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The Plot:

It was a dark and stormy night...

Actually, it was a beautiful spring morning in the Istan Hall of the Harper Craft when the body was discovered. What body, you ask? Why the corpse of none other than the fastidious Harper Master Poirot, found dead in the Harper Office by Crafthead Jueann with a cut throat, an empty wineglass, and an empty medicine vial on the desk beside him, and no signs of struggle apparent.

The news spread quickly, from Master Jueann to Master Liesana, to Tutor Jellem, an unnamed journeyman and out to the rest of the Hall and Hold as Guards arrived and Healers were summoned to try and determine who had killed the Master, by all accounts universally despised. Many had motive, many opportunity. So... whodunnit?

And so the mystery began. Read over the logs, gentle reader, examine them for clues, find your own suspects and no fair skipping to the end. Remember, the murderer walked amongst us...


The Suspects:  

Harper Master Jueann, Istan Harper Hall Crafthead.

A shy sort who had the Crafthead position thrust upon her. She stood the most to lose, if Poirot took control. The empty vial of medicine found near the body belonged to her. Still, could such a retiring creature really commit murder?


Harper Master Liesana
The youngest of the Harper Masters, the so-called Heretic of Harper Hall's virulent dislike of Poirot was common knowledge. As is the fact that this legal expert both owns knives and knows how to use them. On the other hand, as Smith Hall's Harper, her alibi is nearly impeccable.


Harper Journeyman Rook
A member of the Southern Blood with a past history at Fort Hall he'd prefer not to have get out and a cavalier belief in the right of the Blood to do as they please. Could the meddling Master Poirot have known something he'd kill to keep secret?


Harper Journeyman Mimi

An unlikely suspect, admittedly, but this vivacious young dance specialist still had no love for the deceased, a great deal of loyalty to Jueann and Liesana, and is possessed of a devious mind.


Harper Journeyman Reeba

One of the 'victims' of Poirot's infamous interviews, this married lady didn't take kindly to some of his requests for 'help'. On the other hand, her husband, Harper Tutor Jellem might be the more likely suspect.


Harper Senior Apprentice Kirsyn
This young lady, while a self-acknowledged flirt, found herself over her head and decidedly upset and uncomfortable about Poirot's interviews. As the mentee of Liesana, who knows how much disregard for rules she's picked up?


Harper Apprentice Christatha
Master Jueann's protégé, this apprentice with her shy manners and beautiful golden hair caught Master Poirot's eye most strongly. Indeed, he threatened to take her back to Fort with him to Jueann. But would such a violent act occur to such a well-bred young lady?


Harper Apprentice Niara

The former fosterling of Master Liesana, Niara has been steeped in the unorthodox and unconventional since she was a girl of seven. Now a Harper Apprentice, her encounter with Master Poirot left her in tears. Could she have decided that death was the best revenge?


The Logs:






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