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October 2002

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Main Hall and Ballroom

The ballroom's vast space is simply and tastefully decorated, combining images and materials from many parts of Pern. Opposite the main entrance, a broad balcony is supported by pillars of the finest northern marble; polished to glassy smoothness, they contrast the toning blues of the walls. A staircase of the same stone rises in sturdy flights to the upper level. The high vaulted ceiling with its round wrought-iron window is white, brightening the room, while the varnished floor is the deep red-brown of a Lemos hardwood. High on the west wall, a large 'mural' shows a map of Pern, framed by images of harper life and symbols of the Craft, while the bright 'tapestry' opposite offers an... [look closer] Watching from a bit of artistically carved lintel are seven firelizards.

You see Leyte here. Janicka, Bruan, Laviira, Quayna, Liesana, Mynd, Kirsyn, Rook, Kierna, Ylisa, Mimi, Mamo, Christatha, and Falada are here.


Mynd walks in.

Kirsyn walks in.

Jueann walks into the harper office.

Milo glides out of the harper office.

Rook strides in from the Instrument Workshop.

Kierna walks in.

Ylisa walks down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.

Mimi walks in.

Mamo walks in.

Christatha walks down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.


And down the staircase sweeps Liesana, giving a last few adjustments to the crisp white ruffle spilling from the collar of a starched, pressed, and obviously expensive blouse. Now don't faint, everyone. The casual young master is indeed in a formal skirt-and-suit number, hair bound high braided, and all in all the picture of formality as she descends to the ballroom, ignoring the waiting tables in favour of chatting with the other Harpers. "Evening, all."

Falada walks in.

Niara slips softly down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.


Bruan lingers in a corner of the room, pretending that he hadn't actually arrived early even as he watches each and every entrant with interest.  He draws a hand from its place deep within his pocket to brush lint from his new vest.


Master Poirot comes down behind Liesana to take his place at Head Table, brushing away a non-existent speck of dust off his tunic. He nods to Liesana as he takes his place. "And where is Master Jueann? I heard she isn't well? Will she be joining us?"


Quayna had been loitering for a while on the balcony, though she managed to make it done the stairs just ahead of Liesana. And a lot less obviously, too. Twiddling curls between her fingers, she just wanders round, 'hello'ing those apprentices she knows best.


Ylisa walks down the stairs and into the Ballroom, glancing as she does so around the crowd of Harpers that is assembling.  Drifting across the room, she quickly checks her dress one last time, and greets various of those she passes with a smile or a quick word.  She keeps moving; she's not ready to settle down to conversation yet.


Rook is in his usual Harper's blues and arrives amid a sea of similarly clad Journeyman (and woman).  They move together. They sit together.  They attempt to appear non-descript and attentive, despite the usual jostling and jokes.  Rook keeps up, occasionally offering a 'Goodevening', or a 'Hello' as appropriate.


Mimi chats with a pair of fellow apprentices, leaning on the edge of the senior appy table, talking with exuberant arm movements. Chatterchatterchatter. Oh look. People are beginning to arrive. She sends a wave towards Liesana then turns to float around to the next couple of people that come her way, "Oh hi, Ylisa! Don't you just love craft dinners? It's really nice to have everyone together and everything..." Mmhm. Your usual, energetic Mimi.


Falada gives little waves to those she knows on her way to the very last seat at the Senior Apprentices' tables.  No need for her to get in anyone's way now.  She keeps her head down except for greeting and keeps brushing at the formal harper blue she has donned for tonight.


Kirsyn cocks a hand, in wave-form, to her mentor, obviously stifling a laugh.  Liesana in fancy formal-wear.  Harharhar.  She, herself, is of course seated with the other apprentices, at their table.  Occasionally she'll spot one of those apprentices that she knows, and wave enthusiastically.  For the moment, though, she's drifting over Mimi- and Ylisa-wards.



Eyes of amber glimmer brightly amongst sculpted features, slightly almond in their shape, quick and lively like the mind behind them. Framed by a waist-length fall of wavy chestnut hair, her face is expressive and delicate; fine boned, but with skin tanned light olive, and a determined strength to her jaw that warns against any taking her for a useless frill. She stands five and a half feet, figure slight and long limbed but past the coltishness of youth and graced with subtle curves. Marks of a life lived to the fullest, scars of old bone breaks appear on her right leg and left arm, should clothing permit, and her hands show the marks of a career harper: slight callouses on her fingertips and the web of her right thumb, along with the faint blue-black tinges of old inkstains.

A white linen blouse with ruffles at collar and cuffs contrasts with a sharply cut vest of black velvet, while a full skirt of fine grey wool rustles quietly as she walks. **clook Liesana for more details**  A gold firelizard is perched on her shoulder.

Double cord and double loops in white and rich blue couple with a blue tassel and a binding thread of gold to denote a Master of the Harper Craft. A red ribbon interwoven further indicates that the wearer is posted to the Smith Crafthall. She is a young adult of about 27.


Janicka slowly makes her way down the stairs into the ballroom wearing her bluest outfit as many of the other harpers were. At the sight of the crowds of harpers in the ballroom, she grins happily. Yep, Jani's all ready for this one...


"Shards,"  mutters Liesana as her excessive fiddling with the ruffle only managing to disarray it further.  The youngest of the masters looks somewhat sheepish as she realizes that Poirot is within hearing range, but quickly trades that in for a look of polite and studied ease as she replies to him.  "And a good evening to you as well, Master Poirot.  Of course Jueann will be attending, and she appeared to be in perfect health when last I saw her..."  If exceedingly flustered.  But the Fortian doesn't need to know that.  Waving to friends and mentees, and smirking in particular at Kirsyn, she moves to a seat at the head table.


Ylisa abandons her progress across the Ballroom and turns to Mimi with a smile.  "Oh, heya, Mimi!  Yes, they're always good, aren't they?  Good food, good atmosphere - I always enjoy them.  So, how's life treating you?"



'Sugar 'n spice and everythin' nice' is an apt description. Nutmeg falls in silky locks to her shoulders, a few wisps falling forward to half-cover wide, mischievous blue-grey eyes. Pink-tinged cheeks dimple over a prim rosebud mouth. She finally seems to have grown into the tangle of arms and legs, a graceful touch in their movement. Her slender form is just beginning to swell and curve in the most delightful (if predictable) ways. Her voice is a sweet soprano that is developing clear and honeyed tones. She is the exact replica of her twin sister, Kirin , though most would not be able to tell any similarities between the dirt-covered tomboy and this little princess.

Niara wears a long Gather dress that reaches to her ankles, fit for both a growing girl and a young lady. Though tailored in a simple style, the dress still indulges the girl with some bells and whistles, such as a scalloped white v-neck collar, with a thin indigo ribbon tied into a bow at the dip of the v. White cap sleeves probably have been inflated or stuffed with something to maintain their current puffiness status. A cobalt bodice dips into a low princess waist, where a skirt flares out in a shower of snowy linen. While harper blue embroidery traces petalled flowers on the dress' bodice, the skirt remains unadorned, except for a pair of sashes that fall down the skirt's front from the dress' waistline.  A blue firelizard is perched on her shoulder.

A chain of interlocking silver and gold links clings loosely about Niara's neck, the inscription on the small medalion much too small to read with the naked eye.

A double cord of blue and white twists into a single loop, indicating the position of Harper Junior Apprentice. She is a teenager of about 13.


Jueann walks out of the harper office.


Christatha meanders into the room, gray-blue eyes somewhat distracted: a childlike vision in rose pink with a garland of flowers in her hair. She lurks about the edges of the gathering, not wanting to put herself forward, but attracted by the occasion - the compromise is the state of being something of a wallflower.


A bevy of drudges, under the leadership of a Leyte who's somehow managed to array herself in a spotless white serving apron, wait in the shadows under the balcony, trays and platters and pitchers of food giving off appetizing aromas as they wait for the collected harpers to take their seats.


Niara enters the room warily, her eyes flittering this way and that for familiar faces--some hopefully, some not so. A wave and wistful smile is tossed to Liesana as she makes her way to the apprentice table, setting a small bag at one of the places.


As the room begins to fill, Bruan slowly works his way to a seat, scanning the room in search of his Garish mentor.


Falada fidgets nervously in her seat, trying to be ignored and continuing to pluck at her clothes.  So many people.  Not used to all these people.  All together.  In one room.  She chews on her bottom lip and twists the ring on her finger when not plucking at her clothes, making eye contact with no one.  Another shy wallflower catches her attention and she offers a comradely smile of encouragement.


Mamo walk in from outside where he was pacing.  He is always to early for everything. He starts to walk around looking for old friends trying to make new friends. His only purpose is to be seated when the food comes from the kitchens.


Jueann enters, a bit flushed and flustered.  "Ohhh..." She comes up short, knowing she's lost track of time once more.  Blinking, she readjusts her glasses.  Turning to Liesana and then Poirot, "oh dear..." she mutters under her breathe as she makes for her seat at head table. Does she look alright?  Is her hair decent?  Any stains? She nods to the masters as she makes for her chair.


Kirsyn amiably sticks her tongue out at Liesana, before turning back to other goings-on, humming slightly, and occasionally mentioning something to another apprentice lingering near her, probably something gossip-oriented, knowing Kirsyn.  Meandering is her chief profession, right now.


After exchanging pleasantries with Ylisa,"Oh, not bad, not bad. Yourself?" Mimi begins to make her way towards a half-full senior apprentice tables, waving to its occupant, "Hi, Falada. How's it going?"


Cerran makes his way to seat at *sigh* the apprentice table.  Still an apprentice after all this time.  He sits down with a harumph, waiting for the food to arrive.


Falada jumps as someone speaks directly to her and then smiles and, with effort, drops her tense shoulders, drumming quickly on the table.


Falada taps out the basic code for, "Hi, Mimi, I'm fine, just nervous."


"Hello, Kirsyn," Quayna greets the other apprentice in passing. With a twitch of her skirts, she looks towards the tables. "Are we supposed to be seated yet, you think?"


Liesana gives Jueann a warm smile, and, under the cover of the table, passes her a spare hairpin of her own, since she's twigged to the fact that the older woman had probably been working and losing track of time again.  "Just in time,"  she murmurs to her, reaching for one of the carafes of wine already on the table.  "I think the apprentices are starting to get hungry..."  Kirsyn's stuck-out tongue is blithely ignored.  After all, it just wouldn't /do/, in her outfit, to return the favor.


Ylisa follows Mimi towards a table, murmuring amiably, "Oh, pretty good, thanks."  She claims a seat, standing behind the place she chooses but not yet sitting down, though she does greet the table's other occupant with a friendly smile.  "Hello, Falada."


Janicka wanders idly, as most were at the beginning of this great event. A nod and "'allo" is given to each familiar face, and an introduction to each unfamiliar one. Finally she comes across Ylisa, Mimi, and Falada. "Hello there." She smiles at each.


Kirsyn grins at Quayna, quickly trotting over to her fellow apprentice.  "'Lo, Quayna.  How goes it?  And, no, I don't /really/ think we're supposed to be seated, yet."  Her lip is nibbled at, impatiently.  She, of course, waits impatiently for the juicy-things.  Like, if anyone's going to have to move up in rank, or something.  Or gossip.  Though she might be vague on this.  Isn't quite sure if gossip will be included in the dinner.


Niara smiles faintly at Cerran as someone finally plops down at the apprentice table. "Are we supposed to be seated yet?" she asks hesitantly, glancing around the room.


Rook gathers gossip, and noise, and conversation, and attempts to sort out what goes where.  In the end he settles for just settling in and looking on in a not-quite idle fashion.


Falada resolves herself to the fact that she's going to have to interact and smiles at her fellow seniors in an amiable, if still nervous fashion.  At least it's not strangers talking to her.  She even pats the seat beside her in silent invitation for them to join her.  She pulls out her slate and writes on it.


Hang on... "No, I think people are sitting down..." Quayna tells Kirsyn, heading towards the apprentice table. "Wonder if we'll get many promotions...." She eyes the more senior apprentices wonderingly as she pauses behind a chair.


Bruan takes a random seat among his fellows with nary a nod nor greeting, though his nose does lift to the air as the scent of food wafts through the room.


Master Poirot bows slightly and with a slight smile, "Ahhhh Evening Master Jueann, so good to see you again. And a picture of health too. The gossips says otherwise.  Lovely as ever." 


Jueann blushes, blinking, "Uhhhh Evening Master Poirot, Liesana."  Flustered, she turns to the apprentices, blinking again.  Ohh everyone is staring at her.  Then it hits her.  "Ohh sit, sit... Everyone can't eat standing." With that, she plops into her chair with Master Poirot looking on with amusement.


Mimi waves a hand dismissively towards Falada, "Oh, nothing to be nervous about." She idly plucks at a ringlet of hair hanging down next to her cheek. When /is/ the food going to come out? A small nod to Janicka, "Evenin'." And a shrug to 'Lada, "Yeah, there are quite a few. 'S fun to have everyone around, though." Solemn nod.


Cerran glances up at the person talking to him and shrugs.  "I never know these things.  I'm usually late and everyone's already seated, so I don't know if there's an appropriate time or not."  In either case he stays seated, then nods as Jueann makes her announcement.  Good, he was right.


Janicka smiles and nods to Falada. "A /lot/ of people. So many I've never met before." She sighs. "Oh, thank you." Going over to Falada, she pulls out a seat. At Jueann's statement. "Aye, true." Is said quietly.


Mamo finishes his hellos around the room. Hearing Jueann’s announcement he looks for an empty seat at the apprentice table, grabbing the closest one to him near familiar faces. He sits down looking towards the smell of food.


Reeba strides quickly down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.


Ylisa smiles at Falada and, concluding that people seem to be getting seated, she takes her own place.  Janicka gets a grin, too, before she turns back to her table-companions.  "Well, I wonder what's in store for us tonight."  Then her gaze drifts curiously towards the Masters' table. "Have you met the new Master yet?  I've not come across him except in passing."


Christatha slides quietly into an empty seat at the apprentice table, tucking a few stray tresses behind her delicate ears and sits quietly with her hands clasped in her lap and her ankles crossed beneath her skirt in her best ladylike fashion, her eyes shyly scanning the room and taking in details. Food is the least of her concerns; the slim blonde is extremely nervous in the presence of so many other people, still not quite comfortable with her transplant from her home in the north and not naturally inclined to be easy around crowds in the first place.


Kirsyn ooh's curiously at Quayna.  "I suppose so?  Guess we'll be sitting down, then."  Kirsyn's already hefting her bag over the shoulder, and taking up a casual trot over to table.  "I wonder," is mused at the other apprentice, Kirs refraining from sitting next to a rather attractive boy, reluctantly taking her proper seat.  Le sigh.  "Are /you/ scheduled for one any time soon?" is queried of Quayna.


Liesana glances at the hairpin still in her hand, shrugs once, and then pokes it back into her braid with a careless air.  "Pour you a glass of something while I'm holding it?" she asks of the other two masters near her, and gazes out at the milling of people taking seats.  Noticing an apprentice sitting at the wrong table, she calls over a friendly "Apprentice tables are over that way, kiddo." to Janicka with a smile that reads 'Rules, you know'.  "So, Master Poirot," she asks, attempting small talk.  "How often does the Fort Hall hold these sort of banquets...?"


Niara settles herself down across from Cerran, and waits primly for further instructions. "I don't know much myself..." she admits, smiling as someone else joins the table.  "Hello!" she greets Christatha warmly.


Quayna peers curiously up at the Masters' table... and then again at the Journeymen's. "Me?" she chuckles at Kirsyn. "Hardly... not with the way I play, even after 4 Turns.... Hey, you know that song you sang at Gar? Where did you learn it?" She looks rather eager to hear the answer.


Christatha's gray-blue eyes flick to Niara, taking in the other girl's appearance, and she gives a brief, if courteous, nod. "Hello," she answers. Manners are almost automatic at this point.


In a steady stream, the parade of drudges advances across the table lines, placing baskets of hot buttered rolls and large bowls of salad greens at intervals along the table, simple carved wood for the apprentices, and varying grades of china for those of rank.  Behind them are the servers bearing pitchers of juices.



Cerran has straight brown hair that now falls to his shoulders.  He has large, dark brown eyes. His eyebrows are thin, almost transparent. Cerran's nose is small and straight, and he has high cheek bones. A fairly recent cut runs down the right side of his face, curving from the eybrow to the cheek. His skin is a very dark tan. He is a little over six feet tall, with arms and legs that are muscular.

Cerran is wearing a white tunic, cuffs embroidered with red vines. His red trousers reveal the muscular form of his legs. Over the tunic is an elegant red surcoat, and a belt with a dragon-shaped belt buckle. His feet are adorned by black shin-high wherhide boots.  Three firelizards are crowded on his shoulders.

Cerran is wearing a single-loop knot made up of two cords, one blue and one white, indicating that he is a Harper Apprentice. Woven in is a strand of green, recognizing that he is posted at Grinstead Hold. He is a teenager of about 18.



She is a slim, petite creature, barely over five feet tall. Her hair - soft gold with red highlights - falls in a wavy cascade to the middle of her back. Her large eyes are gray-blue, set in a field of smooth ivory skin only lightly dusted with freckles. She is young: her heart-shaped face has not lost its baby fat. Her childlike beauty is undeniable, although she shows shapely signs of the curvaceous lady she will eventually become, when the journey to womanhood is complete.

Rose-pink fabric swirls down about the young girl from narrow shoulders to the end of her ankle-length skirt. Delicate roses are embroidered about the gown's straps and in swirling patterns o'er the close-woven darker pink of the bodice. Her shoulders and arms are covered by the filmy material of the lighter-pink, silver-speckled scarf that she wears like a shawl. There's a garland of pink flowers in the girl's auburn-kissed yellow-golden hair, as well.  A blue firelizard is perched on her shoulder. Christatha wears the knot of a Harper Apprentice. She is a teenager of about 15.


Journeywoman Reeba enters the hall and walks through the tables as she heads towards the journeyman table.   As she walks she takes a moment here or there to acknowledge various apprentices, especially her mentees.   Upon reaching her table, she nods first to the masters at their table before sitting down and pouring herself a drink.  In a relatively quiet voice, she strikes up some small talk with the journeyman harper at her table.


Jueann fanning herself, Jueann takes a sip of wine and sighs as she waves off a meat platter.  She does take some tubers and gravy.  For some reason, meat just doesn't appeal to her tonight.  She really hates these things.  People are always staring at her.


Rook declines just about everything offered him for dinner.  He settles for picking away at a bit of this, and a touch of that, and contenting himself mostly with fruit and tidbis.  Peckish, that's the word. Birdlike, almost, in his attention to the meal.  He is too busy watching everyone else, including Jueann, yes, lets stare at her for awhile... and so he does.


Janicka grins at Liesana. "Rules, rules." Another sigh. She blushes slightly as her stomach goes into a fit of rumble. "Fooood..." At the sight of Reeba entering she smiles cheerfully, and waves.


Kirsyn ooh's.  "The Gar Concert?  Oh, that's an older song.  Traditional, or something like that.  From around Ista Hold - I just tweaked it slightly, to fit a slightly more upbeat melody.  But, in general, yes, it was from that area.  Where was yours from, again?  A tale of tragic lovers, if I do recall?" is noted with a giggle and grin, while she gratefully accepts a cup of klah from one of the drudges.  Slurp.


Drogo walks down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.


Bruan is here in body, but his mind is wandering as he automatically accepts each platter handed his way, spooning out a hearty helping onto his plate.


Master Poirot smiles as he dabs his mustache.  "Occasionally, occasionally.  I find them quite entertaining.  Take that apprentice over there.  She has an interesting habit don't you think?"  Which apprentice is he talking about?  His eyes miss nothing but they do seem to rest on one apprentice in particular.


Cerran smiles as pretty girls seem to be surrounding him at the table.  Heh, not bad, though they seem too young.  Alas, no romance tonight, but that's 'not allowed' for apprentices anyway.  Oh well, here's the food and surely this will be a night to remember.  Time to fill up the plate


Nherys walks in.


Falada shrinks out of the way of the servers as they bring the platters to the Senior App tables.  She selects small portions of this and that and barely fills her plate, no one dish touching another.  After she finishes she stares at her plate and then spoons a large helping of tubers and fruit onto her plate, pushing them together.


Quayna picks up her juice glass. "You haven't heard that one before? I thought it was traditional all over Pern....though my gramma down in South Boll told me it originally, one time when she was visiting my mother up at the Weyr." Following a drink, she starts to pick apart a bread roll, her mind not totally on her conversation with Kirsyn. But ooops, a reprimanded apprentice... She raises a hand and beckons to Janicka, pointing to the empty seat next to her.


Christatha is content for the most part to ignore the food. She was brought up not to eat like a swine in mixed company, and company rarely gets more mixed than this; however, she does take one of the hot buttered rolls and nibbles on it ... even though the somewhat distant expression on her youthful face suggests her mind is elsewhere.


Mimi heaps generous portions of just about everything onto her plates and begins to politely shovel it into her mouth. Surprising how much the stick-thin girl can eat. Fast metabolism?


Liesana's gaze follows Poirot's, as she automatically dishes herself a portion of the salad, and other appetizers.  "That one?  Yes, an interesting creature indeed.  I've spoken with her a few times only, though..." she trails off to skewer some lettuce and munch on it, glancing over in Jueann's direction to catch any cues for speaking or listening.


Kirsyn beckons Janicka over, too, before cocking her head at Quayna.  "Really?  Well, us trader-types don't tend to stay much in one place - I'm beginning to think me 'n Shim were just the odd ones out," is noted with subsequent giggle, as Kirsyn continues to toy with her braid.  "The tune did sound somewhat familiar, though," she adds.


Janicka sighs again, and gets herself to stand up. "If I must..." She says with a slight smile. "Sorry, Falada, my head's not working correctly today!" With a slight tinge of embarrassment, she goes over to her /proper/ table and settles down next to her fellow apprentices.


Mamo grabbing platters as they come by he starts to heap food on to his plate. He concentrates on the food that is in front of him keeping his eyes and ears open. But talking can come after the basics have been met.


Jueann sipping her wine, she plays with her food for a moment, lost in thought, missing all the cues around her. She smiles as a drudge refills her glass and moves on.  Then she finally catches Liesana's glance and sighs.  Reality sets in and she is recalled to her duties.  Standing, she smiles, rapping her spoon on her wine glass.  Attention please.. Attention..."


Niara tries to follow the ebb and flow of the conversation swirling around her, finally settling for concentrating on the food in front of her instead. Smiling in welcome at Janicka, she pulls apart a roll, stuffing several pieces in her mouth,


Reeba tries to listen to all the small talk and even some craft discussions at her table but her mind is truly elsewhere.  Sighing, she does her best to appear interested while she is in fact lost in thought.   At the sound of her name, she looks and says "Oh sorry, what was that?" to the one asking her a question about diplomacy.


Falada sets down the empty fork she's been chewing on and chews on her lip instead, watching the head table now with wide eyes, returning to plucking at her clothes nervously.


Quayna shrugs one shoulder at Kirsyn. "It was more the tale than anything... I just borrowed bits from everywhere else to play on the gitar to spice it up a bit. I'll never be a good gitar player..." She sounds more stoical than distressed by this, twirling her fork round in the salad before tasting some.


Ylisa mouths a silent "Aww!" as Janicka is sent to another table. She helps herself to a roll and various other things as the food is passed round, smiling slightly as a favorite salad appears, then sits up a little straighter as Jueann makes a bid for attention.


Kirsyn bonds with Quayna.  "Oh, yes, 'm /terrible/ at gitar."  Well, maybe 'terrible' is a _slight_ exaggeration, but she'll never have a true mastery of the instrument.  "I just wanted to teach children, you see," she explains, fingers continuing to play with untying, and retying the leather cord that holds her braid in.  Jani's given a quick smile, too, before she swivels about to wait for Quayna's answer.


Bruan's attention is pulled back to the event at hand by the sound of metal striking glass.  He glances up, randomly stuffing his mouth.


Liesana stops in mid-munch of one of the rolls, swallows, and then sets about to looking far more attentive than she ever does usually, in a bid to relay the message to anyone watching her.  She rests one elbow on the table, her chin on that hand, and turns to face the Crafthead.


"Me too!" Quayna responds to Kirsyn before catching onto Jueann's summons to attention. Ooops. Putting her fork down,  she's all ears for the Master.


Niara drops the roll and runs her fingers over a napkin in her lap before turning toward the head table.


Cerran focuses on eating.  After all, that's why he comes to these things since promotion seems no where in sight.  He sips some juice just enough to moisten his mouth and allow the food to go down, idly listening to the chatter.  His eye catches that Master Poirot that gave him those weird feelings the other night.  He decides maybe this will be an interesting evening after all.  He turns in his seat to face Master Jueann, though still munching on a roll.


Kirsyn nods.  Oops, much like Quayna.  Must listen to the Master, now, of course, quietly letting her eyes slip over to watch and wait.


Nherys stops mid-glup of…something -- she wasn't really paying that much attention, anyway -- and perks up, eyes focusing on Jueann.  Ahh, now for the fun.. And hey...she can just...keep...eating.  Right?  Right.


Mamo takes a sip of juice and finishes off a roll. He turns his attention to the head table to staring at Jueann.


Jueann waits for the silence, then she smiles, "I would like to thank you all for coming.  I would like to introduce to you the newest master among us, He comes highly recommended by Master Harper Oriana:  Master Poirot." She nods and bows slightly to the small and fastidious man next to her. "Also, I understand Liesana has some announcements and promotions to do tonight.  Liesana?"


Drogo twitches in his seat, trying to find the most comfortable position. He mumbles to himself and then hears Jueann begin, before realizing he was sitting on a roll.


Janicka gives small waves and murmurs of greeting to all appies sitting near her. Just in the nick of time, though, she manages to turn and listen to Jueann.


Falada suddenly looks quite ill, all the color draining from her face as she swallows hard.  She rubs sweaty palms on her skirt.


Master Poirot dabs his mustache with his napkin, rising only slightly to bow to all but his eyes rest on a beautiful golden haired apprentice before sitting back down.


Kirsyn grins broadly, and waggles a couple of fingers at Master Poirot, and refrains from making a slight whistle.  Well.  It's instinct, after all, when any male's coming up or being mentioned ceremoniously.  Her skirts are arranged, though, as she lets quiet descend about her person again.


Reeba smiles as her ears pick up on the word "promotion" before noting that the new Master.  Turning her attention back to Master Liesana, she waits and watches the apprentices...loving to see them squirm with excitement.


Bruan hardly squirms, though he pauses mid-mouthful long enough to lift his brows in interest.


Drogo isn't 'squirming with excitement' since he's pretty dead set on the fact that he /isn't/ getting promoted tonight. He pulls the roll from under his bottom placing it on the table motioning to the other's around. Someone should eat it.


Ylisa takes a sip of water, but her attention isn't on the meal: she's all curiosity.  Paying attention to Liesana doesn't stop her darting a speculative glance towards the other apprentice tables; she's making a small wager with herself as to who's next to go  up to Senior App.


Liesana smiles, lifts her wineglass towards Jueann, and then rises with a graceful rustle from her seat, leaving her wineglass in front of her.  "Thank you, Jueann," she replies with a calmly carrying voice, letting nothing slip of how odd it is for a Crafthead to delegate the majority of such ceremonies to a very junior master.  "And news I have indeed.  Master Jueann has mentioned our visiting Master Poirot, but I have another, more permanent introduction to make.  If you'll all turn your eyes to the Journeyman's Table, may I introduce Journeyman Rook, also of the Fort Hall but now a member of the scenery here in Ista..."  She claps to initiate a round of applause, before moving on with her next piece of news.


Quayna is quite happy to applaud the younger journeyman, although she gives Kirsyn a sideways look for the other apprentice's appreciation of the Master.


Drogo manages a smile towards Journeyman Rook, nodding as a welcome.


Rook stands, as he should, nodding in half-shy, half-charming sort of way to show he cares.  He says nothing, there's nothing to say.  He has been Introduced.  he sits back down and tries not to look to conspicuous.


Falada's cheeks pinken as she looks at Rook, but she applauds softly and shortly along with everyone else.



Long and loose-limbed, this young man's sparse frame stretches tall into his natural arrogance and buoyant, boyish charm; he wears indolence as his right, mystery as his choice, and a certain burning intelligence as a cynical, wolfish smile.  With a new-born raven's bright blue eyes and a rakish cap of hair as sleek as crow's black, Rook almost manages handsome.  But this Blood's features are narrow, his skin is pale, and there is an almost feminine fragility to his lanky and delicate form.  A touch of accent marks him Southern; manners mark him wealthy, indulged, and ignorant of hardship.

Harper blue commands his outfit today, conducting itself in elegant melodies from the high square cut of his collar to the embroidered edges of jagged, twice-hemmed cuffs.  All the accents are black and unobtrusive, as are his night-dark pants and the glossy boots they tuck into. Rook's knot is Fort-braided and indicates his position as a Harper Journeyman. He is a teenager of about 19.


Kirsyn isn't really /appreciating/ anyone, it's just instinct.  If a name sounds guy-ish, she's prone to want to whistle.  And...she has, shockingly enough, let that instinct take over occasionally.  When it was a much-older man (think sixty) being presented.  Eee.  But she's reforming, so that's always a plus.  Her ears are cocked as Liesana continues, and hands are dutifully clapped for the Journeyman.


Jueann sits back down, flustered by that brief speech, twirling the wine in her glass as she listens to Liesana, ignoring the new master and missing the calculating glance he gives her, playing with his little mustache.


Having noticed him when she sat down, Reeba still has had a little time to introduce herself to the young journeyman at her table.  Simply nodding and smiling a greeting, Reeba turns her attention back to her mentor to hear the next item on the agenda.


Christatha applauds politely, with the graceful soft fingers-against-palms that is rather quiet but still indicates appreciation that was trained into her by an extremely courtesy-obsessive mother.


Mamo quietly gets up out of his chair using Rook standing up as a shield for him leaving in the noise of a harper dinner.


Bruan would applaud, but that would require putting down his fork, and that would never do.  He simply smiles around a mouthful, nodding vacantly.


Ylisa takes a good look at both Poirot and Rook, as Liesana's given her a good excuse, and applauds politely but briefly, then takes another sip of her drink while she waits for something else to happen.


"Thank you," notes Liesana after a suitable space of time.  "And I encourage all of you apprentices to pester /him/ for classes, and not me."  She winks exaggeratedly, and then carries on.  "But now, on to other news.  Journeyman Kryz is now currently working on a series of landscape paintings, and would greatly appreciate it if apprentices would stretch their own canvas, instead of stealing /his/,"  she reads from a small piece of hide, grinning to herself as she recalls the frantic whine the original words were accompanied by.  "Journeyman Jeranium would like to remind all Junior Orchestra members that cleaning their instruments is an excellent thing, but the resulting puddles of saliva shouldn't be left where he can slip in them.  And...  Apprentices Ceselle and Corak would do well to remember that the balcony hallway echoes, and that there are many rankers awake in the midnight hours."  And again she silences.

Cerran applauds with one hand against a thigh, as the other hand is busy with food.  He makes a point to notice the new J-man, then gets back to his food.


Quayna covers her mouth with her hand to avoid snickering at Liesana's last pronouncement.


Bruan laughs, glancing about the table, though he wouldn't recognize either apprentice were he to see them.  In his meanderings, he notes a familiar form among the Journeymen and his smile brightens.


Kirsyn stifles her own series of laughs, eyes dancing as she aims another drink of klah for her mouth...and misses.  Eek.  But the excess is caught by a greedy firelizard maw (FroooodoBreeches', to be precise), so she isn't all that worried.


Niara looks down in chagrin as she remembers various scraps of canvas accumulated lately in an attempt to discover any talent in that arena.


Reeba hides her face with a hand and chuckles.   Whispering to her neighbor, she chuckles "Ceselle and Corak are going to get themselves in a whole heap of trouble some day.  Not the brightest harpers we've ever had...that's for sure!"


Falada can't help a silent giggle, ducking her head to cover the resulting grin at the announcements of said apprentices' exploits.


Ylisa can't resist a grin at Liesana's pronouncements, though Journeyman Jeranium's plaint provokes a wrinkle of the nose and a rather wry expression.  And as for the miscreants in the hallway... "I'm just surprised no-one's caught those two sliding on this floor yet," she murmurs.


Liesana looks sneakily pleased with herself as she lets her gaze settle on two rather guilty-looking apprentices, who've just rather sheepishly let go of each other's hands, and moved a good foot farther apart.  "Are there any announcements from the floor?"  she asks at last, letting her eyes glances over the assemblage as a whole.


Radel, who'd been running as fast as his legs could carry him by the looks of his heaving chest, tries to nonchalantly merge in with the walking path of one of the drudges entering the room to refill wine glasses. Walking behind the woman, close enough to almost touch her, he mirrors her movements until he reaches the first open space among the apprentice benches and slips into the opening. As soon as he's sitting he looks around to Liesana, all open eyes and eager attention, as if he'd been there right from the beginning...


Rook drifts along with the happenings at the dinner, making no announcements, pronouncements, denouncements or laments of any kind.  He sits. He nibbles.  He attempts to distinguish one apprentice from another.  Occasionally he leans into those Journeyman nearest him and whispers a question or two.


Bruan looks down in shock as his fork clatters against an empty plate.  He shuffles together the minor scraps into a pile and bends to scoop them to his mouth.  Almost sixteen turns among the Harpers and still he hasn't learned manners.


Kirsyn doesn't have any announcements, of course.  What would she say, after all?  'I'd like to propose a lifting of the apprentice restrictions' would be very Kirsyn-ish, but it isn't going to happen at this moment.  So she merely pays attention.


Liesana lifts an eyebrow in amusement, and takes a quick sip of her wine, before lowering it again and smoothing out her skirt.  "A room full of Harpers, and no-one has anything to say?"  she asks with a quick grin.  "This /must/ be a record-worthy occasion.  But very well then, I think everyone's been waiting on tenterhooks long enough.  Let's move on to the part of the dinner everyone's been waiting for.  Promotions!"


Nherys mutters faintly as she manages to clean her plate, attention now focusing on the people around her, rather than the food in front of her.. Ooh.  Promotions. 


Master Poirot turns his attention from the cute apprentice and back to Master Jueann.  His eyes take in everything around him, including the fact that Jueann is flushed and lost in her own little world. Sipping his wine, he ponders.


Falada drops her fork with a clatter.  She doesn't even remember having picked it up.  A tuber goes skidding across the floor and her face turns as red as her skirt.


Bruan allows his fork to come to rest on his plate and leans back in his seat, folding his hands across a sated stomach.


"/I/ was waiting for the main course," Quayna can be heard to mutter facetiously to Janicka and Kirsyn, the apprentices nearest her... but she still watches Liesana with an expectant grin.

Janicka finishes off the food she'd been eating slowly, and had caused her to be oblivious to all for some time. At Liesana's announcement, she cheers quietly. Yay! The best part. Watching her appy friends become journeyman...


Ok, fire lizards are all good and well and sometimes even useful to have around. But Radel discovers today that they can be a downright bother at times. Popping in from between right over his head, just seconds after he's slipped into his seat, Twilight all but destroys whatever chance the poor, little apprentice had of sneaking in late unnoticed as he loudly scolds his human-pet for rushing out so suddenly, without even telling him where he was going.


Jellem walks with a somber look down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.


Ylisa doesn't notice Radel's surreptitious entrance, but a movement catches her eye when his firelizard makes an appearance.  She knows that blue ... and watches it suspiciously for a few moments before Liesana's words claim her attention.


Ooh, gossip-fodder.  Kirsyn's all ears, now, of course, nodding faintly to Quayna, eyes focused on Liesana as she continues in the unconscious braiding and re-braiding of her hair.  Her firelizards aren't too happy about it, though, having to now hop from shoulder-to-shoulder.


Thinking of walking the tables, Reeba smiles and wonders who the masters deem worthy for such an honor.  However, she thoughts switch over to other happy thoughts as notes her mate entering the room.  Raising her hand slightly, she waves to get his attention.


Cerran sips his klah and idly chews one last meatroll.  Yummm.... when's dessert?  He shrugs and yawns at the idea of promotions.  Sure, at one time he'd be on pins and needles, hoping that it were himself being promoted, but he's been through this so many times before it's a sure bet that once again he won't be promoted.  He snickers a bit as he sees the flit appear over that one boy's head.  His own Harpee hisses in admonishment, and Cerran offers it a piece of meat to quiet him down.


Jellem slips in silently and moves to an empty spot at one of the apprentice tables, silent and unnoticed.. yup.. no one notices that he's late.. nope.. not a one


Oh, but Quayna, promotions are /so/ much more fun when there's the off-chance of someone fainting from terror and hunger combined.  Liesana surveys the crowd and lets them fidget themselves into stillness, before abandoning her position at the table, smiling slightly at Poirot as she cheerfully abandons protocol.  "Promotions indeed.  Our first promotion of the evening is one of a great degree of personal interest to me.  I've known this girl almost since she could toddle, and I can assure you that she was an absolute /terror/."  A pause.  "However, she seems to have kept the /rest/ of you in the dark about her true nature.  Junior Apprentice Niara, front and center!"  she orders, drawing to a halt in the middle of the tables.


Niara blinks as her presence is commanded forth, staggering to her feet with wide eyes. Scurrying obediently forward, she stops just short of her fostermother.


Janicka smiles in excitement as Lies begins promotions. Her stomach flops up and down in a manner that seems like: "Ooh, ooh, ooh. Who's it now?" She grins at Niara as the promoter comes up to her.


Bruan doesn't have a fork in his hand anymore, so it would probably be a good thing to applaud, yes?  He tries to catch Nherys' eye, instead.


Kirsyn gleams, clapping her hands quickly, as she waits for Liesana to perform the honors, or whatever it is that is done at occasions such as these.


Quayna clatters her spoon against her plate in lieu of applause - her other hand is currently holding her juice so she can drink.


Radel, with his usual speed of hand, smoothly grabs his flit out of the air above his head and pulls it down into his lap. With the superb timing of frequent practice he stuff a meat roll filched from his neighbors plate into the little blue's maw, getting an initially indignant (and slightly choked) squawk that turns quickly into a pleased hum. As soon as the little blue is quiet Radel starts to applaud for the new apprentice, a lot louder than absolutely necessary considering he doesn't know the girl from a wild fire lizard.


Falada can't help applauding for Niara, and loudly.  She digs in her shoulderbag under her seat for a moment, then passes down the table a rumpled and old pencil sketch of a precocious-looking youngster recognizable as a five-turn-old Niara, sharing proof of her time as toddling terror.


Rook applauds with apparent delight, "Niara? Well done, well done indeed."  Not that he knows the lass from a wild fire lizard either, or any other kind, but he will make merry with the rest.  IT is /expected/.  It is amusing.


Nherys just happens to be looking in the right direction as Bruan attempts to catch her attention -- or maybe it's just that after turns of working together, she can pick up on these things.  Either way, she raises an eyebrow and tilts her head, keeping just enough attention on the other goings-on to know when to smile and clap.


Smiling broadly at both the junior apprentice as well as at her foster mom, Reeba grins and then winks at the two harper females.   Chuckling, she claps for the newest apprentice.


Liesana eyes Niara for a very long moment, face wonderfully stern, although her foster-daughter and most of the rest of the Craft can probably guess that it's all for show.  Still, she looks her over once more, as she reaches into an inner pocket of the black velvet vest she's wearing, and produces a neat and shiny new knot, dangling it above the young girl for a moment, as if considering.  "Junior Apprentice Niara, you have proven yourself responsible enough to be admitted as full member of our Craft.  Take this knot and wear it with pride, /Apprentice/ Niara."


Ylisa smiles and claps as Niara is called forward, then murmurs to her neighbour, "Well, she's certainly been here longer than I have!"  Catching sight of the sketch, she adds, "Oh, nice one, Falada!"


Niara lets her mouth fall open for just the barest hint of a moment as Liesana dangles the knot before her. But good manners (knocked into her by same person) take over and she smiles, shining eyes turning upward, careful control slipping momentarily as she reaches forward for an impulsive hug. Niara murmurs "thank you" as she steps back and holds out a hand for the proffered knot. Finally. A full, official member of the Craft.


Bruan smiles at the woman he still considers his mentor, though he does applaud absently when the room bursts into sound around him.  His brows lift in question, a hopeful attempt at letting her know he'd like to talk to her later.  Of course, looks can always be misinterpreted.


Janicka claps loudly for Niara. "Nice going, Niara!" She stops clapping as she discovers her voice hoarse so that she may drink from her small glass of juice.


Jueann smiles and nods to Niara. "Congratulation Niara. Next step is Journeyman." raises her glass in salute, taking a sip, then waves for a drudge to refill it.


Kirsyn claps wildly.  Even if Niara isn't her best friend, or any such thing, Kirsyn is still overflowing with joy for the new official apprentice.  Because...it's what she does.  And there are /so/ many men in the room, too, or so she's sure.  So, joy can afford to be spread about.


Cerran leans back, settling in for a comfy evening of watching.  He idly claps for Niara.


Falada blushes at the praise now that she's over her relative outburst.  She pushes her bag back under her seat with her foot and folds her hands in her lap.


Nherys purses her lips, also clapping on cue...her eyes wander to the nearest timecandle, which she eyes for a moment.. then returns her gaze to her mentee.  Two fingers are held up, and then she point back to the candle, head tilted in question.  She understood -- now will he?


Jellem claps when he's supposed to but generally just stays silent and to himself in the back of the room, not often looking toward the jman or master tables


Liesana's facade crumbles immediately, and she takes her daughter in a warm hug, crumpling both sets of formal clothing, before stepping back and taking a good long look.  "Congratulations... knew you'd stick it out," she murmurs, before once again fiddling with her ruffle and stepping back, heading over towards the front of the room again, but not quite returning to her seat.  "Congratulations, Niara." she says aloud.  "And now, Journeywoman Reeba, would you like to take our next promotion?"


Niara would scamper back to her seat, but that's not dignified, now is it?  So she opts for a robust walk. Slipping in her seat, she gazes around the table with shining eyes before reaching to remove her now obsolete knot.


Radel is about to lean over to his neighbor to ask a question when Twilight finishes his bite of meatroll and squawks loudly, demanding another piece. It seems the blue is just /not/ going to let poor Radel fade into the background quietly and unnoticed. Quickly the boy stuffs another bite of the purloined meatroll into the firelizards greedy maw, glaring down at it.


Janicka smiles a bit, and turns to her mentor. Who would her mentor promote? Hhmmm... She turns back to Niara. "Congratulations, Niara."


Bruan looks at the goings on to the fore of the room, then the timecandle, then back at Nherys.  He nods, then indicates the both of them with a quick gesture of a pointed finger.  He pauses for a moment, trying to think of an appropriate signal, then makes waves of his hand before cocking a thumb towards the door.


Reeba takes a sip of her drink before slowly standing.  "Aye Master Liesana, indeed I would."  Walking away from her table, she slowly begins to walk through the throngs of apprentices seated reasonably still for a promotion ceremony.  She eyes a few and watches their faces looking for one particular young man.   "Hmm, where is, Okay." she says as she finally sees her target.  Standing before the apprentice, she looks down and frowns, "Cerran, please stand."


Kirsyn fidgets slightly in her seat, still grinning like a force-fed wherry, and peering about.  "Ooh!  Another!"  Her hands continue to clap madly, as the promotions continue.


Rook is there, still, and will be for the rest of the evening, cheerfully anonymous again in the mix of Journeyman and recent promotions.  Perhaps, after awhile, he slips away.


Janicka nods and smiles at Cerran, doubting he noticed them, but still feeling she should. "Oh, good, another one!"


Falada applauds for Cerran, but seems to have remembered her plate of food.  She nibbles at a roll dipped in the various juices mingling on her plate, slipping bits of this and that to the well-mannered flits around her feet.


Cerran looks up at Reeba, totally in shock.  After all these turns, all the banquets... could it finally be happening?  In all his excitement, he just sits there, staring up at Reeba.


Quayna manages to clap properly and approvingly for Cerran, as Reeba arrives at their table to take him away.


Radel claps loudly for Cerran also, a grateful expression passing fleetingly over his face for the fortune of having the promotions nicely timed over his flit's outbursts. Maybe, just maybe, no one will notice him yet. Riiiight...


Looking after the apprentices with a steely countenance, she quiets down the apprentices.  Then, looking at the seated Cerran, a frown deepens as she looks into his eyes.   "Sometimes, we find apprentices that have a knack that beckons them to be demoted.  I'm afraid, baking brownies is one such knack, eh Apprentice Cerran?" Reeba says in a stern voice. 


Liesana is leaning casually against one of the pillars of the balcony, a purloined drink in her hand, her attention on Cerran and Reeba (A former mentee of hers, after all,) and a little smile playing over her face. 


Nherys nods, flashing a reassuring (and understanding) smile, accompanied by the oh-so-universal thumbs-up.  And then her hands are occupied again, both with clapping and as enterprising drudges unobtrusively replace platters and bowls on the tables.  More food, hurrah!


Kirsyn cocks an eyebrow, stifling her own little laugh, trilling something about promotions to the NPC apprentice-type sitting somewhere near her, before crossing her legs and directing her attention stage-wards again.


That little quip breaks through Cerran's mind, and he stands laughing rather loudly.  He shakes his head, sending a knowing wink over Liesana's way.  "Aye, that it is.  Baking brownies is a great skill to have as an apprentice."


Bruan smirks behind a hand as he watches Cerran and Reeba, keeping a careful eye, however, on Nherys.  He catches her gesture and replies with his own thumbs up, then turns his full attention towards his table.


Radel takes advantage of the fact that his neighbors are concentration on the promotions to lift yet another meatroll of a nearby plate, stuffing the whole thing into his mouth at one go. Nimble hands on the boy, hands that don't seem to get the most honest of uses all the time by the looks of it...


Fanning herself, (News flash!  Jueann is having a hot flash!) the poor master blows out her cheeks, wishing this was over with. 


Reeba says, "Of course, some apprentices do learn from their mistakes and work very hard to turn their behavior around and become respectable harpers.  Isn't that also true?"  Reeba says with her frown slowly turning upside down into a grin.   While the brownies will forever be engraved in her mind, as surely as the bathroom which she lived in after eating them, Reeba has come to accept that Cerran has indeed deserved to walk.  Not waiting for his response, she continues "You've worked hard and learned to act like a harper, it's about time you also have the rank that you so deserve.   Stand now and be recognized as the craft's newest Senior Apprentice."  Handing him his knot, she holds out her arm to escort him to his new seat at the Senior Apprentice table."


Radel grins hugely at the new plates of food, looking rather relieved. Probably due to the fact that he can stop 'borrowing' food from his neighbor. Happily he stops clapping and start eating the new course set in front of him, although he still keeps his eyes roving around the room...


Ylisa laughs at Reeba's teasing, not for a moment taking it seriously, then claps enthusiastically as Cerran is promoted.  "Well done, Cerran! You made it!"  She murmurs to her neighbors, "I'm so glad he got it, after all the work he's put in on the concert at Gar."  Then she takes the opportunity while the applause is dying down a bit to make inroads into her dinner, helping herself from dishes which seems to have appeared while her attention was elsewhere.


Cerran accepts his new /Senior Apprentice/ knot with a grin, though he's still not sure if this is just a dream.  He discards the old knot with a triumphant flourish, glad to finally be rid of it.  Now, just another few Turns and he'll be a Journeyman!


Kirsyn continues with her clapping fetish-like behavior (or so it would seem, she's doing it so much), but her hands are only getting a slightly red tinge, at this point.  Clap, clap.


Bruan sighs.  Alas, the excitement and gossip fodder of a demotion is not in the cards.  Ha!  He grins and applauds as expected, happy for his fellow Harper.


"Well done, Cerran," calls Liesana from her pillar, in lieu of clapping because she's still holding that glass of wine.  "Well done, and this is /not/ an excuse to take your pranks to a higher level!" she teases, before prowling the tables again.  Brinleah and Everest are given their new knots, and she initiates rounds of applause for each, before holding up one final senior apprentice knot.  "Hmm... one of these left...  Who else..."  She eyes the apprentice table, and angles towards it with the air of a predator on the hunt.  Heeeeeeere, little apprentices!


Master Poirot leans over and beckons Leyte over to him and whispers something to her, looking at the craftmaster for a moment then back to the head drudge.  Leyte says something back to the Fort master.  Hmmm.......


Niara watches the goings on with a self-satisfied smile, absent-mindedly stroking her own, freshly-acquired decoration.  When not clapping, of course.


Reeba grins and whispers "Well done Cerran" before heading back to her table.


Quayna looks down the length of the apprentice table expectantly. Who... who... Glancing back towards Liesana, she gives a little shrug and picks up her glass again - certain that at least it's not her.


Falada has relaxed considerably since entering the room and is now finally making headway on her plate of food between applause, with a happy and well-fed trio of fire lizards beneath her on the floor.  She flashes her slate at the newly appointed seniors with a large CONGRATULATIONS! on it.


Kirsyn shrinks somewhat into the seat of her chair, unconsciously.  Of course, splinters are getting caught in her dress.  Instinctively, the little Harper does not like standing up in front of people.  She's fairly sure that she won't get called, anyway.  She's safe.  Hopefully.


Cerran takes his place with the Senior Apprentices, glad to have finally caught up with all of his old friends, though he'll still keep in touch with the newer friends he has made in the younger apprentices.  Now it's his turn to watch the little appies squirm.


"Kirsyn!!"  Liesana sounds horrified about something, after having leaned in to hear a 'report' from another of the drudges, who's gone and taken her wineglass from her.  "Kirsyn, I can /not/ believe what I'm hearing.  Take off that knot on your shoulder /right/ now, young lady.  I don't want to see such a thing attached to /you/."


Quayna glances worriedly at the apprentice sitting next to her - just in case, you know. "D'you think she didn't like that song, Kirsyn?" she half-teases the girl very very quietly.


Radel huhs as he sees Liesana playfully offer up the knot and decides to join in the fun. Quickly swallowing his latest bite of food. Catching sight of Kirsyn shrinking in on herself he raises his hand and loudly proclaims,” If she doesn't want it I'll take it!" Sounds convincing enough, although his wide smile marks the comment as an obvious joke.


As the drudges come to remove some of the dishes at her table, one of them leans over and whispers something in Reeba's ear.  One puzzled expression later, Reeba quietly leaves her table and exits the hall.  She'll have to ask forgiveness from the masters later but some things can't wait.


Bruan scoots to make room for the newly promoted.


Kirsyn is /not/ safe, apparently.  Gulp.  And, of course, she takes this all very, /very/ seriously.  It's in her nature.  "Umm.  I don't know?" is whispered hurriedly to Quayna, as she stumbles to her feet, hastily yanking the thing off.  She isn't in /trouble/, is she?  "What should I do with it?" is asked.  Excuse her.  With a nervous Kirsyn, things take a while to sink in.  Cough.


Jueann blinks and comes out of herself and looks around.  Promotions.  Ahhhh yes... She really should pay attention to what's going on around her.


Liesana shakes her head very slowly indeed, as if measuring Kirsyn in some mental balance, and finding her... wanting?  Not wanting?  "You can take it off your shoulder," she enunciates slowly.  "And give it to me."  An empty hand is extended towards her mentee expectantly.  The spare senior apprentice knot is quite out of view, tucked behind her back.


Kirsyn nervously scrambles up towards the Master, clutching her apprentice knot close, before...her steps have brought her /up/ there, braid still swinging pendulum-like behind her back.  "Here you go, Lies?"  It's held out willingly for the Master to take, so maybe she /is/ starting to gain an inkling.


Quayna tilts back her chair so she can watch Kirsyn properly; flickers of a smile come and go as she waits for the outcome.


"/Master/ Liesana," corrects Liesana in a whispered undertone.  Full voice, she notes with a smile "Trade you,", as she pulls her other hand out form behind her back.  "Kirsyn, your tendencies for male-watching have been noticeably restrained as of late.  You've attended and learned from your classes, and, by helping your mentor with her posted duties, have proven yourself capable of handling increased responsibility.  So, it's with no regrets and much pride that I congratulate you, /Senior/ Apprentice Kirsyn.  Everyone, please congratulate the last of our new senior apprentices."  she asks, as she smiles proudly at her mentee, and then lets her gaze sweep to the Senior Apprentice table.  Consideringly.


Radel bends his head down to continue eating as his comment is ignored by most. He does, however, keep his eyes glued on the uncharacteristically shy Harper apprentice. Here he was, thinking all Harpers liked attention...


Bruan applauds as is appropriate, smiling welcome to the final addition to their table for the evening.


"Congratulations!" Quayna sings out, letting her chair thud back onto four legs instead of two. Success for Kirsyn.


Kirsyn flutters.  "Oh.  Oh!  Why...why thank you, /Master/ Liesana."  Pausing to scrutinize the Senior Apprentice table herself (although most likely for different reasons), she manages to insert one slight bit of her humor.  "I do try, Lies," is whispered quickly, as she snatches her new knot, and makes her way down to the new table.  A wave's spared for those she knows, too.


Cerran applauds for the fellow newly-promoted apprentice and makes room for her.


Ylisa grins delightedly at Liesana's teasing of Kirsyn, then applauds loudly and happily once the promotion is accomplished.  "Congrats, Kirsyn!"


Falada waves her congratulatory slate one more time, this time to Kirsyn, then once more folds her hands in her lap.  About half of the meager portions on her plate have disappeared and she now appears to be finished.


Radel applaudes with everyone else, then, at the slightest lull in the celebration, goes back to eating his food.


Kirsyn sits herself down quickly at the Senior Apprentice table, next to Cerran, and finishes up her waving-and-beaming at those who have congratulated her.  A sigh of relief slips out, though.  Now she /is/ safe.  Nothing else can happen to her, today.  Sigh of contentment.


Liesana smiles slightly and follows Kirsyn's progress with her eyes, and after that, with her feet.  She looks over the table consideringly, asking of them "So, who here do you think is ready for promotion to Journeyman?"  From the senior apprentices, she looks to the room at large.  "Any thoughts?  Any senior apprentices sitting here that deserve to walk the tables?  That have overcome challenges, proved themselves responsible and worthy of the trust, not just of Harper Hall, but of Pern itself?"


Bruan crosses his feet out before him, slouching in his chair as he regards the faces at the table around him.  Too many he doesn't know, though it doesn't seem to phase him much.


Falada tries once more to become invisible.  Uh oh, they're at /her/ table now.  Invisibility is difficult when wearing red, however, so she merely succeeds in scrunching up.


Cerran thinks about raising his hand, but decides not to push his luck.


Ylisa glances round her table, silently trying to think whom Liesana might have in mind.  If her glance happens to rest a little longer on this one, or that one, it's not that noticeable. 


Kirsyn is squirming in her chair - getting used to the feel of it, or something like that - that will probably be the answer if she's queried closely.  Waiting.


"What?  No suggestions again?"  asks Liesana, cracking a smile again.  "Honestly, we /are/ an awfully quiet group today.  Well, in a way that's fitting, now that I think of it."  she allows, a propos of something.  "Since we have /two/ people we feel meet the criteria for a journeyman harper tonight.  One of them has been called away, but our other one is sitting here being very quiet indeed.  To your feet, Falada,"  she orders, but a bit more kindly, starting up the formal chant herself, as she grins at her mentee, the third one this evening to receive a promotion.  "Walk, Falada, walk..."


Bruan grins his approval at the choice, softly applauding Falada's promotion.


Falada looks up and stares at her mentor, her heart racing and her breath coming so fast as to threaten hyperventilation.  She makes a shaky start to rise to her feet, alternating between a grin and something akin to terror.  She eventually gets to her feet, standing in front of Liesana, her grin overpowering her nervousness and staying firmly in place.


Radel openly stares at Falada now, from time to time looking aver at Kirsyn. What is up with all these ultra shy Harper women? he seems to ask himself as his expression becomes one of mild confusion...


Ylisa joins in the chant as it starts to spread round the room, and adds a rhythmic clap to the traditional words, smiling at Falada all the while.  "Walk, Falada, walk...."


Apprentice chirps appreciatively, perched neatly upon the railing to the twisting staircase.


Jueann smiles slightly as she nods to Falada as she's promoted to journeyman.


Niara hops to her feet as Falada is chosen for this next step, clapping loudly as her favorite sketch-artist walks the tables.  "Walk, Falada, Walk..."


"Breathe," Liesana murmurs with a smile, taking Falada's arm to offer support as much as attend to tradition as she escorts her to one of the two empty seats at the Journeyman's Table.  "Walk, Falada, Walk.  Walk, Falada, Walk,"  she continues, until they're in the proper place for her to procure another knot from the opposite pocket inside her vest, only now giving her little speech in a proper tone for the room to hear.  "Falada, you have faced challenges that few Harpers have to deal with.  How can one left voiceless manage to succeed in a craft noted for vocal abilities?  I believe we have our answer now... with a lot of hard work, and a willingness to find ways around the problems you were faced with, unorthodox as required.  Falada, take this knot and wear it with pride, knowing that though you are silent, you are not unheard."


Kirsyn grins broadly at Falada, but she staves off the impulse to clap, for now, merely whispering along with the others, and clasping her hands tightly together as she waits.  As she's promoted, full-out clapping from her corner commences.


Cerran can't help but wipe a tear at Falada's triumphant story.  He coughs and looks around, hoping no one saw that.  He joins in the chanting and clapping, grinning broadly.


Radel's forms a little 'o' of understanding now, as he hears of the young woman's impediment. His looks to Falada change from confusion to open admiration and he jumps into the clapping as soon as Liesana finishes her little speech. Falada obviously deserves it, even if he doesn't know her.


Falada's face once more turns as red as her skirt and she takes the knot gingerly.  She stares at it for a moment before crumpling in a heap on the floor, fainting dead away right there at her new seat.


Journeyman leaps to the rescue, wings fluttering as he soars over to Falada and perches on her arm, crooning sweetly. Although that may not do anything...he /has/ to try.


Radel stands up slightly, planting his hands on the table and craning his neck forward to try and see if Falada is alright. Such a bad time to faint, but, some people just can't take strong emotions...


"Falada...?  Lada?  Oh /dear/..."  Liesana looks somewhat perplexed by the sudden lack-of-consciousness her mentee is displaying.  Perplexed, but also tolerably amused.  She leans in to feel for a pulse, and looks up at the other diners.  "Ah, if someone could help me get the new journeywoman to a couch where she can lie down, I believe that concludes our evening's news and promotions," she sums up. 


Radel jumps the rest of the way off his bench and starts to rush his way around the table. Sure, someone will probably beat him to it, but its worth a try. If he does manage to make it to Liesana and Falada before other help is available he'll be more than happy to help carry Fala to a couch...


Jueann stands and starts to go over the Falada but sees that Liesana has it well under control.


Falada opens her eyes mere moments after passing out, but she was out long enough to cause a stir.  Her hands flutter apology as she struggles to sit up, new knot still clutched in her hand.  No way she's letting go of that.


Kirsyn looks concerned, momentarily, but as Lies has deemed the situation under control, Kirsyn springs up slightly (in her seat, of course), waggling a few fingers at the awakening Falada.


Journeyman peers down at the prone form, turning his whirling eyes up toward the gathering audience, before tugging the new Journeyman's knot neatly out of her hand and dropping it onto her chest. There.


Radel slows as he rounds the corner of the tables and sees Falada waking. Finally he stops and makes his way back around to his abandoned seat, blushing slightly for having over reacted as he did. Sitting down he starts to eat again, his eyes firmly down on his food... For now.


"Ah, cancel that."  smiles Liesana, offering a steadying hand to Falada.  And a murmured "/Told/ you to breathe..."  After spending a few moments' hovering, assuring herself that the younger woman is all right, she finally returns to her seat, murmuring a "Thank you, Radel, very good of you to offer," as she passes. 


Ylisa catches her breath as Falada passes out, then smiles and looks relieved as the new journeyman seems to be recovering with no help needed. 


Falada waves off the helping hands and finally manages to get into her seat, dropping her head to the table, her shoulders shaking. Crying? Nope, laughing. She sits up and she's laughing silently, tears trickling down her face, signing something. <Please, please continue around me. I'll be fine...>


Radel doesn't raise his head from his food but those at the proper angles might be able to see a huge, pleased smile blossoming on his face in reaction to Liesana's murmur.


Logfile from Niara





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