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October 30, 2002


And on Pern ...

It is afternoon of the sixty-eighth day of autumn. It is the thirty-third Turn of the Tenth Pass. It is an autumn afternoon. 


Dormitory Lounge

The gathering place for the Apprentices is only a little smaller in relation to the Dorms themselves. More polished stone fills the area with a muted reflection from the glows. Wooden tables are surrounded by dark coloured chairs, offering many places to sit upon. A soft rug lines the center of the room, for those that don't enjoy the company of rigid seating arrangements. Off in the corner is a fine stone sand table for the apprentices to use for their studies. Liesana is here.


Sioned walks in from the Female Apprentice Dorms.


Rislyn walks in from the Female Apprentice Dorms.


Niara scampers into the room, dropping books and writing sticks and various other accoutrements in a pile on the floor as she tackle hugs Liesana. "/You're/ teaching class today?" she squeals.


Qovin is already sitting in the lounge, pad and pencil in hand, Drawing. Of course, its his sleeping firelizard, so its not that hard to draw. Not a big feat. right?


Liesana is seated in her favorite old comfortable chair, one which just /happens/ to have a commanding view of the lounge, and clear lines of sight to both doors to apprentice dorms.  Which is a good thing, because it gives her time to tense her stomach muscles before being tackled.  "Ooof!  Yep, that I am, kiddo.  Basic Law, if my schedule tells me rightly, since your regular teacher's got a headcold.  Sit down, everyone, make a circle around my feet."


Sioned slips in behind her and finds a seat on the floor carrying a few things need for a class. She looks behind her to see if Ris is coming.


Rislyn scampers in a little quiet and seats herself by Sioned. Bringin with her her stuff.


Niara slides to the floor next to the chair, leaning over to drag her discarded pile of stuff closer. "Are you going to tell us all 'how to get what we want while making the other person think the same thing'?" she rattles off, slightly out of breath, referring to the expanded name of one of Liesana's favorite lessons


Qovin gets up from his seat, settling Byron on the pad and pencil, since those two things cost him, and he is rather protective. of those things. only. He sits slightly away from the rest.


Sioned smiles and shrugs and continues getting set up she slides a couple things over to Rislyn and then looks up at the teacher.


"Diplomacy?"  Hazards Liesana with a chuckle at her foster-daughter.  "Or, the Art of Letting Someone Else Have Your Way?"  She pauses after delivering the correct subtitle, before shaking her head slightly.  "Mmmm, nope.  That's an Advanced class, and you four are still beginners.  So, we're doing Basic Law."  A bag of toffees is produced, and settled on her lap.  "A candy to whoever can tell me why we have laws."


Sioned eyes the candy, a much needed piece of sugar would be great, she clears her thought and looks around. "To keep order and civility?" waiting for the Master to say something.


Rislyn shrugs. "I don't think civility would be apart of that. But yea to keep order would be my guess." as she too eyes the yummy candy, hoping she was close, then smiles.


Niara blinks for a split-second before quipping.  "So we don't all end up killing each other?" She doesn't need to get the candy this way... She has easier ways of snagging a few pieces.  Liesana's lessons had served her well...


Qovin looks at the toffee's with a small smile. those taste pretty good, he thinks. He lifts his arm, tossing aside his 'I-don't-want-to-stick-out' attitude, then putting it down as sioned answers. oh well. he hides in his sitting area there, and then says "To keep order in the Holds, Halls, and weyrs so we don't lose the things that separate us from herdbeasts?" before lowering his head, expecting to be told he is wrong.


A rain of candy promptly falls upon the students, a piece each being tossed with rapid precision to land in their laps, hopefully.  "Amazing what a little positive motivation can do," comments Liesana, apropos of nothing, before returning the bag to her lap.  "But you've all pretty much got the idea.  Laws exist to provide a social framework for behavior beyond the guidelines set by simple morality, to provide checks and balances on the powerful, and protect the weak, and to establish a single set of rules guiding all people.  Now, where are Pern's laws primarily derived from?"


Sioned thinks fir a moment, but realizing nothing intelligent or some what right is coming she stays quiet and quietly chomps on her candy hoping someone else might know.


Rislyn shrugs, "I guess from years of living trying to find a way for everyone to cope with each other?" then she takes her piece of candy and hides it for later the looks at the teacher for anything.


Qovin meeps as the candy headed to him thwaps his toe. He picks it up and sets it in his lap, going to eat it later. he thinks of where they could come from, and his brain goes *twinge* as he thinks too hard. Hrm. better stop. Oh well. he sits there, waiting for somebody to answer.


Niara scrunches up her face as she he fiddles with the hem of her skirt, the word 'Charter' drifting upwards.


"Close, Rislyn,” grants Liesana, but dispensing no candy this time.  "But... not quite.  All Pernese Laws are derived from the Charter created by the Ancients when they came to Pern, over 2500 Turns ago.  Now, can anyone tell me anything about what the Charter says...?  Your Hold Harpers have been teaching you this since you could toddle, remember..."


Sioned sighs as she tries to remember what it says. "It tells you your rights, such as, well, like what you can do and not do." and she thinks some more, still moving her candy around in her mouth. "That's all I can think of. Intelligent wise at least." and she slips out a wry smile.


Niara glances around the circle, before popping her own piece into her mouth and leaning back to prop herself up with hands splayed out behind her. Her feet wiggle back and forth as she beams up at Liesana over the side of the chair.  Liesana knows better than /anyone/ just what Nia knows on this subject.  She'd drilled her in it enough...


Rislyn straightens her back also thinking. "Yea, what she said, but there is more, like you said keeping the balance with checks, right?" and she pops in her piece of candy. Savoring the yummy sugary flavor, and smiles at the Master.


"Checks and balances?"  corrects Liesana with a benevolent smile, shifting in the chair to sit tailor-fashion, and wink at Niara.  She knows she knows.  But since teacher's pets rarely fare well in the dorms, Liesana doesn't force her foster-daughter to answer, instead nodding, and noting that "That's part of it, Sioned.  The Charter is a highly complex document in parts, but there are three main ideas every Pernes should take from it.  We'll start with the first:  The Charter grants autonomy to each area: Weyrs, Holds and Crafthalls.  What does this mean?"


Qovin knows this, and speaks up. "It means that each weyr, hold, or craft has the right to do what it wishes within its borders." he says, thinking he is pretty right. He waits there. quietly.


Sioned nods and smiles. "Allowing an area to govern itself?" and she looks around the class then looks at the master. "Like the MasterHarper is like the leader here, but still answers to someone else higher up, right?" and she places her hands in her lap.


Rislyn nods in agreement with both answers, but not having anything else of interest to put in. "Yea, what they said." and she gives a little smile.


Niara nods and decides to throw her own two marks in. "And that they are all equal because one can't survive without the others." Nod. Yep.


Jueann walks in from the Balcony Hallway.


Liesana laughs quietly.  "I'm pleased you've such ambitions for me, Sioned, but Oriana's the MasterHarper.  I'm just a master Harper."  she enunciates the words to make the difference apparent.  "But you've all got the right idea.  We're responsible for handling our own affairs, and no area can poke their nose into another area's business without a /very/ good reason. Weyrs shouldn't meddle with Holds or Crafts, and vice-versa.  But this doesn't mean that the leaders of the various areas are free to run loose and roughshod over their people... the next article of the Charter notes that clearly: The Charter states that the Weyrleader, Crafthead or Holder is responsible for the care and safety of those under them.  Failure to do this can cause their Holding or Craft to be taken from them by a Conclave of the other leaders of their area (Hold, Craft or Weyr) and granted to another."  she quotes.


Jueann quietly comes in, seeing a lesson in session, sighs, running her hand through her hair and a note in hand.  Finding a place in the back, not to disturb the class, she makes herself comfortable.



Sioned ahhh's and thinks for a moment. "So each old keeps to itself, same as a craft, but there is no one higher than those people"


Qovin feels a weight on his shoulder and looks at it, Only to see his brown firelizard in its favorite perch. Inside his shirt. he sighs, and turns his attention to Liesana, and listens with rapt attention.


Rislyn sighs, and she looks over at Sioned then the Master and continues to listen.


Niara nods, nearly mouthing the words in time with Liesana. A small roll of her eyes is sheltered from view by the curve of the arm of the chair.


"Yes, Sioned."  Liesana answers.  "Holds, Crafts and Weyrs handle their own affairs individually.  Although they don't truly keep to themselves. Trade is a valubale source of marks for most Holdings, and Crafts as well.  And yes, the Weyrleader, Lord or Lady Holder or MasterCrafter is the highest person in their area.  They can be removed /only/ by a council of their peers, or, in a Craft, by a nonconfidence vote from the Masters.  Any more questions before I move on?"  Jueann is noticed, and given a little wave.


Sioned thinks and then answers "Nope."


Rislyn agrees with Sioned. "No questions here" she says with a smile.


Niara shakes her head as well.


Qovin shakes his head, and byron peeks his head out. He just sits there…waiting for the class to end so he can go back to drawing.


Jueann remains quiet as she listens to the lesson, rubbing the parchment in her hand through her fingers. She gives Liesana a slight smile and nod.


Liesana shakes her head.  "Not a very inquisitive lot today, are you?"  she inquires rhetorically.  "Very well then, let's go over the third, and in some cases most important tenet of the Charter: The Charter defines the obligations of Craft and Hold to supply tithe to the Weyrs, and the Weyrs' obligation to protect the lands and people of the Holds and Crafts."  She fingers the little bag of candies, and lifts an eyebrow.  "Anyone want to have a go at translating that into simple Pernese?"


Qovin thinks and says "The holders and crafters give to the weyrs in return for protection?" before watching for an answer, and byron crawls down to find the toffee and almost gets it before Qovin plops it in his mouth.


Niara snickers suddenly, lifting her hand to cover her mouth as she struggles to suppress her obvious amusement at something.


Sioned nods and longs for another piece of candy. "You scratch our back and we'll scratch yours" and she eyes the bag of candy again.


Niara decides to share her wittism as Sioned shares her.  "You fly, we buy?" she chirps, scrunching down to try and avoid any maternal hands flying in disapproval.


Rislyn nods, as once again she is too late. "Yea what they said, seeing that the Dragonriders have no way to make money or sell things they use what they are best at repay the holds and crafts by protecting them from many dangers."


Liesana chuckles, and tosses another round of candies out to her pupils.  "Good answers.  Now, next lesson we'll be taking a look at conflict resolution within the framework of the various areas, but I'll open the floor to questions, and then call it class dismissed for today."


Sioned nods, "That’s what some harpers do right? Help settle disputes?" and she catches that candy and quickly hugs it and tosses it in her mouth.


Niara scrambles to her knees, popping up next to Liesana's chair and folding her arms on the arm. "What has given the Harpers the authority to be the arbitrators?" she queries, her voice low enough that none of the other apprentices need be included in the answer...unless Liesana deems it credible.


Rislyn nods. "I don't have any questions." and also pops her delicate candy in her mouth and smiles.


Qovin gasps as byron eats the toffee and asks "Do you know if Candy is good for firelizards?" rather sadly. he sighs..he wanted that piece! oh well. lets hope it doesn't make them sick..


"/All/ Harpers should be able to settle disputes, Sioned.  Some just specialize in it.  Qovin, I'm sure firelizards have eaten stranger things, and that's a good question, Nia.  I think it was more something that just evolved along with the Craft.  We make sure the laws are taught, so it seems only right we'd help to dispense them."


Sioned smiles and continues to savor her candy, "I don't have any more questions." and she looks around to see if anyone else does.


Qovin shakes his head as byron chews happily and promptly falls asleep. fat lug..eat and sleep..thats all he ever does..


Jueann smiles as she clears her throat, "Nice lesson Liesana, but can I borrow one of your students to run an errand for me? Or am I interrupting?


Liesana looks up and gives Jueann a smile.  "By all means go right ahead, Jue, and my thanks.  I'm off to go run an errand myself, shortly."


Jueann holds up what looks like a prescription, "I need someone to run to Master Jaqui with this prescription note.  I broke the vial she gave me and I need to replace it."


Qovin gets up and walks over to his drawing, and starts on it again, and Byron just lays there, snoring just like the fat firelizard he is. he ignores the masters, having too much attention placed on drawing.


Sioned looks at the Master. "Rislyn and I can't we need to practice our song." and she grabs


Sioned walks to the Balcony Hallway.


Rislyn walks to the Balcony Hallway.


Niara turns her attention as Liesana does, listening discreetly as Master Jueann explains her need. "I'd be happy to go," she offers, oblivious to the hasty departures of the others.


Jueann smiles at Niara, handing her the note and a broken vial, "Give this to Jaqui, be careful, the stuff is poisonous in a large amount and the vial is sharp.  Just drop them off and I'll have someone pick it up later."


Niara nods solemnly, taking the broken vial gingerly in one hand, the note in the other. Tossing a quick, "Bye, Mummsie" over her shoulder, she departs.


You go to the Balcony Hallway.


Liesana eyes the shards of the vial with mild curiosity before Niara departs. "That's the aconite, I take it?" she hazards. "Hmm, you'd think they'd keep such deadly stuff in a sturdier bottle."


Jueann sighs. "Oh it was sturdy enough but Ke'chara and Judithe got into it and knocked it off the table and it went flying across the room and bounced off the stone wall. I doubt anything is made against the abuse of a feline fight by two female fire lizards."


Liesana shakes her head with a quiet laugh. "That would do it," she agrees. "I remember when this little one," A shrug of the shoulder on which Hippolyta is perched indicates the gold, who responds to the movement with a mild whirl of her eyes. "Developed a fondness for getting into my instrument stains... she ended up a reddish-purple for a few days, one time."


Qovin goes home.


Jueann chuckles, "Well, with a gold and a green, you never know when they'll decide to got at it. I'm lucky more wasn't destroyed or they got into the Aconite." she sighs. "My apartment now reeks of the stuff. I need to get some air fresheners."


Liesana chuckles and stands. "Firelizards... worse than felines and young children put together. Still, they're pretty. I have to be off on a mission of mercy, but take care, Jue." And with that, off she goes.

Liesana walks out.


**** Later as Master Jueann heads for the Harper Office ****


Jueann nods to Niara, "Got the vial to the healers alright?


Niara blinks up as she is addressed, taking a moment to regather her thought. "Yes'm. They said they would send you a message when it was ready, but they were a little low on one of the ingredients..."


Jueann sighs and nods, "Well I hope the craft can hold out until I get it. Thank you for running the errand for me."


**** The log breaks off as Jueann heads down ****


Logfile from Niara and ?





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