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Craft Dinner

Decmember 30, 2003


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Jellem walks in.

Jueann comes out of the Office, smiling. "Is it dinner time yet? I'm starved."

Rook slips in at the back, among a row of other lean, tall journeymen, and is content to stay hidden.

Ylisa descends the stairs fairly hastily, using one hand to manage her long skirt on the staircase. Arriving in the Ballroom, she
meets Jueann. "I do hope so. I've been teaching all afternoon; I'm ready for a break."

Mikailyn pitters in with a few more apprentices in various degrees of frippery -- Mikailyn is attempting to outrun a girl who is attempting to braid Miki's hair, and neither are having much success. Pitter-patter.

Jueann grins as she looks around at the gathering harpers, greeting one or two as she passes by. Seeing Ylisa, "Breaks are always a good thing. At least the monthly reports are doine."

The door to Jellem's room opens and the reclusive composer comes out of his room and slowly down the stairs to join the others, sitting with the other journeyman and staying completley quiet otherwise

Niara is one of those other girls in a various degree of frippery, -trying- to keep the bounce in her step under control. She waves
a hand in the direction of one or two others she hadn't really seen in a while before slipping into a seat at the table with those of like rank. Even the entrance of one or two of the more sour uppity-ups brings a grin. It's good to be home.

Ashlao walks down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.

Myra slips in quietly, late once again due to those fur-bearing creatures the herders fondly call 'canines'.

Ylisa smiles, also looking at the rapidly-growing crowd in the Ballroom. "And these are always such good occasions. By the way, as I'm the only Senior Journeyman who can make it tonight, I took the liberty of telling the people setting up /not/ to set me a table all to myself this time. I'll sit with the other Journeymen."

Trying to make her way to her seat at the Master's Table, Jueann is stopped by Jeranium and his forever complaint about this and
that apprentice. Calming the old fusspot, the craftmaster edges closer to her seat.

"/No/, Tamra." Mikailyn breaks away from her tagalong, a red ribbon flopping helplessly at the end of a messy braid. "It's fine. Come on. Where's a seat? You find me one, I'll follow you." Which Miki does, with some degree of difficulty, as Tamra is doing her best to leave Mikailyn behind.

Finally a drudge points in Myra's direction. Jueann smiles at Ylisa, sliding passed Jeranium, making her way to the herder master. "Myra? That you?"

Ylisa suppresses a smile as Jueann is waylaid by Jeranium, and finds herself a seat at the other end of the Journeymen's table from where the two are talking. "Good evening, Jellem," she says as she settles herself. "How's it going. Are you working on anything interesting at the moment?"


Myra beams a smile, while trying to brush a few dog-hairs off, unnoticed. "Last time I checked. Tis good to see you Jueann! How're you doing?"

Joelle walks down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.

Stitch sneaks out of the harper office.

Jellem shakes his heat Ylisa, "not really.. just a few compositions for the srping gathers.." Jellem replies with a slight smile, "and you?" the Journeyman asks

Joelle skitters down the stairs, not *quite* fast enough to trip, and sidles towards her place at the tables. Hopefully before anyone
takes notice of the fact she hasn't been there for a bit already.

Ylisa gives a somewhat rueful grin. "The quartets are just about done, not that anyone will want to listen to them. Too avant-garde.
I'm back on songs now. Well, one song, anyway. I've already re-written the wretched thing twice, and I'm still not happy with it - the teaching point is good, but the theme is unbearably gloomy. I have a strong urge to go and sit on a beach with a bottle of wine and try to write something cheerful!"

Jueann smiles, "Myra! you are just in time for Dinner. Come join me." Motioning for her friend and fellow master to follow her to
the master table. "I'm doing fine. Never thought you would see me being head of this craft did ya?"

Myra chuckles quietly, and cheerfully follows, "Good to hear that. Oh, I believed you'd make it. Quiet as you tend to be, I wasn't
a bit surprised to hear it!" A critical look is quickly swept across the room, "Looks as if you've been doing quite a good job, too."

Stitch is of course being his usual loud and jubilant self, telling jokes and making the guys at the table howl with giggles and supressed laughter. "Did I ever tell ye the one about the Harper and the Herder...?"

Niara settles back on the bench and smooths her skirt over her knees before ruining the effect by plopping her elbows forward on the table and scooting grey eyes around the room, resting here and there as she wrinkles her nose. -Please- let the food be good tonight. She'd missed lunch, buried deep in the archive room. Again.

"Here, Myra. Sit by me," Jueann motions. "I think the drudges are ready to serve." Nodding to the serving drudges, "Everyone take your seat."

Myra nods, sliding into her seat about half a heartbeat behind Jueann. "So how've things been going for you lately? Keeping everyone out of trouble?"

"That's how it goes sometimes.. write, write, and write again.." Jellem says as he looks around the tables, slumping down a little

Drudges appear, carrying deep covered bowls which they proceed to set at intervals along the tables. Lids are removed to reveal a chilled soup from which a vaguely citrus flavour is rising. A few chopped herbs are floating on the top. Very refreshing! Bread
is already on the tables, the crusty slices soft and still slightly warm, and there's a ladle for serving in each soup tureen.

Jueann holding up her goblet for wine, Jueann smiles at Myra. "Things have been interesting. you know us harpers, if it isn't interesting, then it isn't worth the bother."

Rook watches the soup to by and, after a moment's pause, slips close enough to get himself a small bowl and some fresh bread. Thusly laden, he looks around for a seat. No need to stand and eat, afterall.

"How true." Ylisa raises the lid of the covered bowl in front of her and examines the contents, stirring the bits at the bottom with
the ladle. "It looks like one of those fruit soups. Can I help you to some?"

Gold_Guest walks in.

Myra smiles cheerfully, absentmindedly serving herself from a bowl in front of her, and delicately freeing a bit of bread for herself,
before passing the bowl down. "Ah, sounds nice. We've mostly had periods of boredom intersperced with being so busy we don't know which way's up. So what interesting things have you been dealing with lately?"

Stitch claps his hands together, tilting back to laugh out loud with his fellow hoodlum apprentices. "Now /that's/ the stuff! But
where's the ale?" he asks, rubbing his hands. "Soup and bread and everythin' else...we need some ale to round it out!"

Niara leans over to whisper in the ear of the girl sitting next to her, and both break up into giggles, calming themselves just as a bowl of soup passes by, then helping themselves to whatever is on the next plate.

After her wine glass is filled, Jueann smiles at her friend, "Well. You know that Lady Risana has a new love interest?" The drusge started serving.

Ylisa serves herself some soup before surrendering the ladle to a neighbour. Sampling it, she comments, "Interesting," in the same tone of voice that she uses when trying not to discourage her more misguided students. Then she asks Jellem, "Are you doing much teaching at present?"

Myra tilts her head, and quirks an eyebrow, "No, I hadn't... Do tell! What is he like? And is he at all suitable?" Interested eyes focus on Jueann, paired with a bit of a smile, as Myra samples the soup.

Gold_Guest takes a seat near the crowd.

The drudges seem in a hurry to get the next course served, perhaps because there are so many dishes. It's quite a feast. Steamed river grains with chopped herbs, the red-skinned tubers, and an assortment of green vegetables, all appear. Last comes the meat,
on oval platters. It consists of small joints on the bone, looking not unlike parts of some fowl, and the flesh itself is pale in colour,
though this is partly hidden by a rich sauce. Someone calls across the journeymen's table to one of the servers, raising his voice
to be heard above the conversation. The reply, delivered at the same volume, co-incides with a lull, so the drudge's words ring
out across the Ballroom. "That's yer Spiced Rabbit!"

Jellem chuckles slightly before taking another drink fo the wine, "Not really.. I tend to just do lots of composing and performance.." Jellem says with a slight smile to Ylisa, though he seems distracted.

Jueann chuckles and shrugs, "Now I'm not one that spread rumors.But I'm sure you won't like that?" But at the announcement of the course, she has to hide a mischeivous smile.

Gold_Guest blinks, somewhat surprised at the meat course. Rabbit?

Myra looks rather curious, "Won't like what?", an amused smile crosses her face, "He's not suitable? Don't tell me he's holdless, or some drudge, now!" An appreciative nod is given the declariation of the rabbit, "Ah, sounds like your cook has visited Gar reciently. I'm told they have several very good recipies for rabbit."

Ylisa is reaching for the jug of juice when the drudge's announcement of the meat course is heard. She stops, hand extended, and almost splutters. "Rabbit? Oh, my! Whoever thought of this menu? I've been thinking far too much about rabbits recently!" She reaches for the wine instead.

Jueann shrugs, "I really don't know that much about him. He just showed up out of nowhere. Risana is having him checked out." Picking at the meat dish, rabbit isn't one of her favorite dishes. "So how about you Myra? Anything intereting in your neck of the woods?"

"Someone with an odd sense of humor probably.." Jellem says, drinking a little more of the red wine in his glass. The young man watches the others enjoy themselves, which is the point, right?

Gold_Guest isn't sure what is going on or what to say to anybody since she's never been here before. She reaches for a bit of the
bread, and smiles at her neighbor.

"Probably." Ylisa gives Jellem a rueful smile, then returns to the earlier topic. "Sometimes I wish that I could spend more time composing, but I wouldn't really want to be rid of my students. One of the new apprentices had already learned the flute for a Turn or two, and she's making really good progress now she's come back to it. I find it quite rewarding when that happens." Despite her initial reaction, as soon as she's finished her soup, she helps herself to the meat and a good selection of vegetables.

Stitch has spent much time out in the wild forced to find his own source of food, so being served rabbit is just like old times. "Ah! It looks absolutely delicious?" he elbows an apprentice beside him and grins, "What's the matter, Y'lisa?" he grins.

During the Dessert course which is coming up, Jueann stands, "Alright everyone. Settle down."

Galen walks in.

Ashlao walks down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.

Galen blinks and peers all around the hall as if it's been ages since he's been here. He squints at different aspects of the architecture and the furnishings, apparently approving of changes he is able to recognize.

Niara sops up the last of the rabbit juices on her plate with a bit of bread and pops it in her mouth, following shortly thereafter with her fingers, sticking each one in her mouth for an ever so delicate lick. Her eyes are drawn to the Master's Table and Jueann's preparation for announcements. Or for desert. Either are in equally high regard in her opinion. She flutter's her hands at the others at her table, shushing them and nodding their attention frontwards.

Ashlao comes forward. As the newest resident of the hall she has met few people. Smiling to those she does know: Stitch and Ylisa. She calls down her Green firelizard Filtiarn.

Dessert is mercifully normal. Fruit pie and cream. The drinks seem to be circulating rather freely after the spicy meat course, however.

"I don't mind teaching.. but I'm not all that good at teaching groups.. better at working with individuals.." Jellem says quietly to Ylina as he hears Jueann, smirking slightly, "Yes.. we're such a rowdy lot.."

Ashlao spots dessert and grins. She came just in time for her favorite part! She finds a seat at the Apprentice table and leans back in her chair, coming close to having it tip over. "I wish I could of come earlier but Jeranium made me copy a ton of things from the archives." she said despairingly. She hadn't even finished, decideing coming to the party would be worth his wrath. "But if he asks, ive finished."

Myra settles back a bit, nibbling at the fruit pie, and taking only the occasional sip of wine. She's never been a big one for the more alcoholic beverages, prefering klah mostly.

Standing, Jueann notes that another master has entered. "Welcome Mastersmith. Please come join us. There is room here with us. All are welcome." Motioning for other masters to make room for him. Turning back to the apprentices and journeyman. "Where was I?"

Galen smiles and nods his thanks as he unobtrusively finds a seat and listens.

Ylisa casts a quelling (she hopes) look at a particularly noisy group of apprentices at a nearby table, then nods to Jellem, murmuring, "Some lively ones over there. Hope they're going to behave." Then she turns her attention towards Master Jueann.

Stitch waves a piece of bread in the air, "Over here, Ash... Have a seat, join us! Ye've GOT to try this soup. Jeranium schmermanium. Tell em to go count wherries." tapping his hands on the table he grins. Nver give this kid sugar.

Ashlao grins and grabs a hunk of bread, and gives herself a bowl of soup. Going for the dip-the-bread and chow down on it method she readily agrees it is good soup. She also takes some of the spicy meat and a bit of wine. "Ah.. goo'stuff." she said and piled her plate high with some more of the fruit pies and cream.

Jueann glares at the most rowdy table, before continuing, "First off, I would like to thank whoever did the waxing of the Ballroom. Journeywoman Arran will be out for a couple weeks with a sprain ankle. Let's watch the polishing, alright?" Glancing at her notes, 'uhh is Joelle here?"

Niara gives the other apprentice table a slant-eyed glance and a bemused (though officially, disapproving) look before turning her
attention to the plate of pie and cream slid in front of her. She lifts her fork and plunges the tongs into the darkly juicy center,
pausing to catch the gist of Jueann's words. Waxing? Heh... Not her. This time. Yay! She takes a bite and catches a trickle of escaping juice with her napkin. ooo... This stuff is gonna stain.

Joelle stands up from the quiet end of the rowdy table, "Here, Master." She looks rather nervous, shifting her weight from one foot to the other. They don't think she waxed the room, do they?

"Do I have somethin' stuck to m'face?" the exhuberant apprentice asks in his light northern brogue, looking at his fellows when he notices people looking toward their table.

Looking up from her notes, Jueann says, "Joelle, Seems we forgot to promote you to full apprentice last month. An over sight? Well, no matter. Ylisa? You have the knots handy? Please make sure that she gets one?"

Ashlao squints. "N'eh I don't see anything." she said, looking around she notices the people glancing towards the table. Shrugging it off she glomps down more food.

Ylisa reaches down for the small embroidered bag by the side of her seat and pulls something from it. Getting up, she walks across to give the knot to the newly-promoted Apprentice. "Well done, Joelle. Keep up the good work!"

Keiko slips in quietly in through an arch from the great hall.

Joelle looks slightly stunned at the promotion. And here she thought it'd be more likely she'd be *de*moted. "Thank you Ma'am!" she manages to stammer, before dropping back down into her seat, fumbling with the new knot.

Ashlao grins at Joelle. "Good Job!." she exclaims.

Jueann grins as she glides her finger down the list, "Uhhh Janicka. Fas? you two here?"

Mikailyn walks in.

Ylisa stands again. "Master Jueann, Janicka has leave to visit her family at the moment. And..." She scans the other end of the
Journeymen's table. "Jeranium, didn't I see you sending Fasulkad on an errand this afternoon? Might he still be coming back?" The
older journeyman has, for once in his life, the grace to blush as he mutters. "Oh. I sent him to Grinstead."

Jueann sighs, "Alright, I'll promote them the next time I see them, so everyone not a peep! Got that!" Looking around at the apprentices. "Let's keep it a surprise. I'll send Janicka's knot to her parents and let them break the news. But that rascal Fas, I want to do that personally."

Jueann going over her notes, "Now then, Ylisa. I want you and Jellem go grab the next promotee and walk her to the journeyman Table."

Niara ducks her head to hide the snicker at the thought of -anyone- expecting apprentices to keep -anything- quiet for long. "Jueann'd better park herself in the doorway if she really wants to get to him first," she whispers to her seatmate before spreading a blankly innocent look across her face an waiting for the next round of promotions.

Mikailyn has been here all the time, in between Tamra and some boy who doesn't look happy with his current company. Really. Even if she hasn't been doing anything particularly interesting. She catches something about Fasulkad, which catches her interest just long enough to distract her from Tamra fixing the bow in Mik's braid. So stealthy.

Jellem stands slowly, downing the rest of his wine, "Always have to make me do the dirty work.." Jellem teases tiredly toward Jueann before he begins walking slowly and purposefully around the apprentice tables. Which apprentice is he after? Finally the journeyman stops behind Niara, just standing and waiting for Ylisa

Jueann grins at Jellem. "But you just love it. Admit it!"

Ylisa is already standing, so she waits for Jellem to get to his feet before following him towards the senior apprentices. "I've
been looking forward to this," she says as she comes to rest in front of Niara, smiling broadly. "Time for a walk, Niara."

Jueann grins, "Well Niara? YOu going to walk or do I need to get Liesana to assign you extra duty?"

Niara stiffens and barely manages to keep the grimace from her face as she feels Jellem pause behind her shoulder. She scrunches her eyes closed and begins the mental mantra that has saved her from certain embarrassment many times before when in the presence of the uppities. "Don't move. Don't speak. Don't breathe..." But when she hears her name on Ylisa's lips she cracks her eyes and peers."Wha-?" she manages to squeak, showing the extensive time and effort the Hall has put into her training. She turns round eyes toward Jueann and nods, pushing out the bench enought to swing her legs over. Hope Jellem isn't standing -too- close.

From somewhere on the Apprentices' tables, the traditional chant begins. Others take it up, with accompanying thumps on the table and stamping of feet. "Walk, Niara, walk!"

Stitch picks up a napkin and mock sniffles, dabbing at his eyes, his voice breaking as if he were really crying. *Sniff* "It's so
sad when they're all grown up and get t'walk to the big table, innit?" *sniffle*

Jellem smirks from where he stands, not close enough to be injured by Niara's sudden standing. He's been to a few of these after all, seeing many such reactions.

Mikailyn chimes in appropriately, of course, though by the look on her face she only has the vaguest idea as to what's going on
-- but it's the ... err, participation that counts, of course.

"Walk, Niara, walk! Walk, Niara, walk!"

Ashlao interupts here chant of "Walk Neee-ahr-aaaaaaah!" to give Stitch her mock pitying look.. "Would you like a hanky?" she asks jokingly


 -That- was enough to snap her outta it. With a roll of her eyes at Stitch, Niara is on her feet and bouncing toward the Big Peoples Table. ~Mommy Wow! I'm a big kid now!~

Jueann grins, as she waits for the noise to die down. "Alright,
people. We still have one more thing to deal with. First I want
to congratulation all the new promotions. They are all well deserved.
Now then. Ylisa! YOu have one more item of business?"

Stitch sniggers and giggles, ducking down slightly as he uses his
napkin to muffle the sounds of his laughter. "I couldnae resist."
he snickers at Ashlao, swinigng his feet. "Maybe if I were less
lazy I could be up there too, aye?"

Ashlao ceases her chant with the rest of them and leans back. "Y'eh, and i'd be head cook." she says, sipping down some more wine, she wasn't used to it and her introvert-ness was disappearing as she had a bit more.

Ylisa follows Niara back to the table but remains standing, turning to face the rest of the room and pulling a slip of hide from her
bag. "Yes, Master Jueann. You asked for a progress report on the, er, rabbit investigation." A glance at her notes. "I'll keep this
brief, as I don't have a satisfactory outcome to report yet. We have a report from harpers in the Gar area, but nothing very concrete, I'm afraid. I've sent back to them asking them to get the details, but I'm still waiting for that. Anyway, there's a story circulating up there that a Herdercraft /Master/," here there's a pause to emphasise the rank, "Ordered a consignment of rabbits to be shipped to the Herder Hall at Ista, and the story circulated because they were supposedly intended to be used for a prank against another Master - another Herder Master, that is - at Ista. Presumably people thought the idea of one Master pranking another amusing." From her tone, Ylisa is not such a person. "I don't yet have any names." Ylisa pauses in her report, but glances at her notes - apparently there's more.

Jellem sneaks back to his table and slumps downin his previous seat

Niara slides into a seat with the other journey, flustered and not a little ill-feeling. It was one thing to talk about the uppity-ups
and another thing entirely to -be- one. Faranth...she just knows everyone's gonna wake up tomorrow and realize they'd made a mistake. But... the thought is almost comforting. But, for the night, she has an image to maintain, so she turns her attention to Ylisa and listens. (While the player sneaks off for time with Hubby)

Myra leans back just slightly in her seat, eyebrow raised at the mention of the Herderhall's involvement, her face becoming slightly
more serious. Eyes narrow slightly as she watchs Ylisa with seemingly full attention.

Mikailyn shudders visibly. "/Rabbits./" Yick.

Jueann frowns as she returns to her seat. "Oh really?" she looks over at Myra. "Did you know about this, Myra? Why haven't I heard anything from your craft?" Turning to Ylisa, "Did you get a name?"

Ashlao rshakes her head. "Uck, how could the mistake a Master _Herder_ for a Master _Harper_." she said

Stitch ducks his head down and whispers dramatically. "I /told/ ye about those sneaky Herders, dinnI? Wiley ones they are. Sneakin up on people with bunnies..."

Ylisa shakes her head. "I'm afraid not. However, the Herder Craft at Ista have been most co-operative. The rabbits did indeed arrive here. They appear to have left again, without any record being made of where they went." A deep breath. "However. Some apprentices have reported that they were asked by a Master of their Craft to carry the cages to the Harper Hall and leave them in the Office. They weren't too clear about how the cages came to be left open, but they definitely brought them here. They did not know the name of the Master concerned." A pause. "However, they are certain that it was not one of the Ista Hold Masters, and they have given me a full description, so it may be possible to identify the person. If we..." Now that she's standing, she can actually see Myra, sitting beside Jueann, and she pauses rather abruptly as she notices the visitor. "If we want to take things that far." She adds, somewhat dubiously, "We haven't just eaten the evidence, have we?"

Myra quirks an eyebrow at Jueann, "Sounds like you've heard more than I have. Of course, I'm in Keroon now, not Ista - and I'm no longer the CraftMaster."

Ashlao snickers. "What next? Ferrets? Fowl play in the Classroom?" she said jokingly

Jueann frowns, "A full description? Canyou share that description with me? I'm sure we can get the copyist to draw up a good likeness to circulate." Ignoring Myra for a moment, then she turns to the herder, "How is it you knew nothing of this?"

Myra smiles, amused, at Ylisa, "I don't believe so... Ylisa, is it? Bryann, our master at Gar, was rather incensed over the whole mess. She was quite vocal about things, once she recieved her rabbits back."

Dale walks in.

Stitch lifts a brow. "If she knew nothin' about what happened how does she know that they received the rabbits back?"

Jellem listens for a few moments before standing slowly and heading for the stairs, slowly going up them and trying not to distract from what's going on.

Myra sighs, and responds gently to Jueann. "Perhaps because I stayed in Keroon, once I retired, and I am no longer in charge of the Istan Crafthall, nor the Herders as a whole. I hear what rumors pass through, and what my craftmaster feels I should know."

Ylisa smiles rather mechanically and nods to Myra. "I'm glad to hear it." To Jueann, she says, "I'll have the description copied for you."

Jueann nods, "Ylisa, can you go ahead and describe the person now? Maybe one of the harpers may know of the master."

Ylisa takes a deep breath, her expression rather alarmed. She tries to catch Jueann's eye and gives a little shake of the head, but
then her gaze is drawn irresistibly back to Myra. Finally, she picks up her notes and reads. "A Herder Master, with a knot that
didn't have Istan ribbons. They thought it was a MasterCraftHall knot, but weren't sure. A woman, aged probably in her fifties."
Here she breaks off to comment, "Though one said she might be older." Back to the notes. "Height: a little over five feet, perhaps 5'2". Long hair, very dark, but now with grey streaks. One of them thought she had brown eyes; the rest weren't sure."

Myra nods gently, "Or perhaps even I might be able to recognize them. At the least, I could pass the description onto Dala or Dami, to help them."

Ashlao sobers. "But such pranks make horrible relations between crafts, look at all the suspision that has risen."

Jueann looks over at Myra, studying her for a moment. Not quite taking in the description fitting the person beside her.

Stitch taps his fingers on the table, then looks around the room. Getting up on ihs knees on the bench, he leans his hands on the table's surface. "If ye don't mind my sayin, Masters... Y'lisa's description sounds /awfully/ like the woman sittin here right now." he gestures a hand in Myrna's direction, then folds his arms over his chest, sitting back. "Uncanny, issnnit?"

Ashlao nods. "It does fit her, but it would be kinda foolish to return to the scene of the crime." she said stoutly.

Galen peers at Myrna and blinks.

Myra (#4922)
Waist length, midnight black hair is no longer so dark as it once was, with streaks of grey managing to sneak in. Her face is oval shaped, with a few wrinkles at the corners of a pair of quiet dark brown eyes. Usually silent, an occasional smile will displace her habitual serious look. A slender 5'2, she often ends up looking up at others.Cream colored linen drapes Myra's shoulders, a bit of extra padding there to guard against sharp firelizard claws. The soft, long sleeved shirt buttons down the front, the polished black circles of obsidian clasping cuffs and band collar as well. The sleeves are rolled casually up to elbow length, exposing tanned arms, and the shirt tucks neatly into comfortably cut pants of a soft, cotton twill, the rich brown fabric cut on the bias for stretch. Buttons like those on the shirt mark the fly, and pockets adorn each hip. Inch wide cuffs cover the tops of brown leather boots, scuffed and stained from hard wear.She is an older adult of about 56. She is awake, but seems rather distracted.

Myra looks back at Jueann, with a touch of a smile, "Well, aside from the age, the could describe several masters I know." She sobers slightly, considering, "The age doesn't narrow things that much, either. Though the fact that she isn't from Ista eliminates a few."

[OOC:] Myra humphs quietly. And notes that her name is Myra. Not Myrna. Myrna's a greenrider ;)

Ashlao nods. "It does fit her, but it would be kinda foolish to
return to the scene of the crime." she said stoutly.

Jueann looks at Ylisa, then at the Myra. "So Myra, know anyone that fits that description?"

Stitch stands up, "Ye said ye aren't posted in Ista anymore. THerefore 'no Istan ribbons'. Woman with dark hair with grey streaks...ye seem ta be gettin a little grey there,, lass.... Ye match the height... if it isn't you, then you've got quite an impersonator."

Myra nods, "Several people, as I've just said, myself included. The questions are, which of them would have been at Ista at the time, and who would have the motive to do such a thing?" She pauses, musing, "If you would like, I could talk it over with Damista, and Dalanyia."

Ylisa is still looking at Myra, but now shakes her head with a small smile. "That was the condensed version. If you wish, I can get you what the apprentices actually said, Master Jueann. I didn't get any impression that they were making it up; they seemed a bit bemused by it all."

Fasulkad walks down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.

Myra looks calmly at Stitch. "Aye, child, I do fit the description. But why would I have done such a thing? And as I've said, there are sevearl others who would fit." She then looks amused, "Besides, if I were to do it, I'd most likely use puppies, being a canine-person. No-one would comment on me wandering off with several puppies. Yet my leaving with rabbits? That would cause comment, if for no other reason then the speculation."

Jueann nods, "Why don't you write up the report, Ylisa. I'm sure you can find time to get with the current Craftmaster." Not really trusting Myra with this but she rather have her harpers doing the finishing work.

Stitch shrugs. "I don't understand what tha big deal is anyway. What harm could a few wee rabbits do other than make a few wee rabbit messes on the floor that I'm certain was worse on the drudges than anyone. A few bunnies never hurt anyone."

Ylisa nods. "Certainly, Master Jueann." With an expression of relief, she resumes her seat, reaching immediately for her wine glass.

"Not a few," Mikailyn pipes up suddenly, having finished whatever it was she was doing. "Not a /few/ rabbits, a /lot/ of rabbits. With -- you know, they have teeth and such." Terrifying creatures. Ahem.

Jueann glares at Stitch, "See me later and I'll give you the list of the damages those few rabbits did to my office. " but she's momentarily distracted as Fasulkad walkes in. "YOU! Come here!"

Galen leans over and speaks quietly to Smith Master Dale, gesturing from one harper to another.

Myra nods, "I'll be finishing my visit with my daughter and grandson tomorrow. If Journeyman Ylisa is ready, and wishs, she's more than welcome to accompany me back to Keroon, and I can bring her to meet with Dala."

Dale moves over closer to the retired MasterSmith following the gestures and conversation. A few quick comments are asked trying to fill in what happened before his arrival.

Light steps preceed the arrival of another to the Ballroom -- Fas enters with an absent glance around -- lateness. It happens, but that doesn't mean he's comfortable with ever /being/ the one who's late. Conversations abound, but before Fas can decide which one to listen in to, attention is called towards a voice calling him. "Oh," he murmurs, before changing direction, and quickly making his way towards Jueann, head tilting in a slightly confused look. "Sorry I'm late -- something wrong...?"

Stitch holds up his hands and mock winces at Jueann. "Aye, aye, I believe ye, Master Jueann. But if it was just a prank, and ye were all prankin' each other like crazy, why would it be such a secret? "

Galen makes little hopping motions with the fingers of his right hand on his left palm and then stretches his arms wide as he whispers to Smith Master Dale.

Jueann nods to Ylisa. "I beleive Ylisa has something that belongs to you, Apprentice." Her attention at them moment, is with some unfinish old business. When that's over with she'll go back to the Bunny Business.

Mikailyn waves vaguely at Fasulkad in passing, apparently a bit too late to get involved in the rest of the conversations. Or else she's a bit preoccupied with her food. Mm.

Dale nods looking between the harpers and herders quickly trying to put together all the players. Another comment is quietly made to Galen waiting to see what else will be covered.

Ylisa eyes Stitch for a moment before commenting to Jellem and Niara, "At least he doesn't address Jueann as 'lass!'" Jueann's words call her back to attention, and she reaches in that little bag again, removing something which she conceals in her hand as she stands up. "Yes. Come here, Fasulkad. And don't let me see you without it again!" Her face is entirely serious, the closed hand held loosely in front of her.

Stitch sits back down, folding his arms over his chest. He'll dig up more information later. Afterall, he /is/ a spy. "Actually ye'd think that someone would have written a song about it. Th'great Bunny Invasion."

"Oh?" Harper's head rights itself, "I wasn't aware I lost anything, but that's usually the case when I /do/," Fas admits as eyes search around the room -- Mikailyn is noticed, and he gives a quick motion with his fingers, before he pauses, and shakes his head at himself, allowing a slight grin, before he smothers it back behind a facade of curious interest, before he sights Ylisa at her call, and once again slips around those in his way to his new destination. Hand is automatically held out to recieve the item as he presents a slightly quizzical look. "It wouldn't happen to be a collar with a bell, would it?" Despite the seriousness of his senior, light wink follows his query, before he looks down at his hand -- and stops speaking.

Ylisa drops the object into Fasulkad's outstretched hand. "I suggest you find yourself a seat over there." There's a glimmer of amusement in her eyes as she then points towards the table where the Senior Apprentices are gathered, which turns into a distinct grin as she adds, "And about time too."

Jueann sighs, glancing over at Stitch. "I'll leave it in your hands Ylisa. Take whatever measures you need and any apprentice you think will learn from this." Then she looked at Fas, "Try not to lose your knot again. Sr apprentice knots don't grow on trees." Then she looked around at the other harpers, "Well, I have a good book calling to me. So everyone, I wish you a good night."

Myra nods, and slides back in her chair, "And I also should leave. It's getting late, and I promised my daughter I'd be back this evening. Jueann, I'll see what I can do in this matter, to assist you..."

Myra walks to the Great Hall.

Galen pushes his chair back and stands up, bending to whisper something to Smith Master Dale, then turning to smile and nod to Harper Master Jueann as he mouthes the words 'thank you' and 'good night' to her.

Dale nods and offers a slight wave before sitting back and watching more.

Grin returns rather quickly to the newly-promoted Senior Apprentice, and Fas allows a light chuckle at her words, allowing only a small nod, before he questions Ylisa back as eyes practically shine with a multitude of emotions -- but whether happiness or amusement is the primary one might never be known. "Aye, indeed -- how many Turns has it been, anyway?" The light joke is passed with a grin and an appreciative nod, followed by a quiet, "Thank you," before he turns back to Jueann, and nods again, calling over, "I don't think I'll lose this one very quickly, ma'am, thank you..."

Keiko steps into the hall from the Great Hall, an eyebrow raising as Myra brushes past her and Keiko is left looking into a room full of Harpers, "Oh shells and bells.." Wrong craft. She does however have the courtesy of mind to lift up fingers along with hand (one naturally follows the other) and give a wave to any who /might/ have noticed her in the hubbub of activity that usually follows and/or precedes gatherings such as the one held tonight, "Ya'll look lovely.." Ah yeah, because that was a socially appropriate comment to make. More like awkward. Well then. Turning on her heel she twists..and makes her way back -out-.

Jueann hits the OOC Light. "Alright guys something real quick before we all headout.
Dale walks to the Great Hall.
Rook's OOC bow tie spins around in the dark, flashing its lights.
Galen hobbles to the Great Hall.





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