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June 1999


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Ganu walks in.

Teraille walks in.

Qunold blinks in from ::between::!

Azalea walks in.

Teraille descends the staircase, one hand lifted to rub tiredly at the back of her neck. Her braid is pushed forward over her shoulder, and her other hand toys idly with the end of it as she smiles at the apprentices and moves over towards the long table set up for journeymen, bypassing the apprentice tables to take her seat.

Kellira walks in.

Jellem walks listlessly in through an arch from the great hall.

Caramak walks down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.

Laurenlee walks in.

Kandar with a song in his heart and a harper's twinkle in his eye, walks in through an arch from the great hall.

Kestria walks in.

Oriana strides quietly in through an arch from the great hall.

Caramak descends the stairs, carrying with him a small box and a single hide, well-covered in markings. He makes his way towards the Master/Journeyman table, setting the hide face down and the box atop it. For a few moments, he considers remaining standing, then decides to seat himself.

Ganu sits quietly at one of the apprentice tables, a little unsure of himself

Azalea drifts into the hall, letting her gaze linger over familiar features of the hall as she heads for one side, remaining standing while she still has opportunity. Her smile is warm as she nods to other harpers, but for now the apprentice is without words.

Oriana glances around, admiring the mural which covers the walls as she works her way toward the Master/Journeyman table. Finally, she greets Caramak with a warm smile. "Good Evening, Master Caramak."

Kellira scans the quickly filling room for her friends. She shrugs, not sure who's here and who's not. She finds herself a seat at one of the apprentice tables.

Jellem walks over and sits down at one of the apprentice tables

Laurenlee hurries and grabs a seat next to Jellem, smiling up at him, "I thought it was really good!" She whispers.

Caramak glances up at Oriana and blinks twice. "Master Oriana," he counters, rising. "Come to take over the meeting?" he inquires lightly. "Or come to eat while I narrate?"

Kandar enters and tries to find the group of appies he left behind a moment ago. He spots Jellem and waves over, walking over and taking a seat acrros from him.

Kellira smiles as Jellem and Laurenlee sit at the same table. "Anyone know what's for dinner?"

Reeba strolls down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.

Oriana chuckles lightly as she takes the empty seat next to Caramak's. "No, no, I'm here for the food," she assures him.

Lyne walks with a skip and a smile in through an arch from the great hall.

Laurenlee shrugs grinning, "Nope! But I'm hungry!" A loud growl emits from her stomach and she blushes.

Ellena walks down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.

Teraille offers a brief smile to Mak as he descends the stairs, then turns her attention to a quiet perusal of the room, momentarily interrupted by the appearance of the Masterharper, who's granted a puzzled glance, a hesitant smile, and a nod of greeting. Then, again, that glance moves on, travelling around and around the room as the Weyrharper runs the poor thing ragged.

Kestria takes stock of the room and the placement of tables, quickly making out the single table set aside for Journeymen and Masters. A pat of her braids, a smoothing of her gown and a schooling of her features and she's ready to approach. More mindful of watchful apprentice eyes than that of rank, she dips a curtsey, and makes her greetings, "Masterharper, Master Caramak." Her sun-touched eyes twinkle warmly as she glances upwards at the pair from her bow... and winks. Outward show of respect made, she slips into a seat along the table.

Kellira chuckles at the growl, and lays a hand on her own empty stomach. She leans in and whispers, "If /someone/ is walking the tables, maybe there'll be bubblies for dessert!"

Laurenlee grins at Kellira, "Those are sooo good! I hope so!"

Ganu 's eyes gleam. "Bubblies? Like 'em!

Reeba walks in quietly hoping that her late entrance is not noticed. Seeing the Masterharper, she pauses before sliding over to the Apprentice Table. "Bubblies, well I think I could down a few myself" she says quietly.

Ellena smiles and waves at her friends. "Hi!"

"Ah." Caramak's punchy syllable indicates...acceptance, at least, of the Masterharper's non-usurpation of his duties. He flashes a grin at Teraille when he seems to have some portion of her attention and then a more sedate smile in Kestria's direction. "Kestria...Good of you to make it." His gaze flickers around the table. "You know...it just occured to me that I'm the only one at the table actually posted to this Hall." He seems vaguely bemused by the revelation.

Ellena releases Greenwitch, who launches into the air.

Oriana gives Teraille a pleasant nod in response, without interrupting her preparations. She turns again to Caramak in conversation. "Your cook always does wonders, you know. Not that our own isn't talented, but it's a different menu. Kestria, nice to see you again," she pauses to greet the familiar Journeywoman.

Laurenlee waves at Ellena, "Hey!"

Kandar grins at the others and motions a shush, "I'd be most quite happy with anything to eat."

Ambar walks in.

Katariina walks in.

Ellena grins at Laurenlee. "Heyla, Laurenlee! Look at all these important people!"

Teraille catches smiles and nods, and returns those she spots, but her attention is a touch preoccupied, it would seem, by her inspection of the room... and her napkin, which she is dutifully folding and unfolding in a series of rhythmic motions; if one could make music with a piece of cloth, the journeyman would be doing so.

Ambar sees Laurenlee here and runs over with a big hug. "Hey Lauren! It's been too long!" She then turns and greets her other friends around. Kellire, Jellem, Ellena. She is quite obviously happy to see all her friends again.

Quickly outskirting the irratic path of an apprentice, mis-placed scrolls held tight at hand, Lyne starts what will soon turn out to be a long-lasting grin. Confusion of the crowd flits over her face for the briefest of moment before recognition filled her warmed eyes of almond. Finding the main source for her coming here -- nevermind the visit that was promised to others -- the bluerider makes her way slowly towards Teraille. Seeing she just might be the only one left standing, her beeline is cut short to that of the setting next to Azalea, of which she quietly sits at.

Reeba calls to Lyne to get her attention. "Hey Flower lady, I finally finished that ditty based on your party. Thanks for having me" she says with a smile.

Laurenlee hugs Ambar tightly, "I'm so happy you're here!"

Kestria arranges her skirts and flashes a smile at Teraille as she enters and then joins in the teasing, "Feeling lonely, 'Mak?" Secure in the level of surrounding conversation, she dispenses with titles. Another smile is paid to Oriana, "And you as well. Speaking of cooking though, I'll be well pleased with anything that isn't /herdbeast/ based. Keroon seems to have an almost endless supply of it."

Ellena turns to Ambar. "Hi there! How's Tillek?"

Kellira grins brightly at Ambar. "Wow, you're here! It's really good to see you, Ambar."

Oriana smiles pleasantly to Kestria. "I thought you liked herdbeast," she counters. "That's why we posted you there, of course."

Kandar waves over to Azalea as she walks in, "G'eve Ambar. How's it been going?"

Caramak chuckles lightly. "Feeling...Not sure. Amused," he answers Kestria. "Somewhat pleased to see this little event so well attended. As for myself...I'd be more pleased to see a little less seafood in the daily diet." He shrugs. "Hasn't killed me yet, thought."

Ambar stands back, "And I finally got my dress too! Take a look." She swirls around and lets the green skirt sail around. 

Turning to Ellena, she grins and says, "Oh, it's pretty nice. A bit cold, but not too bad, especially here in spring." Yet another turn is made to Kellira, "And I haven't seen you in /way/ too long." Another turn, a 'hi' to Kandar, and she realizes that with greeting all the people she's missed, she's getting a bit dizzy.

Torlan walks with precision down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.

Laurenlee ohhs! "It looks great! I wish I could wear mine!" She pouts, but smiles.

"So now my lifemate's obsessions have granted me with the name of flower lady? How kind of you Reeba." An impish wink is soon to follow as Lyne looks towards the party-goer amaibly, intrest flickering in her eyes with the mention of music. "You've actually done something in so few days? That's impressing." And truely she does look impressed as she swings her leather beset legs over the bench to speak to others more comfortably.

Ambar tilts her head, "What happened to it? I thought that this kind of gather was just what you got it for?"

Laurenlee grins, "You think I should put it on?!"

Sapphira Slowly and mysteriously glides down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.

Kestria chuckles in appreciation of the return teasing of the Masterharper, "Oh, I /do/ like herdbeast. I'd just appreciate a little more variety." She shakes her head a little, "Honestly though, we do have quite a wide range of choice in meals at Keroon, what with the bays and sea being so close."

Ambar nods, "Of course! It was supposed to be a gather dress after all. Besides, with so many people here, don't you want to look your best?"

Sapphira bounces down the stairs, smoothing out her clothes and stops at the bottom to look around for a place to sit.

Laurenlee grins, "I'll be right back!" *I'm just gonna act like I went sumwhere to change...*" What do ya think?"

Ambar nods approvingly, "Much better. Now I heard there was some free food. Where is it...." She looks around the room, saying hi to anyone and everyone.

Reeba says, "Well dear Lyne, it's only a ditty and an "apprentice ditty" at that. I'm certainly not going to perform it for lesson credit. But it was a great party and fun to try to come up with a song for it. I'll sing it for you sometime."

Caramak looks over the room and considers aloud to his tablemates: "I think I'm going to get things started, and let the food drift in. We really ought to get started, and get through as much as we can...Because /I'm/ hungry." In accordance with his words, he stands and starts pinging a glass with his belt knife. Ping! Ping! Ping-ing!

Oriana notices a serving person passing by and catches his attention briefly, sending him off to fetch a platter for the Journeymen/Masters' table. "He should bring you something more interesting, Kestria," she assures the journeyman, "And a bit of wine for all of us. Teraille, how are you?" Now that the woman is seated nearby, she can greet her properly. "I trust your trip back here was uneventful."

Ganu feels a little at a loss, among this wide sea of faces which he dosen't know, but scince he's here already....

Kellira looks around in response to Ambar's question. "I don't know, but I'm gonna have to go back to the Mug if we don't get some food soon!"

Azalea finds herself slipping into a seat next to Lyne, and grins at the bluerider. "Hi," she greets her friend cheerfully before leaning back to see around the long line of apprentices seated at the table in hopes of catching a glimpse of food coming or something, and then another to the journeymen and masters seated at their table at the pinging. Started on the food sounds really good.

Teraille, in accordance with the /pinging/, stops the restless roaming of her eyes, bringing the around to linger on the pinging, standing Master. She blinks a few times, attentively.

Kestria smiles her appreciation and gratitude and even anticipation at Oriana before dutifully turning her eyes 'Mak-wards. Pinging gets a response.

Torlan glides down the stairs with more bounce than usual. He nods to his mentees, and especially to Katariina, and then plops down. He quietly waves to everyone else and sits, waiting to see just /how/ much he missed.

Reeba quickly finds an empty seat at the lowly apprentice table. She'll walk someday she says to herself.

Sapphira spots an empty seat at the apprentice table and slides in beside what looks to be an apprentice at her first meeting. Brown eyes roam around the room to find someone Sapph knows, finding many before her eyes turn to Caramak.

Jellem looks around the room

Katariina, after just sort of standing there for quite a while, glances up at Torlan, returning the nod. Soon after, she wanders over to the apprentice table, slipping into the nearest empty seat.

Kellira glances over at Ganu, not recognizing him. "Hi, I'm Kellira. I don't believe we've met before," she grins.

Lyne smile and nods towards Reeba, managing to murmur in: "Magnolth certainly enjoyed himself throughly also..." before her words fade from the sound of the glass. Attention is also paid due around the perimeter of the table in hopes to spot an amount of food. None seen quite yet, she flashes a rather brief but true smile towards Azalea; rapt attention soon paid towards Master Caramak.

Caramak calls out over the subsiding din, "HARPERS and...other Harpers." There really is no neat pairing to be made. "Welcome. Dinner should be arriving shortly; I'm going to speak over it so that we, or especially /I/, can get to it more quickly, so please bear with me, and keep it down to a dull roar that I can shout over."

Ambar sits down in as close to a knot of her friends as she can get.

Ambar decides to keep quiet, with the possible exception of the occaisional whisper to a friend.

Ellena finds herself an empty spot at the Apprentice's table, and quietly looks around her.

Laurenlee leans over to whisper something to Ambar.

Ganu smiles at Kellira. "I'm ganu, from High Reaches. I was sent here to deliver a message . " He smiles and nods. At the sme time twiddling his fingers

Reeba hears the thundering sound of a stomach rumbling. Horror or horrors, it is hers. She holds her arm across her belly hoping to quiet the beast and not distract the others.

Kellira grins. "Well met, Ganu," she whispers. The sound of a voice raised above the general noise draws her attention. She turns towards the head table.

"Our first order," Caramak (aka, the Bellowing Master) continues, "is to announce an upcoming event for the Craft...and more specifically, for this Hall and even moreso for myself personally. I suspect a large number of you know already, but Journeyman Teraille and I are officially engaged to be handfasted; the event should take place as soon as it can be organized, which is to say, in a few months, most likely. With this announcement comes the correllary that she is returning to the Istan Crafthall from the Weyr, and Journeyman Torlan will be taking her place as Weyrharper."

Laurenlee grins happily.

Ambar looks a bit confused, wondering if polite applause will be the order of the day.

Kellira hmmms. "That's quite a switch, isn't it?," she murmurs to those around her.

Jellem looks down at the announcement

Ganu lets out a good-natured cheer for the lucky pair, and quickly dies away, unsure if it was allowed.

Reeba smiles at the loving couple. "What a great team they will make, don't you think?" she whispers to her fellow apprentices.

Oriana grins, pleased, across the table to Teraille. Caramak, of course, is still speaking; she's congratulated him already. She finds her wine glass still empty; time for a toast later. Instead she lifts her water glass, for the time being.

Both hands raise ungloved to be clapped above the table's edge; Lyne's eyes wandering from those mentioned. This is one announcement she'd already heard of, having already heard bother her mentor and the new Weyrharper about the Weyr. Still, a congradulatory smile is shot towards the three, all in a polite order.

Teraille's mouth curves in a smile somehow softer than usual for her, and her eyes actually drop with might almost be called demure modesty. Then flicker up to Mak again quickly, though, and she fights to control the traces of color that are, for the moment, only making her cheeks "healthy" as opposed to "scarlet."

Sapphira smiles broadly at the announcement, but quickly hides the pain and regret in her eyes and face.

Ambar pats Jellem, noticing him a bit more downcast than usual, "Come on, cheer up a bit. this is a /happy/ thing," She whispers to him.

Torlan claps at this announcement, and half-yells, "Here's to a happy and eternal pairing!" He nods to Teraille, and then to Mak, and then returns to his quiet seat.

Ellena smiles a quiet smile.

Kandar picks up a spoon and softly clinks his glass quickly smiling, then looks back up to Caramak for the next announcement.

And as if on cue, servers begin to make their way into the room carrying trays laden with bowls and platters. To each table they approach and begin to serve. Unfortunately for the Istan Master Harper, much of it is seafood. For appetizers, the 'cooks' have prepared lovely sushi rolls -- fresh tuna mixed with river grains and wrapped in seaweed. Cucumber and avocado slices serve as edible garnishes. Earthenware jugs of warm river grain wine are placed several to a table, surrounded with small pottery cups. Thankfully, or hopefully as the case may be, it's just the first course.

Ellena smiles at the Masterharper, giving her friendly salute.

Kestria smiles broadly at the pair, glancing from one to the other and applauds quietly. Her congratulations are simply mouthed, silently, but are no less heartfelt or sincere. And the twinkle in her eyes suggests an added expression of 'about time!'.

Ambar immedietly digs in. She's never really had sushi before, but hey. Nothing's stopping her from having it now! As another one disapears into her mouth. She smiles at the general happy atmoshpere

Sapphira looks down at the food as it placed in front of her and mutters under her breath. "I may have lived here all my life, but I am still not that hungry to eat that...that...stuff." She blinks as she may have said that a bit too loud and pushes back a strand of hair, looking up to the head table again. She'll wait for the rest of the meal.

Kellira sits, twining a strand of midnight hair around her finger, glancing frequently at the door. She sighs in relief as the platters of food are passed. She mmms at the sushi rolls and serves herself some of those and a glass of wine. "Finally," she chuckles.

Caramak pauses long enough to flash a small downwards in Teraille's direction -- how could he not? As his gaze raises again to the Hall, his smile lingers, although it does not retain quite the same intensity. "For our next item, I turn the floor over to Journeyman Torlan." He gestures to the named Journeyman and slides into his seat.

Laurenlee claps when the food comes...she's so hungry! "I hope they're very happy!" She says to her friends, but she couldn't keep her eyes off the food.

Ellena gratefully selects some sushi, and takes some wine.

Azalea claps along with the rest, eyebrows raising fractionally in Torlan's direction, as she hadn't yet heard who was replacing Teraille. But nevertheless she smiles yet again, an expression that quickly grows into a happy grin as she catches sight of the servers and the food they bear. "Oooh, that looks good," she murmurs to those in her general vicinity, following the approaching sushi rolls hopefully with her eyes. Why does she always end up sitting in the place that gets the food last?

Ambar notices Saphhira being rather picky, and asks, "Something wrong, Sapphira?"

Kandar wows at the flashback to earlier times as a young boy at his seahold, He immdiaetly digs in. Not as good as his mother's but, it's okay.

Reeba begins to chuckle. "You know, for us apprentices, life just got more interesting. Teraille and the Masterharper to please." She is coming to the realization that Life is never dull in the Hall.

Jellem takes a little of the food, though only eats a little of it

Oriana passes the platter to Caramak as he turns the floor oven to Torlan. "Try the tuna rolls -- they're good tonight," she whispers advice.

Torlan stands and waits for everyone to finish glancing over their food to look up. "Yes, hello. Well, this is one of my favorite parts of being a Harper. Katariina, would you please come up here and stand next to me?" He gestures to where she is siting, in the apprentice section.

Sapphira looks over to Ambar and smiles slightly. "I never have liked seafood." she replies simply and looks over the table for some herdbeast, but doesn't find any.

Teraille slides some items onto her plate as her attention slides to Torlan, then Katariina. Then back to the food.

Katariina blinks, glancing over to Torlan in utter surprise. After a little, she stands, making her way over to Torlan, standing at his side. Remaining silent, she glances up at him, puzzled look on her face.

Reeba smiles at Katariina. "Go ahead, walk it girl. Walk!

Enjolras blinks in from ::between::!

Lyne looks questioningly down towards the sushi as unfond memories come back to her of when her father tried to fish with her once. The platter is politely passed towards the person next to her -- her plate remaining empty -- before she looks towards where Torlan stands.

Ganu grins, understanding dlooding in. "Walk, Katariina, walk!

Kellira blinks a few times, swallowing around a piece of tuna roll. "Oh! I didn't know one of /us/ were walking tonight! Go Katariina!"

Caramak grins at Oriana, and accepts the Masterharper's advice...and a good deal of food. His plate fills with shocking speed -- evidently, he's used to eating quickly. He begins eating, rather than conversing...he still has speaking left to do, and hence, will be behind the rest of the room in their meal.

Ellena begins to chant "Walk Katariina, walk!"

Kandar looks at Katariina and smiles. Joining into to the age old chorus, "Walk Katariina. Walk!" he chuckels at the look of surprise on her face.

Torlan waits long enough for the murmurs to subside and for Katariina to feel completely confused. "Well, Katariina has recently had her Journeyman Project approved, and with that comes a new title..." He pulls, from his back pocket, a new, larger knot out. No wonder the man was sitting uncomfortably! "Katariina, would you do this knot of Sr. Apprentice the decency of displaying it on your shoulder?"

Azalea glances up briefly to Torlan and almost misses the platter as it comes her way. "Ah, whoopsidaisy..." she murmurs in surprise, reaching out hastily to take it before it hits her. Quickly she heaps a few of the sushi rolls onto her plate, adding extra avacado, and passing it on in time to belatedly join the clapping for the new Senior Apprentice. "Go Katariina!"

Oriana applauds politely, pausing in her meal as she allows a small, warmed carafe of wine to be placed between herself and Caramak. She enquires of Teraille, just loud enough to be heard over the room's noise, "I'm curious what her project will be."
Reeba cheers "Well done. Well done!"

Katariina's confused look disappears, a look of happiness shining in it's place. Glancing down at the knot, anb back up at Torlan, she grins and nods. "That I shall do, with great pride!" She finally manages to say, beaming happily.

Ellena applauds and gives Katariina a thumbs-up.

At the Masterharper's question, Teraille smiles lightly and leans over clooser to the woman. "She's organizing a travelling band of sorts, to visit various Holds in the area and perform for them... I understand there will be a few new compositions included in their repertoire..." She lifts a roll, slipping it into her mouth as she smiles over at the newly promoted senior apprentice.
Kestria has nibbled on several fish rolls and sipped part of a cup of wine during the proceedings, but she lowers her cup to the table, applauding Katariina.

Oriana smiles approvingly. "I'll have to come hear this band," she comments, finishing her applause so that she may occupy her hands with food and drink.

Ambar nods slowly, "hmm... I wonder if it'll be going through Tillek...."

Sapphira applauds for Katariina and smiles at her before catching a server on his way by and asking for a glass of water, a big one in fact.

Laurenlee has connected.

Torlan grins, and waits for Katariina to take off her /old/ knot to exchange for the newer one. "Now, Katariina," and he turns to Oriana and Teraille, "has decided to organize a band for her project. So, Katariina, congratulations! I think I speak for most of us when I say that it was a well-deserved promotion!"

"Good job Katariina!" Lyne chuckles as she applauds, remembering the time the she recieved her own Senior Apprentice knot. It was outside of a bar...Thus is why the chuckling resumes to be later hidden by that of the rim of her cup. Skipping on the sushi, she couldn't pass on the wine. No sensible Harper would.

Caramak joins the applause...but with one hand on his leg. This keeps his other hand free to shovel food from tray to plate and plate to gaping, bottomless maw. He keeps a careful eye on Katariina and Torlan, however, waiting to reclaim the floor.

Ganu has connected.

Reeba takes a sushi roll and refills her glass. "A band....wow, is that ambitious!" she cautiously notes.

Katariina giggles, and removes her old knot, handing it over to Torlan.

Ambar nods to Lauren next to her, "Wow, it would be pretty fun to go on tour like that."

Ellena says, "I think it's a great idea. So many people never get to hear music, unless they can get to a Gather."

Sapphira looks around her table that she is at and sighs softly, seeing no food that she cares to eat. Tried all she has many Turns ago, she remembered hating them. Her eyes then go up to the head table once more and she wraps her arms over her stomach to try and keep her hunger down.

Kandar nods at the apprentices beside him, "I wonder how she's going to go about setting it up." he eat a little more rice, and finishes the shushi.

Reeba listens to all the responses and interjects "Don't get me wrong - it's a great idea. The logistics will take a lot of work. She'll certainly deserve her next knot when it is all said and done."

Kellira nods, picking up the last bits off her plate. "You can say that again! I can't imagine how she came up with this!"

Kandar nods and picks up a tuna roll, "I do hope she'll play for us here first. I'd love to here the /new/ songs that were mentioned."

Torlan sits back down at the table, relinquishing the floor to Caramak. His bit is finished.

Reeba goes to speak and then realizes her mouth is full. Quickly swallowing the last morsel on her plate she replies "I don't think she'll have a shortage of volunteers to either play, write or carry her. I'm sure the weyrs will support such a worthy project."

Katariina returns to her own seat, adjusting her new knot as she does so.

Ganu puts on his knot.

Caramak stands up again as Torlan retakes his seat, and Katariina follows suit immediately after. "One more item of business this evening...And for this one, I turn the floor over to Masterharper Oriana, visiting us from Fort." And again, he returns to his seat, this time to let Oriana take over.

Oriana rises at her seat, projecting her voice strongly to make up in volume for her lack of vertical height. "Thank you, Master Caramak." She nods graciously to him. "I have an announcement tonight that I think all of you will be interested to hear," she begins, her eyes catching the light briefly as they take in the gathered crowd of individual faces. "As many of you may know, a few sevendays ago, Journeyman Teraille took a trip to our main Hall at Fort to face an examination panel."

"For several days, she answered questions and solved problems the likes of which a Harper Master is faced with. At the end of this session, she returned to Ista to wait." The Masterharper smiles slightly. "I'd like to announce tonight the results of that examination." She motions for Teraille to stand, and circles around the table to be next to her.

Azalea shifts in her seat to the straightest position she can accomplish, leaning forward slightly with baited breath as she listens to the Masterharper speak. As she gestures, her gaze snaps over to Teraille expectantly, eyes gleaming with anticipation.
Ambar holds her breath in tendion.

Kellira sits forward, wineglass arrested in mid-motion.

Teraille, at least, is definitely interested in this, her gaze centering on Oriana and her face touching that curiously blank visage which is all emotions combined: the white of facial expressions. At the motion, the journeyman rises, her motion fluid, if a bit more slowly than normal; no uncertainty touches the movement.

Lyne sits and watches the faces about her, bemused by the commentary that passes from person to person as word spreads about the room. Taking passive sips from the glass of sake held within her hand, her eyes and ears soon venture to that of Caramak's position at the foremost table. Smile grows steadily brighter as does the 'rider's posture as she hopes what the MasterHarper's implying might be true.

Caramak settles his chin on his hand, managing to obscure his mouth behind his hand. Not that this actually hides the twinkling in his eyes, but he can't do that without putting his head in a bag, and even then, a gleam might get through.

Oriana brings out, from a hidden pocket in her sash, a complex looping of cord which bears, as a centerpiece, a single cut sapphire the size of a man's thumb. "Teraille, I stand as a representative of the Harpercraft when I proclaim that you are now promoted to the rank of Harper Master, with all the duties, honors and priviledges appertaining thereto." She smiles welcomingly as she extends the knot and a friendly hand. "Congratulations, Master Teraille."

Ellena leans forward and crosses her fingers.

Reeba smiles as Master Oriana finishes the the announcement of Teraille's promotion. Proudly she stands to applaud her mentor. "You deserve it Journeyman, no 'Master' Teraille....way to go Tera!!!"

Ellena rises to her feet, applauding wildly.

Ambar claps long, loud, and sincerely, as her eyes go rather bright. A new maser is always very special.

Laurenlee has connected.

Teraille's brief hesitation and inhalation is all that shows that a doubt ever existed in her mind. Her left and accepts the knot, and her right accepts Oriana's offered hand, her expression remaining dignified for all of a moment or so before the smile kept behind those floodwalls explodes out onto her face, and she grins at Oriana with open pleasure. "Thank you, Master Oriana," she says.

Kandar rises along with the other apprentices a grin enveloping his face, "Great, another Master to boss us around." he says with obvious affectionate sarcasm, "Congratulations 'Aile, and good luck!"

Khayet slips quietly into the room more from nature his nature than attempted stealth, down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.

Katariina, eyes shining brightly, applauds upon the announcement of Teraille's promotion, rising to her feet as she does so.

Ellena abandons all pretense of decorum and does a little happy dance.

Ganu has connected.

Azalea sits a moment in surprise as it takes a moment to really sink in, then she's on her feet with the others, applauding loudly. "Congratulations, Master Teraille!" she adds to the hubbub, grin spreading rapidly across her face for the former Weyrharper of she was posted happily under for so long.

Torlan stays curiously calm and unexcitable while he waits for the results. As he hears that she has passed, and become both Ista and the Harpecraft's newest Master, he cheers. Rather than utter any individual complements, he simply claps and sits. He'll congratulate her further later when she is less, well, less flustered!

Reeba runs to Khayet and hugs him excitedly "Did you hear, did you hear??? Teraille made MASTER!"

Kestria doesn't begin to applaud immediately, no. Instead, she gently scoots her chair back away from the table and rises to a standing position. In honour of the ocassion, she curtsies, offering the respect due a Master of the craft, "Master Teraille. My congratulations." She completes the bow and then rises, finally bringing her hands together in applause.

Caramak's hand slips away from his mouth, revealing the smile that he could not conceal. His hands come together slowly, rhythmically...perhaps not quite as wildly as some of the Apprentices, but there can be no doubt of the mixing pride, pleasure and, well, pleasure in his face.

Khayet more shocked at the hug than the promotion, he does eventually hug back.

Sapphira just looks up and smiles at Teraille, nodding slowly as the knot is given. She does not however stand up or cheer, her mood won't allow it, seen through the sadness in her eyes, which is quickly replaced by anticipation.

"A few words, Master?" Oriana suggests to Teraille as she circles back around the table to retake her seat. "Your fans are waiting," she jokes more surreptitiously.

Elli walks down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.

Ambar waves happily to Elli and signals for her to come and sit down.

Elli grins at Ambar as she dashes in the door, brushing disheveled curls into place. She takes a seat next to her friend.

Reeba whispers to Klahman, "Please excuse my exuberance. I'll have to contain my warranted enthusiasm." Quieting down, Reeba tries to regain her composure and behave more like the senior harpers in the craft.

Ambar pats her friend in greeting, and says, "long time no see. How you been?"

Khayet chuckles gently, patting Reeba on the back, "Have a seat lass...."

Kestria only re-takes her seat when Oriana does, her sun-touched eyes remaining attentively and expectantly on the newly made Master.

And here's Lyne whose main purpose for coming here was to transport a couple of scrolls to the newly appointed Master. A proud smile graces her face as she too stands up to join in the general hub-bub of the excentric Harpers. No cheering is given as she pauses from her rhythmic clapping of hands to sit back down, waiting till later to give her personal congratulations.

Kandar chuckels at Reeba as she sits back down again. "Not a problem."

Jellem goes home.

A short, breathless laugh escapes from Teraille at Oriana's words and Kestria's curtsey, and she turns to face the apprentices and journeymen, her mind whirling with an attempt to phrase the situation in a way worthy of a Harper Master. "Oh, my," is all she can say to begin. "This... is marvelous," she says after a moment. "I can't tell you all how I feel about this... and more than the promotion itself, your pleasure in it makes me feel worthy of it. I owe so many of you so much: help in studying, a shoulder to cry on, a friend with whom I could laugh and forget the world.... The greatest honor in my title of Harper Master is not the Master, but the Harper. And I thank you all for making it such a joy for me." That said, the newly knotted Master sinks into her seat, speech concluded and limelight ceded.

Ambar bursts again into applause

Oriana's smile is pleased as she nods approvingly, applauding Teraille's brief speech. "Well said, Master Teraille." She's obviously taking some enjoyment at using the new title -- just to help the woman adjust to it, of course.

Khayet readily applaudes the acceptance speach, still not having taken a seat. His smile not just on his still pale face, but twinkling in his eyes.

Azalea has disconnected.

Kestria simply nods and grins in agreement with Oriana's words. Indeed well said. She too applauds again.

Lyne goes home.

Azalea has connected.

OOC: Teraille says "And, that said, I'm going to shift the meeting into OOC terms, with a decidedly "on" flick of the OOC lamp... For those of you not familiar with the terminology, that means that the 'OOC:' thing isn't necessary at the beginning of poses; they're just assumed to be OOC. And, with that... We slide into OOC and turn the floor over to Katariina, who wants to talk briefly about that project you just heard about. ;)"

Oriana sighs... does this mean no more sushi? ;)

Ambar has disconnected.

Teraille says, "No, sushi's fine... But it means you could also have M&Ms or Rolos. ;)"

Marius walks with a relaxed pace in through an arch from the great hall.

Khayet heads to teh fridge for a Dr. Pepper....anyone else want one while I'm there?

Sapphira goes for her Oreos then and a big glass of water. (BTW, strawberry milk is too sweet.)

Azalea whoos and breaks out the bloo m&ms, and then realizes Lyne left. Aww, the mascot's gone...

Marius stretches as he walks into the OOC-limelight, "Ooh, feels good to be home."

Torlan says, "Rolos!? Yum. Anyone else want some? ;)"

Elli nods. "Got any Sprite, Khayet?"

Kandar hmms, "Get me a cream soda Khay."

Sapphira looks to Khayet and shakes her head. "No, cola products will set my migraine aflare again. Thanks anyways."

Kandar claps his hand twice and lets a large Rocky Road Banna Split fall into his hands.

Oriana didn't mean to start a food fight.. Sheesh. Let Katariina speak, folks. :)

And Master Teraille's seating of herself seems to signal the next course in the meal. Enter more servers. This time, they come bearing trays that bode of exotic, yet varied fare. Steam trails over the heads and shoulders of those carrying the repast, wafting scents of food throughout the room. Tender wherry, mixed with lightly sauteed vegetables, still crisp and glazed with a teriyaki sauce. More, steamed river grains accompany the wherry. More seafood is also served, but cooked and also spiced or battered and fried, most notably, calamari rings. Warnings are offered about the noodles which are said to be very hot, spiced as they are with chilis. Fortunately, there're also bowls of simple mixed vegetables and lightly spiced herdbeast for those less adventuresome in their cuisine tastes.

Katariina mwuahahas. ;) "Okay.. First of all, the thing that I'm going to need most, is help from all you guys. To make this project really go anywhere, I'll need lotsa people to be in the band. :) With that said I'll just give a brief description of what I'm going to be doing. Basically, we're going to do several performances all 'round Pern. ;) There would be a few RPed 'rehearsals', as well as a few OOC meetings. I'd be doing a fair amount of composing for each performance, although it'd be very spiffy to have compositions from all of you guys, as well. And so I don't spam you all, here comes part II..." ;)

Marius waits with baited breath.

Katariina continues. And steals the Rolos from Twerpish. Mine. ;) "For each performance, I'm planning on having a signature piece, although what that'll be is yet to be decided. Of course. ;) And....Actually, I think that's it. Anyone have any questions, since I wasn't at all as spammy as I thought I was going to be?" ;)

Khayet says, "Need a violin or guitarist? ;>"

Teraille wonders when all this will be happening?

Elli has disconnected.

Reeba says, "Great idea Katariina. I'll help you in whatever way you need most."

Oriana has old songs that nobody's heard in a long time, if at all. If, that is, you need music. :)

Azalea oohs at more food and grabs a little (or maybe a lot) of everything, and nods in agreement with Tera. Was gonna ask myself.

Torlan glares at Snorkstress and /grabs/ the Rolo's back. Hrmph! ;) "Lesse. How many people would you want in the band, Katariina?"

Marius nods to Teraille as he lounges in midair, "Yeah, and how long is this 'tour' going to last?"

Ganu says, "need a flutist?"

Reeba says, "And of course, is it IC to have apprentice's travel on such a high profile harper tour? If Apps take part, there will have to be an explanation, wouldn't there?"

Teraille suggests volunteering wait until after the meeting? It will keep spam down. ;)

Sapphira says, "Sapph will do voice, harp or pipes if you need it."

Oriana questions whether the tour should be Pern-wide, or just around Ista? Katariina, you're at Ista, I presume? The island is more manageable as far as travel goes.

Torlan suggests that we maybe slow down and let her catch her breath? ;)

Azalea imagines poor Kata typing like mad at her keyboard, and nods. ;)

Oriana notes that it would also allow lots more apprentices at Ista to be involved, but would also therefore disallow others posted elsewhere. Just a thought... I'll stop spamming you now. :)

Katariina will need all sortsa instruments. I'm hoping to have some acting type stuff thrown in the performances, too. :) *nodnods to Oriana* Any extra music would be greatly appreciated. Better to have too much music, rather than not enough. :) As for when? Umm. That's the tricky part, since, starting on the last day of July, I'm going to be in England for a while, and then I've got Renaissance Festival.. Hopefully Oct/Sept. :) How many people? Probably 5-10ish. Probably around 10, so that if one or two people are unable to make it to a few performances, it won't be as big a deal. :) Yes, I'm at Ista, although I was hoping to do it Pern-wide. I want to keep it realistic, but I've got a lot of ideas. ;) *smirks at Azalea* I am. ;) Also, I think that it'd be fun to not /just/ include apprentices in this project, but have Harpers of any rank participate. :)

Sapphira hms softly. "Would Council allow Sapph to work her j-man project into this with small comic 'musicals' or do I have to do that seperately? Just a thought."

Khayet has connected.

Marius goes tacky and paraphrases himself, "How long will the tour go on, and will people be able to join and drop it when the tour passes their home Holds?"

Kandar raises his hand.

Teraille observes that questions /not/ directly to Katariina about the logistics can also wait. We've got a lot of stuff to get through, still, and I want to keep this moving...

Ganu has disconnected.

Sapphira nods and sits back to ward off her migraine then.

Torlan echoes Teraille's suggestion. I'm sure Katariina will take pages or @sends after the meeting is over. ;)

Katariina hrmles at Marius. Most likely a few weeks, including meetings, rehearsals, and, of course, performances. *beamks at Kandar* Yep? *nods to Tory* Yep. People are free to spam me to death after the meeting. ;)

Kandar says, "How exactly are you going to go about picking people if the response falls beyond 10ish? @send poses? IC auditions?"

Torlan really suggests we move on. Pester her after the meeting is over? ;)

Katariina has yet to decide that. But I'll figure something shortly. *nods* Moving on would prolly be a good idea. Once again, people are free to pester me. ;)

Teraille reclaims the floor from Katariina to talk about the final topic, one about which I /know/ a number of people have been wondering: what's happening with that exam? Well, I want to start by thanking everyone who participated, and to say that it was a success far beyond anything Mak or I were expecting. A total of 27 people tried at least one exam, with fifteen people answering at least some questions on all of them. The average score I was expecting from apprentices was around forty out of 120. Not only was the actual average over thirty points /higher/ than that, there was not one person who tried all six exams and got a forty or lower. I am /amazingly/ impressed by everyone, and want to thank everyone who made this such a fun project.

Sapphira hms. "Can I ask a question?"

Teraille says, "Can it wait? Please?"

Marius erps and feels bad for not having been around to take the exams. *sigh* Ah well. Since I'm not part of this sectior, I guess I'll bug out." He wavers and melts back into the shadows.

Marius goes home.

Sapphira shrugs and nods.

Caramak continues: "The first thing Teraille and I want to do is to announce the names of the people who managed perfect scores on each individual section of the exam. There was only one section on which no one managed a perfect score...the history. It also had the lowest average score of any of the exams, so I guess that shouldn't be a huge surprise. ;) However...On the archives exam, there /was/ a perfect score...from our resident RL librarian, Kestria." :)

Torlan grins, "Way to go, Kes! :)"

Reeba says, ":)"

Kandar chuckels. Makes sense, ;-)

Azalea cheers for Kestria!

Sapphira says, ":)"

Khayet applauds Kestria.....:>

Ellena cheers.

Kandar claps and hollars and waves. ;-)

Reeba says, "God we are a cheerful enthusiastic bunch:)"

Kandar nods.

Azalea says, "Must be the wine."

Kestria blushes and thanks all. :)

Kandar says, "Or the music."

Teraille grins and cheers Kestria and our next announcee... "On the law exam, as well, there was a single, happy perfect score. Everybody offer your congratulations to Ellena!"

Azalea whoos! Go Ellena!

Kandar yays!

Kestria says, "Woooooo! Congrats, Ellena!"

Ellena blinks in utter suprise!

Laurenlee yeahs for Ellena!

Reeba says, "Go Apprentice! Make us feel bad Ellena:) Well done!"

Torlan whees. "Congrats Ellena! :)"

Ellena says, "Thanks folks :)"

Caramak moves onwards to music. On this one, I owe all of you poor people who took the exam an apology, because the last question, which no one got, was mine. No one got it because it was, well, unfair. ;) It was a music theory construct explained to me by a jazz musician at the Berklee School of Music...and while he was an exceptional musician, he was not exactly prone to follow precisely with musical convention. :P So...we graded anyone who knew what a whole-tone scale was as getting the question...My apologies for that question. ;) With that adjustment in the grading system, however, there were three perfect scores: Ellena (again), Kestria (again) and Taliana. :)

Khayet applaudes Ellena too....:>

Ellena says, "Whoo-hoo!"

Kestria wooos, "Grats, Ellena and Taliana!!"

Reeba says, "I think I know two of the highest 5 scores:) Way to go everyone!"

Azalea whoos again for Kestria and Ellena, and for the absent Taliana.

Aislynn walks in through an arch from the great hall.

Kandar cheers.

Laurenlee wows at Ellena, "Twice!"

Reeba says, "I'm sitting next to Ellena in class!"

Ellena says, "Twice for Kestria, too!"

Teraille plows ahead as quickly as possible.... "Instrument crafting! Three perfect scores on this one, as well, despite some rather eclectic questions asked. People tended to do well or poorly on this one, with less middle ground than some. So, congratulations go out to Oriana, Taliana, and Kestria!"

Laurenlee wows, "That's great ya'll!"

Kandar yays.

Aislynn beams. "And Aislynn!"

Reeba says, "Dang Kestria, you are good! Well done all!"

Ellena cheers again.

Kestria says, "Yaaaaay, Oriana! And Taliana too! (cause I'm presuming there'll be a log she can read late.) :)"

Khayet again applauds Kestria and Ellena and Taliana....twice even....:>

Azalea waves to Aislynn. They haven't told us what your perfect score was yet. ;> "Whoa, how many didja ace, Kestria? Yay everybody!"

Caramak moves on to the last: Art. This exam went exceptionally well; the average score was the highest of any, and there were FIVE perfect scores. On this one, we had: Ellena, Oriana, Kestria, Khayet and Arialla. Which is, quite simply, awesome. :)

Aislynn giggles. "And Aislynn."

Kandar wowsers. Great job yall.,

Reeba says, "Wow, well done all "

Laurenlee yays for all!

Azalea cheers again. You must've been on a roll or something, Kestria and Ellena...

Laurenlee nods, "Yeah...I wish I was that smart!"

Ellena blinks in suprise, and blushes.

Khayet feints....Prolly the only one I didn't fail miserably....

Kestria woohooos a long list, "Yay, Ellena, Oriana, Khayet and Arialla!!" (Even if they ain't all here.) :)

Aislynn grins. "And Aislynn!"

Elli walks down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.

Oriana echoes, "And Aislynn!"

Aislynn beams and struts.

Ellena gives a big "Whoo-hoo!" to all the perfect scorers!

Teraille tickles Aislynn. "And now, the top five scorers overall. Before we begin these, I'd like to recap how prizes are going to work. We have two firelizard eggs and three instrument vouchers waiting in a nice, handy OOC sack, from which people can pull whatever prize they want. If you choose a firelizard egg, you have a choice: there's a green, a blue, or any of three browns (which will be hand-desced to the personality you desire), or you can take a chance that when my eggs come in a day or two, there will be a metallic among them. But: only two firelizard eggs will be given away. The rest of the prizes will be instrument vouchers." :)

Azalea cues the drumroll. ;>

Kandar does one on a steal drum. Intresting sound.

Reeba says, "What drum roll, I thought we were having Suschi rolls? :-)"

Oriana calls the guard and has Kandar arrested for theft. ;)

Aislynn jingles the tambourine. She's good at that, you know.

Azalea watches, fascinated as always by steel drums.

Caramak announces the first winner: the first place winner, the highest score with a total of an /incredible/ 117 out of 120 points...Definitely the person who did the most work in /finding/ the answers...With perfect scores on four of the six exams and a /low/ score of 18, the one, the only, Kestria!

Reeba says, "Wooohooooo!"

Oriana applauds wildly!

Aislynn leads a cheer, standing up and dancing.. "Hiphip HOORAY! Hiphip HOORAY! Hiphip HOORAY!"

Khayet stands ans applaudes.....:>

Kandar goes up the scale and does a trill on the top with the drum. ;-)

Azalea cheers, applauds, whistles, throws confetti and dances the cancan. ;>

Ellena whips out her bodhran and does a jig rhythm, shouting "Way to go, Kestria!"

Laurenlee has connected.

Reeba says, "What ya' takin' Kes?"

Reeba says, "Not that I expect to get anything myself mind you....just so Ellena knows what will be left:)"

Kestria blushes and giggles, "Thanks guys. For the congrats and for the examiners themselves for setting the exams. I had a /blast/ researching and actually learned an amazing amount of stuff. And for my prize, although I already have four of the beasts, I don't think I can pass up a personally desced firelizard, and since I don't have one... a brown would be nice."

Maiziera strolls down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.

Teraille notates a brown away, then beams as she gets to announce the second place winner... "Receiving a high score of 114, this apprentice scored only three lower than Kestria... which is, at this point, the number of weeks she's been a member of the craft. As some of you have guessed, our second prize goes to Ellena, appy extraordinaire!"

Laurenlee yays!

Khayet gives Ellena a standing 'o' too....:>

Kestria says, "Woooooo!!! Applause, cheers and congrats!!"

Aislynn does the same for Ellena, strutting around in rhythm.. "Hiphip HOORAY! Hiphip HOORAY! Hiphip HOORAY!"

Reeba says, "well....Well....WEll....WELl.....WELL DONE !!!"

Azalea says, "Yeah Ellena!"

Kandar does the opeaning theme the 2001 on the drum. @more

Reeba says, "I repeat, I'm sitting next to Ellena in class so the rest of you apps better not take my seat:)"

Oriana grins... not too shabby. :)

Laurenlee sits next to Reeba then!

Maiziera wanders in, late, very very late, and looks around, trying to catch her bearings.

Reeba says, "I wouldn't Laurenlee, I write sloppy:-) Unless I'm coping manuscripts or something of course!"

Laurenlee 'll sit behing Ellena then...

Maiziera has disconnected.

Reeba says, "Ellena, you have a following!"

Azalea rats and gets called for dinner. Congratulations to everybody and thanks for the meeting everyone; thanks for the cool exam Teraille and Caramak; thanks for the harpercraft anybody and I'll just go now before I get mushy. ;)

Azalea goes home.

Teraille holds out the grab bag for Ellena? ;)

Loeree walks in.

Maiziera has connected.

Ellena beams and blushes. "Thanks everyone. I have to echo what Kestria said; these exams were so much fun, and I learned so much! I have a green firelizard, and since brown goes well with green, I'll pick a brown lizard!"

Loeree creeps in late.......where she's been is anyone's guess, could she have gotten lost? Probably......

Teza slinks quietly in through an arch from the great hall.

Aislynn says, "Woo! Brownbrownbrown! :D"

Caramak marks down his clutch as minus two browns, and goes on to the next award...Third place goes to someone who, well, one could only have expected to do well. ;) She's been in the Craft longer than I have, and go figure! she's the Masterharper. ;) Scoring 110 out of 120, Oriana takes third prize. :)

Aislynn gives Oriana three big ol' cheers, "Hiphip HOORAY! Hiphip HOORAY! Hiphip HOORAY!"

Kestria says, "Yaaaaaaay, Oriana!!!"

Khayet applaudes still stand for Oriana.....:>

Kandar goes through a series of notes ordinarily played on a royal trumpet.

Reeba says, "Well done Oriana! Just what you probably need, another instument:-) A new one for the band perhaps? :-)"

Laurenlee claps loudly!

Oriana chuckles. "Well, thanks... of course, there are a couple of points I might wish to argue... *grin* But I think the real cheers should go to Teraille and Caramak for orchestrating this whole thing."

Maiziera applauds, her expression saying that she wishes /she/ would have had a chance to take the tests...

Teza sneaks in and does the 'clap' thing. "Yeah, Oriana... And Teraille and Caramak!"

Reeba says, "Here! Here! I agree whole heartedly with the Masterharper - great exam!"

Kandar noddels and confirms with a single GONG!

Aislynn does the threecheers thing for Mak and Tera, too, but I'm sure you'll all understand if I'm a little bored of typing it over and over. ;)

Teraille announces fourth prize as an absentee winner of sorts... Arialla isn't here at the moment, but earned herself a prize with her score of 97 out of 120. We will assume an instrument for her (since that's the only option ;), and move on to fifth place!

Laurenlee clpas again and again!

Reeba nudges Tera and reminds her that she could always give a blue or green FL to her favorite Mentee - Reeba:)

Ellena applauds for Oriana & Arialla.

Oriana reminds Reeba that there were two eggs, and they were taken by the first two... ;)

You say, "Fifth place went, interestingly enough, to the fifth person to get a perfect score on the art exam. That exam was curiously good at predicting the final outcomes for overall scores...So all our perfect scorers on that exam were our top five scorers total. And that means that our fifth prize goes to: Khayet. :)"

Reeba says, "Kidding, only kidding...geesh. I think I better calm down my joking when online:-)"

Kestria says, "Yaaaaaaay!!!"

Ellena cheers for Khayet and does a happy dance.

Kandar has no idead what to play next. He just voclaizes. "Whey ta go Harpers! Way ta go!"

Khayet again feints.....;> Does this mean, Mak that I know too much to be able to annoy you for RP anymore...? ;>

Reeba claps for Khayet and brings out her tiny orchestra in a box to play "Here Comes the Champion" in honor of his acheivement. "Well done!"

Aislynn says, "Hiphip HOORAY! Hiphip HOORAY!" Ais gets a second wind. "Hiphip HOORAY!"

Oriana states, "You can never know too much to annoy 'Mak for RP." ;)

Reeba says, "Is there anyway I can wrap you guys up and keep you in my pocket for when I get depressed....I love you guys!"

Khayet chuckles....and wahoos! I have the MH's permission to annoy!

Caramak notes that we have some more fun-loving awards to distribute, which have nothing to do with scores, simply fun quirks in testing. ;) There are a number which have been earned by people who aren't present; we'll leave those off for now, in the interest of saving time. They'll all be posted later. The first one of these being gifted to those present: The Barney Denial Award, for listing in her answer to "Which of the following colors are warm, as opposed to cool", every color /except/ purple. ;)

Kandar warns, "Careful, you may get trapped into a jar and called George."

Reeba says, "Funny...very funny....and the person is?"

Kestria giggles, "That's cute!"

Elli sniffles, and wishes the test had worked with her Telnet.

Caramak observes that Teraille was typing that, and supplies the name (as Mak.) Reeba, I'm afraid it's you. ;)

Reeba says, "Huh?"

Kandar waves and gots to go. Congrats Reeb! cya all!

Teza giggles at Reeba, then applauds.

Aislynn pipes up, "And Aislynn!"

Elli applauds loudly.

Oriana pushes Aislynn's head down again. "Stay," she scolds, waggling a finger. ;)

Reeba says, "I don't think that is right......seriously. Wish I had though.... Are you sure?"

Aislynn giggles and snuggles up with Oriana, content to be silent for now.

Laurenlee claps for reeba!

Caramak nods to Reeba. Yes, we're very sure. ;) We were very amused when we noticed it. ;)

Ryati walks in.

Maiziera boggles at the sheer spamminess of it all. =)

Ellena give Reeba a thumbs-up.

Kandar thinks the 'Denial' part of that award sums it up perfectly.

Reeba says, "I was sure I had typed in the real answer...must have overwritten it...:) "

Khayet applauds.....:>

Teraille grins at Reeba. You got it /right/, listing them as separately warm and cool... you just forgot purple. ;)

Teraille says, "The second of these awards we will call, simply, the Closure Award, granted to Loeree for being the only person, in listing the progression of whole and half steps in a major scale, to go up /and/ down the scale."

Reeba says, "Ahhh, now I see - duh."

Reeba says, "Woohooo....well done Loeree!"

Khayet applauds Loeree!

Aislynn says, "Whee, Loeree!"

Laurenlee claps loudly!

Ellena loudly applauds Loeree.

Kestria grins and likes that one!

Loeree blinks, from her corner in the back. "What? Me?" She says in astonishment ans she takes a tenative step forward.. "What?" She repeats..

Caramak announces the next amusement/award..."For successfully summarizing the life of Jaxom in a total of 16 words and under a hundred characters, Laurenlee wins the Brevity Award!"

Aislynn says, "Oh, Mak, tell us that one!"

Elli laughs and applauds for Laurenlee

Maiziera claps, and wonders how that was done...

Teza giggles and wants to hear too.

Reeba says, "Almost as good as walking the tables -eh Loeree? Wow....very well done Laurenlee!"

Laurenlee jumps up, bowing, "Thankyou Thankyou!" She grins at Tera and Mak, "It's about time!"

Elli says, "Anyone want to tell us what the 16 words were? I'm impressed!"

Khayet chuckles and applaudes.....(I wrote about 20 times that...) I wanna read it too....:>

Ellena invents a happy dance just for Laurenlee!

Caramak wonders if Laurenlee minds if we quote her answer. ;)

Laurenlee shrugs, "Sure...I don't mener what I wrote anyway... ":)

Loeree aplauds!

You say, "Question: Outline the major details of Jaxom's life (OOC: Explain your choices of what to include.) Answer: Born, lord under Lytol, Ruth, Lord, returned egg, sick. They just stick out in my mind."

Reeba wanders if this is the Master's way of rewarding us Apps who aren't as smart as Ellena (just kidding folks).

Teza grins. Talk about to the point. ;)

Aislynn laughs! Concise!

Laurenlee grins and wonders that too...but knows she's not that smart! :) *snugs*

Reeba says, "Are you sure she is harper material being so brief:)"

Maiziera just loves succinct-ness. What is the noun for that???

Teraille moves on to the next award, which we're going to call the Feminist Award... Sapphira, in her listing of vocal parts, named four... Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and "base," the last one, of course, reserved only for men, who, as any good feminist knows, are /always/ base. ;)

Laurenlee glares, "I just talk fast!" :)

Oriana grins at that one.

Reeba says, "Yeah, way off base! Well done Sapphy!"

Sapphira laughs and shakes her head. "I thought I took Chorus.."

Laurenlee claps for sapphy!

Khayet applauds Sapphy too....:>

Caramak goes for the next one. "This one goes to the Teacher of Teachers, our own dear Masterharper. We offer her the "Professor Award" for grading our questions as she took the test."

Aislynn breaks the snuggle. "And Aislynn!"

Reeba says, "Not an easy task I'm sure!!!!! Well done! And Thanks from all of us!"

Oriana chuckles. "Hey, it's my job."

Aislynn says, "And mine."

Aislynn giggles.

Oriana pats Aislynn on the head.

Aislynn grins.

Laurenlee grins, "Yeah!"

Reeba says, "Ais, you are hysterical:)"

Teraille grins and presents the next award: The Religion Award. This one takes a bit of explanation. In one of the questions, an appy decided to build his argument through metaphor... and a /good/ one. The HarperHall, in all its glory, was analogized to the equivalent of the Vatican. For this feat of piety, Kandar has earned this award. ;)

Laurenlee claps loudly for Kandar!

Aislynn didn't do that one. Just so nobody's confused. :P

Laurenlee giggles at Aislynn.

Reeba almost falls off her chair laughing at Ais! Well done Kandar, can't wait to read that one!

Caramak throws out another one. "Khayet got one perfect score, as was announced earlier...in art. While he did well in everything, this was certainly his highest score (go figure, it's hard to do better) and so we thought it appropriate to offer him the Repressed Artist Award."

Aislynn isn't at all repressed, of course, so she doesn't begrudge poor Khayet's win in this.

Reeba controls her excitement and does not hug Khayet this time.....well done Khayet!

Laurenlee grins, "Yay Khay!" that rhymes! :)

Khayet chuckles and starts wondering if he can switch IC majors? ;> I'm an artist RL, so I'd be worried if I hadn't done well with -that- exam....:>

Teraille draws near the end of this list with the second to last award of the evening... The Menolly Award, for our promising apprentice on this exam. Although she'd only been in the craft two weeks at the time the exam finished, Ellena /still/ managed to do better than all but one person, including almost all the council members who tried the exam. Thus the Menolly Award goes to her. Yay!

Aislynn just gives Ellena a big ol' hug. Hooray! :D

Laurenlee claps really loudly for Ellena, "Yay!!"

Ellena blushes.

Reeba says, "Well done Ellena - again! What more can we say??? Except I claim the seat next to you:)"

Khayet says, "Yeah!"

Reeba thinks bummer.....she thought her answer in Inst Making was hysterical and deserves an award. ' Which piece of wood in a harp must withstand the most pressure? [4] ANSWER: The one the fat lady is sitting on (Just kidding - a joke, really!). I would have to choose the levers.'

Maiziera puts on a little pout that she didn't get a chance to take the test... is it going to be put anywhere for people who missed it?

Caramak gets to announce the last award. Whee. :) "Well, we mentioned earlier that Kestria did more work than anyone else, and here we give our justification: Her answers to /every question/ were either the longest or the second longest. She did more research than your average barrel full of librarians...which is because she /is/ a librarian herself, and not confined to doing her research crammed in a barrel with other librarians. ;) For the exceptional quantity and quality of spam which she produced, we award her the Jay C Hormel Award, for reinventing spam.

Kandar deidels to see Khay. Heya. And congrats Ellena.

Teza laughs! Go Kestria. ;)

Kandar reidels to finish making changes to a rough draft. ;-)

Aislynn says, "Woo! Kestria is the Official Spam Queen! ~ ~"

Reeba says, "Good one! Kestria - you are my hero (next to Ellena):)"

Oriana grins all around. :)

Ellena says, "Whoo-hoo Kestria!"

Khayet cheers for Kestria again.....and starts taking notes about spammage....;>

Laurenlee would like to note that Kes is the best! and yays for Kestria, "She's sooo good, huh?"

Ellena gives a belated cheer for Khayet.

Kestria giggles and blushes, "Thanks!" :)

Teraille whews. "And I have one more announcement before we all take off... One which is a touch less perky than a lot of this. After three months as OOC CM, my time is up, and I'm going to turn over the reins. Expect a post about this in the near future, but Kaeryn is, as of now, the official Harper Council chairperson."

Laurenlee nods, "If it's good-yay! If it's not-I'm sorry..." :):)

Reeba stands and applauds Tera and 'Mak for a wonderful exam, meeting and general life in the hall. "Good Tera, more time to help her ailing mentees!"

Laurenlee applauds too, "It was tons of fun!"

Reeba hugs the entire Harper gang. You really are a wanderful bunch.

Elli hugs everyone too!

Aislynn beams. "And Aislynn!"

Teraille laughs! It's good. It's a break, and it's fresh blood. And it's the way the Hall works. ;) And with that.... We're done. Thank you all for coming, thanks to everyone who tried the exam, and thanks to you all just for being harpers and cool people. I love you all. :)

Kandar ends up coming back. "Great Term Tera. Thanks for the award. You and 'Mak did a great job. ;-)

Ellena jumps on the hug bandwagon.

Khayet cheers for Mak and Tera too.....:>

Kandar says, "About when will scores be posted?"

Reeba says, "We need a new tavern - "The Hugging Harpers" :)"

Laurenlee hugs and snugs everyone, wailing, "Everyone's sooo nice *grin*"

Kestria grins and gives three cheers for 'Mak, Teraille, and the entire Harper Hall!

Elli waves to everyone. "I better go. Bye everyone! Thanks!"

Reeba calls "Hip Hip...." and awaits the response....

Oriana quickly announces to all to check the web page for more awards, including the one given to 'Mak and Tera -- the Off-Key Bugler Award for efforts above and beyond the call of duty. :)

Elli says, "What's the web page address again?"


Laurenlee responds, "HOORAY!"

Reeba says, "http://members.xoom.com/HT_Harpers/index.html""

Sapphira disappears to treat migraine.

Reeba says, "Hip Hip......"

Sapphira says, "Thanks for the award. :)"

Sapphira has disconnected.

Oriana points at Reeba... she's quicker than me. :)

Kandar shouts to Reeba, baritone ringing through the ball room. "HOOORAAAY"

Elli goes home.

Laurenlee grins, "Hooray!"

Reeba says, "Hip Hip ..... "


Teraille says, "And more awards /were/ given for this; watch *harp for big spammy lists. ;)"

Aislynn says, "And don't forget Aislynn. :P"

Laurenlee WILL WATCH! *sorry bout caps*

Reeba says, "We could NEVER forget yuo Ais - NEVER!"

Aislynn beams. That Reeba.

Reeba walks over and hugs Teraille...."Master Teraille, it is an honor to be you mentee:)"

Laurenlee grins, "Who's Aislynn?"

Teraille declares the meeting adjourned; she's sleepy. ;) Watch for posts about other exam-stuff, and other things which 

happened at the meeting.

Teza imagines Aislynn wouldn't /let/ us forget her. ;)

Aislynn grins at Teza. "You got that right."

Kestria bips back to Keroon. ;)

Laurenlee still doesn't mener aislynn, "Which one is she?"

Khayet takes -this- oppertunity to pounce Mak for RP.....;> (be prepaired for rebounds when he says 'not tonight Khay....;>..)

Teraille ohs quickly! Those of you who won prizes! I need instruments or FL-desc guidelines...

Caramak doesn't think it's gonna happen, Khayet...I'm on Teraille's keyboard, and she's clinging to my arm. ;)

Aislynn obliges Tera happily. "Bloo, and sort of sassy."

Oriana will pass on hers; no need for excess baggage on my quota. :)

Teraille says, "Possessively. ;)"

Khayet bounces off of Mak....laughing even, Told ya....;> Ok, is there any chance of RP before Dragon-con?

Reeba hugs all and wishes everyone a good night! Love ya'

Reeba strolls to the Great Hall.

Kestria will mail suggestions, but will have very few methinks. :)

Kestria goes home.

Teraille goes home.

Caramak goes home.





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