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When Shinnai's green Rhymert clutched a single decent firelizard egg, the Harper Master decided to hold a composition contest to determine who would receive the egg. Following are the entries, all of which were wonderful! As it turned out, Alesa got the egg since Taliana, who had the winning entry, already has several dozen firelizards -- and really, Alesa's was the only Pern-themed entry. The egg hatched into a little blue harper hatchling, just for Alesa!


Red Cross Knight

(A Rondeau in the Style of Guillaume de Machaut)

composed by Taliana


Unfortunately, the links to this songs lyrics were bad.

What Dragon is This?

(Sung to the tune of Greensleeves)

composed by Alesa:

What dragon is this
Who has lain to rest
On stony couch is sleeping?
Whom riders greet with praises sweet
While Threadfall watch are keeping?
This, this is Tiareth fair
Whose golden hide none can compare
Flame, flame Thread from the sky
Radiant Queen whose name is Tiareth!

Now gather round all candidates
Watch Tiareth's eggs to learn their fates
Who will the golden hatchling choose?
And of the browns, the greens,the blues?
Some candidates win and some will lose
Upon this glorious Hatching day!

On Hatching Day
Watching Tiareth's clutch
I hope to stand on the sands, afraid to touch
The glowing egg of the golden queen
Or even the egg of a steady green
Will I impress? Remains to be seen
One of the clutch of Tiareth !

Each and Every Day

composed by Lyne


There was a [C] time in my life,
When I needed someone,
To be [Am] there for me,
To make me see
That I was [F] not alone,
Not [D] on my own,
In the [F] wo...[G]rld.

Then that [C] time was erased,
Just an empty space,
In the [Am] back of my mind,
I'm trying to hide
All of these [F] feelings,
That are [D] built up,

Then you [C] came along,
And [Am] showed me the way,
And you are [F] with me,
Each and [G] every day,
Cause your [C] in my soul,
And [Am] in my heart,
You're [F] every part of [G] me.

When [C] you are near,
My troubles disappear,
And I know [Am] I have
Nothing to fear
You are my [F] standing stone
So I'm [D] not alone
In the [F]wo...[G]rld.

Then when [C] you are away,
I'm lonely everyday,
And I know [Am] nothing,
To do or say,
I'm [F] missing you,
And all I [D] want to do
Is look in your [F]ey...[G]es.

(repeat of chords on a verse *I'm working on a solo*)

As the [C] years go by,
The tears'll dry,
And I have [Am] no reason,
Left to cry,
When [F] you are near,
And [D] I am here,
In your [F]ar[G]ms.


Then you [C] came along,
And [Am] showed me the way,
And you are [F] with me,
Each and [G] every day,
Cause you're [C] in my soul,
And [Am] in my heart,
You're [F]every [G]part of [C]m[Am]e.....[F][G][C]

The chords start where they're mentioned, and I wish there was a way to show you the strumming technique. :P There's supposed to be a light, mocking bass in the backround and the light pitter of drums, but I obviously couldn't put that in. It's my first song, so it's very easy, to say the least.





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