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Jueann makes a gagging noise and runs out of the Infirmary.  Healers they dissect bodies as harpers dissect music.

Radel opens his notepad again and writes a little extra snippet on a new page. 'Ask about the examination suggested by Master Ageron (pompous one): Gugnil area? Look up word.' As he writes he's careful to do so in a way that its not possible for those standing in front of him, which includes all the new arrivals, to read what he's writing..

Ageron glances absently back down at what /was/ a covered body - and promptly blanches and take a swift step backward as he notices that the sheet's been pulled back again. What? Surely the Masterhealer isn't thrown off by a bit of blood and the sight of a dead body? "The... er.. gunist area," he repeats... kinda. "Did you check it? Er.. bruising or.. er... discoloration. Can mean many things." And then he fixes a Look on Alain that states quite clearly that the apprentice had better have checked it - whatever it is.

Alain gapes a moment, and sputters, "Sir, I'm...I'm sure I did.  I checked everything usually looked over in a procedure such as this."  He peers a the man a moment, "If you'd like to take a further inspection we could find some robes and a scalpel and some gloves...I wasn't going to attempt an internal inspection, but if you'd like to conduct one, of course I wouldn't object."


"Something the matter, Master Ageron?" is Morallen's query as Ageron pales, schooled to be almost bland as the senior apprentice tries desperately to keep any of his usual smirking tone out of his voice.  He steps forwards a little, then draws back as the man seems to be all right, mouthing over to Alain 'gunist area...?'

Radel arches an eyebrow at the MasterHealer's reaction to the body and starts to take notes again. 'MasterHealer Ageron... recoils from a dead body? Spotless clothing?' Again he's careful to keep his notes away from prying eyes, especially since he /was/ told to limit himself to making factual notes on the autopsy.

"No, no, apprentice, I'm sure you did.. I'm sure that's just fine," Ageron continues just a tad too hastily as he brushes perfectly-clean hands against perfectly-clean trousers, as if he's contaminated himself merely by looking. A deep breath regains his composure, and he manages to offer a distinctly condescending look to Morallen. "Nothing at all, apprentice. Not a thing. I was merely wondering, you see, if one of you were free..." Ah. Evidently he had a reason for barging in here and babbling about gungal areas. Or gungist. Or something.

Alain shakes his head almost imperceptibly at Morallen to indicate his loss, and looks back to the Masterhealer.  "Well, sir, I was going to go ahead and clean up the...er...deceased.  Before the ceremony, you know.  But if you'd like to...well...watch until I'm done, I'd be glad to help with anything you need."  He shoots a tiny glance toward Morallen before looking back to the Masterhealer.

"I'm not a cause-of-death specialist, sir," replies Morallen, weighing the benefits of Ageron's company over a bloody corpse's.  Ageron wins... narrowly.  "If you need any assistance, I'd be glad to be of service,"  he comments glibly, old Fort training coming in handy.  Unspoken is the thought that it might give Alain a break.

Radel keeps quiet and unobtrusively starts backing up so that he's even further out of the healers' line of sight. This Master Ageron is an intriguing man and he wants to see what else happens with him and Master Poirot's corpse.

Him and Master Poirot's corpse? As little as possible, thank you. Ageron is now safely on the other side of the infirmary, and his gaze locks on one person at a time, without much wandering to places where he might see a little more blood - or dead bodies - than he cares to. "Nonono," the Masterhealer denies quickly with a shakes of his head toward Alain. "You will do.. you will do nicely, apprentice." That, of course, to Morallen. "I've another suit of clothes due to be picked up, you see, from the Weavers, and I need someone to stop by and see if they've finished." And isn't that what Healer Apprentices are for?

Alain pulls a face at Morallen behind the Masterhealer's back and straightens immediately, leaving no hint of the expression in it's wake.  He turns toward the Harper, "Maybe you wouldn't mind giving me a hand getting out of my clothes?" he asks cheerfully and completely seriously.

Morallen is about to manufacture another faultlessly-polite and utterly-inane reply to the MasterHealer when Alain's 'innocent' query sets the tall young man to coughing.  After a moment he manages a reasonable smirk and the glib reply of "I'm afraid you'd have better luck asking my sister..." before turning to Agaron.  "Clothes?  Er... can you describe them, sir, so's I know what they look like?"

Radel arches an eyebrow ever so slightly at Alain's suggestion then give him a friendly, if cryptic smile and shakes his head, "Regretfully I must get back to the Harper hall and start transcribin' all these notes so that I can send them to all the people I was charged with sendin' them to. But I'm sure if you wash your hands well enough before you take them off you won't ruin them." He slowly closes his notepad and starts to slowly makes his way out of the room, playing dumb about the insinuations Alain is throwing his way, "Please do tell me when you finish analyzing what the deceased had in'is stomach. And I would like to attend any other examinations done on the body to take down further notes on the findin's."

Alain sighs and shakes his head, "Faranth, I'll be stuck in these rotten robes all night."  The words are murmured as Alain reaches behind his back, trying to reach the ties that keep the plain cotton clothes on over his regular ones--it really wasn't as suggestive as it sounded.

If Ageron were /really/ a Healer Master. Alain's innocent suggestion would probably have gotten a sharp glance. As it is, he simply frowns at Morallen and swells his chest up importantly. "Tell them you've come from the Masterhealer, my boy. They'll know! They'll know me!" Probably because he's ordered more than his fair share of clothes from them, of late, all ridiculously fancy and expensive.

Ok, so this time Radel doesn't even try to hide the arch of the eyebrow and the disapproving look he gives the 'MasterHealer'. It all probably stems from the shameless way the man seems to be using apprentices as drudges...

Radel Stops at the door to the room and looks back around at the gathered Healers in general and at Alain in specific before speaking, "Anything else I should include in my notes before I leave or are we done with this session? By the way, do the size of the bruises give any indication of the possible size and or sex of the culprit?"

Alain sets to cleaning up, replying, "Nothing else you should add--and the bruises are too light--they wouldn't have had long to form.  We could guess about how far of a stretch the fingers of the culprit could make--excepting that there's no guarantee the their fingers would have been spread out.  The coagulation is what formed the bruises in the first place--there's really no way to tell the amount of force used."  After explaining, he returns to his job until the others have either filtered out or gone about their own business.  Once the infirmary is tidy, he draws curtains around the table, careful that the sheet is up, and gathers his jar, heading off out the door.


Radel nods to Alain and then bows to the various Masters in the room, "Thank you for your help, one and all. I will make sure to send a copy of the edited notes to the Healer Hall also." With that, unless someone stops him, he turns around and heads out to see if Master Jueann has left without him or not.

Morallen lifts an eyebrow at that reply, but quickly lowers it before Ageron looks his way again.  "Well... if you say so, sir.  If they're finished, what should I do about payment for 'em?"





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