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This exam was to test the knowledge of HT’s concession of Ista Lord Holders with a question or two on some major tp’s that shook the hold. I hoped everyone had fun with it. Its a bit of trivial that some of the older players had forgotten.

-- Jueann



Question 1: Who was the Lord Holder that was killed in the storm that destroyed most of Ista along with his family and heirs? [10 points possible]

Answer: Lord Riyan


Dee: Riyan Nalin: @who mair
Torlan: Riyan Rorie: abort
Caramak: Riyan Emmett: Riyan
Jael: Riyan Ode: Fletcher
Arion: Riyan Genevieve: Riyan
Teraille: Lord Riyan Annest: Hmmm.
Pyrah: Riyan


Question 2: Who did the Conclave of Lord Holders voted in as Lord Holder, after no heirs could be found? [10 points possible]
Answer: Lord Trew


Evan: Trew Fyren: Trew
Dee: Trew Pyrah: Trew
Sariani: Trew Nalin: laston hythe
Torlan: Trew Emmett: Trew
Caramak: Trew Ode: Trew
Jael: Trew Genevieve: Trew
Arion: Trew Annest: Hmmmmmm.
Teraille: Lord Trew, then of Southern Hold


Question 3: Who was the Harper Apprentice (who later became a harper master) that was tried for murder? [10 points possible]
Answer: Harper Seamus


Dee: Seamus Tellia: Teraille
Sariani: Seamus Pyrah: Teraille
Torlan: Seamus Nalin: @aborty
Caramak: Seamus ] Emmett: Seamus
Jael: Seamus Ode: Caramak
Arion: Teraille Genevieve: Seamus
Teraille: Seamus Annest: Uhoh. No grip on HTPern history!


Question 4: Who was the Harper Journeyman that became Lord Regent, and later became Lord Holder of Ista? [10 points possible]
Answer: Harper Fletcher


Evan: Fletcher Tellia: Shanahan
Dee: Fletcher Nalin: Tav
Torlan: Fletcher Emmett: Fletcher
Caramak: Fletcher Ode: Tave
Jael: Fletcher Genevieve: Fletcher
Arion: Fletcher Annest: *sigh*
Teraille: Lord Fletcher, now of Lemos.


Question 5: Since the storm, who was voted in as the first Lady Holder? [10 points possible]
Answer: Lady Efette


Evan: Efette Tellia: Charis
Dee: Efette Lesana: Efette
Torlan: Efette Nalin: Charis
Caramak: Efette Emmett: Efette
Jael: Efette Ode: Efette
Arion: Efette Genevieve: Efette
Teraille: Lady Efette Annest: Better not post /my/ answers!


Question 6: Who tried to take over Ista in a violent take-over? [10 points possible]
Answer: Lord Malkan


Evan: Malkan Teraille: Lord Malkan of Crom
Dee: Malkan Lesana: Malkan
Sariani: Malkan Pyrah: Malkan
Torlan: Malkan Nalin: Malkan
Caramak: Malkan Emmett: Malkan
Jael: Malkan Ode: Malkan
Arion: Malkan Genevieve: Malkan
Aidany: Malkan, former Lord Crom


Question 7: Who was the Lord Holder that went insane and ordered a ban of all fire lizards for Ista? [10 points possible]
Answer: Lord Tave, consort of Lady Efette


Evan: Tave Teraille: Lord Tave
Dee: Tave Genevieve: Tave
Sariani: Tave Aidany: Tave
Torlan: Tave Lesana: Tave
Caramak: Tave Nalin: Tav
Jael: Tave Emmett: Tave
Arion: Tave Ode: Tave
Selina: answer 8 on #14433


Question 8: Who was the Lady Holder that rode off in the sunset, looking for her insane mate? [10 points possible]
Answer: Lady Efette


Evan: Efette Teraille: Lady Efette
Dee: Efette Aidany: Efette
Sariani: Efette Lesana: Efette
Torlan: Efette Pyrah: Efette
Caramak: Efette Nalin: Efette
Jael: Efette Emmett: Efette
Arion: Efette Ode: Efette
Genevieve: Efette Annest: Now this one I used to know the answer to.


Question 9: Who was voted in to become the current Lady Holder? [10 points possible]
Answer: Lady Charis


Evan: Charis Teraille: Lady Charis
Dee: Charis Tellia: Charis
Sariani: Charis Selina: Charis
Torlan: Charis Lesana: Charis
Caramak: Charis Pyrah: Charis
Jael: Charis Nalin: Charis
Arion: Charis Emmett: Charis
Ode: Charis Annest: Charis?
Genevieve: Charis

Question 10: Extra credit: Name the Lord Holder that took over when Lord Holder retired making him the 2nd Lord Holder since the storm? [10 points possible]
Answer: Lord Altaris (credit was given for mispelling)


Evan: ATaris Teraille: Ataris
Dee: Altaris Tellia: Shanahan
Torlan: Altaris Emmett: Fletcher
Caramak: Ataris Ode: Trew
Jael: Fletcher Genevieve: Ataris
Arion: Ataris


The Origami Awards for Originality and Fun
(no offense intended!)

-- Oriana

Most Expressive Mistake:
(in answer to question 7)
Selina: answer 8 on #14433

Best Excuse:
: Now this one I used to know the answer to.

Annest: Uhoh. No grip on HTPern history!
Annest: Better not post /my/ answers!

Most Distracted:
Nalin: @who mair
: laston hythe
Nalin: @aborty

The Dan Quayle Spelling Award goes to Jueann:
Answer: Lord Altaris (credit was given for mispelling)

Other Origami Awards


Evan: 80% Teraille: 100
Sariani: 60 Tellia: 10
Torlan: 100 Selina: 10
Caramak: 100 Aidany: 30
Arion: 90 Pyrah: 50
Lesana: 50 Fyren: 10
Ode: 60 Genevieve 100
Nalin: 40 Emmett: 90
Jael: 90




Scores for Jueann's Exam Book posted Fri Jun 4 12:21:57 1999 CDT





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