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Dormitory Lounge

The gathering place for the Apprentices is only a little smaller in relation to the Dorms themselves. More polished stone fills the area with a muted reflection from the glows. Wooden tables are surrounded by dark colored chairs, offering many places to sit upon. A soft rug lines the center of the room, for those that don't enjoy the company of rigid seating arrangements. Off in the corner is a fine stone sand table for the apprentices to use for their studies.


Oliver walks in from the Male Apprentice Dorms.


Niara charges into the room, flinging the door open with such force that the hinges squeal in protest. She heaves a sigh of relief at the sight of Oliver and pounces, grabbing a hand to gather his attention. "Oliver! I need you!" she pants.


Oliver looks up from the hides he was actually *gasp* studying, and blinks blandly at Niara.  "I know." he replies flatly, "But we're a little young for that, yet."  And with those simpe words of wisdom, the boy raises a hand to run his fingers lazily through his hair and returns to reading.


Niara shakes her head, the panic on her face blanching the color from her cheeks. "No! Not that! I need a partner. For the dance contest! Journeyman Mimi is promising extra credit for her class if we can make it past the first cut. Please?" The frantic tugging on Oliver's arm is getting hard to ignore.



Oliver blinks in surprise and glances down at Niara's hands clinging to one of his and heaves a sigh, setting down the hides and pushing his chair back.  "What'll you give me if I do?" he asks, peering at her, not yet moving to get out of his chair.


Niara drops his hand as if she suddenly realized it was venomous. She stare mutely at him for a moment before blurting, "I'm not gonna kiss you if that's what you're after. I want to kiss you when /I/ want to. Not because I'm bribing you or trying to get you to do something. Never mind... I'll go alone. Maybe there's someone there..." She moves towards the dorms, her chin tilted into the air, her hands curled at her sides.


Oliver's eyes spark with amusement and his mouth turns up in a little grin, but he quickly erases the expression, hopping up out of the chair and stuffing his hands in his pockets.  A few long-legged strides catch him up to Niara and he repeats, "You want to kiss me when -you- want to?  I thought you said you'd never kiss me again."  He takes a little hop backwards to avoid any flying fists and cheerfully offers, "I'll dance with you if you want."


Niara pauses before the door, glancing sideways at him thoughtfully, taking in his expression and posture. Sharp remarks leap to tongue, but she bites them down. She /needs/ that extra credit. With a quick nod of acquiescence, she disappears into the room, "I have to change," drifting over her shoulder.



'Sugar 'n spice and everythin' nice' is an apt description. Nutmeg falls in silky locks to her shoulders, a few wisps falling forward to half-cover wide, mischievous blue-grey eyes. Pink-tinged cheeks dimple over a prim rosebud mouth. She finally seems to have grown into the tangle of arms and legs, a graceful touch in their movement. Her slender form is just beginning to swell and curve in the most delightful (if predictable) ways. Her voice is a sweet soprano that is developing clear and honeyed tones. She is the exact replica of her twin sister, Kirin , though most would not be able to tell any similarities between the dirt-covered tomboy and this little princess.

Softened bleached sisal snugs around Niara's shoulders and upper arms, opening into a flare of sheers that lay loosely from elbow to forearm. Delicate eyelet lace keeps the squared neckline from immodesty, but flatters the burgeoning figure of the young girl. Silver dragons chase each other's tails around the high skirtwaist in embroidered brocade, hiding the shift in material between bodice and skirt. Faille of harper blue falls in gentle lines to rustle about Niara's ankles, hemmed with a thick band of cobalt ribbon. Soft-soled black slippers lace around her ankles, completing the dancing costume.

Niara has pulled her hair into a frenchbraid, weaving thin ribbons and tiny silver clips shaped like firelizards into the hairdo. Tendrils have escaped, curling to frame her face.

A chain of interlocking silver and gold links clings loosely about Niara's neck, the inscription on the small medalion much too small to read with the naked eye.

A double cord of blue and white twist into a single loop, indicating the position of Harper Apprentice. She is a teenager of about 14.


Oliver huffs a little sigh and wanders over to the sofa, leaning against the back of it, apparently of the opinion that his own attire is fine--besides, it's all he's got.  He folds his arms across his chest and waaaaaaits.


Niara walks back through the door moments later, a nervous hand running down the front of her dress. "Oliver?" she calls out to get his attention. "Ready?"


Oliver glances up from where he's idly tapping a toe on the floor and his eyebrows raise involuntarily at the sight of the girl.  He stares at her quietly for a moment, then shrugs, shifting his weight fully to his feet and replying, "Sure."  He turns, deliberately walking to the door and out it.


You go to the Balcony Hallway.

You descend to the ballroom.

You go to the Great Hall.

You pass through the great doors into the courtyard.

You walk towards the beach.

You go to the Gather Meadow.

You walk towards the gather square.


Gather Square and Market

The east end of the square is open, save for the harper's stage, and a cooling breeze blows in off the sea.  Beyond the stage you can see the white sandy beach, just down the hill from the gather square.  The main gather meadow lies to the south.

Mists of lavendar and spring green drape around square in decorative air, filmy fabric twisted into curtaining tacked atop intermittent arranged poles. Dim lightting placed around dance floor to give airy festive feel to whole gather square, platform of harpers playing music at far end to drift melody over breeze to dancers.  It is a spring afternoon. 

Sunning atop a nearby tent are four firelizards. You see Cinnamon, Dance Contest Rules, Paradise Spiced Wine, Tillek Icewine, Tillek White, Winter Tambourine, Paradise Icewine, and Icicle Pipes here. Qovin, Radel, Tonalie, Morallen, Mimi, Trik, Andron, Zilair, Trau, Mireilla, Larix, and Oliver are here.


Sneaking away from work, Andron wanders through the gathering crowd with a somewhat curious eye cast over the people. Mimi gets his attention when she hops on stage, and he heads a bit closer to watch the crowd-handling, leaning on the far corner on the stage to see. He doesn't say anything or call any greetings, moving about with a lazy care to his steps as if he just woke from a nap.


Tonalie smiles and inclines her head toward an unoccupied patch of grass off to one side. "Let's just get out of the way till we see what's going on," she murmurs close to Morallen's ear.


Qovin stands, and leaves his pad and brown firelizards back where he was sitting, and says to Mimi "If anybody wants to, I'll be Drawing portraits.." before walking back to his hiding spot..

Satisfied with the preparations, and seeing people starting to arrive, Radel runs up to a table that's been set up beside the stage and smiles, "If all contestants will please step over this way I'll sign you in and give you your numbers." His voice is already developing enough to carry well and clearly across the square, even over the beginning noise of a gathering crowd.


Mireilla backs away being too young and too partner-less to participate in the actual dancing. The little harper leaves plenty of room for her elders.


Pae was here. Unfortunately. And over to Trik she shuffles rather slowly. And dully. "'llo, Trik." utters the brownrider cooly, head bowed sorta dull-like. "Going t'dance?" That's really all she wanted to know. Certainly so.


Niara follows Oliver into the crowded square, a rather irritated expression on her face. If it weren't for that extra credit, she'd never have given him the satisfaction of having begged the favor.


Morallen's attempt at sketching another knight-errant beach bum bow is thought better of as he scuffs his sandal against an inopportunely placed rock, and half-stumbles before catching himself.  Ahem.  "As you wish, dearling...  'Lo there, Warder Andron.  Room for one more over here?"  the Healer inquires.


Caeran pries Ghoti off of himself and gives him a little toss. The begrudged flit spreads his wings and takes to the air.


Oliver leads the way in with Niara in tow and peers around, looking only mildly interested, and not seeming to notice Niara following him at all.  He drops a nod and a bright smile to a girl as she flutters by him and turns, watching her as she walks by, only then seeming to spot Niara.  He frowns slightly, and just waits--probably for her to hit him with a table or something.


Mimi paces about the stage, shouting random things at the crowd, being excited and almost hyper and, you know, trying to get everyone all pumped up. "The harpers are tuned, and we're startin' real soon, so get your partner and your dancin’ shoes and step up to the sign-in table real cooool..." Okay, so it didn't make that much sense, but the woman's doing quite well for spur of the moment rhyming that she's rattling off of her tongue at the speed of sound. "And make sure to check the rules, which are over here by the wine iced to cool. We've got a couple of outfits that please the eyes and a tambourine and some pipes for those who win the priiize..." A small glance towards Qovin and a short nod, "And this little harper here, will be glad to draw you in a dancin' picture." The last word of the phrase is slurred to rhyme with "here". Eh, it didn't work so well.


The malicious alabaster mercenary and the lapis lazuli Sorceress' Knight have arrived - to sport that ultra-cropped hair cut of hers she so adoringly loves. Of course, dancing isn't for the two-left feeted, but laughing at those whom are is a primary choice for the blue rider. Trik's shoulders are hunched - almost defensively -clad boots making an irritating 'clinking' as she hollows the ground with each step. Pae is spotted. A shiny blond brow marrs, and her mouth twitches ajar just slightly to speak, "Dance?" Her simper turns bemused, "I d'n...dance."


Tonalie nods politely to Andron, one hand running over the front of her dress as she strains to hear the instructions. Turning slightly and tugging on the healer's arm, she stretches up on tiptoe to point wordlessly at the sign up table, her eyes glittering enough to get the request through.


Qovin waits in his little corner, while his browns make noise at each other. Peppy flies away after a while, and Byron crawls up to curl around Qovin's neck.


Niara sighs and rolls her eyes as Oliver watches the flutterer. Picking up speed, she grabs Oliver's arm and begins to pull him toward the sign-up table. "C'mon... we're here to dance, aren't we?" she growls.


Andron flashes a lazy grin at Morallen, even white teeth shown in the slowly growing smile. "Only if you aren't dancing. I think I'm going to begin the spectators section over here. Care to place any bets on who might win?" Now that he's offered, the warder has to turn his eyes outwards and watch the people heading over to sign up, silently weighing them against some unknown measure to pick the right bet. "And congratulations on your promotion, Journeyman." Sadly, he doesn't use the other man's name, likely because he isn't entirely -sure- of it. A nod is offered to Tonalie as well, and a smile. "Afternoon, Tonalie. Sneaking away from work too?"


"Aw, Trik." Pae's only slightly disappointed, because her dancing isn't all that wonderful. It /is/ fun to watch others, though, and her old friend's eyed before the question is asked, "May I sit with y'then?" As this is an idea that might just work. Or something.


Radel sits down as people start to line up in front of his table and starts scribbling partner's names down on a sheet of paper. Once a couple is signed in they're given large piece of paper printed with numbers in bring yellow. Obviously both member of a pair sport the same number. Taking advantage of a lull he looks up and bellows out, "By the way, all are welcome to dance but only those with a number compete for our lovely prizes!"


Oliver acks as he's dragged forward and does an expert job of hiding his amusement at it, stumbling along with a studied sort of unintention and he spells his name for the people at the table...spells it wrong.  "O-L-O-V-E-R." he states pointedly, not quite keeping the amusement from his eyes.


Mireilla moves toward the stage where the older harpers are preparing to play. She stops to get her new recorder from her pocket and looks wistfully at her seniors in craft.


Grettai stands self-consciously off to the side. She's all flustered. Why did she come to this dance when she knew she wouldn't be able to find a partner. This brown-eyed blonde is almost to the point of tears. If only she had listened to her sister and stayed home...


One of the older harpers tuning up a fiddle beckons to Mireilla, "Not dancin', honey? Well then have a seat. We can use all the noise we can get. Just try and keep up with what we're playin' when we start."


Trau carefully studies the activity around him with alert, gleaming emerald eyes. His head pivots slowly on his neck as his scrutinizing gaze passes over each person in his view. He mutters, not quite to himself, "I can't dance..." with a slightly nervous expression. But he manages to resurrect his legs from their icy, shaking grave, and he walks toward the sign-up table.


Larix stands among other people on the outskirts turning his head back and forth quietly mumbled, "Anyone want to dance..." It's his way of being able to tell people back at the weyr that he looked for a partner but no one wanted to dance with him. He turns towards the girl standing next to him, "Hello..."


"Morallen, please," the Journeyman in question waves off the title with a grin, offering the name, too, in one fell swoop.  Neat, no?  "And…I thought we were sitting, but somehow I get the impression that we're dancing now, and I think Tonalie has me whipped."  He smirks at the vision in plum sisal beside him, before steering the pair of them over towards the sign-up table.  "Healer Morallen and Headwoman Tonalie."


"Sit...with me?" Trik drawls momentarily before more overly growing with mirth, "D'you want me to hold your -hand- while I'm at it?" A semi-snarl is spat from her lips after the words of false-disdain are offered. Well, that was kind of harsh - but a proven ashened ocular is crinkled over with an apologetic jester and laugh, "I'm pullin' yer' leg, Pae. Y'can sit with me." A scrutinizing eye is hawked over the crowding contestants, "...What is this, some kind of /canine/ training?" And up goes her shield of enjoyment. Will she dance? It depends.


Radel smiles at Oliver and then spells his name correctly on the list. Like he's going to fall for that one from one of his own. After he signs Oliver and Niara in he hands them a pair of number and then starts to write down Morallen and Tonalie's names down. As he hands Morallen the couple's number he smiles up at the man, "Congratulations on your promotion and we're glad to see you've been able to sneak away from the Masterhealer to come to our little shindig.


Niara merely shakes her head, glad he didn't say 'Ben Atail' or one of his other favorite names... "Niara... Journeyman Mimi said to be sure to have you note that I'm in her class. For the credit," she explains, suddenly going white as she realizes she's chattering on. Taking the number, she pulls away to an empty spot and pins it in place.


Qovin sighs, and leans back. Byron has left too, and Qovin abandons his pad, and goes to get food. Foood… he grabs redfruits, and all sorts of meat to munch on while he waits.


Pae can't help but grin at Trik once the words are completely out. She doesn't look all too happy, and usually aqua eyes seem more navy as she plunks down next to Trik. Ah, yes, how lovely. A snappy bluerider and a depressed brownrider, watchin' the dancers make fools of themselves. Perhaps they might join in, but first - laughing.


Radel makes a small mark by Niara's name, almost as an afterthought once he's signed in a couple of couples.


Tonalie bites her lower lip to keep her smile from cracking her face in two. "I didn't realize it was a contest..." she babbles on the way to the table. Managing to keep her dignity long enough for Morallen to put their names down, she turns to find a spot, bouncing in place.


The name is caught with a deft little mental twist that fixes it Morallen's face to the name. "Morallen, then. Feel free to drop the 'warder' and just call me Andron." He invites himself up along with the others, to part at the table with a slight grin. "Women are like that. They can never decide, and then when they do, it's what they'd always intended in the first place," Andron says simply, injecting a note of Wisdom into his tone that doesn't sit will with the smirk. He parts from the Healer and Headwoman, standing back to continue eying the participants. A glance goes to the Harper's running it, a smile passed with the look. He doesn't interrupt the flow, almost eerily hovering around and watching everything at once.


Oliver follows Niara, despite his affected disapproval of her company, and leans lightly against a table, just watching her pin away.  "I'm not in her class, so there's really nothing in this for me. " he insists, glancing around boredly and catching sight of the fluttery girl again.  He shifts his weight back to his feet and cranes his neck to watch the girl flutter by again, actually turning his back on Niara.


Mireilla stands, bobbing as she fingers the oversized recorder occasionally allowing air to escape and a note to sound out loud as she looks around to see if anyone has noticed this error.


Morallen smirks a little at Tonalie's discomfort, and leans over to press a quick kiss to her temple when he thinks no-one is looking, taking the opportunity to murmur a reassuring, if teasing "Well, we'll just have to win it then, won't we?" with a waggle of his eyebrows as he suffers himself to be led to a spot.


"Because I can make your life miserable if you didn't..." Niara notes airily, though the threat probably isn't empty. "Besides, you don't know if there's anything it is yet for you. Depends on if you help me get past the first cut." Her words are thrown at his back, but she has stepped up behind him to stretch up on tiptoe and say them in his ear.


Janicka walks up from the gather meadow.


Morallen also managed to find the time to toss Radel a grin and a nod as he took the numbers, yup.


A young couple, of about their early twenties, looking /way/ too lovey-dovey and one of those attached-at-the-hip type of pairs goes to sign up, giving their names, receiving their numbers, and they wander over to the wine to pick up a glass as they wait for things to begin. Smiling and beaming at each other the whole way. Ooh, aren't they just sickening?


Radel smacks his forehead and with many apologies, leaves a line at the sign up table waiting. Picking up a thick sheaf of musical score he jumps up onto the stage and hands them to Mimi, "The music. Almost forgot to give you the music. Have everythingyouneed? Good,thenI'llgetbacktosgningpeopleup..." without waiting for a response he jumps back off the stage and runs to retrieve his overturned chair, starting to sign up people once again.


Oliver turns back slightly to find Niara in his ear and rolls his eyes, "I don't think you really could make me miserable." he states, hands still stuffed determinedly in his pockets.  He leans against the table once more, and he finally asks, "If we make the first cut will you kiss me, again?"


Mireilla leans this way and that trying to get a glimpse of the musical sheet before she finally stops being nosey and goes back to pretending to play her instrument.


Tonalie finds a spot near the stage and turns around to face Morallen, dimpling as she 'Thanks' him for being so longsuffering by wrapping her arms around one arm and pulling him sideways to plant a kiss on his cheek and winking as she returns him to normal position.


Trik examines over Pae's facial features; distraught, she looks but a grin /was/ formed. Posture is forgotten as she slides in the backing of her chair, legs parting slightly as her head is now supported by her elbow upon her knee., "Pae...you're on my 'tough-nut-to-crack' list, tonight.." An eye follows the two joyous couples who get a crinkled nose and a quick flick of wrist, "Pffft. They'll devour each oth'a in a turn. Fighting. Hate. Angst. That's what -real- love iz'pae. /Fighting/. And all this /kissing/ is making me lose my wherry-meal.." Preaching the converted, Trik uplifts herself from the chair to stand on her feet, "I'm gettin' a drink. Y'wan anything?"


Mimi had hardly realized she was music-less, but accepts the sheets and passes them over her shoulder to the playing harpers behind her. "Well now holders, crafters, weyrfolk and riders, guys and gals, we're gonna start warming up now with a nice simple waltz. You've still got time, so if you haven't already get in line, for your number that is." And she's still rhyming. Give the chick an award if she makes it through the whole night without slipping up too badly. As long as she leaves "orange" and "purple" out of her sentences, she should be okay. The harpers behind her begin to start out on a nice one-two-three beat waltz for warm ups.


Grettai looks over to see Larix. "Did you say something?" she asks him. "It sounded like you did. And is you were asking for a dance, then I'd love to." Eyelids flutter as she gets right to the heart of the matter. No beating around the bush when her reputation is supposedly at stake.


Niara erks and glances around swiftly to make sure he wasn't overheard. "Oliver, are you /trying/ to get me kicked out?" she hisses, taking a step to close the distance between them, both to keep their voices from carrying and because the music begins. "Though, yes, I will...but only if we make it through the /second/ cut," she amends.


Nieve saunters up from the gather meadow.


Larix looks startled, "Ummm..." He's never been asked by a girl to dance before. Aren't the guys supposed to do the asking? "I really wasn't planning..." A glance goes towards the girl, "Oh alright. You didn't have to beg." It always sounds better when you tell your friends a girl groveled in front of you for a dance.


"No, I love /you/!" Pause. "No, I love /you/ more!" A couple of what appears to be nor more than 20 turns approaches the table to enter in the dance contest, their eyes warm and fiery with care for each other. "No, /you/ tell them our name, sweetie." Pause. "No, /you!/  tell them our name, cupcake!"


Zheutlin ambles up from the gather meadow.


Radel sighs and looks up at the couple holding up his line then points at the girl with his stylus, "Ladies first. Names please, miss?"


"Wine...Any sort o' wine, Trik." Pae certainly was a tough nut to crack, tonight.  But the thought of a drink cheered her up a /little/ more. And hey, Trik knows love. Fighting, yup, that's what Pae's stuck in about now - and those two couples really /are/ pretty awful. "...can we say 'Oh, please'?" was Pae's comment on them.


Radel grins as he finally looks up to find no one in front of him. Even as he shakes his hand around at his side to relieve the cramping he raises his voice over the music, "Last call, last call. If you're competing this is your last chance to sign up!"


Grettai leaves out a high-pitched chuckle that would shatter crystal. Men. "Well, then, we should go get signed up then, shouldn't we?" Grabbing Larix by the arm, she lumbers over to the line with a surprising lack of grace. Never mind that they don't even know each other's names. She wants to seal the deal.


Morallen waggles an eyebrow as he's reeled in and kissed, looking quite amused.  And more so as he overhears Trik's remark.  "Aren't cynics a joy to have around?"  he inquires of the Headwoman on his arm, spinning her lightly out and under it in a bit of a practice step.


Nieve saunters on in, hands shoved into her pockets and smoky eyes wandering briefly over the others before she simply...stops. She hovers near the others, looking for anyone she knows and, seeing none, sighs. Well, so much for snagging a dance partner she actually knows. Or maybe she'll just dance solo. Yeah, that'll work. But her train of thought is broken, and she scurries over to Radel. "Me. I'll sign up."


Andron's hands slip into his pockets as he continues to hang back from the crowd. A slow crowd forms nearby where low murmurs whisper bets placed on various pairs; the numbers and odds are ever changing, given the continuing sign up process. As with any true spectator’s event, gambling isn't far removed. Andron tips his own bet into the pool, an amused bet placed on the couple with the 'I love you/more' and 'tell them our name'. Bet placed, his slips back through the crowd after putting a spy in place to report the results to him.


Mireilla looks a little uncomfortable (as she notices a boy entering that is in the same class she is currently skipping). She again sidles toward the edge and away from the older harpers looking like a wherry ready to try to go ::between::.


Larix laughs as the girl grabs him. He must tell all the guys back at the weyr that he had a girl who did it with him even before she knew his name. That is, danced with him. "Yes... sign up. Hey, what /is/ your name by the way?" Maybe it's better to not know each other's names.


Qovin sighs, and after eating goes to Mimi and says "I'm going now.. I think people want to dance more than get drawn." before getting his things and leaving.


Zheutlin waltzes in on one foot, practically dancing already just a bit. But it's not as if the girlish boy has anyone to dance with. Overhearing Nieve, though, he takes a step up to her and pokes her *lightly* in the shoulder. "Ma'am?" questions the one, "But I hear you without a partner, and am wondering if perhaps you'd like me?"


Oliver frowns, "So what do I get if we make it through the first cut?" he asks, stepping forward and taking Niara's hand to lead her out into the dance square, turning and placing his hand properly at her back before beginning a by-the-book dance step similar to a waltz.


Radel was just opening his mouth to ask Nieve who her partner was going to be when se's approached with an offer. So, he just closes it again and waits with a slight smile of amusement to see what the answer will be. Half his attention is also on the couple behind them, Larix and his unknown girl.


Toe-stepping? Why, she'd thought you'd never ask! Shoulder brushing people to get to find a few solid drinks, Trik is crunching a few pass-by's toes with her boots and flashing a malicious 'apologetic' smile before dancing on off. "Pardon me - Oh, I'm /so/ sorry! Did I do that? Really, I 'pologise.' Twinkle! And then sullen. Her jawline is turned sharp with a humoring facial feature - and drinks are sought and returned to Pae - With toe stepping on the way back! "Mmm. Tillek Red is what I got'cha."


Nieve wheels around neatly, promptly eyeing Zheutlin and then nodding with satisfaction. "The name's Nieve, not ma'am," she responds with a wink. "And I'd loooove to be your partner." A smile crosses her face, and she adds impishly, "As long as you don't step on my toes."


Ciana trots quietly over to the gather square. She'd dance. She really would dance. But, you know, she needs someone to dance with. The brown-haired, brown-eyed girl, young woman, really, edges back to lean against the table, simply watching for now, sending hopeful smiles to single males wandering by.


Tonalie's dress flares lazily as she is spinned, tickling the knees of another couple. Hey, this is what it was made for... She twirls in, her waist encircle and she looks at the indicated pair, commenting wryly, "Ah, yes...I suppose they help keep balance of a sort. Though..." she begins as she is tucked into a proper waltzing position. "...I'll tolerate the downs if only for a few minutes of up with you," she finishes, her eyes heavy with meaning.


Grettai marks down her name as she speaks. "Grettai," she says to her partner. She really doesn't care what his name as, as long as he lives through the dance. "So, how often do you dance? Do you do it well?" She has to know her chances of winning, after all. But what if he's clumsy? He could step on her feet and her brand new shoes. Shards.


Trau stands awkwardly still, searching for a partner to dance with. His eyes wander yearningly around, and he spots Ciana leaning on a table. He walks over, and mutters quietly, "Would you like to dance?"


More smiles from Pae. Dude, Trik's making her all cheery-like.."Good job! Tillek Red...great. Y'have taste in wines, Trimaka." Full name, oh, what /fun/. Taking the drink she sips, and sips, and grins. Mmm. Wine. Happiness.


Niara appears to consider the question, her feet matching Oliver's in textbook precision, arm to the side, other placed lightly on his shoulder. "Well...maybe if you're nice to me the rest of the night, I'll see what I can arrange,' she offers solemnly.


"Toes? Stepping? No, Miss Nieve," Zheutlin can't drop the title, whether it's miss or ma'am or whatever, "I'm actually not that bad a dancer, if I'm allowed to slightly flatter myself." The long hair is pushed back from his face, and he takes one of her hands - yes, just one - in leading out to the center. And eyes her knot, as well. "Herder, eh?"


Radel signs in his last few couples. As soon as this is done he puts the sheets and left over numbers away then jumps onto the stage and makes his way over to Mimi's side. Out of seemingly nowhere a large black circle appears in his hand, which then become a top hate as he taps it on his wrist to make it pop. Settling the cover rakishly tilted on his head he flicks a wrist and a black wand appears out of the blue. With a smile he looks over to Mimi, asking a silent question to see if they're ready to start in earnest.


Larix looks at the person behind the table, "I'm Larix..." He looks towards the girl slightly shorter then her, "I don't dance /often/... but I'd say I remember some things from a while back. Although I'll admit, I probably cook better then I dance." He pulls off his apron that he seemed to have forgotten was on, "I'm so used to wearing this thing. You know, we should wear costumes for this." He is kidding.


Ciana turns around, staring slightly surprised at Trau. "Yeah, let's!" she says in a surprisingly outgoing manner for the shy person she's seemed. The boy's hand is grabbed and she pulls him over to the dance floor. "If I step on your toes...too bad," she mumbles as she falls into the rhythm of a waltz.


Morallen simply meets Tonalie's gaze and holds it for a moment, giving a steady and almost serious nod, before his lips twitch, and he's smirking roguishly again.  "Up... hmm... now, I think I know just the thing."  And so the Healer's deft hands reach down to frame her waist, drawing her beside him and then lifting her up and tossing her to his other side.  Warming up for toss dancing now, apparently.  "Is that up enough for you, m'dear?"


Oliver wrinkles his nose, continuing the careful steps in a box-pattern, and replying, "That's not much of a promise.  I'll end up with sevenday-old fish if that's the best you can offer."  He sighs, then abruptly plants a heel, swinging Niara out into a little twirl and pulling her back in, hand going back to her waist, expression disapproving.  "I don't like fish that much."


Nieve chuckles, allowing herself to be led, and nodding an affirmation. "Herder indeed. I'm glad you're not too bad a dancer, because I've had my feet permanently damaged before." Another wink, and she adds, "Please, drop the title. Just call me Nieve. Or Eve, if you want to get really casual with me. And what's your name, eh? Rather important question." Obviously she's not too shy around strangers, which can be very handy in some cases.


Laurel glides in with quiet steps. up from the gather meadow.


"Zheutlin." And that was all that came out of Zheutlin's voice for a little bit, before he started to talk again. Not shy around strangers either, he babbles a little bit. "I'm still looking for a craft - do think I'll settle with the Vintners, yet I haven't made my way over there yet."

Mimi sends a wink towards Radel and turns around to the crowd. "Well ladies and gents, let's get this started. Rules are there are no rules just have a ball and that'll be all. If you're tapped you're gone, and don't argue, since, well, I'm never wrong." Fingers are snapped towards the instrumentalists behind her and they begin to pick it up. Not quite toss-dance speed, but a good quick dance to get things started.


From high overhead, Diulnyth materializes from ::Between::, wings billowing in superhero-form.


"Trimaka." Cringe. An abrupt look of jurisdiction and vexation covers her face; A folding of brows upon her forehead followed by a corkscrewed mouth. She's gone deadpanned and cold, "It's...Trik... /Phea./" Yowza. She's just a tad...defensive on the rebound - Let's just get a few drinks on in her and she'll be your best friend. But alas and alack, another wink is curved at Pae, "Just d'n ..do that again. Less'get some laughter in, eh?" A scan is proceedingly taken over, " ...They look like they're swatting.../flies/!" Bark. The blue rider begins to finally laugh, "A mark says someone falls right on their /arse/."


Tonalie laughs, her hands finding Morallen's shoulders for support in the air, her feet kicking out behind her...and nearly taking another man's head off. "Oop! Sorry!" she apologizes, fighting down the laughter. She positions herself as the caller picks up and the contest begins in earnest. Feet tap the ground in time to the music.


Grettai gives another terribly fake laugh as she scribbles down Larix's name...spelling it L-A-R-E-K-S, incidentally. "Well, as long as you've danced before, I'm sure we'll do fine. You cook? That's so...interesting." Actually, she doesn't care for those boring baker types. Anyone who could slave over a hot oven all day is not someone she would normally choose to talk to. Lucky for him she was desperate. As the music starts playing, she leads the way to the dance floor.


From high overhead, Diulnyth backwings gracefully and glides down to the Gather Square below. Diulnyth backwings gracefully and glides down to a perfect landing. Zia slides from Diulnyth's neck, finding firm earth again as the Blue rumbles proudly. Safe again - Of course.


Laurel wanders in, knowing she's gotten here after mostly everyone else did. She was just curious to see what was going on and watch the dancing for a while. A grin slides over her features as she stands off to the side, curiously watching the motion in front of her. Isn't dancing fun to watch.


Niara frowns, pulling back to retort when Mimi begins to call out the instructions. She wrapps the shoulder of Oliver's shirt around her hand as she looks down at her feet, concentrating on the moves. "Can't...you ever...trust me?" she asks in between steps.


Phea - okay, well, it's Pae - was smiling even /more/ now, past problems forgotten. Touche, Trik. "All right - Go 'head an' call me Phea, I dun mind." Yes, she still speaks a little crudely, with the 'duns' and 'an's'. Drinks...mm, drinks. "'Course they will. I can practically see 'em fallin' right now - an' those two! I love you more, you love me more, how much do they all love each other? Probably not t'all."


"Well met, Zheutlin. Got a nickname, or should I just call you that?" Nieve's eyes crinkle at the corner as she smiles again, and then, without waiting for an answer, she moves onto Craft-talking. "Haven't been to the Vintner Craft myself. I'm biased towards Herders, of course, but that's only because I've been in there for so long and I haven't visited many other Crafts." And now, she pauses for a breath, cocking her head to the music. "Well, shall we start? Dancing, I mean."


Trau looks surprised as Ciana pulls him along, but his eyeballs roll up and he snickers. But he follows her in the waltz as he drinks in the music and moves his limbs in sync to the melody. His eyes slide closed as he pulls all of his attention to the movements of his legs so he doesn't make a total fool out of himself and trip.


"Well aren't we pushy tonight," Larix remarks to the girl. "Now that I've told you about myself, why don't you tell me a little bit about you. Who are you?" He reaches over to grab her hand, "Shall we dance?"


Morallen chuckles as he positions one hand at the small of Tonalie's back, once she's on the ground again, pulling her close to him as he takes her hand in his free one and begins to guide them into the opening steps of a waltz.  "I think, my dear, we're supposed to impress them with our dancing skills, and nod my decapitating the other contestants," he teases, pivoting deftly, and dropping his hand to spin her again.


Oliver shakes his head, adjusting the steps to the beat of the music and moving with Niara around the outside of the dance square.  "Of course I can't trust you.  You're always trying to get me into trouble."  At least he doesn't have to concentrate quite yet.  A double-step and a turn later Niara's in the lead position, Oliver moving backwards in the dance.


Zia is here. Yay! Slipping down from Diulnyth's forearm, she schmoozes her way over to Trik and greets the Bluerider with a little-more-than-friendly kiss. "Hey there, cutie," she grins, taking a swig from her hip flask. "Care to dance?" Pae's eyes are neatly avoided as the Reachian scans the crowd. "Jiu's not here, then? Or Lianta? Oh, there's Trau! And Morallen! Goodness, everyone's here.. C'mon, dance with me, fool."


"I love how you dance!" Pause. "No, I love how /you/ dance, dah'ling." As the two 'couchy' pair entangle themselves in the dance, they seem to melt into the music and the mood, "Oh, danke'shan, You look so lovely in the light." Swoon. "Oh, no, boyface, You look even /more/ lovely in the light!" The man overlooks the woman before swinging her into a spin - and then a death-defying dip! And the two crash onto the floor with more than uncouth form, "You hurt me!" Pause. "You hurt me /more!/" Wail.


Tonalie tosses her head dismissively freeing a hand to float out beside them. "Whatever works, m'love. Always remember that," she winks, jumping out of the way of the falling couple.


Trik's hands free themselves from the safety around a mug and offer a favorable wiggle towards Zia. "Z. Good ta' see you could make it!" and there she goes losing concentration to a sweet peck on the lips. Coyishly. But nevertheless is she overlooked with a gestured thumb extending towards the floor, "Dance?" Snort. Dance. Well, maybe just one. "...I'll...dance. Alright."


With a graceful hop, Mimi descends from the stage, leaving the music up to the harpers. She weaves about the crowd, looking for victims to eliminate. She stretches her hand up for Radel to see, pointing down at the people who just fell. She leans down and taps both their shoulders, "Well you can both be out together, now!" she announces cheerfully. The first two have officially been eliminated. Lovely. A wave is sent over to Zia along with a call of,"Hey Zi!" but she returns to her nice un-biased judging, sidling over towards Radel to brave the crowds with her fellow harper next to her. Of course, she pauses to send a few choice greetings to acquaintances on her way.


"Am not!" Niara huffs, forgetting to look at her feet as she glares at Oliver. A side-step slide and turn, and Oliver is spun out and in, coming back to a slightly confused Niara. "How'd that happen?" she whispers.


Pae was on the verge of laughing again, but darken quickly as Trik gets up from her side. Okay. That isn't /fair/. She's just talking to Trik and sharing a drink when Zia messes things up /again/. And causing Trik to be slightly hypocritical, as well. Doesn't really matter. ... Okay, so it does, but she's not showing it.


Oliver struggles to keep his face straight and seems to win out.  "You're just so good you don't even know it." he states, then sobers further, murmuring mysteriously, "I'm really the son of a wealthy Lord...I've been taking dance lessons all my life."  Another pause from the boy and he releases Niara's hand, turning away from her--arm still around her waist--and then pulling her back in, all in time to the music.


Zia eeeees happily, scooping Trik into her arms and taking her mug away. "Excellent, darling," she smirks, hand going around Trik's waist as they sliiiiiide onto the dance floor. Hop-step-step. See? Zia's a good dancer. At least she's not stepping on the poor girl's feet. Besides, they fit so sweetly together. Twiiiiirl-glide-step-step.. Annnnnd change direction. What a pro. Or so she wishes.


"Ruthless woman!"  replies Morallen with a smirk, spinning Tonalie back into his arms for another few steps of the waltz, improvising and dipping her backwards for a bar, grinning roguishly and kissing her quickly before letting her up again.  The mushy couple may be out of it, but there's still plenty of romance left on the dance floor for Trik to complain about.


The harpers playing increase the tempo, definitely throwing this out of "waltz" and into "dance". Three-four beat is changed back to normal common time of four-four. Time to booogie!


"Well," Grettai begins, "I'm a weaver." She motions to the knot. "I make tapestries. There was one time when..." She continues to ramble on and on as they dance, but the sum of what she is saying is fairly pointless. And because she is concentrating on her conversation and not her movements, she is quite a sight to see. If this weren't a contest, it would appear that she were trying to beat Larix instead of dancing.


Niara nods wide-eyed, scared silent by Mimi's prowling. Besides, she can't concentrate on too many things at once, and verbal sparring with Oliver is a full-time mental position. The beat changes on the down step she arrives back in Oliver's arms with and she kicks out to hop back into the new dancing routine.


Radel smiles as he hops back onto the stage and waves his wand around toward the departing couple, "Well, we're well underway and our first couple has been eliminated. Makes sure to keep your feet firmly one the floor as well as you partner firmly grasped between your arms as we're about to make our second choice!" With that he jumps back down and starts to accompany Mimi through the ranks of dancers, deftly avoiding them as then twirl and spin.


Larix doesn't even question the dancing of his partner, "A weaver... so while you make blankets, I make cookies. Works for me." He continues to dance with the girl not making many complex movements with his feet, "Perhaps we should up our standard here?... show off in other words?" He grins a little bit. They aren't really master dancers as far as he knows, but he does want to win.


Trau's hand tightens around Ciana's waist as they sway and seem to feel each other's rhythm, and their foot-motions speed up as the Harpers up the ante on the music. He twirls her gracefully, and dips her as she makes a rotation. He opens his eyes again, and they are sparkling brightly like newly polished gems.


Nieve's partner, who has no name as of yet, twirls her once, twice, then three times before spinning her back in to dip her back. And then, the tempo changes, and the couple promptly move to the beat in unison, in some made-up-on-the-spot routine that gets them both flyig across the dance floor and barely avoiding the other couples. But, they manage. Somehow. Just...make sure you don't get in the way.


Tonalie's arm drapes over her head on the dip, brushing the floor to give the illusion of more depth. Rolling back up, she grins and flicks her head to the side as the tempo increases. Wrapping her hands around Morallen's neck, she lets her feet twist and tap in time with the beat.


Hustle. Spin. Tap. Frolic - Tap! Statuesque and curvaceous, aren't they? Alright, so she lied. Trik is an 'alright' dancer with those overly-large boots on her feet. Zia is taken in hand with a sweeping glide and then bespoken in between steps, "Im'a gunna twirl and dip you, Zia-babe, So jus' go with the flow!" Orders are proceeding and the fellow Blue Rider is extended into the crowd - being held by a hand - and then twirled back into her arms where then she is lowered into a dip. Oooohbaby.


Mimi steps quickly past Nieve. Whoo that was  a close shave! The journeywoman grabs Radel's hand to draw him over towards a corner of the dance floor, whispering a decision in his ear, then raising an eyebrow in question. "Your turn to go a'tappin'." Tappin' shoulders that is.


Morallen gives a quick grin in the direction of the Harpers as they change time on them, presses his cheek to Tonalie's and rises to the occasion, shifting with just a couple missed steps into a swirling circling folk dance that can cope well with any changes in tempo the devious entertainers can thinks up.  Hopefully neither he 'nor she will get dizzy, with the complicated array of spins and weaves he's set them to, dodging around less confident dancers with a Thread-may-care insouciance.


Radel nods at Mimi's whisper and then swirls back into the dancing crowd. Spinning in the opposite direction of one couple then, putting a hand up to hold his blue top hat in place, ducking under another pair's beginning dip he almost joins in the dance as he makes his way to the next elimination. Having heard Larix's comment to his partner he taps their shoulder and cheerfully says, "A little too little and a little to late my friends. You should have picked up the pace sooner but you're it this time."


Zia is spinned, dipped, and held. Rrrrawr. As the pace picks up, her feet move faster, body pressed against Trik's. Good thing they're such good friends, eh? Forward, back, side-to-side, they spin and twirl around the dance floor, arms entwined and artfully dodging the stumbling dancers. Dum-da-dum.. "Mimi! How are you, dearest?" she inquires as they wiggle past the Harper girl. "How've you been?"


Grettai's smile is more real this time. Showing off is the purpose of her existence! "Let's get to it, then," she orders. Immediately she begins to gyrate and spin in what to her is a fancy and complex dance. To the average observer, it's just plain funny. Taking Larix's hand, she attempts a spin. She doesn't really understand that he's supposed to spin her. As a result, she nearly rips his arm off. She is visibly annoyed. He promised her he could dance!


Nieve grimaces as Mimi goes by, and adjusts the moves so they're not going all over the place. They continue to move in unison, twirling and spinning and dipping and all the good stuff with her follow his lead and trying veeery hard to not miss a step - although she does occasionally. But, they're not perfect. Ruvey (random name, yay) dips her way back, then practically yanks her up so she's pressed against him.


Oliver looks amused at Niara's abrupt deep concentration and grins slightly, shaking his head and adjusting his steps for the tempo.  "Here's how it works," he murmurs lowly, "I spin you out, you spin back in behind me, and you catch my left hand and come back around, got it?" he asks, but doesn't wait for a reply, not really expecting one.  Instead, he spins the girl out and turns his arm for her to continue in the same direction of spin, but come back in toward him.


The random thought of 'I should've kept that rose,' flits through Tonalie's mind as they begin to meander through the crowd. Her dress does it's own little dance in their shadow, the twirling and occasional kick step sending it fluttering behind them. Reaching a proper time in the music, Tonalie ducks under Morallens' arm so that they are back-to back for an instant before she rolls under his other arm and pops up next to him again.


Grettai storms out of the square, calling Larix a few choice names. What was a person like that doing at a serious competition? And her shoes are scuffed. And she's all sweaty. From now on, she's holding auditions for dance partners.


There goes those hands! Creamy-klah fingers drizzle on over Zia's shoulders momentarily before dripping on down her arms and her waist -- Where, and unexpectingly, Trik hoists the lithe woman up for a gentle spin and then sets her down with one gracious move. Twist, baby, twist! Oh, You all want some! Petty! Curve! Bump! "Oh, Z. We make such a good pair, no?" A wiggle of fingers goes to Zia's friend, in a mannerism of such mirth you wouldn't normally see, "Aw, Hi!" -- nor this 'friendly' attitude, But she'll be good now.


Niara bites back a squeal as she is suddenly spun out, her mind running through his instructions at full tilt...and amazingly, she ends right back where she started. She beams at Oliver, basking in her accomplishment, whispering under her breath, "That was fun! Let's do it again!"


Trau twirls Ciana three times, and has a triumphant look on his boyish face as they complete the maneuver without falling. His eyes brighten even more, and now they look like mirrors reflecting hundreds of little stars. He is obviously enjoying himself, but still concentrating fully on the dance. He lowers himself for a spring, and without letting go of Ciana's hand he does a flip over her, and spins her just after he lands. He wears an expression of complete surprise, though it looked effortless.


From their stage the Harper continue playing a quick paced piece, which is skillfully bridged into a new one that has the same rhythm and pace but a different melody as they shift around in their chairs, also trying to keep an eye on the dancers and who the possible winners might be.


Zia is lifted - Wheeee! "Trimakaputmedownthis--.. Oh. Neat!" A torrent of laughter flows as she alllllmost trips, stumbling but neatly disguising it to look like a complicated little foot-shuffle. Kinda. "So, got yourself Weyrmated yet? Agzanth must be pushing for it, no? Or is he more the swinging single?" As she talks, she lifts Trik's arm and spins her neatly, grabbing her waist again to keep dancing. A wink goes towards the Harper's - "Keep it up, fellas!"


The same thought seems to be occurring to Morallen, because the next time he sends Tonalie away from him, slipping his arm over his head and sliding it down hers in a stylishly slowed maneuver, he extends his hand behind him, and neatly light-fingers a pink rose from the hairdo of a woman dancing nearby, who seems to have taken the impression that gardens are meant to be worn.  Murmuring an unrepentant "She won't notice," as he pulls her back into his arms, The tall Healer dips the headwoman down again to hand off the flower.


Mimi makes sure to pass by the wine to pick up some of that yummy Paradise icewine so nicely provided by the Vintners. Zia earns a finger wiggle, "Just wonderful! And yourself? So /glaad/ you could make it!" she calls after the pair of bluerider girls. Hey, they're not bad. She continues to weave through the crowd, making sure to note, "Once you're eliminated, we've snacks, drinks, and plenty of places to sit and watch and enjoy the show so once you're done, you don't really have to go." Turning around to sink her teeth into her latest victim, a light hand taps on Ruvey and Nieve's shoulders, "So sweeties please do hang around, and if you'd like to keep going, just remove your numbers and boogie awaaay." With that she disappears into the press of people again, expertly not allowing her wine to spill from its glass.


Ruvey, of course, loses all interest in Nieve now that they've been eliminated - typical guy. With an angry glare at her, he lets go and leaves her there, wandering off to probably go get drunk. Nieve, after looking a bit lost for a second, trails after him and sort of…stands there, watching the others.


But oh she does notice. The woman out of which's hairdo Morallen plucked his rose spins around with an angry look on her face. An angry look that melts away as she see what a romantic, if exaggeratedly sappy gesture her flower is being used for. With a gentle sigh she just goes back to watching the couples dance, swaying slightly to the music and casting aggrieved glance at her mate from time to time as he spends his time over by the vinter's table.


Tonalie lifts her brows, taking the rose from his hand with her teeth and grinning at him around it, a mischievous twinkle in her eye. At the tune change, she hops back, gathers up her skirt and proceeds into a complicated set of foot-flashing moves, ending with her hopping back, yanking a matching flower from a random decoration and twirling back to Morallen's arms in a maddening circle that send her dress spinning up to scandalous heights. With a slightly dizzy laugh, she slides the flower behind his ear.


"Weyrmated?! Haa. I'd rather 'free-ball' it for awhile. Agzanth dun' mind. He jus' wants som'un to eat flowers' with." Trik shuffles her feet against the floor and swinnngss to the left. And then a swiiiinggg to the right. Twirl. Shuffle. Hop-scotch it! And you thought Riders had two left feet? Baby, these boots were made for -dancin'.- Zia is blow a kiss momentarily with a following wink, "Ag and D-man should eat flowers togeeether." Purr!


Oliver chuckles at Niara's enthusiasm and nods, "Other way this time?" and he turns her so that he's behind her, then spins her out to the left, repeating the move and turning to catch her and dip her, wavering a little before righting them both.  "Uh...know any others?" he asks, shooting the girl a wink.


Zia grins, catching the kiss and returning it - minus the blowing part. "Eat flowers? I d'no. Diu 's kinda picky about his food.. He likes the herdbeasts from the pens and that's.. yeah, that's about it." Right, left, right-left-right. Pause.. Shuffle, twirl, left-right-left. As for Mimi: "Make it? Of course I made it! Wouldn't miss it for the wooooooorld." Speaking of world.. spin-spin-spin go the dancers.


Trau looks like he and Ciana are having a little difficulty coordinating their movements to the fast music, but he is an expert at disguising it, and so their performance continues without hitch or flaw. Until, of course, Trau misses a step, and although it wasn't too noticeable, he cringes, but keeps going. But now his forehead shines with little beads of sweat as he hopes no one noticed his mistake. He does settle a bit as he realizes that not even Ciana noticed. His white teeth flash again as a smile crawls across his face, and he crouches and flips over Ciana once more, having regained his self-assuredness.


Radel steps in front of Nieve as she starts to make her way off the dance floor. With a charming smile and a tip of his hat he takes her hand and twirls her back onto the dance floor without really even asking her if she'd like to continue. A mischievous glint twinkles in his eyes as he calls out, "And now we pick up the pace some more. How about a toss-dance Harpers? So we can see what our contestant are really made of?"


Morallen treats the irate former rose-owner to his second-best charming smirk.  The first-place smirk is reserved for Tonalie's eyes only as she steps away from him, the young man holding his ground and letting his lady perform, although his hand /does/ go to her outer thigh as she spins back to him and is caught.  Clearly to keep the skirt from rising too high, of course.  As he's beflowered, he mirrors her earlier motion, bowing and dancing a circle around her until he's back to her side as the mention of a toss dance is announced.


Iqe sighs and stands alone and relaxed. She smiled at the dancers and tapped her arched foot ever so lightly. Her eyes wandered around and then stopped to stare intently on the floor. She did have two feet but they would not dance. "well..." she started and didn’t get a chance to finish. She smiled and swayed gently pretending to be actually dancing.


Nieve looks rather caught off guard, but allows herself to twirled back onto the dance floor - without losing her balance, amazingly. "Helloooo," she drawls out with a wink to Radel. "Radel, right?" See, she tries to pick up peoples' names. Yay for her. At the mention of a toss-dance, her eyebrows shoot up, but she doesn't refuse. She'll just go with the flow here.


Niara cringes at the suggestion of a toss-dance, throwing Oliver a panicked glance. "No...I don't even know this many," she wails quietly, her hands settling themselves on his shoulders in preparation for the toss about. "I think we've made first cuts though," she reassures herself, bouncing to the balls of her feet as she tries to follow Oliver's lead.


Tlair slides over so he was standing beside the non-dancing girl. "Ummm.... Hello?" what was he supposed to say he didn’t know all he cared about was that he was near a girl that seemed to be the only one still and the only one alone.


"Toss-dance? What on Pern is a toss-dance?" Zia's brow crinkles in confusion as she continues dancing with Trik, rocking the Bluerider back 'n forth. "Here, Trik, lemme toss y'over this way. Maybe that's what they mean." And the taller woman is lifted (Hey, riding makes you strong) up and promptly spun through the air. And then Zia kinda lets go. "Hey, that wasn't so ba-- Trik, on your feet!" Erp. Too late.


Radel leans over to whisper in Nieve's ear as one hand deftly tosses the tophat, spinning like a frisbee, onto the stage and out of the way, "Have you done this before? If not just follow my lead, relax and jump when I tell you. But most importantly, relax and trust me." With a wink he adds, "And yes, Radel is the name."


Tonalie laughs and stands in place, clapping her hands in encouragement to her partner as he jigs around and back to her. Planting her hands on his shoulders, she tenses herself for the upcoming tossing, though her feet manage to keep time, flashing in and out and between Morallen's.


Mimi quietly shuffles past the apprentice pair, "You're doing well, Nia," she commends, making a mental note to give that extra credit she offered. "Ooh toss dances. C'mon, sweet thang," she directs towards a fellow harper journeyman who, coincidentally, is a dance specialist who came to watch too, "Let's dahnce." And, well, since the pair do specialize in this particular thing, the harpers are signaled to pick it up, and they most definitely do. Swing baybee, yeah! Mimi hops off of her feet, hanging onto Jeri's (woo random NPC name) shoulders as he picks her up by the waist. Swing feet to one side, the other, down, twirl...Woo! The man is led through the crowd by one hand and she picks up her wine again from wherever she set it down to continue to observe.


Trau's eyebrows raise in disbelief as the Harpers play even faster. He picks up Ciana by the waist and expertly throws her in the air, and she spins three times before coming to rest in his gentle arms. For a change in routine, he allows her to twirl him, and his body spins on the ball of his foot like a top. When he landed, he slid on his knees right between Ciana's legs, and she spins around to face him once again.


"Nope, never done it, but I'll trust you on this one. "And I'm Nieve, by the way." Hmm. She practically introduces herself without thinking. For now, though, she balances her hands on Radel's shoulders and waits. Just don't drop her and she'll have a blast. Hopefully.


Oliver shakes his head, "I'm not very good at it, either, but we'll just do what we can--I'm not going to try and lift you yet." he adds, still dancing, but keeping it low for the moment.  "Just some simple spins and hops." he explains, and proceeds to do a little turn out, pulling Niara back in sideways and lifting her slightly with one arm--just barely.


"Tosswhat?! Nonodon'ttossme!" Too..late? Erp. The Blue rider is sent into a dizzy spin, more or less, resembling that of a tornado out of control.  Appendages are flailing and her boots are trying to keep her upright, "Aieeeee! Catchmecatc -- " Well...Someone caught her. And it wash an ending crash right into the pair of Nieve and Radel's close encounter with each other. The blue rider has bowled her ball right into the gutter of the pair and...she's now on the floor. "Theygotinmyway!" Anger. Oh, baby, I can feel the heat rising! (Trik’s pose)


Iqe ignores the other person and continues staring off in another direction. "I'm Iqe" she hissed and occupied herself by tending to the hardening egg she was holding. She presses it gently to feel the smooth warmth of the egg. She smiled not at the person but at the delicate egg.


Morallen's hands find Tonalie's waist again, and with just a bare hint for a breather, he launches them into the rhythms of the toss dance.  One, two three and four, one two three and toss!  Neatly, he lifts his partner into the air, muscles tensing as he throws her an added two feet airborne, braced to catch her as she descends and swing off in a new direction, dodging fallen dancers with a merry laugh.


Zia scuffles over and grabs Trik's hand. Cough. Nobody saw that. Her dark eyes flicker over to Mimi quickly as she hisses in the other Rider's ears. "Heyhey - Watch them. That's how you do it. Pick me up and I'll do the rest, okay? Okay. One-two-three.." And, once picked up, she swings her legs appropriately and twirls once put back down. See? Being short -does- have its advantages.


Radel somehow manages to spin Nieve out of harm's way, catch the blue rider and she tumbles into him, only going down to his knees from the impact, hand her off to her original partner then grab Nieve's hand twirls her back into the dance, smiling at her, "Exciting things, toss-dances..."


Niara lifts her feet up and behind as she is side-lifted, getting a little more height with her hop. Back on the ground, her arm flings around Oliver's neck, passes over his chest and waits on the other side for the swing count.


Tlair huffs at Iqe. If the girl will not co-operate then he will not help either! He started away and constantly checked back. He walked around and stuck as close as he could to her with out her noticing.


Aw, wasn't that cute? Radel saved her from harms way! But this Bluerider lass is too tall to be doing any ...'twirling' in the air. So She'll be the man! Trik performs as ordered; Picking up Zia as she does the rest, "Haaa. This 'un is easy Z! ...But I didn't like the first 'un. Y'sent me flyin across the shardin' room." Huff. Puff. Trik is getting tired from all this foot work, "Z...We's gotta'...sit...sometime or Im'a gunna pass out!"


Iqe gently sets down the Brown Klah Egg .

Brown Klah Egg  shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.

Stumbling Green Hatchling

With a shrill trumpet, this hatchling shakes herself off, and taking the  first wobbly steps away from the egg, promptly trips and lands in a tangle  of wings, tail, and head.  As she picks herself up, the plain markings of her hide are visible; silver flashes streak along wide, if  stubby wings, down along the back, then are gone from sight as the  hatchling turns away, looking for her meal.

Stumbling Green Hatchling's cries turn joyous, and she turns towards Iqe, creeling piteously.


Nieve chuckles as she's twirled back into the dance, glancing briefly over at the other pair. "Indeed they are fun. You've got fast reflexes, by the way." No worries, Eve doesn't hit on younger guys - usually - so she's just being overly friendly. Without missing a beat, she reaches up to tuck dark strands behind her ears, glancing briefly as the firelizard hatches. "Weird place to hatch one of those things," she notes idly, shaking her head.


Tonalie allows her legs to swing out with the lift, holding her head back as she descends into Morallen's arms, her body sliding down his to settle softly on the ground. With a quick kiss in the general direction of his face, she claps her hands to one side and dances out and twirls around in the footwork of the dance, ending with her back facing him for customary next toss.


Mimi sets her wine on the edge of the stage again, planting a quick smooch on Jeri's cheek before her hands are placed appropriately and with a twirl and a toss up into the air, in which she performs a spin, is caught and boosted up onto the stage again. "Thanks for the dance!" she calls with a slight wave of her hand, and the tall, lanky-lean harper responds, "Always a pleasure!" The tambourine is grabbed from the prizes and wobbled and tapped a couple of times, "Get in your last spins and twirls, e'ryone!"


Iqe picks up her hatchling carefully remembering to feed it while staring at the swirling orange eyes. She grabbed the little bag at her side and pulled out a few strips of herd beast. She was delighted and smiled at everyone while keeping it happy with food.


Last spin? GASP. Better make it good. And Zia does, allowing Trik to lift her into the air and neatly performing the required motion before spinning neatly as her feet meet the ground. "Woo! You dance like a pro, love," she dimples sweetly, feet very barely missing the little green hatchling. "What on Pern? Some people.. We should fry it up and eat it." Diulnyth, off to the side, rumbles his bored agreement and shifts his weight. He wants to dance. Can he dance? Huh-huh-huh?


Radel twirls Nieve out once more then as he brings her back in he says, "Jump!" When she does so the pulls her deftly around to slide her body around and over his hips then uses them to toss her slightly up and back onto her feet. In a couple of more twirls he makes his way with her to the stage then spins her out and bows grandly, "A pleasure Nieve. Now I have ta attend ta business." And jumps onto the stage to stand besides Mimi, panting ever so slightly and grinning hugely.


Trau lets out an audible sigh after his little spin and looks more than a little dizzy. But his hands find her waist, and she is gently thrown into the air again. Her spins are graceful and flawless, and as she lands in his arms, no sooner do her feet skim the ground than he twirls her around and around. This seems to be a, "as many times as we can" sort of twirl, and she just keeps spinning and spinning. He finally stops, and utters, "Wow...I was even getting a little dizzier from watching that!" He does one more flip over her just as a finishing touch to their beautiful spectacle.


Tlair noded. At least she just hadn’t forgotten about him... or had she? Well with the new hatchling around no wonder she was not paying much attention to anything else especially not /him/.


Morallen isn't at all aware of any firelizard hatchings or non-hatchings going on.  He's got his hands full with a lively headwoman that he has no intention of letting get too far away.  At least not on the horizontal plane.  Vertical is another matter entirely, as he swings them about to gain momentum, and manages a mighty lift and toss, stomping his foot at the downbeat, along with many of the other men, as he uses his grip to induce a rotation to Tonalie's spin before releasing her to the air.


Nieve, quite out of breath by now, offers a wide smile to Radel and a wink. "Thank you, Radel. You're a great dancer." And then she's backing off the dance floor, watching the other couples and discreetly grabbing a drink. One glass of wine won't kill her, right? And she won't get in trouble if no one tells. And with that thought, she sips the drink slowly, still gazing about.


Oliver swings Niara out to the other side and pulls her back into formal dance position.  "I won't make you kiss me, you know." he abruptly announces--eyebrows raising almost questioningly.  "Besides, you can do other things for me that would probably be -much- more...er...pleasing."


Iqe pulls back the green to her chest and continues to stuff it full of food. She always had wondered how something so small could eat so much! She stepped away with the little beast.


"We are /still/ S'good, Z! Though, I do say, We fought better last night with 'Dren than we did dance, tonight, But still, Y'know? We are -good-." Huffff. Snort. Breathe, woman! Trik lays a quick peck to the lips of Zia before frolicking off to find a seat -- Oh, and to be dark and gloomy and sullen again! Mwahaha. Agzanth can be heard with a bugle from the meadows and a twitch of eye is given, "Arrg. He wants to go and eeeattt..."


Tonalie flings her arms over her head to clap just at the height of the rotation, using the air friction to slow her enough to land, hopping immediately into another leap that brings her into Morallen's arms. Her hands clasp onto his neck, supporting her for the final dip of the contest.


Morallen dips accordingly, leaning forward until he drops to one knee, cradling Tonalie in a finishing pose and resting his forehead on her chest, rather out of breath and with his hair firmly tousled  once again.  After a suitably artistic pause, he looks up to grin at her. 


Radel watches the dancing couples for a moment longer then leans over to Mimi and starts to have a whispered conversation with her, once in a while looking back out onto the dance floor or motioning out with a once again retrieved wand. Looks like they're trying to decide who the winners and runners up are.


Mimi smiles at Radel, "Found a friend, did you?" she asks teasingly, waving a hand to quiet people down. "Okay, it's time to announce....the winners!" She turns to confer with Radel for a moment, and after a bit of nodding she announces, "First of all, our first eliminated pair earns a free copy of my book 'Dance for the Chronically Inept' please come see me if that was you..." Mental snicker cackle. "And now, our runner-up prizes...This lovely set of icicle pipes goes to...." she trails off to allow Radel to announce....(drumroll)


Niara twinkles and glances around before bending her head forward and planting a kiss on his lips. Just a quick one. A thank you one. That's all. She steps back and drops a curtsey as the music fades.


Tonalie leans her head back and pants, grinning in reply to Morallen as she struggle to her feet, knees wobbling as she holds onto the healer for support and awaits the announcements.


Radel points at Trau, "Couple number 27, to be divided as the see fit. Preferably without splitting them in half, thank you." With a wink he looks back at Mimi to make the next announcement.


Mimi shakes her tambourine, "And this lovely winter tambourine goes to....." A finger goes to Niara and Oliver, "Couple number 14, Apprentices Niara and Oliver. And Oliver you have an open invitation to join my dance class."


Radel whispers in Mimi's ear once more time and smiles out onto the dance floor as he speaks...


Niara blinks and turns to glance at Oliver, her face draining of color. "Us?" she squeaks to him, grabbing at his arm for a reality check.


Morallen loops his arm casually around /Tonalie's/ waist, and removes the flower from behind his ear and tucks it into her hair after due deliberation.  "You wear them much more well than I do, dearling," he explains with a wink.


Arriving just shy of being a part of the festivities, the very devastated teen shuffles his way towards the wine stand and crumbles into a seat with a look of utter discolense. "Missed it.. I've been practicing for two sevendays and I /missed/ it." Wine is poured, muttering continues, and Pendren tips the glass to Trik, Zia, and Nieve. Mope.


Oliver blinks in surprise as his name is announced with Niara's.  "Uh...we..." he nods slightly and turns Niara off the floor, heading over toward the stage and offering the girl a sweeping bow to indicate that she should receive the prize, coming up with a cheeky, "I look forward to your class, Ma'am," for Mimi.


Mimi picks up the midnight blue and pristine white dress , while Radel picks up the matching male counterpart to both announce the winners, "Couple number 23, Morallen and Tonalie."


Nieve pauses in mid-sip, grinning over at Pendren and tilting her glass in greeting. "'Ello again, Pendren. You didn't miss much, really. Except for me being eliminated and one couple falling on the floor." She rolls her eyes good-naturedly, and resumes her drinking.


Tonalie squeals and grabs Morallen's arm to pull him forward, ignoring any social convention about acting surprised and modest. Arriving at the stage, she hops in place, bouncing and clapping her hands like a ten-turn old instead of the dignified and stately woman she is...supposed to be. Yeah. Pshaw.


Morallen looks mildly bemused as to what all the fuss is about, but is quite cheerfully hauled along by the excited Tonalie, grinning to himself and waving here and there as seems fitting without losing the air of cool he's trying for.  "Nice threads," he muses. "Thank you, Harpers.  Great little shindig."


Radel grins and looks out over the crowd. With a grand sweep of his wand he announces, "Our gracious band will keep playing for a while longer for those of you that wish to dance without pressure and there's still plenty of food and wine to go around. We hope you all enjoyed this, and that it'll become something of a regular event. Thank you all for coming and keep enjoying yourself, please.'


Nieve finishes off the rest of the wine, and then just kind of stands there. Nope, no dancing for her unless she's specifically asked. For now, drinking's good enough for her unless she gets drunk. Then it's bad.


Niara accepts the tambourine and steps back, taking Oliver's hand and pulling him back with her. She holds the pretty little trinket out, offering it "for coming with me. It's not fish..." she blinks, trying to be nice and not sure of Oliver's response to the sudden accolade.


Zia drops Trik's hand for a moment, gliding over to Pendren to smack a kiss on his cheek. "Drennie! Nice to see you again.." There's a devilish little twinkle to her eyes. Goodness, Zia's getting around tonight, and she knows it. "If only Jiu was here.. Diu could take us all back home and keep you there forever." With a wink, she touches a finger to his nose gently before prancing over to Trik. "Lookie, the guy we kicked the eggs out of is here! Isn't that great?!" Sparkle.


Pendren Sets down his glass, the glumness slightly lifted with the invitation of more music. Zia gets an eyebrow twiddle and the kiss is noted with a sly wink. "Ooh, Zia, you charmer you." Blush. He grins all suavish at his two favorite blue riders before sashaying his way towards Nieve and extending an arm. "Care for a dance, little lady?" Ooh, isn't it sickening though?


Tonalie accepts the dress, folding it over her arm and spinning around, suddenly turning nervous as she realizes how silly she must have looked. Imagine! All this fuss over a contest. She worries at her lower lip and crushes the cloth close to her chest, her eyes searching Morallen's face.


Nieve is so popular tonight. After setting down her now-empty glass, she cocks an eyebrow at Pendren and takes the offered arm. "Little lady? Excuse me? I could kick your butt any day, boy." Cough. Not. "Of course I'll dance, if you promise not to kill my feet."


Seizing hold of inked straps, Trik escalates up to a sitting position between soot leathered and parsley dyed ovine wool; all atiwxt the lapis lazuli neckridges of Agzanth.


Pendren leads Nieve onto the dance floor with an unamused expression. "A ha ha." Is noted wrly as he twirls her onto the floor and sidles beside her, hands immediately clasping her own as he dips, swivels, and cavorts her into the thick of things. "Excuse /me/ but I happen to be a very proficient dancer."


Oliver blinks down at the tambourine and then at Niara and grins, shaking his head slightly and pushing the tambourine back into her hands.  "No, you take it.  To remember me by after I'm dead." he murmurs, eyes sparkling with amusement and shrugging.  "Or something like that."


Morallen's expression holds nothing more censorious than fond amusement at his lady's departure from her normal sophistication.  One might hazard he finds it endearing.  In any case, with a nod to the Harpers, the tall Healer shoulders her own prize and wraps his arm around Tonalie's waist again, whispering something for her ears only.


You overhear Morallen mutter, "Now that the ... ... ... how ... ... ... about slipping off ... ... ... ... ... ..." to Tonalie.


"I'm sure you are," Nieve agrees with a chuckle. "I'm just giving you a hard time. I bet I could've won that contest if it hadn't been for my sharding partner." Grumblegrumble. "So how have you been?"


Niara eyes Oliver for a moment and nods, leaning forward to whisper something before taking off for home. "I'll thank you properly when we aren't surrounded. I promised."


Tonalie nods, her lashes dropping as she allows Morallen to lead her home.






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