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Archive Vault
A cool dry chamber kept sealed when not being used for research, the shelves are full of volumes of every description and subject. Birth and death records, songs, even kitchen recipies from the last Pass can be found catalogued and stored here. A few sturdy worktables allow for students and masters to spread out their projects in comfort.
The scent of old books and a little bit of must pervades the room, tickling your nose with antiquity.
Watching from a high ledge is a gold firelizard.
Reeba and Liesana are here.
Obvious exits:
Main Hall and Ballroom

Liesana is stacking books on a shelf, the thumps and bumps of heavy collections of leather and paper sounding a good deal louder than they really need to, as the young Master performs an apprentice's work for the sheer purpose of letting off steam.


Jueann wanders in, looking for.... "Ohhhhh Liesana.... There you are. Letye came looking for me and told me you wanted to see me...."


Reeba puts her hide down quickly and sits down, her eyes flashing disgust as she avoids looking at the Masters. As Jueann speaks, Reeba jumps haven't heard her enter the room. "Do you need me to leave for this discussion Masters?" she asks politely.


"I did, Jue," replies Liesana, glancing up with flashing eyes and thinned lips she didn't permit Poirot to see. She points out the pile of hides lying on the table near her and without further preamble announces "Poirot has gone too far. The man has designs on the apprentice girls, my daughter and mentees among them. I have written and signed depositions for you right there. There's also one from me... He offered me your position, if I'd go along with him. Enough is enough, Jue."


Jueann blinks and blinks again as she looks for a chair to sit down, looking ill. Waving to Reeba, to stay put. "Are you sure...? Yes you're sure.... I ... I've been getting the very stilted reports from one or two others." She sighs, running a hand through her hair, reaching for the reports. "It'll take time. ...."


Reeba stands up and walks over to Master Jueann, "The master cornered me as well. I'll sign a deposition myself if that will help." What he saw in her she'll never know.


"I'd bet my Master's knot on this, Jue... In fact, from Poirot's comments to me, I think I just have." is Liesana's reply, giving Reeba a grateful nod, and passing her a sheet of hide and an inkwell. "And... I'm not sure how much time we have... You're the only one of us who can stop him, Craftmaster... and he says he's got a plan."


Jueann sighs again as she scans the reports, turning very pale. "Ohh, I can imagine... Why me? I won't have this Hall tore up. We are a bit non-traditional, but we are a quiet, respectable hall and I won't stand for it to be torn apart."


Reeba takes the sheet of hide and the ink, and settles down at a table. With her elegant script, she begins to write down the details between the incident with Master Poirot.


Jueann sighs, "I know Liesana. I know. I just hate confrontations, that's all. I'll do soon."


Liesana gives Jueann a steady, trusting look. "I know you will... We're counting on you, after all. And I'll be at your right hand if you need me," the young master assures.


Jueann sighs, taking the reports. "You must definitely be at my side when I confront him." Standing, "Is that all?"


Liesana nods slightly. "Yes, I guess that is all," she admits, settling into a seat. "We have all the evidence we need against him... the next move is yours."


Jueann sighs, "I need to read all these, and a few I got from Fort. If you'll excuse me?"


Liesana nods, and gives Jueann a little nod, already turning back to her own copies of the depositions.


Jueann taking the reports and with a sigh as she leaves, muttering to herself.





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