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Archive Vault
A cool dry chamber kept sealed when not being used for research, the shelves are full of volumes of every description and subject. Birth and death records, songs, even kitchen recipes from the last Pass can be found catalogued and stored here. A few sturdy worktables allow for students and masters to spread out their projects in comfort.
The scent of old books and a little bit of must pervades the room, tickling your nose with antiquity.
Obvious exits:
Main Hall and Ballroom

Rislyn walks in from the Main Hall and Ballroom.


Poirot is reading a Law book, making notes. The very picture of a hard working Master doing his everyday routine.


Rislyn walks in with a few items tucked under her arm. She looks around and notices someone else here. "Sorry I'm just looking for some harp music. I won't be long." she walks over to the music shelf and looks through a few pieces.


Poirot looks up and smiles, "No problem, no problem. Rislyn, right?"


She is a beautiful young lady. She is of average hight also. She has green eyes that are as light as the sea. Her hair is a light brown, a mix of somesort, she usually has it down. She has a great smile too. Her skin is light, but she has a few freckles on her face also.
She is wearing a white longsleeved shirt under her dark green vest. She has on an old black belt she was given a long time ago. She has her mothers light green trousers on and her old black boots on too. A blue firelizard is perched on her shoulder.
She is a teenager of about 17. She is awake and looks alert.

Rislyn nods, "I haven't seen you before?" and she grabs a few pieces and sits down at the table to get a better look at them.


Poirot smiles, his eyes sparkle with amusement as he lays down his stylus. "I am Master Poirot, surely you have seen me around the Hall? No? " Waving to an empty seat, "Why don't you join me? I can take a break for a moment."


Rislyn smiles and seats herself. "No, I have heard of you but not much." and she sets her music on the table.


Poirot nods sagely as he studies the young girl in front of him. So young and fresh, much like that charming golden haired child he's been seeing. "So tell me about yourself, child?"


Rislyn smiles again and shrugs. "Well there isn't much about me to tell." and she flips over to another piece of music. "I am getting some harp music to study." and she glances over it.


Poirot ahhs, "A Music specialty? Are you new to the craft?"


Mimi flounces in from the Main Hall and Ballroom.


Rislyn nods. "More of a voice specialty, just I love the harp." and she looks up and smiles. "Actually not really, my sister has been here longer though." and she flips to the next piece of music.


Poirot smiles at the girl, studying her for a moment, "I see. A bit overwhelming here at the Hall, no?" Seeing Mimi entering, a slight constallion crosses his eyes but he gives no other sign.


Mimi wanders down to the archives, looking rather like an apprentice who fell into their chores or something. But in reality, she's just a journeywoman who wanted to try her hand at cooking. By the flour smudges on her cheeks and the slight dusting of white in her hair, it's evident she's not doing very well. "I need to double check this recipe," she mumbles as she holds one in her hand which she obviously considers incorrect, "Hello Rislyn, Master Poirot. How are you both today?"


Rislyn smiles at Mimi. "Fine, and what are you cooking today?" She turns around and places the pieces of music to the side.

Poirot nods to Mimi, "I am fine." Leaning back in his chair, "And why are you covered with flour?" He looks from Rislyn to Mimi and back again, studying both ladies.


Mimi looks slightly surprised at the two, "How'd you know I was cooking-Oh." In response to Poirot's comment she send a hand across the top of her hair, which is in a messy bun, trying to smooth away flour, and rubbing at a cheek. "I was trying to cook for a..uh...friend's turnday." The pie recipe in her hand is moved slightly behind her back, "Pie. I'm making pie."


Rislyn smiles and gets up to get some more harp music. "Well good luck, I hope you can cook better than me, almost set the kitchen in flames." and she finds a few more pieces and takes her seat again.


Poirot looks over at his notes, clearly he's been interrupted but putting on a good face, "So Ladies. how do you like this Hall? Is everything to your liking?"


Rislyn shrugs. "I like it." and she shifts through the papers to find the piece she had a few moments ago. "Why?"


Mimi raises an eyebrow at Poirot but nods as she sidles to a nearby shelf and starts looking for anything under 'Pie'. "Of course, I couldn't ever imagine anything different." She's curious as to why, too, but lets Ris ask the question.


Poirot smiles, smoothing out his mustache with a knuckle, giving both a calculating look. "I am interested. And what do you think of Master Liesana?"


Rislyn looks up at the master. "I think she is great, she has always been nice to me." and she continues her looking.


Mimi immediately pauses, but masks the hesitancy to answer his question by going, "Ahah!" and pulling a book from the shelf. Why does he want to know about Liesana? That sounds...suspicious. "I think she is a wise, kind woman." Yeah. Why does he ask?


Poirot looks at both ladies and nods, "Don't you find her a bit... behind the times and unconventional?"


Rislyn looks at him for a moment the shrugs again. "I like her. But what is so unconventional about her?" and she looks down at the next piece of music.


Mimi thumbs through the pages of the book with a thumb, with a slight shrug, "Nothing wrong with that," she states simply before snapping the book shut, having not found what she wanted and arching an eyebrow towards Poirot, "Why do you ask?"


Poirot shrug, almost dismissing the questions, "I am asking many questions for my report. Are you not harpers? Are you not being taught to ask questions?"


Rislyn sighs, "I am an apprentice, what can I do?" and she looks up at the man and smiles. She looks over at Mimi and then back at her papers.


Mimi blinks, "Uhm...Yes. That's why we just did?" Another book is pulled from the shelf, "And /now/ I need to ask this book if it has a recipe for a pie," she grumbles as she checks through it. "Apprentices can do...a lot." She was one. She knows.


Poirot hmms softly, steepling his fingers, looking at the ladies over his fingertips. "And are you not being taught how to work things out? By the First egg, what are they teaching you here? Not proper harper etiquette? I ask these questions for my reports I must send out."


Rislyn sighs. "Well you can't blame us, Master Liesana is a good person and a good Master." and she looks at him in a astounded fashion. "But I am sorry." and she stands up and puts up the pieces of music then pulls down another batch and seats herself again.


Mimi nods to back up Rislyn, "We would want to make sure you weren't hearing or thinking any bad things about her." And she is in no way sorry, and continues to flip through the book.


Poirot stares just over his fingertips. "I see. Yes. I see. And Master Jueann? What do you think of how she's running the Hall?"


Rislyn looks up from her stack and blinks. "She to is doing very well." and she keeps her mouth shut and moves on to he next piece of music.


"Found it!" exclaims Mimi and drops the book onto the table while spreading out a piece of parchment with her recipe on it to compare. "Master Jueann is running the hall wonderfully."


Poirot straighten ups, "Bah!!! You are no harpers. You can't even give me an honest answer." Standing, he storms out, "If you want me, I'll be in my room, finishing my reports." Grabbing up his notes, he heads out.


Rislyn humps at the Master. "Great!" and she looks over at Mimi. "He is mean." and she starts to tear up. "I am trying to be the best Harper I can be, and a Master just told me, I am not one." she stands up and places the music she has collected in the proper place and sits don again at the table.


Mimi oogles after Poirot with a slight shrug. Oh well. He's gone. "My goodness, we told him the /truth/." She reaches a hand out to pat Ris' shoulder, "You are a /great/ Harper. Don't you worry about that grumpy old man. He's just a master doing some dumb report on the hall and don't get all upset about him."


Jueann enters with a handful of scrolls, hearing voices, she pauses, "Oh I'm sorry I didn't know there was anyone in here." Noting the strain faces, "Oh dear, what's wrong?"


Rislyn looks down at her lap. "But it is hard to shrug off what a Master says to you." and she wipes some water from her eyes. "I did tell the truth and i /do/ try." and she sniffles and places her hands in her lap.


Mimi has been told...more than a few things by masters. She gets used to it. "Then that's all you need to worry about. He's just a big jerk." A glance over her shoulder. Oh look. It's Jue. "Hi Jueann. Didn't see ya' there. Poirot...lost his temper a bit and said some mean things that I'm /sure/ he didn't mean," a meaningful look goes to Rislyn on the last few words.


Jueann raises an eyebrow at both girls, "Why of course you try. I expect all my harpers to do their best." But hearing Poirot's name, "Ohhh him. He's got some hidden agenda that Liesana has been very good at ferreting out for me. What did he say to you?"


Rislyn laughs quietly. "That we were not Harpers." and she continues to look down and begins to cry, she raises her hands to her face and wipes her eyes. "I know I shouldn't make so much of it, but..."


Mimi pulls a handkerchief from a pocket and shakes it once or twice to rid it of flour before handing it to Rislyn, before going into a bit more detail. "Well, he asked us how we liked the hall. We said it was nice. He asked us what we thought of Lies. We said she was nice and a good master and such and such. And he asked us what we thought of you and how you were running the hall, and we said you were doing well and he got all huffy and said we couldn't give straight answers and that we weren't Harpers." Shrug.


Jueann blinks, dropping her scrolls on a nearby table, "Well of course you are harpers. I would imagine that he wanted now substance then nice and good. But I think you did well by not giving too much information out. Harpers are to collect information and give it to their craftmaster and it's up to the craftmaster on how much is given out. You did well. And Master Poirot can stand naked in ThreadFall for all his headaches he's giving me."


Mimi beams at Jueann, "Thanks, Jue. Now, since my recipe's right...I'm going to go try it again." Paper is rolled up and stuck into her pocket before she stands up to head out the door.


Jueann smiles and nods to Mimi, "Of course." Watching the journeywoman walk out. "I wouldn't worry too much Rislyn, Master Poirot isn't long for this Hall. He's not going to be a problem much longer."


Rislyn stands up and waves to Mimi. She returns to her seat again and sighs.. "I guess so, maybe I am just making to much out of it all."


Jueann smiles, "you are young. And it's alright." Waving a hand at her face, "My is it getting hot in here?"


Rislyn nods and stands up and finds the piece of music she wanted and grabbed it. "Well, it is over now. And thank you for listening." and she looks down at the music then the floor.


Jueann smiles, "Take care Rislyn, if you have a problem, come to me or Liesana." Waving a bit of paper as a fan, Jue starts to head out, "I think I need to take some of my medicine. These hot flashes are getting to me."


Rislyn smiles. "I will, and thank you again." she turns to the table and takes a seat to study the music, fingering it out.





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