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A couple of little mysteries have disturbed the tranquillity of  Ista's Harpers.  Neither appears to be connected to the Hall in particular, but the impacts have been felt here, as elsewhere in the Ista Hold area.   The logs and narrative that follow tell the story, and will be added to as events unfold.  The mysteries will be solved - eventually!


It began with a letter from Lord Bramero of Nabol.  Copies had been sent to the Harper Craft and to major Holds throughout Pern.  It seemed that Lady Alebra, the Lord Holder's eighteen-Turn-old daughter, had vanished.  Further information from the Masterharper told of suspicions that her disappearance might be voluntary - there were rumours of an unsuitable love interest!

Further letters followed, this time addressed specifically to Ista Hold and its Harpers and accompanied by a small portrait.  These offered a reward for any information about the missing Lady, and told of a reported sighting at Tillek Hold, in the vicinity of an Ista-bound ship.

Ista's Harpers could find no information of use. Perhaps the lady simply wasn't there.  But before long, another series of events that were all too definitely close to home took place:  Ista Hold and its crafthalls fell victim to a series of thefts whose victims included harpers, healers, herders and holders.  Suspicions were rife, and quite displaced the missing lady as a topic of conversation amongst the Harper Apprentices.  And then, over the summer, everything went quiet - too quiet!

  • Discussion in the Mug - in which Jueann and Ylisa discuss the missing Lady.
  • Stitch does a Sketch - in which Ista's own Harper Spy is asked for some advice.
  • Suspicions - in which Shyana confides that the thefts have caused some fingers to point among the apprentices.
  • Speculation - the thefts appear to be over, but are still the subject of curiosity.


Master Jueann received a strongly worded letter from Lord Bramero - but other events on the same day were even more distressing.

To be continued...





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