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Log is from the point of view of Apprentice Tytom.  A great deal of travel has been omitted.

The Dormitory Lounge, Harper Hall.

Realilina looks around. "Hmm... Oh, hi!" She says realising she's not the only one in the room. "I'm Realilina, Jr. Apprentice and overall explorer." She grins. "And you?"

"Hi, I'm Tytom a fellow apprentice and adventurer. Have you had an opportunity to go down into the lower levels yet?"

Realilina nods. "Course I have. Who hasn't? You'd think it would be more hidden though. I've been as far as I can go alone, I'd kill myself or something if I tried to go that dang gap..." She trails off.

Tytom waves his hand as if to wash the thought aside.  "Ah. That gap's nothin'.  Have you seen the waterfall yet? Anyway, which entrance do you know about?" 

Realilina grins. "I've gone in from both I've found. The one in the Rehersal Hall and the one in the gardens. I've seen that waterfall, and I've gotten soaking wet 'cause of it." She shrugs.

"The gardens, eh? I don't think I've found that one yet. In fact," Tytom says with a roguish smile, "Can't say as I've been the gardens here, at all yet. Couldn't really keep much of one in High Reaches at the Weyr, but that's another story."  He waves his arm toward the door.  "Anyway, shall we be off?"

Realilina uhhhs. "Y'mean to the other entrance? Um, sure then! Let's go!"

(They move to the gardens and descend through a hidden entrance.)

Old Root Cellar

A small round chamber with an earthen floor, that seems to have been hollowed out of the soil. Walls and roof are of mud, twisted through with fine tree roots.   Above, the packed earth has fallen away leaving a small hole that runs diagonally upwards, just big enough for a person to squeeze through, and allowing the small room to receive whatever light can filter down from the shaded gap left by a displaced flagstone above.  The room seems at one stage to have been used for storage, as a few old earthenware jars lie on the ground.

Realilina grins. "Cool, huh?"

Tytom smiles back. "Very nice. So, how far to the Heart of the Maze from here?" 

Realilina shrugs. "I can't get over that gap, but it can't be too far."

"So, I'll take you as far as I can and then, since I can't get over the gap by myself, you could help me get over. Right?" Realilina asks.

You say, "Sounds good to me. Let's go.""

Realilina walks west.

You go to the Dark Passage.

Dark Passage

You are in a narrow passage with a muddy floor that slopes gently down towards the South.  It is dark: there is no natural light here at all.  The roof is rather low.

(They proceed along dark passages.)

Mind the Gap!

You are in a long, dark passage.  Some past groundquake has left a crack in the floor that runs right across the tunnel.  It's about four feet wide, and there's nothing at the bottom, perhaps ten feet below, except sharp rocks.

Realilina looks over. "You go first."

Tytom walks over to the gap and looks at it closely, trying to find the narrowest point. Tytom beckons her over. "I'll give you a boost across, and then I'll jump myself. Will that work?"

Realilina hmms. "Probably be better if you went over and helped me across... I can jump, but probably not far enough."

"Okay. That works." Tytom steps back a few feet and, getting a good running start, leaps across.

After Tytom lands, he turns around and reaches out.

Realilina takes a deep breath, runs towards the edge, and jumps. She manages to land on the very edge of the other side and starts to lose her balance.

Tytom reaches out grabbing Realilina by the forearm and pulls her the last few inches to safety. 

Realilina sighs deeply. "Thanks." She says, "I'm not in the mood to deal with those healers right now.  So, shall we go on?" 'Lina says tilting her head towards the east exit.

Tytom smiles and laughs. "Yeah I understand that. Sure." He follows her.

 (Dark passages…)

Dark Passage

You are still in a long, dark passage.

Realilina says, "Dark..."

Realilina walks east.

You go to the Dark Passage.

Dark Passage

You are in a long, dark passage.

Tytom grins "Yes.  The dark is an apprentice's best friend."

Realilina says, "We should've brought a glow..."

(More passages.)

Featureless Passage

You are amongst featureless passages that turn this way and that.

Realilina is here.

Obvious exits:

North     West     South

Realilina says, "Ummm... Let's try north?"

Realilina walks north.

You go to the Featureless Passage.

Featureless Passage

You are amongst featureless passages that turn this way and that.

Realilina is here.

Tytom nods, and keeps following.

Realilina says, "Now east..."

Realilina walks east.

(Much wandering amongst featureless passages, until…)

Heart of the Maze

Tunnels converge in all directions at what seems to be a central point.  This large open space is high and domed, and the ceiling has a skin of damp-stained and greying plaster, as if it had been prepared for painting in some long-ago time.  The floor is smooth and level.

Realilina is here.

You say, "Ah! Now I know exactly where we are!""

Realilina looks around. "Maybe we should try south?"

You say, "Sounds good to me.""

You go to the Domed Room.

Domed Room

A perfectly round chamber of medium size with a domed roof.  The floor here is of smoothly polished rock.  The room shows signs of recent use: there is a pile of folded clothing by one wall, and a dead glowbasket.

To the north, you see one person.

You see Loot here.

Realilina walks in from the Heart of the Maze.


A pile of items that people round the Hold and Crafthalls might recognise. These include a shoulder bag containing a set of weaver's tools, a bracelet with green stones, a jade necklace, a hand mirror, a metal flute, a silver music box, a pretty enamel jar full of sweet-smelling oil and a necklace with a ballet-slipper charm, as well as many other small valuables.

You say, "Looks like we found the missing stuff. Now, who should we tell about this?

Perhaps we should go back up to the barracks and see if Fasulkad and some of the others might want to come down here later on. That way we can set up an ambush for whoever comes back for the loot."

Realilina laughs. "Maybe... But it'd take a while."

Tytom agrees. "True. Do you have any ideas?"

Realilina nods. "Yeah, but we need other stuff. So we would have to go back. Maybe we should go  back through the other entrance..."

You say, "Yeah. That works for me."

Logfile from Tytom.





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