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Amphitheater & Proscenium, Baby!

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9/27/99 10:12:13 PM


Shainman Rehearsal Hall

The largest room in the Istan Harper Hall, save the Ballroom, this room has wonderful acoustics that make sound bounce off the walls just so. From lessons to rehearsal to just listening to the marvelous sounds always filling the room, there's always a surplus of people about, harpers of every rank, and even a few holders. Tiers fill almost every wall in the room, the choir levels on the right, the orchestra one directly in and other smaller areas for more specific group rehearsal on the left. The room is spotlessly clean and only completely empty in the early hours of the morning when most harpers have to tear themselves away from their work for a few winks of sleep. 
Obvious exits: Main Hall

Kayla walks in from the ballroom. 


Kayla smiles, "Hi."


Perrin prowls like a large sport cat in from the ballroom.


Kayla smiles, "So. This class was for....."


Reeba strolls in from the ballroom. Reeba gingerly stuffs Gitar in Runnerbeast Hidesack.


Reeba sits down frowning. "Sorry I'm late Khayet."


Khayet is sitting on the stage, somewhat to the left of center, watching as everyone enters. "Introduction to Theatre....We haven't started yet Reeba...have a seat?"


Kayla smiles and sits.


Reeba settles back into her seat trying to look relaxed while an observant person would notice she is truly uncomfortable with her situation.


Perrin walks in and finds a place to sit.


Khayet takes a deep breath, hoping he's doing a better job at hiding his nervousness. He hops off the stage and with his hands held behind his back, rounds orchestral tiers. "For those of you that don't know me, I'm Senior Apprentice Khayet, otherwise known as the one who keeps the snake table in the dorm lounge stocked....." He smiles slightly, looking around. "I see there are a few first time theatre students here....We shall be learning together, for this is my very first time teaching like this...." He pauses, trying to think what exactly to do next, now that he's 'spent' the only truly written thing he's prepared.


Reeba smiles at Khayet as if she could send him confidence telepathically.


Kayla smiles at Khayet.


Perrin smiles and sits back in the chair he's in, knowing Khay will do a good job.


Khayet asks, "Can anyone tell me -what- theatre is?"


Reeba slowly raises her hand.


Kayla raises her hand.


Perrin waits to see what the others will do before raising his hand.


Khayet nods to Reeba...


Reeba pauses before saying "Well, a theatre could be the place where performances take place. But I think you were asking what occurs there. Just about anything that involves entertaining a group of people. I think...." Realizing she has no idea if she is right, Reeba promptly looks down at her shoes.


Perrin nods his head in agreement.


Khayet nods, "Anyone else have anything to add?"


Kayla hmms a moment, "It is also a way of showing events and emotions in an environment that people can watch without partaking in them."


Perrin smiles, "It is also a way of poking fun at someone or something without it being construed as rebellion. Satire."


Melidere walks in from the ballroom.


Reeba looks up from her shoes and glances at Kayla and Perrin as they respond. She hadn't thought of that...


Linne pads in from the ballroom.


Golden haired lady and golden flitter enter, both more than a little harried. "Shh. /Murphy!/ Hush. The people will /not/ eat you," whispers the slightly frantic 'Dere, making her best attempt to slide her chubby body unobtrusively to the side behind a few people. Dum-tee-dum. She wasn't late.


Linne comes dashing in, nearly managing to trip over a pair of exiting apprentices. Looking around, she spots the group of harpers she's looking for and sidles surreptitiously over. Taking a quick seat, she looks back up attentively.


Khayet says, "You're all mostly correct.....Though, I should've been more specific, I ment theatre as in a production, a performance....We'll get into the architectural structure of the theatre later. And, we'll also get into the types of narritive that both Kayla and Perrin pointed out."


Kayla smiles at Khayet.


Kaeryn slips quietly, a bounce in her step, in from the ballroom.


Kaeryn enters the room quietly, not even coming all the way in, just standing in the doorway to watch in silence for a few minutes.


Linne blinks in slight confusion, quickly grabbing out some writing utensils, hoping she can catch up from what she missed at the beginning.


You overhear Reeba mutter, "Some people ... ... ... ... ... ... their ..." to herself.


Kayla looks back at Reeba and shrugs.


Perrin looks at the others entering, notes Kaeryn with a nod and returns his attention to Khayet.


Reeba raises her hand to get Khayet's attention.


Khayet can't but help smile slightly as a few other filter in, maybe he just started a little early? He does have the jump the mark tendency when overly neverous, after all. "A theatrical production is like a puzzle, you can't make the full picture with out all the piece. If just one piece is missing, the picture is incomplete....Yes, Reeba?"


Reeba smiles. "You just answered my question. I was going to ask if the definition of Production would actually be /what/ the theatre is....of course, I don't know exactly what you mean by Production.


Khayet says, "Well, I'm about to get into that actually. A production is the whole process behind the performance. There are five main sections to the 'puzzle'. Audience, Management, Cast and Crew, Patrons and the location.....all of this goes into making a production....Any more questions?"


A drudge comes in and gives Perrin a note, he looks up and smiles briefly, then looks at Khayet, "I am sorry, but I most go and attend some business form the avalanche yesterday. Thank you for the class."


Khayet nods, "I'll give you notes later then Perrin....Thanks for coming..." He says to the closing door as he looks over his own notes.


Linne gives a quick shake, indicating that everything's understood so far.


Khayet says, "Management is defined as those who are in charge of managing some aspect of the production. The top manager is the Director, he or she oversees everything, something like the master of a certian thing....uh...instrument making, for example. Then comes the stage manager, the properties manager, the grips manager, costuming manager, orchestra conductor, set designer and the writer, if possible. Sometimes, the play will be by an author that's been dead for several generations. Sometimes, the writer will also be the director....Are there any questions on this?"


Reeba giggles. "Sound more like a Mis-management. How do they ever get anything done with so many managers?"


Khayet says, "Well, everyone but the director is in charge of something specific, the costuming manager designs or picks out the costumes for the actors to wear, the grips manager takes care of the large peices of scenery, the flats, scrims, when their in use, things like that....The stage manager runs the backstage area, making sure the actors are ready to go on and that the scenery is ready for the next scene change. If you think of the director as the Master, he delegates one journeyman to take care of the props, make sure their in the right place at the right time, that they work and are ready to be used, another journeyman to take care of the orchestra, and so on. That gives the director time to work with the actors, to be sure they have their lines learned, their characters developed and the blocking or choreography memorized, so that when the time is right, the director has all the elements ready and in place when the curtain goes up."


Kaeryn slips quietly, a bounce in her step, to the Main Hall.


Reeba nods her understanding. "Now that makes sense."


Melidere nods quietly to herself, one hand clapping her orchestrally inclined queen's maw shut with a slightly smug look. Her eyes are intent despite the ongoings with her little lifemate, and she leans forward slightly. Time. Choreography. Grace. Yes.


Khayet nods. "There's a lot to be done, when putting on a pay. More when it's a musical production, because that adds a choreographer into the list of managers, to makes sure those who are supposed to dance know their steps and have the timing right. The crew are those people who the managers manage, they move the sets, the props, care for the costumes, they do the grunt work. It's oft been said they are the backbone of the production. The cast are the actors, no matter how 'bit' the part seems, if you go on stage during the production and are seen, you are in the cast, and hopefully in character," he smiles. "Patrons are those who donate space, time, marks or other things to the production that aren't directly involved beyond that. Sometimes their crafters from other crafts, that lend their expertise in an area we aren't always having to deal with, like....leather, or any metal work that might need be done.....Sometimes, patrons are the inspiration for the production...."


Reeba cocks her head to the side asking "Does the Harper Hall have Patrons or is a Patron for one show only?"


Khayet says, "Sometimes it's both....When you think about it, Ista Hold is the patron for this hall, the Lady has been kind enough to provide us with support and space so that we can study here....she allows us to eat in her dining hall, make use of her baths.....She is not obligated to do any of that, so she is a patron of the Hall. Likewise, the Lord of Fort Hold donated long ago the land for the main hall there, though it's somewhat more self-sufficient."


Linne nods, "So if you were going to put on a play at some point in the distant future, you would need to go around and find some people willing to finance or help with the production?"


Khayet nods, "Yes, if there are special things needed for the scenery, or if you want a certain weaver to help with the costume design and construction...and, sometimes you need the next to the last ingredient, location. Like here, we would check with the Lady to see if we could use the amphitheatre on a certain date. Other holds and even Weyrs aren't nearly so well set up as we are here, so sometimes it's a dining hall....."


Reeba mumbles "It is no wonder that directors go crazy as a flit when its performance time. The pressure of keeping the patrons happy must be incredible...."


Khayet says, "I'd imagine it depends on the patron, like all people, some are more demanding and difficult to work with. And most feel entitled to special attention and privilege because they are donating their marks or services. Before I move on to the architectural types of theatres, does anyone else have any questions or comments?"


Reeba shakes her head. Afraid her classmates may whack her upside the head if she asks another one.


Linne gives her head a little shake.


Khayet looks to Melidere, just wanting to be sure before he proceeds.


Melidere is paying attention -- really! Despite the fact that a little gold is gnawing /so/ industriously at her ear, she's all there. "Mm? Is there something you wanted to ask me?" she says pertly, managing her million-watt smile 'tween winces.


Khayet says, "Just wondering if you have any questions, Melidere."


"Nope, not me," says 'Dere with that obnoxious do-gooder tone of hers. Besides, like Melidere /needs/ lessons in being melodramatic -- she always lives on extremes. Seriousness returns however: "Honestly, though, no. I got it. Despite Murph here, I'm payin' attention."


Khayet smiles gently, tolerant sort that he is. "Alright.....Theatres come in three different types, the Amphitheatre, like is at the gather grounds, the Proscenium, like is contained in the Main Hall at Fort, and the Thrust theatre.....Melidere....do you think you can tell us the diffrences in them?"


Reeba looks down trying to hide her smile and quietly thanking the Most High Egg she wasn't called upon to answer that one!


'Dere perks -- she knows this one! "OK! A false proscenium is built upwards of the stage, sort of like a hanging arch of sorts." Her arms make a vague gesture, sending her neurotic flit a'squawk briefly. "A thrust stage is where the stage itself is built onto and extended." Once again, the gesture, only this time outwards and flat.


Khayet smiles, nodding, "And an amphitheatre?"


Melidere /knew/ she forgot one: "All right ... mm .. don't tell me..." A pregnant pause as the harper woman contemplates and then snaps: "An amphitheatre is like a bowl, the stage being in the centre." Give that over-intelligent girl a cookie, folks.


Khayet nods again. "Correct.....Reeba, Linne, have any questions?"


Reeba says, "Uhhhh...."


Khayet says, "Any questions at all about what we've gone over?"


Reeba frowns saying "I have no idea what 'Dere is talking about. What's a Thrust Stage again?"


Linne ummms herself, "Yes... I get the amphitheatre, but about the Proscenium-thingy. What is she talking about? And the Thrust too. Thanks Reeba." A wan smile is given, indicating she really doesn't know what 'Dere meant.


Reeba smiles back at Linne feeling very grateful that she isn't the only one who doesn't know squat about the theatre.


Khayet says, "If you take a gather stage, and build a platform at stage level, extending from the stage into the audience, then you have a thrust stage. A proscenium stage is....Oh, you haven't been in the hall long enough to take a short trip to Fort yet...." He takes out a piece of paper and draws a square in roughly the middle of it. To the right, he makes arches and pointing with the charcoal he says, "This is the audience, here, the square there is the stage. Everything to the left of the stage is called the backstage area. There is a curtain and valence that..." He draws a wavy line on the right side of the square, "...comes like this, to close off the stage from the audience. The curtain moves, the valence doesn't. This type of theatre is generally indoors....Gather stages are to an extent, proscenium stages, and part amphitheatre all at once."


Reeba blinks twice. "Oh, I see." Glancing over to 'Dere she smiles saying "Well done....I was just too slow to know what you meant."


Linne looks at the sketch, and nods, "Ahhhh. Ok, now I get it."


Reeba looks back to Khayet "Thanks for the explanation Khayet."


Khayet smiles, "You're welcome, that's why this is -introduction- to theatre....." He grins at 'dere, "Though it looks like someone's a bit more advanced....." Not that he minds, naturally. "Are there any other questions?"


Reeba says, "Nope, not now."


Linne shakes her head affably.


Khayet says, "Well, in that case, class dismissed....."


Melidere has that effect on people. A smug smile crosses the girl's face as once again she got the chance to flaunt her intellect. A blush creeps 'cross her face as she's caught red handed and she just catches herself 'fore blurting out the whole dirty affair she had with the scenery builder.


Khayet says, "Oh, I will be holding more classes, to continue, since there's rather literally tons of information to impart.....before we get to my favorite part."


Reeba smiles at Khay "Thanks Khayet. Which is your favorite - the acting?"


Linne gets up, stretching from having to sit for a time, and walks over to Khayet, "You know, Khay, it's almost amazing how much more composed you are when teaching a class than you are when you've just been awakened and chased out of the dorms by a rampaging firelizard." She ponders for a second, "You know, maybe it's not so amazing after all....."


Khayet nods, "Aye, I'm a performer. Though I have been in the orchestra before." And to Linne's comment, he blushes. "Well, now you know some of my acting talent...that and I'm fully dressed..."


Reeba stares blankly not sure what to make of this conversation. "Thanks again Khayet. I can't wait to learn more. Good night!"


Reeba says, "Night Melidere, Night Linne."


Reeba strolls to the Main Hall.


Khayet says, "Good night Reeba....."


Linne grins, "Well, you must be pretty good then. Either that or you actually managed to get /some/ sleep last night, though I doubt it."


Khayet says, "Nope, no sleep, too nervous for that....and none of you saw me twittering like a sunbaked flitter before the class started either....thankfully...."


Linne chuckles to herself at the image, "I can see that happening."


Khayet grins wryly, "Careful there lass, I could be a journeyman any day now...." He's playing though, gotta get rid of that nervous energy somehow. Not to mention the shaking, which the charcoal is still doing.


Linne grins impishly at him, "Yes, and I'm sure that your newfound status will somehow manage to cure your jitters. Leadership can do that to you, you know." Yawning, she takes a glance around the room, and begins to head back out, tossing, "Well, I'm feeling exceptionally tired tonight. I think I'll go to bed. See ya tomorrow!" Over her shoulder before he can retort.


Linne pads to the Main Hall.


Khayet snickers, "She just doesn't know me yet....." he says to no one in particular.

Logfile from Khayet





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