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Harper Office 

The office is cheerful, the light reflecting off of whitewashed walls and ceiling. A pattern mimicking musical notation in colors runs along the tops of the walls, shelf upon shelf rising from the floor to meet it. Desks, cabinets and filing drawers are arranged about the room, workplaces for those whose job it is to keep the harpers and hall in order.
The air is fresh, tangy with sea and hides and well-seasoned woods.
Watching from a high shelf are three firelizards.

Jueann is busy at her desk. A pot of klah and a platter of crumbs by her elbow. She looks like she's been there awhile.

Ylisa is standing by Jueann's desk with a large, heavy book open in her arms. "I've been right through it, and there's nothing here at all to give us a clue to the entrance. It's all been cut out, including some of the current pages. Which may be a clue in itself, of course... the gardens, and the ground floor of this Hall."

Tytom strides into the room coming to a report stance. "You wanted to see me Master?"

Realilina blinks. Chance meetings always had seemed rather akward to her. She slightly cocks her head at Tytom then averts her gaze over to Jueann.

Jueann blinks, looking up. "huh? What?" Looking over at Ylisa, "Did I ask for an apprentice?"

Ylisa frowns, looking puzzled for a moment, but then suggests, "You did want a message taken to the Herders earlier... about the gut? Was it for that?"

Jueann frowns looking for Ailbhe's note. "Ahh... I got a note from Ailbhe. She wants us to deal with her about something. But I'm still making a list of what we need in stores." Looking up at the two apprentices, "Can I help you?"

Realilina grins and steps forward. "I'm not sure if you can help us, but it seems we can certainly help you."

Tytom hesitantly steps forward " Master Jueann, Apprentice Realilina and I may have found where the Majori and Dennell are hiding as well as the missing goods." offers a scrap of hide "here is a map to of most of the lower levels that I made for you" Tytom offers.

Jueann blinks, "Hmmmmm? Say that again?" Leaning back in her chair, looking tired, confused and slightly alert.

Ylisa almost drops the book. It slides through her hands, and she clutches it just in time to lower it to the desk under control. "You have?" Her expression is more than a little stunned. "Where? And when? And how?"

Tytom seeming to find his voice " The two of us went exploring a few days ago and were able to find two different entrances to the lower levels and lots of interesting locations. One of them is a Domed room that had a large pile of loot in it as well as clothing for two different people, one lady and one man. Master, if you would like we can take you down there."

Realilina sighs. "The two entrances that I know to have been found are in the gardens and in the rehearsal hall. I highly suggest bringing glows if you don't want to get horribly lost down there; just one wrong turn can set you back so much."

Jueann frowns, looking at Ylisa, "You know what these two are talking about?"

Ylisa straightens from bending over the desk. "I have a horrible feeling I do." She turns to the apprentices. "You have located the entrance to the old, lower levels of the Hold - and you say there are two of them? You've been down there, without letting anyone in authority know. You've explored them thoroughly enough to make a map." At this point, she holds out her hand to Tytom, "Which I think we'd better take a look at. And while you were down there, you found evidence of someone living down there, and some - loot? And this was all several days ago, when you know we've been tearing our hair out over Majori. Am I correct?" Curiosity gets the better of her. "What sort of loot?"

Tytom hands Ylisa the map "Yes, mam that about sums it up. As to the loot, I did not take the time to inventory it. I thought it most prudent to report to our find, and not to tip them off that they may have bin discovered. Well truth be told my first instinct was to show some other Apprentices the area and try to ambush them, that way we could deliver them both and all the loot to you."

Jueann looks from apprentice to Ylisa. "I take it, this is the break through you were looking for?"

Ylisa sighs, then nods. "Yes, it sounds like it. Tytom, Lina, have you in fact told anyone else about this? Do the other apprentices know what you've been up to?" She finally smiles and tells Jueann, "Well, even if /we/ were looking in the wrong place entirely, at least we've now got a definite lead to go on." To the apprentices, she adds, "And you are absolutely not to go down there again without permission. Understood?"

Tytom says, "Yes, mam, I do understand"

Realilina nods. "Understood."

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