolled up the bronze little fellow and started to stuff the meat down his little throat. A few of the participants, HM Oriana and J'man Caramak tried to break through to stop it, but it was too late -- Impression had occurred. Malkon's guardsmen blocked the effort as Malkon continued to feed *his* new possession -- it was what the little fellow was to him -- a status possession.

Well MH Oriana told Malkon to leave the Hall, never to return. He was no longer welcome and no harper would ever have anything to do with him.

Caramak doesn't know what happened to Malkon or cares. And said that he wrote a song about the incident. I'll have to look it up.




Hopes, Dreams, and Expectations




I'm frighten, very frighten. I'm too happy. I've never been this happy in all my life. It frightens me. I'm very close to making J'man. Father's letters . . . Seamus assures me that Father can't make me go home. MH Oriana has to give me leave. *sighs* I want to believe this very much. I love doing this project and the response is both discouraging and encouraging. I find I have more questions than answers sometimes.

Seamus and I went to a beach party at the Weyr the other night. He was asked to sing. I shrank back. My old shyness rose within me and it surprised me. I thought I had conquered it. I couldn't sing and Seamus assured me I didn't have to. He sang so beautifully, for a moment I wondered if he was singing just for me. I forgot the people, the dragons and enjoyed the feel of the song.

Afterwards, we went back to the Hall, a young man was waiting for us. He wanted to become an Harper apprentice. Seamus didn't want me to leave, so I went in the office and *together* we interviewed him. His name is Dehmar. I think I surprised Seamus by joining in to ask questions. I know I surprised myself.

*hhmmmm* I think this is where I close my tale. More responses are pouring in. With each one and each passing day, I realize that doing this history will be my life's work. Much of the archives were lost in the storm (rl, there aren't any) and new stories are happening all the time. It would be a shame to lose them all.


This diary is only a sample of what I have done in collecting them. More are out there, waiting to be told and recorded.

--Jueann, Harper Archivist, Sr Apprentice


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