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Harper Office (#2732)

The office is cheerful, the light reflecting off of whitewashed walls and ceiling. A pattern mimicking musical notation in colors runs along the tops of the walls, shelf upon shelf rising from the floor to meet it. Desks, cabinets and filing drawers are arranged about the room, workplaces for those whose job it is to keep the harpers and hall in order.
The air is fresh, tangy with sea and hides and well-seasoned woods. The glows are lit, illuminating the work of the harpers as they go about their daily tasks. The window looks out over
Main Beach . Through the open window, you notice that It is a winter afternoon.

Jueann (#5565)

A young woman in her early to mid-twenty. When she is asked her age, she'll smile and say, "A lady should have some secrets." She has brown doe-shape eyes glowing with a mischievious warmth. She has a gentle and shy nature that turns her quiet plainness into a gentle loveliness. She has mousy brown hair that she *tries* to keep in a long braid which she tries to keep tidy whichisn't often. She has a ready smile and laugh as well as a mischievous streak when she is among friends. She is wearing harper blue tunic and skirt. Although she is proud to wear Harper colors, she finds it hard to keep them clean. She carries in her personal pouch -- a sheaf of parchment and a bit of charcoal which she will
pull out and start writing whenthemood strikes her.
She is wearing a clean linen tunic, a worn blue skirt and a battered leather pouch. Jueann wears her Ista Hold Scribe/Harper Sr. Apprentice knot on her shoulder with pride.

Shinnai (#1357)

A woman of medium height and skin the color of tanned cherry wood, Shinnai would likely be slender if her job allowed her more respite from her desk.  Her features, while not really pretty, are distinct - high cheekbones, a straight nose between deepset almond-shaped eyes of an aqua so deep as to appear nearly black. Her hair is a silky, indeterminate length of dark brown which is consistently tied up out of her way.
A long-sleeved tunic of deep red hangs easily from her shoulders to gather at a woven belt over dark trousers. Her feet are protected by light wherhide shoes, laced up to the ankle and oiled to a dark sheen which nearly matches her hair, which is in turn fastened up by a deep red ribbon wound through her long braid. An ornate knot of Istan colors and harper blue marks her rank as a master, Ista's Hold Harper. Shinnai is 28 Turns, 6 months, and 15 days old.

Fletcher (#5030)

Your gaze rests on a tall, confident-looking young man who stands no more than two meters in height and seems to carry himself upright and tall with his shoulders thrust back. His dextrous fingers are often laced together behind his back as he strides from place to place, always sure to arrive punctually.  Two emerald green eyes contrast with short-cut black hair which meets in a small widow's peak right over an average-looking nose. His face is completely clean-shaven and looks incredibly average, causing him to easily be forgotten. His movements seem graceful and fluid at whatever he does, and we wears two daggers on his right and left hips. An average build finishes the image of a
confident, respectable, polite man.
A new-looking doublet dyed a wonderful grey-blue covers his top, closing neatly at the wrists and neck. These are matched by dark grey, almost black, leggins which flows comfortably around his legs to drape over his boots, which are a similar dark grey and reach up to just beneath his knees. Perched on Fletcher's shoulder is Jasper. Fletcher wears his Ista Hold Lord Regent knot on his shoulder with pride. Fletcher is 21 Turns and 25 days old.

Seamus (#5551)

At first glance, Seamus seems to be a living inconsistancy. The Harper's lean, willowy build accentuated by cords of thin muscle, Holdless years etched into his physical being. He stands six feet in height, not so tall but assured in bearing. Fine, coppery-brown hair hangs down slightly past his shouldders, as hazel-amber eyes shine with mischief and secrets. Sharp features, long limbs, and slightly pointed ears add an other-worldly aspect to Seamus, a remembrance of the long forgotten Fey. His ever present smile and expressive eyes show a warm, caring person, always eager to lend a hand or give advice.
Imperceptibly, his barely handsome appearance is marred by a faint scar upon his brow.
After that cursory glance, you feel Seamus directing his attentions toward you. With a side-long glance and a roguish half-smile, he meets your gaze. Within that look is a wisdom far more than his years should allow, as he seems barely over 17 Turns. His eyes pierce through you, to the heart, as he delves beyond your shell and into your soul, searching. After finding an unknown answer, the boyish facade is re-woven, only barely covering the previous moment. The time spent confined seems to have answered questions of his own, as an aura of acceptance and serenity settles around the Harper. Finally, he has merged his Holdless past to his Harper present, ready to throw his entirety into the future.
His attire is a merging of the far-distant Eastern culture with the Western Ages of  Chivalry and Celts. A black tunic, with sleeves that only reach a finger's span past the shoulder, is woven of a durable cotton, which gives an ease of movement to his arms. Matching black pants of a denim feel hangs loosely over the Harper, adding the sense of coiled wire to Seamus; not nervous action but a vast reserve of potential energy. Calf-length moccasins engulf his feet, a stormy grey in colour, tied with purple cords of leather. The same stormy flax is used to create a surcoat which rests against his body,
a sash of twilight purple holding it in place. A cord of a similar colour is  knotted three times, binding his hair. The last, final distinction is the Harper Blue Harp embroidered on the left side of the surcoat, cradling a shield of orange and black within its strings... Seamus wears his Harper Journeyman knot on his shoulder with pride. He is awake and looks alert.  Seamus is 21 Turns, 7 months, and 19 days old.

Maris (NPC)

Tillek's senior harper may be young, but don't let that fool you. He stands a confident shorter-than-average man, dark hair and intelligent hazel eyes with a lightly tanned complexion. His features are even and well-defined, his jaw mirroring the inner strength which allows him to wade through difficult politics without so much as a pause.

Jeranium (NPC)

Jeranium reaches the unremarkable height of 5'3, a large figure as he is slightly overweight. Age beginning to catch up with him, silver combing through his red coloured hair. The elder Journeyman tends to scowl at the other people assembled around him, harsh sapphire eyes glittering with a stony detachment. Naturally, the others just comment on his being more of a plant than anything, as he tends to sulk in one position for immeasurably long periods of time, collecting dust...

Fletcher steps in from the rehearsal hall.

Fletcher looks around at the preparations and tacks his favourite "Time passes, will you?" sign up on the wall before nodding to his Master. "Hello, Master."

Shinnai looks up from her book, where she hastily makes preparations. "Hello, Fletcher." She smiles.

Shinnai spares a glance for Fletcher's sign. "That's full of terrible puns, Fletcher," she points out.

Fletcher turns to regard Shinnai, bringing a bright smile to bear on her. "Harpers have to be aware of subtleties, my Master."

Shinnai rolls her eyes at Fletcher, shakes her head, and goes back to her preparations.

Without looking up, Shinnai gestures a hand toward her gitar as it hangs on its peg. "Will you see that that's in tune, Fletch?"

Fletcher mm-hms to his Master, walking over to pull it off the rung and plucking it for a moment, then turning a few nobs, checking the tune again, a few more knobs...

Fletcher finishes with it and sets it on the table beside the place he takes a seat at.

Seamus glides, like a shadow, in from the rehearsal hall. 

Shinnai scarcely notices Seamus as he enters. "Ah, good, you're here. Where's the victim?"

Fletcher is sitting under a sign which reads, `Time passes, will you?'

Seamus smiles softly as he walks over to the side of the room. "In the rehearsal hall, worrying. Is everything set?" he asks quietly.

Shinnai looks over the notes in front of her. "I think so."

Fletcher nods as he looks up and down the table of Journeymen filing slowly in.

Seamus nods and walks off to inform Jueann.

Jueann walks in from the rehearsal hall.

Jueann walks in very pale clutching her guitar's neck tightly. She looks liek she ready to run out

Seamus returns with Jueann in tow, leaving her side to reclaim his seat by the sidelines. He crosses arms across his chest, smiling only slightly. 

Shinnai smiles to Jueann reassuringly. 

Allegro flutters lazily in from the rehearsal hall.

Jueann releases Milo, who launches into the air.

You say, "Good afternoon, Jueann." Her voice is soft, welcoming. "Please, have a seat.""

Fletcher smiles warmly up to Jueann from his spot at the end of the table. 


Jueann nods to Shinnai and sits in the offered seat, very stiffly and fearful 


Jueann swallows and nods to Fletcher, ignoring Seamus completely

You say, "So, Jueann, are you ready?" Shinnai begins conversationally.

Seamus leans back in his chair quietly, turning a measuring gaze toward the other Journeymen, taking in new faces and picking out old.

Jueann nods and swallows, yes master

You say, "Excellent." She smiles. "Shall we start with Section One, then?"" Shinnai asks the rest of the panel.

Fletcher mmms as he leans over to get a look at said section, giving a shrug followed by a nod.

You say, "We'll begin with Archives and Law, then, Jueann, as that's your area of specialty."

Jueann says, "archives/ history Shinnai"

Shinnai nods. "Well, yes. But as we have three areas," she smiles, "we tend to group them as we group the lessons."

Jueann nods. "I know Master but my specialty is Archives with special interest in history

Jueann looks down when she said that.

Shinnai smiles. "Indeed, and we've tailored this exam to you, at that." She glances down at her notes, beginning.

Jueann notices that she is still clutching her guitar tightly and tries to set it aside

You say, "This part will be oral, Jueann. You won't need your guitar until later."

Jueann nods and hands it to Seamus.

Fletcher puts the gitar he so finely tuned away.

Shinnai smiles, then takes a breath to begin the questioning. "When one is recording History, as you've been doing in your project, what would you say, in general," she begins, "would be the, oh, say three, most important facets?"

Seamus nods silently to Jueann.

Jueann tries not to look at Seamus.

Jueann hmms. Looks up to face Shinnai and says, "Accuracy, truth, umm details 


Shinnai nods, "And could you elaborate, a bit? For instance, define 'truth'."

Jueann says, "Accuracy in spelling names and places right. Truth of the statements by verification and details to round out the story"

Jueann bite her bottom lip and watches Shinnai

Shinnai nods. "Good, then I suppose we should consider accuracy and truth to be one and the same, yes?" she inquires.

Jueann says, "no Master. they aren't"

You say, "No?" Shinnai raises an eyebrow, looking obscurely pleased.

Jueann says, "Accuracy is for the person doing the writing to get everything down proper. Truth is checking to see if the story is correct in the first place. They are different"

Jueann pales as she realizes that she contradict a master

Shinnai nods. "And yet, it's a fine line, wouldn't you agree? And how do you make sure the story is correct? Who do you ask?"

Jueann says, "yes a very fine line. to ask those involved. Like the wooden egg. i heard the story but at first couldn't verify it. Was it true or a rumor. Until Caramak told me the story the second time I knew the story to be true. Fletcher confirmed it. That's true. Accuracy is getting the proper names of those involved and getting their names correctly spelled"

Jueann pales "uh no that's wrong. it was the stolen fl eggs *oh dear.*

Journeyman Maris, visiting from Tillek, pipes up with a glance at Shinnai for permission. "But say I were to ask, for instance, you, and ... Seamus and Fletcher if Master Shinnai here is a good Harper. You would all likely say she is, wouldn't you?" He waits just briefly for confirmation.

Jueann nervous pulls out her hanky and starts to shreds it

Maris continues. "And yet, if I were to try to confirm that with someone who didn't know her, or worse yet, who had had an altercation with her, well, I'd get a different answer, wouldn't I?"

Jueann nods. "yes. But I would have to look at all the evidence together. The one with the altercation would be biased as well as myself and any other harper. I would say the one altercation would almost prove the theory that Master Shinnai would be a fair harper -- a good harper. 

Jasper suddenly appears from ::between:: and chirrups a friendly hello to make sure she doesn't scare any humanpets.

Jueann says, "it's a matter of weighing the evidence."

Shinnai takes up this question herself. "And yet, the question is, what's true here? Truth is a lot more complex than simple verification, it seems."

Jueann sighs. "yes Master Shinnai. it is

Jueann says, "Truth is truth"

Maris says, "By whose definition?"

Jueann says, "but also be one's opinion against another. Truth can sometimes be found it the middle"

This elicits a soft harrumph from one aged journeyman who seems planted in the corner.

Jueann startles at the sound but stays put, barely

Jueann says, "the definition of truth has been debated for Turns and no real answer has yet to be found"

The venerable journeyman straightens in his chair and acerbically clears his throat. "And in history, then, do we debate the truth of it?" he challenges.

Fletcher raises a hand.

Fletcher decides to quickly remove his hand from the airspace as he sees old Jeranan accosting Jueann.

Shinnai nods to Fletcher to wait until Jueann fields this question, then proceed.

Jueann says, "History is one opinion based on who's writing it. It can be changed on the whim of the Lord Holder if he doesn't like what yu've written" 


Jueann says, " a true harper realizes this and tries to stay true but can fail to do so"

Jeranen harrumphs again, but settles back in his chair again to look rather like a wrinkled tuber.

You say, "Go ahead, Fletcher." Shinnai cedes the floor to him.

Fletcher nods to Shinnai. "My thanks, Master..." He turns back to Jueann. "While the point of Truth has been debated for hundreds of Turns, and we still have no answer to it, was the point of those debates to find an answer?"

Shinnai blinks once, then writes something down amongst her notes as she listens.

Jueann shakes her head. "no Fletcher it's debate will never end. it's something to talk about on winter nites

Fletcher raises an eyebrow. "For entertainment, you mean?"

Jueann shakes her head. "no for debate's sake. Truth will always be one's opinion vs another. hmm My truth is that mine. And I don't like express my opinions very well

Fletcher hmmmms for a moment, jotting down something. "That's your answer?"

Jueann shrugs. "it's all I can give you.

Fletcher nods and looks to his Master. "That's all, Master. Thank you." Fletcher sets to scribbling down some notes.

Jueann bites her bottom lips and looks down at her hands

Shinnai smiles. "Well, I think we've beaten that runner to death. Next question." She glances at her notes.

You say, "Dealing with the Archives, you'll need to oversee the preservation of documents both old and new. Can you give me examples of the procedures you'd use in various circumstances?"

Jueann hmms and looks up. "If they are skins --recopying and hope you are copying correctly. If paper the same but keeping the paper out of sunlight and dampness helps 


Jeranium, the tuber Journeyman in the corner, rouses himself. "How do you know you're copying correctly?" The venerable journeyman's wrinkled countenance looks rather smug.

Jueann says, "Luck and sunlight"

Jeranium gets an 'I told you so' look on his face as he nods to Maris.

Jueann says, "that's how soo much was lost through the Turns. Copying errors"

"Agreed," Maris accedes. "But there are ways that we can minimize errors."

Jueann nods but remains silent not knowing if the statement was addressed to her or not

Maris continues to look in Jueann's direction, as if waiting for a response.

Jueann blinks and pales. "ohhh. By catching the skins or paper before they are too badly destroyed or faded.

Jueann says, "also by word contents. You look at sentence structure and spelling"

Shinnai pushes a little further. "Say there's an important phrase that's too badly degraded from a skin here at Ista regarding an even which took place in Igen," she postulates. "How would you go about restoring that?"

Jueann says, "if the skin is from the smith craft I would ask a master smith what can before and after the phrase and let him or her help me. If it is here You. and so on. A master would know such things, one would hope"

Shinnai nods, not entirely satisfied, while good ol' Jeranium harrumphs again from his corner.

You say, "What if I didn't remember the event in question?" 


Jueann shrugs. "An archivist is only human after all.

Maris leans forward in his chair, leaning an elbow on one blue-clad knee. "But there might be other references to that event," he hints. 

Jueann says, "but if the paragraph is readable barely and the content of that paragraph is manageable would you be able to understand what is missing?"

Jueann says, "oh my yes. Ther's always that. If you can get access to them and that's the problem getting access"

Maris smiles a little. "How would you go about getting access?" he wonders.

Jueann frowns and says, "By asking the master of that craft, politely. By digging in the whatever archives the damaged piece is from and hoping 


Maris repeats, "Hoping?"

Jueann pales but nods. "y-yes sir. Skins can survive long after the original parties are gone. Sometimes. that's all a harper has to go on. hope 


Maris chuckles as Jeranium glowers. "Good point," he grins.

Jueann is now very pale as she watches the exchange. her hanky is in shreds. Jueann sneaks a side-ways glance at Seamus for just a fraction of a second 


Seamus offers a slight wink to Jueann as his eyes fall back to the panel.

Maris smiles disarmingly to Jueann, using all of his harper-trained charm. "I was merely suggesting that the best way to keep your records correct is to make sure to cross-reference with the relevant archives. Sometimes, that means, as you say, digging a bit."

Jueann nods to the journeyman. "that is very true. I enjoy digging. one can find interesting things

Fletcher raises an eyebrow and interjects, "Like what?"

Jueann shrugs "oh passages of ancient recipes or the best way to go from one hold to another, and so on

Jeranium shifts in his chair, like a big sack of rice.

Fletcher mmms, making another note.

Seamus is curiously looking at something in his hand.

Jueann begins wrapping bits of shredded hanky around her fingers

Maris smiles, his hazel eyes twinkling merrily. "I admit, I found the most incredible things from time to time. Unfortunately, I can't mention them in mixed company..."

Jueann nods, looking down at her hands

Shinnai rolls her eyes at Maris, then makes a few notes and looks up again at Jueann. "On a change of topic," she begins, "Can you tell me the duty of a Harper Journeyman to her Lord Holder and Weyrleader?"

Jueann sighs and knew this question would come up.

Shinnai smiles briefly as she glances at Seamus.

You say, "Then you're doubtless prepared." Shinnai replies to Jueann.

Seamus focuses his eyes on Shinnai a moment, a slight smile forming, then grow serious again. He gaze falls on Jeranium, taking in the odd Harper.

Jueann says, "well, master a duty of the harper is to harper hall first. AS the the lord holder and Weyrleader as advisor position. She can give advice and that is all. She teaches the teaching Songs to the children of the hold or Weyr. She keeps the records of the hold or weyr and last. . ." 

Shinnai listens, nodding quietly.

Jueann says, "she helps by remaining neutral in times of debate by helping the holder and Weyrleader to see both sides of the issue at hand" 

Journeyman Jeranium begins to look exceedingly bored, settling his multiple chins onto a thick hand to rest in his weariness.

Seamus averts his glance to keep from his barely contained burst of laughter, turning to study Jueann.

Shinnai smiles. "Very good, and I think we've completed section One. Would you like to say anything else before we proceed to Section Two?" she asks Jueann.

Fletcher raises a hand.

Jueann shakes her head and bites her bottom lip. "no master

Shinnai nods to Fletcher. "Go ahead."

Jueann still biting her lip she turns to face Fletcher.

Fletcher mmms and asks, "What do you think is the most important quality of a Harper in decisions of law?"

Jueann hmms and a slight flash of fear crosses her eyes. "Neutrality 


Shinnai nods, acknowledging Fletcher's question as a good one. 

Fletcher nods to Jueann. Fletcher nods to Shinnai. "Thank you, Master."

Shinnai raises her eyebrows questioningly to the other assembled, asking mutely if there are any more questions.

Shinnai flips to the next page of notes. "Jueann, I think it's now time for your guitar. Is it all tuned and ready?"

Jueann looks almost ready to faint. She nods as she turned shakenly to Seamus 


Seamus hands Jueann her gitar back, smiling quietly.

Jueann nods slightly but she looks deathly white now. Jueann checks the strings and retunes a couple of them before looking up at the master.

Shinnai smiles gently. "Don't worry, Jueann, we're not about to ask anything of you that won't be asked of you every day as a Journeywoman," she comforts.

Jueann nods. "i just don't play that well Shinnai, contrary what's been said 


Maris arches a fine eyebrow as if realizing that it's likely small comfort.

You say, "Well, the most commonly performed duty of a harper is to teach. Therefore," she gestures to Seamus, "Seamus here will be your student. Please, teach the Ballad of Ista's Waters to him."

Seamus rises fluidly out of his chair, taking his gitar case. He seats himself before Jueann, opening the case slowly. With an amused grin, he produces the gitar and waits expectantly.

Jueann nods and turns to Seamus. With her face turned away from Shinnai. Jueann biting her bottom lip and mutters Analina, think Analina. She looks up at Seamus and says, "The open chords are these. . " She places her finger
correctly (she hopes) on the neck. She watches Seamus for a moment as he places his fingers there. Then switch to this. That's right. Now back to the first. .

Jueann with her fingers on the opening chord strums it. "Follow me through the first two chords for now

Seamus smiles softly, finding a song that he doesn't already know ( *grin* ) and watches patiently as Jueann explains the chordings. He looks a little bewildered at the shift in tone from the first to second. Regardless, he follows instruction, watching his fingers for the moment...

Shinnai makes a few notes from time to time, but mostly watches.

Jueann nods. "yes that's it. here;s the third.. that's right and the fourth. Now watch me. BAck to the first chord

Seamus hmms thoughtfully, "Question."

Jueann says, "yes?"

Jeranium leans back in his chair, causing it to creak a protest against his tuber-like bulk as he covers a huge yawn with a hamhand.

Seamus grins, "I know the chord, I know the fingerings, I know the first two chords together. What's the tempo of the song?"

Jueann says, "hmm right now I'm trying to show the chords. The tempo is thus.. ."

Jueann plays the tempo.

Seamus arches a brow at that, strumming the chords in appropriate measure.

"Done, now you were saying?" he asks politely.

Jueann starts playing the tempo for a moment. "Lets do the first foru again so i know it;s right.

Seamus nods his acceptance of said instruction, placing his fingers atop the first chord in preparation.

Jueann says, "on my mark?"

Seamus nods, prepared to play this new song.

Jueann starts to play. She watches SEamus to see if he keeps with her. Jueann plays through the four chords and stops. "Any questions so far? 

Seamus smiles as he goes through the first chords over and over, faltering on occasion. "Hmm, none ... Just a little awkward is all."

Jueann nods. "OK here are the last two chords for the song. The rest just repeats.

Seamus pays quiet attention at first, simply assimilating knowledge.

Jueann shows them to Seamus, watching him, making sure he gets them right. "These are the chorse ntes and the tempois a little faster here" Jueann says, "ready to start over?"

Seamus smiles softly, almost innocently. "Jueann, this song is new to me," he says, a slight frowm crossing his features. He raises his eyes to Shinnai then returns them to Jueann. "I'd like to hear how the song is done, correctly, first."

Jueann blinks. "I've been set up."

Fletcher stifles a grin behind his hand.

Seamus tilts his head to the side in query, then slowly shakes his head. "What do you mean?" he asks.

A small grin spreads over Shinnai's lips as she watches, not moving. 

Jueann 's eyes start to water but she sighs. "i had to look it up in the archives. Carik or was it Caramak mentioned it to me and I wrote about it in my diary."

Seamus nods but remains silent.
Jueann says, "i know the chords but never played it. It's a brave but sad song."

Jueann turns to Shinnai, "must I?

Shinnai nods, smiling gently. "Please, I'd like to hear you play it."

Jueann watches as a lone tear runs down her face

Fletcher nods with his Master in agreement.

Maris covertly passes Jueann a fresh handkerchief, seeing as how Jueann's own is in shreds.

Seamus gives Jueann a reassuring smile, whispering. "You'll do fine..." He rises, walking back to his seat.

Jueann nods and starts to play the tune. The melody is haunting and powerful. Too powerful for her for megar talents but she bravely trys.

Journeyman Jeranium lets out a soft snore, causing Maris to nudge him awake again with some annoyance.

Jueann plays softly and tries to do justice to the song. She closes her eyes and runs through the song.

Jeranium glares at Maris, but then realizes that he's missed something and listens intently.

Jueann brings the powerful song to an end. One can almost hear the crash of the waves and the harsh winds in the song. Jueann sighs as the last notes fade.

Jueann looks at Seamus as tears flow down her face.

Fletcher mmmms softly and turns to jot down a few notes on his growing sheet of them.

Seamus nods to Jueann quietly.

Shinnai smiles, genuinely pleased and perhaps even moved. "Thank you, Jueann. Do you think you can do as well as your teacher just did, Seamus?"

Seamus blushes, "Me?"

Shinnai grins slightly. "To prove that she's taught you well."

Seamus smiles, "Of course, she gave me enough clues..."

Seamus places the gitar upon his lap, a brief grin upon his face.

Seamus looks down, recalling the six chords that compose the song. He gives each an experimental strum, checking for the sound that escapes. With a satisfied nod, he slowly plays the melody, out of tempo at first.

Jeranium harrumphs again, settling back into half-somnolence as his chins fold into each other to form great wrinkles between his body and head.

Seamus hmms softly as he finds the correct speed, refering back to the song Jueann has just played. Again the nod as he performs for the audience before him, filling the room with the notes of waves, seas, and salty winds. With a minute shrug, he continues that pattern, over and over, spiralling the notes through and around each other as the birds fly above the sea. Being a brief song, the harmonies slowly dies, the clouds passing, fogging the sight of birds, leaving only the sound of crashing waves. Eventually, even that is stilled.

Shinnai turns to Jueann. "Criticism on your student?"

Jueann says, "he's a more powerful player than I am. Like me, needs to work on the tempo. he'll do well playing this song whenhe knows it better" 

Shinnai nods, satisfied with her critique. "Anyone else have any comments, or questions?"

Jeranium harrumphs, again. But doesn't apparently have anything useful to offer.

Shinnai smiles. "Alright, then. You can put your guitar away now."

Jueann lower her eyes so Seamus couldn't see them. She notices that she had a new hanky and wondered where it came from

Shinnai grins. "Unless you'd like to perform anything else for us."

Jueann shakes her head, "I left my case upstairs."

Jueann says, "i was so nervous I forgot to bring it"

You say, "That's fine, then, but we won't need it for section Three."

Jueann hands her guitar back to Seamus

Seamus solemnly takes the gitar and returns to watching Shinnai.

You drop Journeyman Exam.

Shinnai takes a page from her notes and hands it across to Jueann. "Here (ooc, read 5 on exam) is a paragraph."

Shinnai continues, "In it are a number of errors. First, we'd like you to pick out the errors in it, and correct them."

Shinnai smiles. "Some are errors in spelling, some in phrasing."

Chapter 5: This Page Intentionally Left Blank

Throughout the meal Hummil contrived laboriously to insult directly, and
pointedly all his guests in succesion, and at each insult Spurstow kicked the
aggrieved persons under the table; but he dared not exchange a glance of
inteligence with either of them. Hummils face was white and pinched, while
his eyes were unnaturally large. No man dreamed for a moment of resenting his
savage personalities, but as soon as the meal was over they made haste to go.

(You finish reading.)

Jueann nods, "Well there's a comma missing after meal. And who is Hummil tries to insult? pointedly shouldn't that be pointed? and a comma is missing after each insult. . .

Shinnai looks over her copy of the paragraph. "Read it over again, I think. You may have misinterpreted the first sentence."

Maris mutters something about not adding too many commas, trying to be helpful to Jueann but only earning a glare from Jeranium.

Jueann says, "and aggrieved I think is mispelled I would have to look it up to be sure. Then in the first sentence guest is a misplaced modifier. it should be moved up to be placed after insult his guest."

You say, "How would you rephrase it?"

Shinnai gestures vaguely. "Please, if you'd speak it as it should be."

Jueann says, "Hummil contrived laboriously to insult all his guests directly. ."

Jueann says, "and pointed to them in succession,. . . and inteligence is also mispelled"

Jueann says, "that should be Hummil's and not Hummils"

Jeranium pushes himself up in his chair to exclaim, "Hah, archivist indeed." Then slides back down into silence.

Seamus eyes Jeranium as being the fixture he is...

Shinnai nods.

Jueann says, "and although the last sentence seems correct it doesn't read right for some reason"

Jueann says, "hmm resenting who's savage personalities?"

Jueann says, "and made haste should be they quickly left"

Jueann says, "And who's Spurstow?"

You say, "Obviously, the paragraph is a fragment. It makes sense in its own context; here, it should be taken as it is."

Jueann says, "and how many guest? 2? more?"

Jueann says, "ahh"

You say, "You tell me, Jueann. How many guests?"

Jueann says, "well says all and then either of them. it doesn't give a clear number"

You say, "How many would you infer, then?"

Jueann says, "also Succession is mispelled"

Shinnai nods.

Jueann says, "2"

Shinnai nods again. "But, to go back. Why did you want to substitute 'quickly left' for 'made haste'? What's wrong with the phrase?"

Jueann says, "sounds like they are cooking. and quickly can used to substitute of haste they mean about the same"

Jueann says, "the phrase doesn't read right"

Jueann says, "and a comma is missing after meal"

You say, "Is it actually wrong to leave out the comma there?"

Jueann says, "and to go is to leave and pat tense for that is left"

Jueann says, "not really. But it is two sentences hooked together by a conjunction."

You say, "Actually, the phrase 'they made haste to go' is perfectly correct. It's archaic in style, but it is correct."

Jueann says, "true. But is this an archive text or current? It doesn't say and if it is then yes. But in today's language it would be out of place"

You say, "In some cases, it might be. In others, no. It's more a question of style preferences than mistakes, however."

Jueann nods.

Jueann looks over the paragraph one last time

Shinnai pulls out another sheet. "I have here the original paragraph, minus the mistakes I intentionally put in."

Jueann nods. I can't see anymore. did I get them all?

You say, "You got all the spelling mistakes, I believe. There was only one real awkwardness in phrase structure, however."

Shinnai recalls, "Oh, and aggrieved is spelled correctly." 


Shinnai places the sheet on the table for all to see.

Jueann says, "like I said, I couldn't be sure. i need to look it up"

Jueann says, "I think it is aggrieved persons under the table. but I'm not sure"

Throughout the meal Hummil contrived laboriously to insult directly and
pointedly all his guests in succession, and at each insult Spurstow kicked the
aggrieved persons under the table; but he dared not exchange a glance of
intelligence with either of them. Hummil's face was white and pinched, while
his eyes were unnaturally large. No man dreamed for a moment of resenting his
savage personalities, but as soon as the meal was over they made haste to go.

You say, "Can you pick out the one difference - this difference mislead you on the meaning of the first sentence, I think."

Jueann sighs. "not really I still think guests is in the wrong place but if it's correct inthe original then I'll admit I'm wrong

Shinnai waits for a moment, then supplies the answer. "In the incorrect paragraph, there's a comma after the word 'directly'. This gives a false flow to the sentence.

Jueann ahhs "yes it does. doesn't it

You say, "Yet, it's a common enough mistake."

Jueann says, "I've found commas to be quite sneaky at times"

Seamus smiles again.

Jueann hands the paper back to Shinnai.

Shinnai agrees. "It's hard to determine exactly where they should go, and where they shouldn't go," she replies as she accepts the paper back again.

Seamus averts his gaze from the living plant, refocusing his vision on Jueann. 

Jueann nods and I've seen mistakes in master works now and then *shrugs*

Jeranium stirs.

You say, "Alright then. Any other comments or questions?"

Jueann stifles a yawn "oh sorry

Shinnai looks pointedly at Fletcher, expecting something out of him.

Jueann shakes her head and looks down at her hands

Fletcher looks quite thoughtful. Fletcher finally finishes thinking, "Do you think you'll make a good
Journeyman, Jueann?"

Seamus grins at Fletcher.

Jueann shrugs and looks at Fletcher. " I hope so. i can only do my best.

Fletcher raises his eyebrow, seemingly not expecting that answer but nods to Shinnai approvingly. "Done, Master."

Shinnai nods. "Very good."

OOC: Shinnai says "That's the last IC question I have, in that case."

Maris and Jeranium fuzz out of focus while the questions go OOC.

Seamus lets out his held breath, only now replacing his gitar in its case.

OOC: Jueann says "does tha mean I can come out of character?"

OOC: Shinnai nods. "The last questions are about helping newbies."

OOC: Jueann says "ah do we need to use ooc on this?"

OOC: Shinnai says "Since a lot of what journeymen need to do is orient new players and harpers, it's an important part of the exam... No, I think we can just turn the OOC light on."

The OOC light blinks on.

Jueann nods. I agree.

Seamus grins and marvels at such displays of power.

Jueann the timid fades and Jueann the bold comes in

Shinnai grins. "Ok. So, a newbie logs in and you're in the birthplace. Finally figuring out how to talk, it asks you, "What do I do?"

Shinnai decides to play Newbie to your J'man, Jueann. :)

You say, "what do i do now?"

You say, "is confused."

Jueann says, "help them. uh well I would say what do you want to do."

You say, "i want to play pern. i've never done this before, where do i start???"

Jueann says, "I would ask if they've read about Pern first. "

Jueann says, "ahh I would say wonder around. That's what I did. "

You say, "nod. i read all the books."

Jueann says, "well what interested you the most in the books?"

Shinnai becomes herself once more. "You might notice that it doesn't have a gender, description, or any clue at all."

Shinnai slips back into Newbie.

Jueann says, "i don't know how to help with these. Noone's shown me"

Shinnai shocks back into Shinnai again. "But you're here, and you have a gender and a desc...

Jueann says, "and i have to type the @phrase sometimes 3 or 4x to give it right for me"

Jueann says, "no I don't"

Jueann says, "it took me weeks to get the desc right and now I can't tell you how I did it"

Seamus chuckles.

Shinnai grins. "Then how would you help the person?"

Jueann says, "both Fletcher and SEamus will tell you I have to ask them several times how to do something."

Jueann says, "I usually get their questions and then in turn ask someone else. If I don't know, I don't lie to them."

Seamus doesn't mind, either. "But ... I'd be more than happy to mail you with helpful files one should know."

Jueann nod

Jueann says, "If I don't know, I say so and then go find the answer"

Shinnai nods. "Ok... so this person doesn't even know what questions to ask. What are the things you need on the MOO?"

Jueann says, "i can take you on a tour and answer pern questions"

Jueann says, "besides a name? A place to start? Is there something in particular you want or need?"

Jueann says, "A name and a home"

You say, "Well, a newbie player has a name. A place to start is a good thing. However, usually you start with a gender, for instance."

You say, "Even if you personally can't tell the person how to set these things, you can make the person aware that they need them."

Jueann nods.

Shinnai continues. "So, what else, then?

Jueann says, "An age if they want one. I never did so I never set mine"

Shinnai nods. "How about getting help? What's the easiest way for a player to get help?"

Jueann smiles usiong the page system at first until they can get on a chat.

Shinnai nods... what if they're shy, they don't want to bug anyone?

Jueann says, "well they can bug me"

Shinnai shakes her head. "No, that's not what I'm looking for."

Seamus says, "I usually suggest them on various helpfiles, it tends to answer common questions..."

Jueann chuckles, "didn't think so

Jueann nods

Shinnai ahas! There you have it. How does one access helpfiles? :)

Jueann says, "i found the help files confusing myself"

Fletcher agrees with Jueann there.

Jueann says, "help"

Shinnai grins.

Jueann says, "or @help"

Jueann says, "i'm very code iliterant. I get too confused tooo easy"

You say, "Fletcher has also made me aware of a verb called @tutorial."

Jueann says, "i didn't know that"

Seamus smiles, "It's been awhile; it's posted in the Birthplace. ;)"

Shinnai grins and didn't know there was a verb to take you there, either. "I did know about the MOO tutorial, though."

Shinnai always told people to @move to #11 and go to MOO school.

Jueann chuckles I should've but I was too anxious to be in Pern

Seamus grins.

Shinnai grins. "Ok, so they've gotten themselves a gender and a basic description. They think that they're interested in the Weyr, but they're not sure."

You say, "Now what?"

Jueann says, "well if they want to be a dragonrider good luck. They need to file an application for SEarch I dont' remember the file # for the app. Then they wait to see if they get an interview. I would advise against application so soon after they join here. I would suggest looking around that the crafts first and see if any catch their fancy"

Shinnai nods. "How would they go about doing that?"

Jueann says, "huh?"

You say, "How would a newbie find a good craft?"

Fletcher says, "Why, ask a Harper, of course! :)"

Shinnai grins.

Jueann says, "looking at the crafts. go to the Flying Mug. Several crafter hang out there *chuckles and of ask a Harper."
A Harper tells the newbie, "Nonsense, the HarperCraft *IS* the best!" 

Seamus is always ready to put down ... I mean, introduce newbies to the other Crafts.

Jueann says, "as i was saying not all newbies are the best"

You say, "Say they're really unsure about what they want to do. Maybe a craft, maybe not. But they'd like to get settled... Where should they go, who do they need to talk to to get a room?"

Jueann says, "They go to Ista Hold and they talk to a j'man or master -- like Fletcher, Seamus or Joat"

Jueann says, "about getting a room"

Shinnai nods and forgets what she was about to say.

Jueann yawns and nods

You say, "Ok. well, anything else, anyone?"

Maris and Jeranium yawn, wave, and fade out. :)

Seamus shakes his head.

You say, "Jueann? Anything else?"

Fletcher shakes his head negatively.

Jueann says, "They'll need to speak with Fletcher about a job. I toldd to BAsil and Ltrew before I got a job as her assistant"

Seamus laughs! "Fletch ya gotta hear this..."

Fletcher says, "Oh?"

Seamus says, "Cecily just set your desk on fire... ;)"

Shinnai nods and smiles to Jueann. "Good point."

Fletcher says, "I know."

Jueann says, "well it's true. I spoke to both Basil and Trew before I got a position"

You say, "Pardon moi, garcons?"

Seamus figures you gave her OOC permission.

You say, "Ok. Anything else to say in your defense, Jueann? ;)"

Jueann shrugs. Can we have the announcemetn tomorrow? I really need to get some sleep.

Shinnai grins. "We still have to calculate your score."

Jueann groans. "I'm doomed

Seamus smirks.

You say, "Plus, you need to give me your revised project. They'll count together."

Jueann says, "can you at least tell if I did ok or not"

Jueann nods

Shinnai grins. "Well, until I confer with my august colleagues, I don't know that I can make that decision... ;)"

Shinnai keeps Jueann in suspenders.

Jueann says, "you can have it now, if you want. I didnt some fixing, but like I said. I usually need someone else to go over it"

Seamus thinks Shinnai is a cruel person, "Suspenders indeed! ;)"

Jueann looks to seamus to see that he doesn't snap them

You say, "Whenever you like. I need to get some sleep too, so I won't look at it until at least tomorrow anyway."

Seamus whistles tunefully...

Shinnai grins at Jueann and Seamus.

Jueann says, "oops did some fixings"

Jueann chuckles, you are cruel.

Seamus smiles innocently...

Shinnai sprouts a halo.

Jueann says, "i'm not sure when I'll be on tomorrow I nedto make up time with husband."

Shinnai nods and has lots to do tomorrow too. I'll be on at least once before the weekend, though.

Seamus thinks Jueann is just as bad as Shinnai, "I'm surrounded by horrid people! :P"

Jueann nods fair enough

Jueann says, "what did I do?"

Seamus shrugs, "I've no idea, I'll think of something..."

Jueann bops Seamus

Shinnai grins.

OOC: Fletcher turns the OOC light off for Cecily's benefit.

Jueann grabs her guitar. She bows to the panel. She still looks deathly pale

Seamus smiles at Jueann kindly. "You could use some rest," he notes.

Jueann says, "is the exam over Master?"

Jueann nods.

Shinnai nods. "You're free to go." She smiles, refraining from making notes.

Maris smiles reassuringly to Jueann, and even winks at her.

Fletcher nods to Jueann.

Jueann nods and fled from the office

Jueann walks out into the ballroom.


Logfile from Shinnai






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