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Available Instrument Types

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  • gitar

  • lute

  • harp (usually lap harp or Irish harp; full orchestral harps very, very rare)

  • violin/fiddle

  • viola

  • viola da gamba

  • cello

  • hammer dulcimer

  • gittern

  • cittern

  • lyre

  • mandolin

  • sitar

  • zither


  • recorder

  • pipes

  • flute

  • clarinet (very rare)

  • penny whistles of all varieties

  • harmonica

  • ocarina (clay or wood)

Brass (very rare)

  • bugle

  • trumpet (rarer still)

  • trombone (even more so)

  • serpent horn (made of wood, not metal, takes place of tuba; still, very rare)

  • cornet


  • tambour(ine)

  • triangle

  • bells (likely ceramic instead of metal)

  • castanets

  • claves

  • rattles

  • cymbals and gongs (somewhat rare because of metal use)

  • drums (of all shapes and sizes; built with wood bodies instead of metal, and snares for snaredrum made of gut)

  • scraper

  • wood block


  • there is currently exactly /one/ keyboard instrument on all of Pern, and it's in the Shainman Rehearsal Hall here at Ista.

The above may also be accessed on the MOO itself by typing “help harper_instrument  





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