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July 2002


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Main Hall and Ballroom

The echoing space of the formal Ballroom is a mosaic of mosaics.  The floor is covered with a precise and colorful ocean, slim pillars of smooth marble reaching up to support the balcony overhead.  The low, flat ceiling decorated

with bright golden-yellows and reds in a depiction of a partial eclipse of Rukbat.  Beyond the cover of the balcony, the space rises in an airy arch far overhead, an ironwork window round over the gracefully curving marble staircase.

An elaborate mural lines the walls, stretching from the mosiac on the floor to the ceiling.  One the 'northwall' and 'southwall' are portraits of some of Pern's influential Masterharpers.  The 'eastwall' and 'westwall' show aspects of

harper life. Watching from a bit of artistically carved lintel are six firelizards. You see Muff and Leyte here.

Kirsyn walks in.


Jueann walks in.


Jellem walks with a somber look down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.


Elas walks in.


Liesana walks in.


Kurt walks in.


Ke'chara blinks in from ::between::!


Ylisa walks in from the Instrument Workshop.


Ke'chara gently sets down the Shifting Patterned Egg.


Ke'chara gently sets down the Glittering Sea Egg.


Jueann looks over the Hall as it starts filling with apprentices, journeyman and masters and sighs.


Liesana slips in quietly, just a rustle of cloth from the hem of her skirt. Because, oh yes, Liesana is in a skirt.  A formal suit, no less, full of starch and ruffles and severe angles, her hair braided and bound on her head and run through with several hairpins.  Someone's gone all out, it seems.  Although she manages to take a seat over with the other journeymen and senior journeymen without incident, and folds herself easily into a chair, although she's oddly quiet.


Jellem walks in with his normal flute case over one shoulder and guitar in the other, staying silent and generally out of the way for the moment 


Ylisa is standing close to the wall, also rather quiet.  In fact, she appears to be contemplating the floor, running her eyes across the mosaic as if searching for something in its design.  She's dressed in her usual restrained style, though the dress she's wearing does have the fresh color and crisp appearance of new fabric.


Kirsyn herself is (nearly) always outfitted in a dress, and sidles in, hips-a-swaying as she peers about the area, trying to find a place that might be nice to sit.  So instead, she settles for finding a place next to Ylisa and  hoping dearly that that will suffice.  A soft 'meep' is really all there is to herald her presence.


Elas peeks down into the hall from the stairway, then takes up a place against the wall at the base of the stairs.

Jueann makes for her chair at the master's table.  She smiles at Kurt, "Evening Kurt."


Everyone seems to be wearing a skirt. So is Kurt, actually. Hands folded behind his back, he clomps down the stairs in his heavy boots, looking more like a drill seargent than a Harper Master. His hair is slicked back, tied in a runner's tail with a black peice of leather. Looking over the tops of his wire rimmed glasses, he nods to Jueann and the others before heading toward the table.


Olen blinks in from ::between::!


At Jueann's nod, the drudges start bringing in the food.  Steaming platters of food is set at each table as the apprentices start digging in.  Jueann smiles at Kurt, "That's a new look for you, isn't it?"


Kurt shakes his head. "No. Old look, new boots."


Ylisa looks up as Kurt makes his entrance. She freezes for a couple of seconds, eyes locked onto the robed figure of her mentor, then manages to wipe the surprised expression from her face.  Noticing Kirsyn nearby, she smiles. "Hello, Kirsyn, how are you getting on?  It looks like dinner's ready - shall we find some seats?"


Liesana leans an arm on the table in order to chat privately with a colleague who's visiting from Fort.  Laughter rings out from both halves of the pair, muted with the arrival of the food however.  Perhaps it's just the clothing, but Liesana seems a little nervous about something, twitching glances up towards the Master's table at regular intervals.


Jellem moves silently to the apprentice table, after all, he's not a journeyman, where he sits down and idly glances around for those few that he knows well enough to feel comfortable talking to at the moment.


Kirsyn blinks at Kurt a couple of times before blinking and returning her eyes towards Ylisa.  "Dinner.  Right.  I've been getting on fine," she muses, giving herself a gentle push off of the wall and adjusting her dress, nodding to her fellow Harper.  "Dinner, we /should/ find seats.  Sorry, I'm a bit new at Harpering y'know."


Elas takes a seat at the apprentice table quietly and without comment, picking out items of food to place on his plate before he begins eating.


As the dinner continues, Jueann has one of the drudges bring to her several egg pots with fire lizard eggs in them.  Smiling, she thanks the drudge.  Turning to the apprentices, she stands.  "Can I have your attention?"


Elas looks up from his food to the call from Jueann, trying to bring his mind to the here and now, and out of the past.


Ylisa slips quietly into a seat at the apprentice table, sends her firelizard off to the nearest perch, and turns towards Master Jueann, eyes darting curiously towards the pots even as she listens.


Liesana isn't an apprentice, but gives her attention anyways, munching thoughtfully on a breadroll as her eyes turn and focus on the front of the room, and more specifically on Jueann and her egg pot.


Kirsyn blinks and looks up, eyes alighting on Jueann as she bows her head and pays attention like a good little harper apprentice.  Kirsyn.  Good little Harper apprentice.  Hah.


Jueann frowns slightly, "Jellem?  Aren't you at the wrong Table?  I thought I promoted you?"


Jellem shakes his head, "No ma'am.. still a lowly little tutor, ma'am.."


Jueann sighs, shaking her head as she turns her attention back to the eggs. She'll deal with that crazy tutor later.  "now then eggs.  I'm going to be giving these eggs to some of you apprentices because I've been watching you and I've liked what I saw."


Liesana is grinning a little bit from her seat, watching the eggs and apprentices' reactions to them with a quietly amused air, even as she attempts to keep a low profile and just munch at her dinner in between glances.


Elas tries to smile at the other apprentices, trying to guess wich ones will receive the eggs based on what little he knows about them.


And another point goes to the crazy tutor as Jellem sits and glances at the apprentices around him, gauging their reactions.


Kirsyn blinks, startled completely.  Wasn't there rumors going around that Jueann didn't like it or something?  Oy, Kirsyn is terribly confused...so she merely murmurs a soft "mmhmm."


At the mention of firelizards, Ylisa's eyes search out her blue Dani, and she doesn't look back at Jueann until she's seen that he's perched quietly and out of mischief.  Still giving most of her attention to the Master, but not showing any particular reaction to the announcement, she starts to pick absently at her salad. 


Liesana's left hand is idly letting the tail of her gold firelizard twine about it, while her right continues to wield her fork in an attempt to chase down a few elusive fingerroot medallions and pop them in her mouth.  Trying to look vaguely intelligent as she chews, she leans back towards her seatmate from earlier, the two journeyman trying to figure out which apprentice will get an egg.


Jueann smiles, "As some of you may have seen, I haven't been happy lately, actually, I like to see harpers striving for their best and lately, I haven't been seeing it.  However.... " she picks up a list, "The following apprentices will be getting eggs from my gold Ke'chara.  I'm not sure what's inside but that's the risk you take.  Mathis, Janicka, Niara, Sadahl, and Oliver.  You can pick which eggs after the dinner."


Kirsyn blinks with those owlish deep brown eyes for a moment (rather out-of-place considering the rest of her figure) and nods.  Well, she's not one of the ones mentioned in that little list there, so just clamps her mouth shut abruptly and sinks a bit in her seat.  Don't look at me, don't look at me...for the moment?


Ylisa relaxes almost imperceptibly as the names are announced, and a slight smile crosses her lips.  Could this be relief?  She turns to Kirsyn and says, very quietly, "The one I've got will do me nicely. He's actually behaving quite well nowadays - at last!" 


Elas has disconnected.


Jueann smiles, "Now then, we have a couple of promotions.  Journeyman Jeranium has recommended his mentee Erckle for sr apprentice as well as Apprentice Canie. Congradulations you two."


Kirsyn ooh's, and claps her hands for those being promoted, although she herself...well, Kirsy's not been a part of Harper for all that long, so wasn't expecting anything.  Matter of fact, she's glad to have done as well as she did.  


"Amazing..." murmurs Liesana to her seatmate with a droll twinkle to her eyes. "The old tub of lard actually /approves/ of someone..."  The comment is kept carefully sotto voce, however. 


Jellem has connected.


The housekeeper arrives to cart Elas off to bed.


Ylisa grins at the two who have been promoted, and joins in the clapping.  "Well done, Canie," she says to the nearer of the two, whom she knows slightly.  Then she reaches for her glass, for all that it contains only water, and raises it to the more distant of the pair.


A pair of little giggles can be heard from the shadows of the balcony above. It's Master Hydelia's twin girls, peering through the palings at the goings-on down below, and making plans as to how they can snitch some of the treats being served for themselves.  Carefully, one after the other, the two littlings make a stealthy progress down the staircase.  Will they be intercepted?


Jellem smiles at the ones being promoted but otherwise stays silent, things on his mind


Kirsyn's eyes catch sight of the twin little girls, and Kirsy muffles a squeal. She /adores/ children!  But now's probably not the time to go sprinting over with cookies, y'know, so Syn merely wriggles deeper into her seat for the moment  and keep her mouth shut.


Ylisa concentrates on eating for a few moments, cutting meat and savouring the rich sauce.  Then she turns to her neighbours, as there seems to be a break in the proceedings, and asks, "I just got in from Grinstead; what's been going on at the Hall in the last few days?"


Jueann smiles at Kurt, "Are you ready?" She asks softly.


Liesana joins in the light applause for the newly knotted, before falling silent and concentrating on her dinner.  The twins are spotted, and given a conspiratorial wink, and a little nod of her head towards an unattended tray of  meat pastries.  But then it's back to keeping a watchful eye on what Jueann is up to.


Kurt nods slowly, still sipping his chilled cider.


Jueann smiles, "Every so often, we get a journeyman that excells in all they touch.  This journeyman is such, although, she's a bit young for the title of master, by no means, she holds the record.  Now some of you may think I had an end for this poor person, on the contrary, I was giving her her mastery exam when no one else wanted to find the time to do a formal grilling.  I hope in time she'll forgive me." Turning to Master Kurt, "Why do you go and invite this person to the Master Table?"


Kirsyn blinks at the quiet interchange between Jueann and Kurt, twitching in her seat anxiously.  Eee...and then a hand raises to her mouth and Kirsyn gaffs.  A Master promotion!  Oooh...and Kirs settles back to watch.  From the rumors she heard, she just /might/ know who it is, to boot.  Fingernails scraping into the arms of her chair aren't doing that because of /tension/ in the room.  Nooo.  

Kurt sets his cider down, sparing Jueann a stonecutting Glare as he pushes himself to his feet, stepping away from the table without a word, his boots echoing through the now (hopefully) silent ballroom as he walks through the tables. He looks at each Journeyman and Senior Journeyman, looking right into their eyes to see if they think that it might be them. Nope, not you, not you... the black-clad Harper stops at the far end of one table, peering with dark eyes at all those who may be watching, letting the tension build.


Like a cell finishing mitosis, the two twin girls split apart when reaching the bottom of the stairs, taking different routes to the unattended tray of goodies. But the kidlets don't finish their raid.  Nope, instead they turn around and stare with fascinated eyes at the Journeyman's tables after Master Jueann makes her announcement  "Who d'ya think it is...?"


Ylisa leaves her fork on the plate and sits up straighter, her attention now on Kurt as he makes his way across the room.  Her eyes flick in a certain person's direction, though: she's got her own theory about this.  A grin slowly forms as she notices how Kurt builds up the tension.  


Jueann sighs as Kurt still haven't forgiven her for what she did but she still had to follow tradition.


Liesana... twitches.  Twitch.  Twitchtwitch.  Is she nervous?  Is she just play-acting for dramatic effect?  Or is it a little bit of both.  As Kurt makes his way down the line of the table, she takes a steadying sip of her wine.


Jellem watches Kurt's movements, "Get on with it.." he mutters under his breath


Kirsyn fidgets in her seat.  Faranth, you've practically got her biting her nails...tension is getting to her, indeed.  


Shandi begins to notice this, and those quick little eyes catch on all the figures in the room.  FB peeks out, but not too far.  They might start hitting on him you know.  


Kurt folds his hands behind his back, tilting his head back slightly as if turning his nose up haughtily. It's all for show, you see, though his presence does tend to be a bit intimidating, which is good, at least in Kurt's opinion. Whirling around, he rests his folded hands on the small of his back and walks the length of the table, not looking at anyone else but his destination now,

dark eyes locked on his victim. In the silent room, Jellem's voice may carry more than he thinks, especially as he walks past. The man in black whirls around to Glare at him. "Do you have something to say that is of some importance?" he asks, putting the spotlight on the Tutor.


Qovin walks down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.


Jellem drums his fingers on the table, "Not particularly.. not that I ever do.." he says with a slight shrug


Kurt nods, lowering his brow. The room is now deathly silent, not even the sound of breathing audible. Kurt nods slightly, folding his hands behind his back, still engulfed in his performance. The usually soft spoken Harper takes a deep breath and belts out at the top of his lungs, his lowered tenor voice reverberating and echoing througout the ballroom "Then BE SILENT!" there, let /that/ build the tension a bit. Oh, how he enjoys this...


Jellem rolls his eyes but let's Kurt enjoy his little departure from reality by being quiet.. for the moment..


Kurt holds his hands out at his sides, raising them slowly as he asks quietly, voice barely carrying, his dark eyes scanning the group overtop of his glasses. "Does anybody have anything to say?" turning palms upward he gives them a few seconds to protest, or complain...if they /dare/.  


Jueann chuckles softly as she watches Kurt and Jellem face off yet again.  Those two.  "I swear, I'm going to lock you two in a room and throw away the key."  


Kirsyn sinks lower in her seat.  She has nothing, nothing at all to say.  She's silent as a newborn lamb.  She doesn't want to risk being kicked out of HarperCraft, no no.


Jellem glances over at Jueann and rolls his eyes with great exageration at her, just to make sure she can see it (after all she is like.. old and stuff)


"Jest gerron wit' it, ye young rip!"  comes a voice from the shadows.  Drudge, probably.  Leyte , probably.  But can this be proved?  Nope.  


Ylisa starts a little, taken by surprise as Kurt shouts; then she realises what he's doing, and grins, glancing round surreptitiously at those nearby to see their reactions.  In answer to the question, she says ... nothing, of course. She just keeps very, very, still.


Wonder of wonders, an amused little smile is starting to play across Liesana's lips as she watches Kurt in action.  Napoleon complex at work, apparently. Although Liesana would'nt have a clue who Napoleon was, of course.  


Falada walks in.


Kurt drops his arms to his sides, and addresses the voice. "Then perhaps you would like to escort with me..." he holds out one arm ceremoniously, palm facing downward loosely as he turns slowly "Our new...Harper...Master..." with each word, he turns a degree closer to Liesana, looking down as he unpins the knot from his own shoulder, fastening the pin so he doesn't stab anyone, and takes a half bow at the waist, one hand behind his back, holding out the hand palm upward to Liesana, "To join us at the Master's table."


Torkenz bounds down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.


Jellem claps loudly for Liesana, "Woohoo!"


Reeba strides quickly down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.


Qovin has disconnected.


Jueann chuckles, shaking her head.  "Trust you Kurt to do things freaky."


A broad smile lights Ylisa's face as she hears who the chosen one is, and her hands move together of their own accord.  "Liesana!  Brilliant!"  She joins in the applause enthusiastically.


Falada joins in the applause with silent enthusiasm!


Kirsyn ooh's!  She /was/ right, how...unusual!  And shoots up in her seat to her full height to beam and offer congratulatory praise and such, whatever's needed and expected, etc., etc.  "Liesana!"  And a couple of whoo's follow that as well, hopefully masters won't do anything creepy, right?  Right.

Journeywoman Reeba enters the ballroom, unusually late, hearing sounds of joy and congratulations.  "What's this? Liesana what? Master?  Most excellent!" she says to those around her.  Spying Jellem, she swings over to stand next to him.


Liesana is fairly beaming, eyes alight and grinning wide enough to likely cause some serious soreness in the morning as she stands from her seat in a rustle of her unaccustomed skirts and takes up a stance beside Kurt.  "... Thank you," she manages after a moment.  "Thank you all... I'm... honoured."  Amazing.  The verbose legal specialist is actually being brief.


Jellem continues cheering for Liesana


Kurt breaks into a grin, showing  that it was all just a show and ceremony as he offers his arm to Liesana to escort her to the master's table. "Well, shall we?" he asks, nodding toward the table at the front.


Jueann chuckles, "Well... just dont' stand there.  Walk Liesana."


The housekeeper arrives to cart Qovin off to bed.


Kirsyn aww's...these things must be so emotional and special for all.  She /won't/ cry...really.  Kirsyn's not prone to tears...let's all go on thinking that.  Even if she has no particularly deep personal attachment to Liesana, you know.  "Walk!"  Shrill little pipe-up of a word.


A brief acknowledgement to Jellem that she is here, Reeba slides down the aisle and tries to quietly sit at the journeyman's table without causing any sort of distraction...this is a big moment for her mentor after all.   Listening to the usual chant of "walk", Reeba smiles and watches as Kurt escorts Lies.  


Ylisa joins in with the calls of 'Walk," still grinning merrily as she watches Kurt and Liesana.


"That we shall," agrees Liesana as she alights on Kurt's arm, and, with a firm glance down at her feet to remind them that yes, they /can/ move, she begins to walk, in cadence with the chant and grinning all the way.  Oh, for this she can certainly forgive Jueann /completely/.  In a week or so.


Jueann chuckles as she waves Liesana to the vacant chair.  "Now then, on to business."


Falada has produced a pocket version of the ever present sketch pad and is recording the event on paper.


Logfile from Kirsyn





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