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Drum Code


The Generic Message Drums

These drums are used to send messages to those people who can understand them: for the most part, Harpers. These drums have only one verb: beat drums. Assuming you have permission to do so (either you are a Harper, or you have been added to the list of others who can use the drums) it will prompt you for a line of text which will then be displayed to all those who can understand it and are listening. There are three forms in which you might enter your message, and these are they:

<message> -- Just entering a message sends a message in basic drum code.
/a<message> -- Putting /a at the front drums it in advanced drum code.
/s<message> -- Putting /s at the front drums it in secret drum code.

Drum Code


Drum code allows those who know it ICly (i.e., have added feature #2870) to use it to communicate with those in the same room who also know it. There are three levels of drum code: basic, advanced and secret. Basic and advanced are known by all Harpers, some Holders with reason to study it might know basic, and most leaders would probably know basic and advanced. Secret is a tightly guarded code used by the Journeymen and Masters of the Harperhall. The syntax is as follows:

hsay <message> -- Translates your message into basic drum code.
hsay /a<message> -- Translates your message into advanced drum code.
hsay /s<message> -- Translates your message into secret drum code.
hsay/t, hsay/w, hsay/f -- Shortcuts to finger tapping, whistling and foot tapping, respectively.

@drums [ on | off ] -- turns on or off connect and disconnect announcements.





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