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Jueann Sees a Healer

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Executive Offices

The first impression is of a rather large room. Charts and graphs hang from the walls in various places. Others sport shelves that hold various scrolls needed by the staff that are too sensitive to store openly in the records room. Several desks are scattered throughout the room for working at. Off to the right is a set off area containing all the crafthead needs to run the Hall. The area affords some privacy to the crafthead if needed, but also allows for inclusion in the rest of the group. To the left is a grouping of comfortable chairs and a small table with food and drink kept supplied by apprentices. This area is good for relaxing or conducting meetings.
You see nothing here.
Jaqui is here.
Obvious exits:
Healer Great Hall


Jueann comes in fanning herself. "Jaqui, you got to help me."


Jaqui looks up from the hides before her and blinks for a moment, setting aside her writing stick and pushing back her chair. "What's up Jueann? Are you running a fever? Not feeling well?"

> Gymnasium - LvB3 Far more tame than the vexing challenges of the Danger Room, the school's Gymnasium is no less enormous. Although requiring permission to be accessed by students by themselves, classes are occasionally conducted down here under staff supervision. Some of the equipment is a bit unorthodox, but other than that it's a standard-issue gym, the floors mapped out with the designs for a basketball court (to suit the four hoops that flank every wall), although the walls are covered in hard rubber tiling. Small alterations to cater to the needs of occasionally out-of-control mutant powers. The sound of wood and metal rattling together drifts across the room from the corner, causes by the slight figure rolling around and off of the uneven bars. Jubilee's face is streaked with chalk dust and sweat rivulets, which do little to soften the grimace of determination as she grunts her way from one level to the next. She sets up for a leap fromt h lower bar to the higher, one knee hooked around the pole to give her leverage. Her fingernails scratch the target beam, but slip frustratingly to leave her hanging upside down by her knee, her arms dangling over (under?) her head. Jean is looking neat and clean and not sweaty at all, but if the loose track pants and tank top she's wearing are any indication, the twenty-something doctor doesn't intend for this to be the case for very long. Dropping a towel and a water bottle past has it not?" Jaqui grins and then gets up from where she was sitting and quietly walks over to a locked cabinet and opens it up with her key. She extracts a small brown bottle and returns to sit in front of Jueann, holding the bottle up. "This is Aconite, it is a very powerful herb, but it should help you with the hot flashes and night sweats. You just need to put one drop in your tea or other drink four times a day. Be careful to only use one drop at a time though, in large doses this herb is poisonous, much like any herb, but it doesn't take as much of this one to be deadly. Please make sure to keep it up out of the reach of littles."


Jueann frowns as she takes the bottle. "What littles? What littles? I rarely have anyone in my rooms."


Jaqui hands you Jueann's Medicine.

Jaqui grins softly, "Well just make sure you keep it out of reach anyhow, I wouldn't want someone wandering in accidentally and getting sick."


Jueann's Medicine

This is a small dark colored bottle, stamped with the Healer Craft symbol, that is closed up with a stopper carefully against spillage. Written in neat script on a bit of hide attached to the bottle are the instructions: Aconite: Use one drop in tea or another drink four times a day. Be careful to use only one drop at a time. The bottle holds about 25 mililiters (500 drops) of fluid when it is completely full.
Currently the bottle has 200 drops left in it.


Jueann sits, "Thanks you Jaqui for your help."


Jaqui smiles softly and nods, "Not a problem Jueann, you let me know if that doesn't help you enough alright? You'll need to come back in about 4 months to get the bottle refilled."


Jueann nods. "I'll do that. I'll be very careful with this." holding the vial, closely. "Thank you."


Jaqui smiles and gives a little wave, walking with Jueann to the door. "Try and rest a little bit too sometimes," the Master says, half serious, half teasing because she knows that's almost impossible.


Jueann chuckles, as she leaves.





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