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Beginning Drums 

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Shainman Rehearsal Hall

The largest room in the Istan Harper Hall, save the Ballroom, this room has wonderful acoustics that make sound bounce off the walls just so. From lessons to rehearsal to just listening to the marvelous sounds always filling the room, there's always a surplus of people about, harpers of every rank, and even a few holders. Tiers fill almost every wall in the room, the choir levels on the right, the orchestra one directly in and other smaller areas for more specific group rehearsal on the left. The room is spotlessly clean and only completely empty in the early hours of the morning when most harpers have to tear themselves away from their work for a few winks of sleep.


The drums are out. Loads of them, all arranged in neat rows. All sizes and shapes, some you beat with your hand, some require sticks, some require cloth tipped mallets. Whatever your preference in percussion is, it's here, and finely polished, though the skins on the tops look a little worn. But that's unavoidable. Kurt is finishing polishing up a snare drum, looking up to see if anyone has actually shown /up/ for his lessons. His drumming lessons always draw a huge group, and fortunately a few have shown up, going to their choice of drums.


Niara slips into the room, far more enthusiastic about /this/ lesson than the last one.  Hitting stuff was always so.../soothing/.  She gallops over to a medium-sized kettle drum, throwing her satchel into a corner nearby, and plopping down, throwing her legs around it and drawing it close enough to beat comfortably.


Extazia dashes into the room, eyes the time, the people, and herself, before blinking, and standing off to the side, watching for a moment to see what's going on before actually doing anything. Since she hadn't really gotten used to the people around here yet, she just stands silently, waiting for someone to say something to her before she does anything 'drastic.'


Torkenz is as chipper as a canine, his eyes widening as he stares at the drums. Oh, it's all so /beautiful/. Unfortunately, the load of choices causes him to twitch. Twitch. "Oh, so many choices! That one's so... But /ooh/. And... oooooh." Torkenz does adore drums, every time he sees them. So the twitching young man manages to make his way around, glancing at the lot, before giving a too-bright beam at a particular one, snatching up the nearby sticks. "Ooooooh." He's almost drooling. Ewwww. Gross.


Kurt's sentiments exactly. When in doubt, beat the crap out of it. "Right...everyone here now?" he surveys the group, making sure nobody is abusing /his/ drums. "Take out your sticks..." as dark eyes cast around the room he snaps a bony finger toward Extazia. "Take your place!" he's not discriminate. If it wears a knot, it takes a drum.


Niara raises her hand, not at all reticent this time.  Flapping her hand around, she calls out  "Master Kurt!  Mine doesn't have any sticks!"



Tawny, brown-blond hair tops his head, a mass of untamed curls. Below is a pair of large brown eyes, a decent-sized nose, and quirked lips. A towering height, he's lanky all the way, mostly skin and bones. His hands show few calluses (and slightly crooked fingers), the slacker-lifestyle shining through with his lack of muscles. His form is finished with the oversized feet that seem to scream 'step on me!'

Time has dulled his blue trousers, while earthen-brown boots, ratted with age, contain those oversized feet. His tunic is rust-hinted red, sleeves rolled up to just below his elbows. Two buttons at the collar are undone, revealing a bit of his pale skin. The tunic itself is tucked into those trousers, revealing a wide, black belt with a polished-silver buckle.  A bronze firelizard is perched on his shoulder.

Cheerful cerulean weaves with a pristine ivory one to form a single loop. Harper apprentice, very scary.  He is a teenager of about 19.



This man stands a mere 5'2 in boots, with long limbs, bone thin but with enough mass to not appear sickly. Dark eyes, framed by dark, slanted brows stand out against his pallid complexion, giving him a serious, almost gothic look. His face is long and thin, with shoulder length black hair standing out chaotically but surprisingly soft to the touch. Intermixed with darkness are streaks of color- red, blue, yellow and green, just enough accent to give his look definition, A streak of gold running from his temple into a long thin braid. He looks all bones and angles but moves with a graceful step, counteracting the awkwardness of his slight form.

He is wearing an outfit made of soft black material, the pantlegs a little baggy, tucking neatly into his soft moccasins. His shirt conforms neatly to his thin frame, belted at the waist, letting the excessive length hang skirt-like to his knees. Kurt wears the knot of a Harper Master. He is a young adult of about 26.



Almond eyes in shape and color blink with full black lashes. Her hair, a bright red fire hard to contain, springs all over her head, a few more curly locks falling into her eyes. Her face shapes into a nice round form. Because of her age, her figure isn't quite mature, but height certainly isn't included, as it is about 5'10". Legs run extremely long over slightly large feet. 'clook Extazia' for more!

Brown plastered trousers are wrinkled and obviously tossed on carelessly, though a crisp blue tunic looks somewhat more decently tucked in. Exceptionally thick boots are laced onto her large and awkward feet, black of color the same as her tight belt. Hair is let out to become a show of curls once again.  A shiny gold choker, with a small garnet hanging from it, is clasped around Extazia's neck. Carisak hangs heavily from Extazia's shoulder. She is a teenager of about 14. She is awake, but seems rather distracted.


Extazia about laughs as she makes her way quickly to the nearest drum, and grabs the sticks sitting near it. Oo la la, she can't wait to begin, so she taps the sticks on her thigh before making too much noise. After a few little practice hits, one of the sticks falls ever so innocently from her hand, and spills onto the floor with a *bang*. Flinching, she reaches down to grab it, and ends up hitting her head on the drum in front of her. "Shells!" she mumbles to herself, and then rubs her forehead while leaning upwards.


There's a maniacal glint in Torkenz's eye. Whoops. Are you /sure/ you want to let him do this? Just don't let him near bongos, or you'll have a beatnik on your hands. "Yes, sir!" A merry chirp, and he tries a twirl of a drumstick in his slender fingers. And it clatters to the floor. Whoops. He grabs it as quickly and gracefully as he can, before going back to paying attention. Right.


Kurt folds his arms over his chest in annoyance for a moment, then lifts a hand to snap his fingers, turning to open a pouch on the floor next to his drum, a whole pouch full of sticks. Selecting a pair, he tosses them one at a time to Niara. "Now the drums are all in tune. No tinkering around with the keys or I'll smack your fingers." the diminutive young Master folds his hands behind his back, walking around a bit like a guard captain would, surveying his troops. "We're going to be going over some basic rudiments. Anyone have any concerns over basic rudiments?" as Extazia makes noise, the peacock haired harper turns a dark look toward the new apprentice. "In my class, apprentice, we /watch/ our language, or we find ourselves scrubbing the ballroom floor, do I make myself clear?" you do /not/ want to mess with Kurt. He may be small, and everyone's pal, but once step across the line and he'll hang you up by your teeth. "Now...do we also need a lesson in standing /still/?"


Niara grins as the sticks come sailing through the air, catching them deftly.  A solemn shake of her head is given in response to Kurt's question about basic rudiments, though his sharp tone with Extazia breaks through her cheerful demeanor.  She settles herself with a sharp intake of breath, twirling her sticks behind her back as she sits at attention.


Extazia draws back, her face white as snow, though a little twinkle in her eye that glitches back at Kurt shows the spirit still left in her. "Yes Master..." she hangs onto the phrase for a moment, trying to remember his name. "Kurt." As soon as he isn't looking, or at least /she/ doesn't think so, her face lets a weak smile show through.


Torkenz looks like he may go for the keys. Just to be contrary. But he's a good little harper apprentice. Right? Right. A bob of his curly head is given in acknowledgement, before a flicker of puzzlement passes into his tawny eyes. "Um. What's a rudiment?" No one said he was the /brightest/ of good little harper apprentices. But his voice quiets as he watches Extazia, a worried frown appearing on his face and tempering the enthusiasm. Aww. Poor girl.


Kurt narrows his eyes, tilting his head to the side. "What is your name, apprentice?" a hand snaps out, a finger pointing to Torkenz even though his dangerous gaze is on Extazia. "Don't make me come over there." he warns, though he should know he's not serious. But this new apprentice wouldn't know he's not serious. "Would you like to approach the room and show us what you know since you're /obviously/ such a skilled drummer already?"


Niara is just happy /she's/ not the focus of anything.  She places the stick on the ground, careful not to make enough noise to draw attention to herself, and then leans back, splaying her hands out behind her to rest on.  "Rudiment means the basic skills," she offers softly, hoping that gives Torkenz enough to go on.


Extazia gaze meets Kurts, and she locks it, and begins to peer, yes squint, watching his eyes as his do hers. Duel, yes, she's not afraid to eye duel, with her unblinking eyes ever mindful of the master. She finally snaps her atrociously figured look, and turns to Torkenz with a friendlier and happier, not devilish, almond twinkle.


Kurt approaches Extazia, snapping a hand down to bang on her drum to get her attention. "I asked you a question, Apprentice. I expect an answer. Now. Or do you think you don't have to answer a Master when he speaks to you?" he gives Niara and Torkenz a smile and a nod, then returns his glare to his target.


Niara gives a little sigh of relief at Kurt's nod.  Yeah! She's out of danger...for the moment.


Even the scariness of The Finger can't get Torkenz down. There's a bright, beaming grin on his face now as he glances towards Extazia. Heh. Hehe. "Oh. Thank you," is offered towards Niara, with a vigorous nod. "That makes sense." Good Torkie.


Extazia blinks, and then turns her face back to /him/, and she offers a smile to him, nothing to big, and she states plainly. "M'name's Extazia, Master Kurt. Apprentice Extazia, and I'm very glad ta have you ta teach me th' mannerisms of this 'all." She nods, and then turns her fearful look to a pleasantly happy one as she gives the master the most angelic look possible. "I will /not/ forget 'em, Master."


Kurt continues to scowl "I see. If you're finished misbehaving, then perhaps we can start the lesson? And if you speak to me like that again I will have you enrolled in rudimentary language courses until you learn to speak like a civilized Harper, do I make myself clear?" narrowing those eyes, he turns back to his drum, picking up his sticks. Adjusting his wire rimmed glasses he adds "I suggest you do away with whatever attitude you've brought into my class and focus on what you're learning. I do not tolerate misbehavior in my classes." he speaks out, as if to the whole group "If you misbehave in my classes you will repeat them, and you will not advance until you can prove that you can act as an adult." with a sigh, he taps his drum lightly. "Let's start with a slow tap, build up into a roll. Remember left left right right left left right right..."


Niara takes up her sticks and begins to tap out the rhythm. Left left right right left left.... But hardly a sound carries out of the drum.  But hey!  She's got the rhythm, right?


Extazia raises an eyebrow, and nods slightly, noting that she understands. She's not gonna let out a word in front of him until she can speak like everyone else. With a bite of her lip, she keeps up her bright dimpled cheeks and sparkling, happy eyes, making it look like she's enjoying the class so far. Just wait, and you'll find out she actually /is/...Sticks are raised, and she does as ordered. Left left right right left left...and so on, until she feels like she's getting it.


Torkenz is still beaming. See? Brightly! The grin on his face intensifies to a sort of stressed grimace as he stares down at his drum, clutching the sticks lightly. Left left right right left left right right... It starts out a very, very slow tap. But he quickens it a little so it doesn't sound so /dismally/ behind in tempo. Hey. He /can/ do it. With somewhat decent skill, for such a basic move. But hey.


Kurt nods, speeding up the pace a little. "Keep it together..." he tells them, watching to see if anyone is not getting it. "If you miss a beat, don't panic, just wait and pick it up."


Mimi flounces in from the ballroom.


Extazia playfully starts to bounce the sticks back and forth, trying to make sure she doesn't speed up. She suddenly turns serious, and clears her throat, making her face seem less mysterious and questionable. Her eyes flash a quick wink at the incoming Mimi, and she hopes that Mimi isn't considered late...


Tip tap tip tap...Yes, Niara does have the rhythm down...But where is the noise?  "Master Kurt...I think mines broken!" she nearly wails.


Cheeriness even oozes in his drum beats. Torkenz gives a chipper raprap of left left right right left left right right... Left right left? Whoops. Pausing, his eyes glaze over for a moment, and within a few more beats he's back on track. Focus intensifies and he manages to stay properly on, this time.


Kurt gestures for the class to keep it up, and he comes over to Niara's drum, taking her sticks and beating on it. "Sounds fine. Try hitting the drum instead of tapping it. You won't break it."


Drogo casually walks into the room quickly picking up the beat. He starts drumming with his blending into the crowd. He drops one of his sticks and scrambles to pick it up before attracting /too/ much attention.


Extazia face turns weary after a minute, and she looks like beating like this was making her...sleepy. Eyelids drops beyond normal levels, and she opens her eyes for a second to only let them hang a little lower...The beat is carried, and her hands keep going, her face looks awake, but she's definitely /somewhat/ asleep...


Mimi slips into the room, grabbing a pair of drumsticks. "Hey Kurt. Sorry I'm late. Stuck in Jeranium's class and he just wouldn't let me escaaape. I think he took that moving-archives suggestion to heart." An arm is rubbed, "Bet I could hold that handstand for at least five minutes, now." Mimi grabs a pair of drum sticks and slides over to a drum set, nodding to the rhythm of the others and mimicking them with little difficulty.


Kurt hisses at Mimi. "SHUSH! Take your place. No talking. No /talking!!/" he picks up the pace so they're nearly rolling at a fast pace, encouraging them to go faster. "That's it. Keep it up- faster!!"


Niara tries again with just a little more force...but still not enough to force any sound through the instrument.  But she's still got the rhythm.  That's the important thing right?


Drogo continues to drum slowly moving towards the row of snares. He slides his drum strap off and goes onto one of the drums set up. As he hears the command for faster he rushes as one of his drumsticks goes flying across the room in Mimi's direction, "Oops.." He quietly says to himself rushing after it. Finally he wasn't the one yelled at for being late.


"Faster?" Gulp. Torkenz tries a pitiful, innocent look at that. In hopes that any error will be forgiven with his puppy-dog look. Not that it'll work on Master Kurt, probably... Sigh. Left-left-right-right... Definitely faster now, his brow furrowing as he concentrates on forcing his hands to properly obey him. "Oookaay." He can do that. Sure. Right. And manages it, sort of decently.


Extazia pace doesn't quicken for a few moments...it just stays like it did, dawdling along at a nice slow rhythm. When the awfully sounding roll is heard, she snaps awake, and, after holding back a yawn, begins to make her sticks go *plop plop* onto the drum like everyone elses.


Mimi isn't one for 'no talking'. So the senior apprentice wrinkles up her nose, mimicking Kurt silently as she drums. Mimi was never yelled at for being late...Just talking - which she does all the time. She fumbles a couple times as she speeds up and starts again slowly and going faster, and fumbling, and finally quickening her pace without mishap.


Kurt slides over to Torkenz's drum and nods. "Loosen your wrists...don't tense up or you'll tire out too fast..." he takes his sticks and taps on the drum with him, to show him. As he works with Torkenz he talks overtop the pounding "Do I have to teach you how to hold onto your sticks? Come on..." walking along the rows, he nods at some, frowns at others, and pauses to assist those in need. When he comes to Extazia's drum his stick goes *WHAM!* onto its surface. "Pay attention." he grumbles, his light tenor voice taking on an angry tone. He doesn't like to be angry.


Drogo hears Kurt's order for holding onto his stick and quickly picks up his, "But I..." Wait, no 'buts' in Kurt's class. He just can't keep up. He does however start drumming again, this time slowly against everyone else's beat, "Left... right.. left.. left.. no right!" he talks to himself quietly speeding up gradually to a speed just below everyone else's pace.


"Okay, I j-just didn't want to drop 'em or nothin'..." There's a definitely stutter as Torkenz gives another vigorous nod, his wrists noticeably loosening as he continues with his drumming. And a noticeable sigh of relief as Kurt goes on to torme--er, teach, someone else.


Kurt turns and pauses at Drogo's drum. "I said no TALKING!" he taps out the rhythm on Drogo's drum. "Just get into the rhythm.....left left right right left left..."


"Yes Master Kurt." The voice from Extazia's mouth sounds as if it has said that /far/ too many times. She begins to look 'happy' again, and then hums something /very/ softly, so only she can hear it. If she could, she'd beat the drum in her own beat, but instead, she just makes up one to match the one resounding through the hall. Her mouth /almost/ lets out a snicker at the talkers, but she tries really hard not to. Really, she does!


Niara begins to tear up slightly as she concentrates on her speeding her rhythm up.  It's not fair that her drum doesn't want to cooperate.  /She's/ not talking, so how come /she/ can't drum like the rest of them.


Mimi watches Kurt through lowered lashes, making sure she's doing everything right when he nears. Left, left, right, right. Hooow monotonous. A small sigh escapes the harperlet as she speeds up the rhythm. Leftleft, rightright. Left leftright right. No. She stops experimenting for fear of Kurt - left left right right.


She better get used to saying it, because she'll be seeing a lot of the young Master. Kurts pauses, "Ok ok...that's enough. Take a break and we'll move on to something more interesting."


Drogo nods. He thought it was left right left right. He starts tapping left left right right and suddenly it actually becomes easier. His wrists relax as he starts to tap daydreaming, becoming only the slightest off beat. Besides he mixes in with the milieu of the room, a lot of people aren't perfect in there.


Torkenz doesn't talk, just gives a muffled sound. "Mmmph." But it wasn't talking! He casts a glance or two towards Kurt now and then, still a little on the twitchy side. But ooh, stop? Interesting? Hurrah! Torkenz's sticks dropping. Clattering. Oops. And he snatches them up, once again, and tries to look the picture of innocence.


Extazia sets down her sticks gently, onto the top of the drum, and then she pulls at each of her fingers, stretching them loosely. Sticks are taken up again, and she begins to very silently tap the little rhythm of hers out onto the drum, so it's not very noticeable.


Mimi gives a last tap to the drum, switching her drumsticks to one hand. "Yes, let's," she agrees, tapping her foot almost impatiently. Mimi is partial to drum code if any drumming at all. Miz prefers more...melodic instruments. "So, Tazi, how're getting along?" Mimi? Not talk? Snort.


Kurt sighs. "Mimi, do I have to put you out of my class?" he taps his foot as he crosses his arms, sticks in one hand. "I'm trying to teach, unless you don't think the apprentices need to learn rudimentary drumming?"


Drogo chuckles a little at Mimi. She's taking his spotlight, but is that a bad thing? He just continues drumming managing to get out a little point and laugh while Kurt is staring at Mimi. "Left..left..right...right" Wait, no talking. He's mature now, and won't get yelled at.


Extazia suddenly swivels around to see Mimi near her. Kurt's words are heard and flinched at, and she winks, with a smile, at her before tapping the left *rest* right *rest *rest* left left left right *rest* back onto her drum. She starts to get it caught into her brain, and then stops abruptly, noticing that she was playing it a little to loud for comfort.


Kurt rubs his forehead with one hand. "Look...would you please pay attention? We're going to do something faster now. This will be fun."


Mimi also sighs. Different reasons, though. She was just checking up on her little interviewee. "No Kurt, you don't." The pair of drum sticks are tapped impatience, "Of course we do. Drumming's important in performance alone and as accompaniment," she intones robotically as if having read it out of a book or been told it before.


"Faster? Faster's /fun/?" Torkenz has now officially classified Master Kurt as a creature of another planet. Or something. The apprentice shudders, his wild curls bobbing as he gives a sad little shake of the head and rolls his drumsticks between his fingers. "Okay. Yeah." He can do this, he can do this... The little Torkie that could, right?


Extazia rolls her eyes back and forth, and then settles them onto Kurt for another stare down, which ends up with her breaking it because of a chuckle from Mimi's words. A small whisper to herself is muttered, and then she clears her throat. Was she actually saying it to herself? Or to a classmate...We may never know. She almost groans. How can drumming be /fun/? Hmph.


Drogo gets faster tapping his foot along with it. But he taps his foot a little too hard as he kicks his drum over, "Oh! I'm so sorry Master Kurt, really. Really sorry." He hits himself with the drumstick pushing the drum back to a straight position, "I'm really sorry."


Kurt smiles toward Torkenz. "Relax. You can do it. It's just a matter of relaxing your muscles." he takes up his sticks again and begins beating a more complex rhythm on the drum. left left right right left right... "Just remember to count. one two three four one two...one two three four one two..." he completely ignores Drogo. He'll deal with him later if need be.


Drogo nods at Kurt starting to do the drum pattern. left left right right left right... This pattern seems a tad easier, but he also slows down a bit. As Kurt ignores him he practically thanks whatever made him do that, "Kurt, at this speed? Or somewhat faster?"


Mimi rolls her shoulders as she tosses one of the drumstick back to her other hand, rather tempted to twirl it around (she's seen traders doing baton before). Foot is tapped as she drums- left left right right left right. A bit more challenging - the apprentice narrows her eyes at her drumsticks as she speeds up a bit - but fun? Not to le Miz, at least.


Left left right right left left right right left right left left right left left right right left...Extanzia's getting bored, so she stops for a moment, and then catches back onto the regular beat. She turns her head to Mimi, and makes a face, showing exactly how bored she /is/. Head is turned back swiftly, and her face is angelic. The devil hides behind a twinkle.


Kurt continues to have them keep up the pace, nodding his approval. "Whether you like it or not, drumming is a vital part of Harpering." he comments, then looks up, his eyes happening toward the door where he thinks he sees something. He starts to lose his beat, slowing down, taking most of the class with him as his dark eyes stare out into space at something.


"One two three four eight six forty-five ...," Torkenz mutters. His own sort of counting, with decidedly loose wrists as he bites his lower lip. His curls droop as he focuses, left left right right left left right right... Oops. And once again, he goes through it. Left left right right left right.. Ahhh... Woo. And he beams, happily pounding away.


Frustrated by her lack of sound production, Niara grips the sticks in her fists.  A steely-eyed glare is given the drum as she raises her hands high, pausing for just a moment before bringing them down with all her might.  It worked!  Sort of...  A satisfying thud is heard right before the sickening rip and high-pitched squeal of Niara going hands first through the skin and into the instrument's cavity.


Mimi stifles a giggle back at Tazi as she mindlessly follow's Kurt's lead. "Hey, Kurt, I thought we were going /fast/," she notes with a wrinkle of her nose as she speeds up on her own, squeaking at Niara as...She /breaks/ the drum, "Oh, Nia, are you okay?"


At the loud sound, Kurt drops his sticks with a loud clatter of wood on wood, and emitting a startled (and slightly high pitched) scream. Looking back to the spot he was staring at he sees...nothing. Backing up into the wall, he puts one hand to his forehead, the other to his chest. Not many know it, but Kurt's heart isn't as strong as it seems. Closing his eyes he forgets his class, mind racing to determine whether he's losing his mind or not.


Extazia stops her light tapping to watch Kurt with a half-eye. The other half just displays the corner of her sight, which becomes Niara's beating catastrophe. Her sticks tumble to the ground, face is wide open in mouth and eyes and ears, which all react quickly to the break. "Tha's not good..." Her voice finally lets go, and accent or not, she's going to talk. Her head shakes, and red curls bounce form side to side. Then, she notices Kurt, and then blinks. Was the hall going to go crazy /now/? She just made it it!


Mimi just can't resist the urge to laugh at Kurt's scream, but the laugh turns into a curious gape as the drumming trails off and she ogles at the master. "Hey Kurt, you okay?" Well...At least they're not drumming. "What's up? We need a healer in here or something?" Mimi would've put money down that Jeranium would've been the first to have a heart attack 'cause of Mimi, not Kurt.


Torkenz squeaks. Amusingly. The harper's eyes widen and he can't help a little snicker as he watches Niara versus The Drum. Oye. "Try a different one?" Tork chirps, before peeking over at Kurt, another guffaw escaping the apprentice. "I think you broke him." Torkie had /nothing/ to do with it, and goes on with his happy taptap of left left right right left right. Whee.


"oooo..." is all the response given to Mimi's concerned inquiry an Niara slwly stands up and backs out of the drum.  She cradles a wrist to her chest and plops into the nearest chair.  A quick glance at Kurt to gauge the depth of trouble she was in quickly assures her that she's safe for the moment and she returns to nursing her wrist.


Kurt rubs his forehead "You didn't see him?" he asks, looking back at the doorway. "I...I think I'm ok..." he  paces around a bit, one hand on his forehead, the other on his hip, the expression of a man in deep conflicting thought. "Nonono...we should...let's...let's take a break, shall we?" he turns to Niara, shaking like a leaf but trying to recompose himself. "Are you hurt?" he asks, dropping to his knees beside her with a *flop*. So ungraceful.


Liesana steps silently in from the ballroom.


Mimi is /so/ curious. Mimi stands up, leaving her drumsticks on her drum, placing her hands in her hip and inspecting the spot where Kurt was staring off into space. "See /who/? Well, we were all looking atchoo..." With a shrug, she shuffles over to Nia and Kurt,"See who, see who?" asks Miss Gossip Queen eagerly.


Extazia raises and eyebrow, stares at the door, and sees nothing. "I don' see anythin'." She shrugs, and then, with a purse of lips, turns her attention back to Niara. Then to Kurt. Then to Mimi. "Yeah, who?" she adds to Mimi's question.


Harsha walks with a graceful step in from the ballroom.


Niara sniffles and nods, though she's far too dazed herself to expound on the problem.


"A break?" Blinkblink. "But... I want to learn rudiments, Master Kurt!" The sad thing is, he's not sarcastic. Just utterly and cheerfully Tork. Fear. The young man slinks a little closer, clutching his drumsticks as he peers at Niara. Eep. Meep. Can't be good.


Harsha slips quietly into the room, hopefully she has gone unseen, as usual she is late. Always late! But her she does her best to sneak in as quietly as possible and find a place where she won't be noticed. Maybe she can just figure out what's going on? Probably not, but maybe she can just go unnoticed.


Kurt shakes his head, his mind going into meltdown. "I saw him..." he mutters. Nobody wants to see a Master faint, right? So he'll just sit catatonic, one hand pressed to his chest. "Niara needs a healer...and my drum needs a Smith..."


Liesana makes an appearance, drawn no doubt by the Shriek of the Kurt.  The senior journeywoman blinks.  "Is everyone alive?  Should I call a Healer or a Guard?  Sounded like there was a bloody murder going on..."


And Kurt needs someone who's really good at prying. In other words...Mimi. Niara is completely disregarded as she leans over the girls broken drumset towards Kurt. "You saw /who/?" Liesana is waved over, rather excitedly, "Kurt says he /saw/ someone! And he got all freaked out and Niara broke her drum. And Kurt." Once again she leans over the drums, "See /who/?"


Torkenz slinks a little closer to Liesana, nodding at the senior journeywoman. "I think Kurt needs help," he whispers, in his own loud, dramatic way. A mindhealer, perhaps. Or. Something. "He's /scary/," the apprentice continues, still eyeing Kurt with a rather wide stare. "I think he snapped with the drum." How /do/ you fix a broken harper, anyway, aside from a liberal application of wine?


Niara sobs in relief.  Now she doesn't have to be a big girl.  Mummy's here.  She came all the way from Smith to make it all go away.  "Mummy!" she wails, still cradling her damaged wrist, alligator tears finally slipping down her cheeks.


Extazia is so confused. Too many things going on at once. She just leans against her drum, and watches quietly. She oh wants to yell out to the world, but she stays put. No need for her to be quite noticeable at the moment, as there's much more that needs noticing then she.


Harsha grins smugly, hahaha, she's out-smarted them again, and gone unnoticed. She pretends to be involved in something or other or other. But hums quietly in victory.


Liesana just... pauses, letting the sea of replies wash over her.  Eventually, the second most ranking Harper in the room shakes her head and casts her eyes skyward, seeking meaning in the unseen stars, perhaps.  "Why me?  Right."  She dusts her hands on her riding breeches, and trots over to Niara, Kurt and drum.  "Right then.  Nia, why don't you tell me where your wrist hurts, and Kurt... Want to give this poor confused Archivist a proper report?"


Kurt mumbles. "The guy in the doorway...you didn't see him?" this isn't the first time he's seen figures watching him from the shadows. "Niara needs a ..." he pauses to catch his breath "Healer." he looks up at her, hoping she'd remember that he has a bit of a weak heart and either not fuss over him too much or fuss over him appropriately. Though you can guess which he'd prefer.


Mimi continues to joyously prod Kurt for information. "We weren't /facing/ the doorway, Kurt. You'll have to be a bit more descriptive than "the guy"." For the sake of gossip, you see. Mimi's just having a field day here. "Who was this /guy/? Why does he matter so much? Why did you get all freaked out?" She bombards the master with questions. With a gasp she peers at Kurt, "Is someone stalking you, Master Kurt?" she asks with an accusing tone. Probably for not telling her.


"/Scary/ masters." Torkenz has now been appropriately scarred off seeing a master go insane. Lovely, no? The harper skitters back to his drum, doing a light taptaptap on it. Mostly to keep him from getting a little /too/ confused on who the mysterious guy is.


Niara merely shakes her head, trying to compose herself after her outburst.  Chalk it up to a momentary lapse due to inordinate stress.  "All over," she finally replies. "I fell...*long shuddering breath* into the drum... And I think...it scared... Master Kurt".


Harsha frowns thoughtfully. Broken drum, hurt girl, healer, stalker, scary guy, doorway, pink fluffy dragons Harsha is confused as random information is pushed into her poor little head. She tries to put it all together, but can't really. Oh well, better not ask, might bring unwanted attention to her.


"Ah!" is Liesana's enlightened comment.  " Leyte was telling me about such figures as that,"  she allows to Kurt, before crossing the rest of the way over to the pair.  "Ah, Kurt, you want to just… ah, catch your breath before your heart does anything weird?"  Love the technical terms.  "And let me have a look at that arm, Nia.  Can you wiggle your fingers?  If there's anything that looks serious to me, you're going /straight/ to the infirmary, kiddo." 


Extazia feels useless from her position at the drum, just standing there, eyeing the sight around her that flashes right by and into :between:, where it seems to have come from. Shaking her head, she approaches the crowd around Kurt and Niara, and stands behind someone, who knows who, to peek around and watch.


Niara responds to Liesana's tough love by cradling her wrist closer and twisting slightly in her seat to shield it from her foster mother. "I don't want to wiggle my fingers!  It hurts!" she moans beseechingly.  "Don' touch it!"


Kurt nods, getting to wobbly feet. "Everyone...back to your drums..." he says, glaring as best he can at the students to get them to stop chattering and get back to work.  "Class is dismissed..." he seems to have lost any harshness he may have put forth before, deflated into a young man in distress.  "I think I'm going to go lie down..." if he can get there.


Mimi just gives up on Kurt and scuttles over to the next person who might know something - Liesana. Mimi's bag is slung over she shoulder as she near bounces around the journeywoman. "Hey, Liesa, what's happening with Kurt? Do you know? He says he /saw/ someone." An excited pause of suspense, "Is someone stalking Kurt?" she asks with a bit too much excitement hinting in her voice.


"Sit and get your composure, Kurt," decrees Liesana, sounding vaguely maternal.  Although don't you dare try and accuse her of such behavior.  "Otherwise you'll pass out, and I'll get Leyte to look after you."  Ooooh, big threat there.  "Hang on a moment, Mims," is offered, before she turns back to Niara.  "Nia,"  she intones, "If you won't listen to me as your foster mother, then I'm giving you a direct order from a ranking Harper.  Show me your wrist, and wiggle your fingers."  Cue toe tapping.


Harsha shakes her head at Mimi as she gropes around for information. A gossip in our mists. She tries to stay out of the way. Just pretending to be doing something when ever anyone looks up. But she watches with worry the hurt girl and Kurts wobbly self.


Extazia approaches Liesana also, but says nothing, nothing at all for long, quiet moments. Should she do something? Run for a healer? Pester with Mimi? Groans that make no sound pour from Tazi's mouth as more people wander in.


Niara just gapes at Liesana.  She'd never pulled that one on her before, but it works...after a fashion.  She extends her arm, but only half-way.  /Nothing/ is going to get her to move anymore than that voluntarily.


Mimi mumbles as she is told to hang on. But she does stop, because 'hang on' at least implies future information. The harperlet crosses her arms and sticks out a foot to tap, "C'mon, c'mon, Nia. Show her your wrist so I can find some stuff out." A small huffy sound as she peers at Kurt again. Who's stalking him? She's sure of it. Someone is stalking Kurt. Or at least that will be the rumor spread around the hall unless she is told otherwise.


Kurt shakes his head "Nobody is stalking me..." he says, his voice quiet from trying to catch his breath.  "Go back to your dorms."


Liesana tires of the waiting game, and just invokes a little bit of parental privilege, firmly but gently taking Niara's arm and inspecting it at her leisure, flexing fingers gently and keeping a careful eye on her former fosterling's face.  "Sprained," she pronounces.  "How badly, I'll let the Healers decide.  Now, let's get you to the Healers, and do you want to come along as well, Kurt...?  Since you saw the actual incident..."  And because she wants to see that he gets pounced on by one of them.  "The rest of you... Class dismissed, and I want you all to keep a lookout for any suspicious figures, and report them to either Jueann, Kurt, or myself."


Kurt shakes his head, moving slowly along. "I'm going to my room...perhaps you can have one come to my room later..."


Niara bites down on a moan as Liesana prods, going a few shades paler.  But she dutifully stands to her feet, ready to be lead along.


Mimi continues to circle around Liesana and Niara. "But...Can't I stay around here?" She glances around frantically then edges over towards Niara, clasping her hands and looking angelic, "I just want to stay to make sure that the well-being of my little fellow apprentice is assured.


Extazia gapes, and blinks innocently from her spot. She'll head off, and if she's lucky, she'll run into this 'person'. Exactly what she expects to do, actually. Just trust her to go off, and search for some kind of 'trouble'. Smiling at Mimi, and casting the others a slightly sympathetic look, she prepares to head back to the dorms...*mrhrm*

Logfile from Niara





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