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Harper Office (#2732)

The office is cheerful, the light reflecting off of whitewashed walls and ceiling. A pattern mimicking musical notation in colors runs along the tops of the walls, shelf upon shelf rising from the floor to meet it. Desks, cabinets and filing drawers are arranged about the room, workplaces for those whose job it is to keep the harpers and hall in order. The air is fresh, tangy with sea and hides and well-seasoned woods. The window looks out over Main Beach .
Through the open window, you notice that It is a spring evening.  Watching from a high shelf are Jakira, Illusion, and Shalla. You see Staff Tackboard, Sandtable, Shades, and Dyan here. Fletcher, Caramak, and Jueann are here.

Jueann smiles and nods. "Congrats on becoming Lord holder."

Kestria walks in from the ballroom.

Caramak chuckles. "What timing, Shinnai..."

Fletcher smirks at Jueann. "Again. Thank you," he says, and looks up to nod to the two women entering.

Shinnai smiles, entering quietly as her robe makes a light swish across the smooth floor. "Forgive me, it's a long walk."

Shinnai takes an empty seat near Caramak, and nods to each person present. "Lord Fletcher, Jueann, Caramak," she greets, "And, of course, Kestria." 


Fletcher smiles and replies warmly, "Master. Good to see you again."

Kestria enters the doorway of the office and stands for a moment. Her eyes take in the room as she gazes around for a moment. Her hand runs down the door frame as she smiles softly, gazing at it for a moment before she takes
a breath, drops her hand and with a lift of her chin enters fully into the room.

Fletcher (#5030)  

He stands relatively tall, but not more than two meters even with his shoulders thrown back and head held high. Two emerald coloured eyes contrast sharply with his clean-cut black hair which meets in a small widow's peak above an average-looking nose. His face is clean shaven and rather average-looking, complemented by an average build for a young man his age.
A new-looking doublet dyed a wonderful grey-blue covers his top, closing neatly at the wrists and neck. These are matched by dark grey, almost black, leggings which flow comfortably around his legs to drape over his boots, which are a similar dark grey and reach up to just beneath his knees. Fletcher wears a half topaz orange, half pearl white pin with a silver border
and a blue-green emerald in the center, designating him as a Lord Holder. Fletcher is 24 Turns, 8 months, and 18 days old.

Jueann nods and smiles shyly.

Kestria inclines her head to each member of the gathered group, "Lord Fletcher, Journeyman Jueann, Master Shinnai, Master Caramak." her tone respectful yet confident.

Jueann finds a spot out of the way.

Shinnai smiles in return, settling her voluminous robes about her legs and shrugging the hood down about her shoulders.

Caramak glances around quick then smiles. "Now...I suppose we'd best get started, eh? Please, for the record, state your name, rank, place of birth, specialty, main instrument, voice level and Journeyman project..." He sighs slightly as he gets that out. That's a mouthful. 


Caramak glances around the room, then, looks like he's in for the scribing position, so he takes a piece of hide to record responses.

Kestria smiles softly, listing each answer carefully and clearly, her now well trained voice carrying its way to each member of the panel, "Kestria, Senior Apprentice, Southern Continent, Archives, flute, alto, and the Ista Hold Histories."

Shinnai settles in to listen, using the older method of information retrieval - the brain. (and, OOC, the scrollback ;))

Fletcher rests back in a comfortable sort of position, not having thr responsibility of having to record his thoughts on the exam. His arms cross comfortably, his legs doing the same, and his eyes rest softly on Kestria. Shades arches her back and stretches her claws out, yawning loudly. 

Jueann just takes notes of the whole thing.

Caramak writes quickly, hand moving across the hide recording the answers.

He looks up as she finishes and smiles. "Alright, then, Kestria...Let's begin in your area of specialty then..."

A terse knocking on the door is followed immediately by the door's light creak as it opens wide to admit the pudgy form of Jeranium, Journeyman Extraordinaire. He clears his throat in what seems to pass for an apology, and grunts as he surveys the room.

Shinnai smiles to Jeranium, and nods for him to take a seat.

Jueann blinks and straightens. She frowns slightly, thinking he was dead by now

Jeranium runs stubby fingers through thinning hair, maneuvering himself into the noted chair. It protests, but does indeed hold his not-insignificant weight.

Kestria inclines her head gracefully to the Journeyman, and offers a respectful greeting, "Journeyman."

Jeranium waves a hand in a half-dismissive gesture, and clears his throat again. "Proceed." he grunts.

Jueann nods to the journeyman, "Greetings Jeranium

Caramak glances at Jeranium, and stifles a small chuckle. Somehow, he always manages to make Caramak want to laugh. He turns his eyes back to Kestria, "Now...The first part will deal with recording and preserving Archives...So, for a start, when you're making a Record of an event, how would you go about it? How would you distinguish fact from fiction, decide whose point of view is better or more valid?"

Kestria clasps her hands together loosely and focuses her attention on the Master as she frames a response.

From behind Shinnai's neck, Rhymert rustles her wings irritably, and snakes her head around Shinnai's ear, peering out from behind a lock of dark hair as she watches Kestria with glimmering eyes.

Caramak adds, "Feel free to use an example, if you like...Or not." He sits back and grins. "Nice and open ended here."

Kestria begins her response in the same clear voice she's been using to this point, "In recording any event it is important to get as many points of view as possible in order to determine which is the most factual. Many of these points may differ depending on the perspective of the persons involved and the opinions they hold in regard to the event and persons involved. In some
cases, one person's view of may hold more weight than another's. For example, a Harper who should be unbiased and impartial should view the events in as factual and truthful a manner as possible. A leader's view while equally important and well-regarded may be coloured in his or her personal opinions. Taking each person's account into consideration is the
best way to arrive at the most factual and valid recording." 


Shinnai reaches up to soothe her green, stroking the firelizard gently as she listens and comprehends.

Shinnai nods thoughtfully. "And to add, if I may," she begins, looking around for permission to take the floor,"

Caramak nods to Kestria's response, then nods to Shinnai and smiles. Go 'head...

You say, "At some instances, it's helpful to take a biased account of an event. How would you use the information gained from this hypothetical leader you invoked?"

Kestria tilts her head and ponders the additional question for a moment. 


After a moment, Kestria begins again, "A biased view would provide insight into that person's character. It would allow future readers of the event to gain knowledge of the leader's opinions and views on the matter of the event recorded. Such information could provide clues into how to approach and deal with said leader."

Shinnai smiles, and nods. "Thank you." She looks again to Caramak. 


Journeyman Jeranium shifts in his chair, causing it to creak ominously. He looks rather sour.

Caramak nods and turns his eyes again to Kestria. "So...Moving on. History; and entertainment. Both, prime parts of a Harper's trade. But they don't seem to often mix. When should they mix? And why? Or should they not at all?"

Kestria smiles softly and nods to 'Mak with her eyes twinkling merrily, "Indeed, Master, they can and do mix well together. The easiest form of teaching is by music. Our teaching ballads illustrate this aspect /very/ well. Much of our history, indeed some that has been lost in the form of Records actually still remains in the ballads. By entertaining through these songs, we at the same teach our history to both the young and old of Pern. Even when they merely think they are being entertained, they are learning of Pern's history."

Jeranium harrumphs, and interjects with a thick, gravelly voice. "Well tell us, then, Apprentice," he lightly stresses the title, "What makes a good teaching Ballad?"

Caramak glances over at Jeranium and feels an urge to chuckle again, which he very thoroughly squelches.

Kestria turns her gaze and smile on the harrumphing Journeyman and quickly replies, "It depends on for whom the ballad is written, Journeyman." she emphasizes his title, "For a group of children, one would want a simple lesson with a simple melody and the main idea repeated in the chorus. For a group of adults at a Gather or Hatching one could be a little more complex
in ideas and melody, but still, a repetitive chorus helps to instill the main idea that is trying to be conveyed. In all cases a /catchy/ tune that could be sung by anyone is helpful in that the listeners may pick it up and begin singing it themselves, thus spreading the lesson even further than we could ourselves."

Jeranium simply scowls, and folds his arms across his chest.

Jueann nods but says nothing, she glances at Jeranium, hiding a smile

Caramak shakes his head at the old Journeyman, a small smile still twitching his lips. "Moving on then..." He glances about, to make sure no one has an interjection, then plows on, "What exactly is a Journeyman supposed to /do/, anyway? What is a a Journeyman's Duty?" Something in his tone makes the words sound capitalized.

Kestria lifts her chin and her brow creases slightly as she takes a moment to compose her answer.

Shinnai frowns slightly as the small green firelizard on her shoulder grows restless again, and murmurs something soft to her as she waits for Kestria's answer.

With a clear focus of her thought, Kestria replies, "A Journeyman may hold a number of positions. In some cases it falls to the Journeyman to teach the Apprentices, or the children of Hold and Weyr," she offers a smile to Jueann, "In other cases a Journeyman acts as an assistant to a leader, either in the position of Scribe, archivist or legal counsel. It is also possible that a Journeyman will remain at the Hall in order to assist in the teaching of new Apprentices."

Shinnai nods, then adds, again, "And, if a Harper is called to advise a leader, what position should she take?"

Jueann nods back to Kestria

Kestria smiles and nods to Shinnai, "That of advisor only, remaining impartial and objective, taking no sides, but listening to all sides equally in an unbiased manner. Final authority and decision rests with the leader." 

Caramak nods and glances around the room. No more discussion on that forth-coming, he moves on. "Alright...Let's move onto performance; but before we hear you. What are some of the differences between playing in a group and playing individually? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages, and what are some of the responsibilities and freedoms?"

Kestria takes a deep breath and responds clearly and concisely, "In perfoming in a group, one must be aware of the parts of the other performers. It is necessary to focus on the rhythm, the theme, the melody, the key changes and progressions of the work. In pre-composed pieces, there is a set series of notes to be played from which there should be little or no departure, unless it is agreed beforehand that there will be improvisation allowed, or a solo for the instrument. Playing with a group is a little more rigid and there is less freedom even in an impromptu performance where all performers improvise since it is the responsibility of each performer to maintain the theme of the song, building and expanding on it, but keeping to the general theme. In a solo performance there are no such strictures, but far more responsibility in that it is the single person's goal to convey the theme of the song and keep the listeners entertained. More variation of melody is required, more complex sequences of notes in order to make up for the lack of accompaniement. However, both are enjoyable in their different aspects."

Jeranium makes a kind of rumbling noise in his throat, gaze fixated on Kestria as she answers.

Shinnai glances over at Jeranium briefly, then smiles at Kestria. "You did bring your preferred instrument?" she inquires of the victim... uh, apprentice. :)

Caramak nods slowly as she speaks, then glances from Jeranium, to Shinnai, back to Kestria...

Kestria smiles and nods to Shinnai, "I rarely leave my room without it, Master. One never knows when one may be called to perform." she reaches for her flute which sits in its case at her feet.

Shinnai smiles, arching an eyebrow. "Good. Then you'll be so kind as to play for us an Istan folk song called, most familiarly, 'Waves Ashore.'" 

Kestria smiles and begins to put her instrument together with a nod to Shinnai. She checks its tune briefly, moistening her lips as she raises it to them. She takes a moment to capture the theme and key in her mind before the first notes swirl into the room with confidence. A spritely tune speaks of the sea, lower register notes moving into the higher ones in a crescendo,
before moving back down in a decrescendo to represent the waves as they crash onto the beach and recede.

Shinnai smiles to the familiar tune, and even Jeranium doesn't look _quite_ as sour as he did a moment ago.

Jueann nods as she listens.

The melody enlivens itself as the flute moves into the higher registers, rocking its merry way around the listeners as if to represent a ship rolling on the seas on a fishing journey. It moves into a folksy sea shanty, often sung by some of the Harpers who were children from Seafaring families. It moves back into a little softer melody as the ship begins to make its way to
shore and home. The theme of the waves on the shore repeats itself, but softer and gentler as the fishermen return to their homes and families. Little glissandos make their way down the scale as she brings the folk tune to a close.

Caramak folds his hands quietly and sits back to listen and enjoy in silence.

From behind Shinnai's neck, Rhymert flips her wings and interjects a soft trill before her perch reaches up to quiet her. Not now.

Kestria lowers her flute, but doesn't quite prepare to take it apart, "If I may? I have a piece I'd like to share. I prepared it for this event when it came time."

Shinnai glances around to the others. "Oh? Well, I don't see why not." 

Kestria raises a questioning look to the others.

Caramak smiles as the piece comes to an end, then blinks, and glances about. Ooo. Then he smiles and nods encouragingly, wondering what she would have prepared for the occasion...

Kestria smiles and nods and closes her eyes for a moment, lost in remembrance as her emotions come to the fore.

Kestria draws herself up straight and brings her flute to her lips. She takes a moment to compose herself, wetting her lips briefly before closing her eyes and beginning to play.

Soft tentative notes emerge from the flute, soft and airy in their gentle tones. Little questioning trills make their way into the major melody which barely begins to take shape. The tune is deliberately unsure and a very near, but not quite discordant note or two are heard amongst the trills and hesitating flow of music. The first stanza ends and the second one begins with a little more certainty. A simple exercise is played; a scale in C major, up and down just one octave, then two, then three. The key changes to G major and the exercise becomes more complex, a series of arpeggios followed by glissandos and rapid
series of trills, her fingers flying over the keys with practised ease before she launches into a well known gather song.

The next movement takes the melody into a peaceful, happy tune, yet it speaks of routine in its repeated sequence, starting on the tonic and rising in thirds to the dominant, then returning once more to the tonic. After a moment the song moves into a struggling tone, the notes quick and sharp and impatient in their expression. This small refrain builds and becomes
stronger, finally settling into a pattern which builds in tension, lower notes moving into higher ones before a glorious climax of one long held note. 


The song returns at last to a variation on the first theme of tentativeness, but this time there is an undercurrent of security, knowledge and perhaps a  bit of wisdom as you sense a new beginning unfolding. A repetition of the simple exercises appears briefly before moving into a short, happy tune filled with wonder and excitement and just a hint of nervousness before ending on a joyous sequence of notes played in cascading triplets and trills.  Opening her eyes slowly, as the final note trails off into silence, Kestria takes the flute away from her mouth.

Shinnai seems contemplative, a hand reaching up absently to quiet the unusually restless Rhymert as she considers the piece before her.

Caramak ponders the song a moment, then a broad grins strikes his features as the theme strikes him between the eyes...

Kestria sighs softly even as she smiles and lowers her flute to hold it at her waist, her eyes shimmering suspiciously in the light.

Jueann leans back, closing her eyes. 

Shinnai glances across to Caramak, noting the sudden glow appear above his head, and her eyes twinkle slightly as she turns again to Kestria with a soft swish of Igen fabric. "Thank you, Kestria." She smiles.

Kestria lifts her eyes and nods with a smile to Shinnai, not trusting her voice at the moment as she swallows.

Caramak flicks his wrist, and an OOC light appears in his hand, which he sets on the floor.

OOC: Caramak grins. "Ok. Next section is newbie orientation. Because newbies tend to page people who have titles 'n stuff..."

Kestria points to the OOC light, "O.K... but you don't need to use OOC..." ;)

Caramak grins. "Was just gonna wonder why I was using that." ;) "Anyway. What are the things a newbie, a real raw newbie, show do...? They've got a char; but are trying to figure out what to do to get started. Still in the Birthplace, there're no guides on duty, and they're asking for help." :) 


Kestria smiles, "O.K... step 1... make sure they got a desc and a gender first... 2.. explain the rules of this MOO to them... 3... maybe help them develop a character a bit, asking them if they've read the books or are familiar with Pern at all... 4... explain IC and OOC... nothing worse than someone who doesn't know the difference... and if I could back up... /first/ explain the commands for communication, the say or " command and the emote command... aheh.. yeah, that would be first... 


Shinnai grins. "Backing up is allowed. :)"

Caramak says, "Ok, skipping merrily ahead; organizing events on-MOO. What are some of the things to keep in mind, as far as things like scheduling go?  And, just to cover ground a little faster since it's late, we'll throw in: What are some of the differences in interaction between MOO and RL?"

Jueann sighs. "I need to head out. Thanks for letting me sit in

Caramak nods...."See ya, Jueann!" :)

Jueann bows to all

Shinnai smiles. "Bye, Jueann, thanks for coming!" :)

Jueann walks out into the ballroom.

Dyan walks out into the ballroom.

Dyan follows Jueann obediently.

(Jeranium harrumphs.)

Kestria groans softly, "O.K... organizing events.. you have to take into consideration that people are in different time zones and have RL responsibilities, and may not be able to make it even if they promise they will, witness the dreaded connection and lag beast, so you have to prepare for someone not being there as well as trying to find a time which is convenient for the most people. When dealing with the MOO and RL you have to consider that there are /real/ people at the end of those characters you're playing with... they have real lives to deal with and have real feelings that can be hurt by your actions. This is getting into that whole IC/OOC/VR/RL thing and MOO dynamics.

Kestria smiles, "Shall I continue along that vein or is that enough?"

Shinnai nods. "Which you did mention in explaining OOC/IC to newbies. Well, I assume you could probably go on for about ten more hours on that line..." ;) 

Kestria chuckles, "I'm spammy tonight! More so than usual..." ;)

Fletcher says, "Morespam!"

Shades licks one paw and rubs her ear with it a few times.

Kestria blinks at Fletcher, "He speaks!" ;)

Fletcher says, "Only to spam. :) Sorry. :)"

Caramak flicks the OOC light back out of existance. ;)

Kestria quickly puts her flute back into its case, placing it back onto thefloor by her feet as she turns her eyes back to the panel. 

Shinnai settles again in her seat, smiling pointedly at Jeranium for a moment. 

Caramak glances around the room, locking eyes with each, and puts his hand on a drawer, checking opinions silently, carefully keeping his own face neutral. 


Jeranium harrumphs, peering from beneath dark brows at Kestria. 

Shinnai glances at Caramak, giving him some signal or other.

Fletcher quirks his mouth to the side in an amused sort of way, his gaze washing over the ensemble and lingering a moment on Kestria. 

It's truly amazing just how much Jeranium can look like a tuber when he sits like that.

Caramak nods at the signals, then smiles broadly, and pulls open the drawer, diving his hand into it. He comes up with a moderately elaborate knot. 

"Congratulations, Journeyman," he says, standing and walking over to her, the knot held out.

Shinnai doesn't keep back her smile any longer, rising to stand behind Caramak. "An excellent exam," she compliments.

Fletcher moves lightly to his feet, his hands silently clapping together as he glides to flank Caramak opposite Shinnai.

Kestria blinks her eyes rapidly a few times as she inclines her head to 'Mak, "Thank you Master!" she says in her clear voice, which trembles just a little as she takes the proffered knot. Her gaze moves to the others as she begins to grin, "Thank you, Master Shinnai." finally overcome, a few happy tears begin to trail down her cheeks.

Shinnai's smile turns into a grin. Always nice to see a properly grateful Journeyman. ;) "Hey, no time to start weeping, we've got to squeeze in some celebration before you begin your _real_ work."

Caramak turns his head to grin at Shinnai. "Shhh! Don't tell her before she puts that knot on!" Broad wink to Kestria.

Fletcher chuckles softly to the two Harpers and says softly to Kestria, "Congratulations. It's been long in the coming, but you definitely deserve it."

Kestria laughs and wipes the tears from her cheeks as she moves to put her knot on, "That would be wonderful!" her gaze travels to Fletcher as she smiles warmly, "Thank you, Fletcher." she replies softly, dispensing with the titles at last.

From behind Shinnai's neck, Rhymert pokes her little green head out beside the left ear, and chirps once, blinks, and then shuffles her wings to tangle her perch's hair.

Caramak glances around at the others..."Flying Mug? Cloudscrapper? Anywhere else? Go home and get some sleep? What's your mood?"

Sayanna walks in from the ballroom.

OOC: Kestria chuckles at the spelling of the Lounge... 'Scrapper? Well... guess it /has/ been on ocassion...


You say, "First things first, Master Caramak. Shall we first record Journeyman Kestria's achievment in the scrolls?"
Shinnai smiles to Sayanna, then, as she enters. 


Sayanna steps in and stops, wondering why all these folk are so solemn. 

Caramak chuckles and nods. "Although we might just wait til after we do a little bit of celebrating, first..."

Shinnai quirks an eyebrow at Caramak and seems amused. "Aye, after you're in your cups and can't spell worth a used glow?"

Kestria grins widely at Sayanna and laughs lightly, "I don't care where we go as long as it has Benden Red!"

Caramak winks at Shinnai. "Tomorrow's soon enough, ain't it...?"

Kestria stops laughing, but still chuckles softly as she asks of 'Mak, "What? Afraid of a little hide work are you?"

Shinnai chuckles. "Oh, I suppose. Cloudscraper? I don't know that the Mug has such delicacies as Benden Red," she points out. "Besides, I haven't been there in far too long."

Caramak grins at Kestria. "Not afraid. Terrified. Let's got get somethin' ta drink."

Kestria turns her twinkling gaze to Shinnai with a nod, "Sure! It's close to my room... easier to stagger home from there." she winks at the Master.

Sayanna smiles at Kestria. She's worked hard for this. She should get to celebrate.....

Shinnai grins. "And, if necessary, for me to stagger to appear at my parents' doorstep for the night," she agrees. "Sayanna, did you have some purpose besides congratulating Kestria, or will you join us too?"

Kestria reaches down to pick up her flute case, cradling it in her arms as she looks expectantly to the others, "Shall we?"

Sayanna blinks. "Oh, well I mostly came to watch Kestria, but I could try to have a drink or two,...

Sayanna smiles. Try, indeed. She'd better try not to have as many as last night.

Caramak makes a beckoning gesture. "Let's go, folks...The night grows old, and I already am!"

Shinnai nods decisively, shrugging her robe into place on her shoulders and nearly dislodging Rhymert in the process, who chirps indignantly. "Then, we shall." And strides toward the door.

Sayanna walks out into the ballroom.

Kestria walks out into the ballroom.

Journeyman Jeranium simply harrumphs, creakily rising from his chair and retiring to a desk at the back of the office.

You walk through the double doors into the lounge.

Cloudscraper Lounge (#3988)

Deep blue carpets the floor, its thick pile cushioning tired soles and muffling footfalls. Several tables, dark brown and polished to a high gloss, are scattered across the room, each surrounded by an escort of comfortable looking leather-covered chairs. The walls are paneled in the same dark wood, occasionally sporting a jewel-toned tapestry or painting. A long counter stretches along one wall of the room, its wooden sides and brass accents gleaming from the bartender's careful polishing. A rack of glassware hangs overhead within easy reach, and one filled with bottles stands against the wall behind. A set of glass-paned double doors in the middle of the far wall lets the sun in to light the room and reflect off the gleaming wood and brass of the furniture before being broken up into thousands of tiny fragments by the glasses. Beyond the doors, a small segment of balcony can be seen overlooking the Island . A large pair of doors leads back out to the landing. You see Black Chess Set here. Kestria and Caramak are here.

Sayanna walks in through the double doors from the east hallway.

Shinnai smiles, walking softly across the carpet with the other harpers. "Such a nice job with this place," she comments. "It was never this nice when I was growing up."

Caramak beckons over a drudge, waving his arm quickly to get him to come over quickly. "Benden red, and lots of it, man..." He glances around. "Anyone want anything different? Speak up quick, if so..." 

Sayanna says, "WHite"

Shinnai smiles. "Some of that sparkling white would do nicely for a celebration, don't you agree?" she tells the drudge.
The drudge nods, and heads off quick, then hesitates...Well, ok, he wanted lots of red, so I'll just get lots of /everything/. He grabs a skin of white, a skin of sparkling white, and a skin of red, along with the requisite four glasses, and trots promptly back over to the group.

Sayanna gets up and offers to pour for everyone, as she is the apprentice still.

Kestria beams as she gazes round the Lounge, not caring at this point /what/ she's drinking, as she finally responds to Shinnai's comment, "It /is/ nice here isn't it? I like to come here and we've had some very pleasant get togethers here." she smiles at 'Mak in remembrance.

Sayanna pours 2 reds and 2 sparkling whites, as she's never had it. She sits and waits for the inevitable toast.

Shinnai smiles cheerfully to the drudge. "Thank you, Horis," as she takes her glass and nods to Sayanna, inhaling the heady fragrance of the wine. "Excellent."

Caramak returns Kestria's smile with a nod. "Yeah...So we have..." He takes his glass with a smile of thanks to Sayanna, and ponders a toast...

Kestria takes her glass from Sayanna with a smile of thanks as she looks at 'Mak expectantly.

Shinnai holds up her glass, and waits for the toast.

Caramak sighs. Trapped into thinking again...He raises his glass in Kestria's general direction. "A toast...To a woman just today rewarded for work above and beyond the call of duty. To a woman whose exemplary performance should be inspiration to others. To a woman whose talents in her chosen field are many, varied and abundant in greatest measure. To our newest Journeyman...Kestria."

Sayanna raises her glass at this. "Nice one. Congratulations, Kestria."

Shinnai smiles, and raises her glass to Kestria. "Journeyman Kestria," she repeats the title, just so the woman can get accustomed to it, then sips the sparkling wine.

Caramak raises his glass to his lips and sips deeply.

Shinnai grins. "And now one that poor Kestria can drink to. A toast to Journeyman Jeranium, since he's not here and can't complain."

Kestria blinks her eyes at 'Mak as they grow suspiciously shiny again, but she smiles and raises her glass, "Thank you... thank you all. I never could have done it without the help of your teaching and your wisdom. It is to you that I owe my thanks and my position. I will continue to strive to meet the expectations you have of me." she sips her wine slowly, then positively beams.

Sayanna smiles over the edge of her glass. "Does that mean I have to listen to you in clss now, Journeyman Kestria?"

Kestria grins to Sayanna, and chuckles, "I don't even want to /think/ about teaching yet... at least not tonight." she winks, "But be prepared for when I do!"

Kestria catches Shinnai's comment and laughs, "Indeed!" as she takes another sip of her wine.

Sayanna can't imagine some folks being able to shift gears (do we have gears here) fast enough to do well in her classes. "You'll have to beat some of us into submission, i think."


Logfile from Shinnai





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