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The Precedents

  • Telgar Hold, 6th Pass: "No man shall be exiled for murder who did not have a motive of malice or who did not exhibit wanton carelessness in his actions." - Telgar Law Codes, effective since the 6th Pass and still on the books.

  • Ista Hold, 8th Pass: Lady Rinella, the Lord Holder's sister, accidentally killed a thief while trying to get him away from one of her ladies just outside the Hold Courtyard. No charges were brought, as it was determined that the thief, acting on an illegal errand, should not have been there and was therefore at fault.

  • Ruatha Hold, 8th Interval: Bronzerider F'lar kills Lord Holder Fax in a duel, and is not charged with any wrongdoing. This was a case of willful death.

  • Tillek Hold, 9th Pass: Guardsman Dushik is expelled from Tillek Hold after three times killing a man while brawling. It was in the Hold law codes that a man was to be given three chances before he was to be blacklisted.

The Points of View

Seamus' Story    


Shainman Rehearsal Hall (#4130)

The largest room in the Istan Harper Hall, save the Ballroom, this room has wonderful acoustics that make sound bounce off the walls just so. From lessons to rehearsal to just listening to the marvelous sounds always filling the room, there's always a surplus of people about, harpers of every rank, and even a few holders. Tiers fill almost every wall in the room, the choir levels on the right, the orchestra one directly in and other smaller areas for more specific group rehearsal on the left. The room is spotlessly clean and only completely empty in the early hours of the morning when most harpers have to tear themselves away from their work for a few winks of sleep. The glows are lit, bathing the hall in a warm golden light. Outside in the ballroom, you see one firelizard. Watching from a high ledge are Emerand, Milo , and Allegro. Seamus and Jueann are here.


Shinnai pops in, smiles. "Hey, folks." 


Kabel walks in from the ballroom.


Jueann (#5565)

A young woman in her mid-twenties. She is wearing harper blue tunic and skirt. Although she is proud to wear the colors, she finds it hard to keep them clean. She is a plain girl with brown doe-eyes and her brown hair is in a long braid running down her back. She is a bit shy with new people, but has a tremenous ability to give all she has. She carries in her personal pouch a sheaf of parchment and a bit of charcoal which she will pull out and write on as the mood takes her. She is wearing a clean linen tunic, a worn blue skirt and a battered leather pouch. Jueann wears her Ista Hold Scribe/Harper Apprentice knot on her shoulder with pride. She looks tear swollen and pale.


Seamus (#5551)

 Seamus stands approximately six feet in height; his thin frame reflected by his lithe build. Long copper-brown hair is pulled into a pony-tail, hanging over his left shoulder. As he turns to meet your gaze, his hazel-amber eyes shine with some hidden amusement, as if he knew something that he really shouldn't. Though faint, you barely catch a glimpse of a slight scar between his brow as he turns away, returning his attentions to somewhereelse in the room. Something about him seems different, as if a part of him weren't present. His eternal smile portrays a person with very little worry about the various concerns going on around him. Yet, he always seems to be present to share a kind word, a warm hug, or meaningful advice. Being a Harper, and enjoying the company of others, he tends to be found where people are most likely to gather. His wherhide trousers are dyed a rich, earthen brown, fading slightly with age. His flaxen tunic reaches down to his knees, enveloping the thinly framed Harper in its billowy grey mass, encircled with a belt of Harper blue. A cloak, mirroring the colour of the belt, rests along his shoulders, clasped by a pin of silver depicting a forest scene. Covering his long feet are soft leather boots, naturally coloured to match his trousers. Seamus wears his Harper Senior Apprentice knot on his shoulder with pride. Seamus is 21 Turns, 4 months, and 4 days old.  


Jueann startles as the hold harper walks in. She tightens her grip on Seamus' hand.


Shinnai catches the not-so-cheery mood. "What's wrong?" she asks, concerned.


Jueann looks up at SEamus. 


Crom strides spookily in from the ballroom. 


Seamus rises from the floor, prying away from Jueann for a moment. He meets Shinnai's gaze levelly, "I've been sent here to await Fletcher, though I'm glad you showed. I've killed somebody..." he says, looking down toward the floor. 


Cimorene strides with confidence in from the ballroom. 


You overhear Kabel mutter, "I have an idea for ... j-man ... ... it's a book of law ... is that already ..." to Shinnai. 


Shinnai walks softly over to the apprentices, then halts in surprise, the words almost not registering. "I'm sorry," she offers some consolation to the obviously distraught young man. 


Cimorene skids to a halt and looks around. "Ummm...perhaps this isn't...a good time...to practice?" 


Shinnai holds up a hand to Kabel to please wait, otherwise ignoring the apprentice. 


Seamus shakes is head with a weary smile, "More to the point, I *may* have killed somebody; Lorianda's foster mother..." 


Kabel hushes.


Jueann says, "I've been trying to comfort Seamus, but he's been awfully frightened" Jueann moves closer to Seamus and placed a hand on his shoulder. 


Shinnai tries to think of the name. "Come..." she seems about to sit, then changes her mind. "If you'd like to talk more privately, we can," she offers softly. 


Crom looks around at everyone's reactions, interested in what will happen next... 


You say, "Otherwise, let's sit, and we'll figure out exactly what's happened, alright?"


Seamus chuckles softly as he turns to flash a grateful smile to Jueann. "That isn't necessary, he says, almost whispering. "Ev'ryone already knows, practically; word travels fast." 


Jueann gives a wan smile and nods. 


Shinnai nods then, gesturing quietly to a chair and giving a warning look around to the listening apprentices that this is a serious matter, please. 


Cimorene wrinkles her forehead up as she absorbs this situation, then gently sets her trombone case on the floor and kneels next to it. 


Jueann sits and gestures Seamus to sit in front of her. 


Seamus takes a seat against his will, watching the rest of the Harpers with a mixture of amusement and shame. "I would guess the beginning is always best to start?" 


Shinnai takes a seat herself on another chair, previously set up for a quartet rehearsal but now more useful for a small gathering. "Indeed," she agrees.


Shinnai settles her skirt around her legs as she sits, her dark eyes registering concern.


Crom finds a seat within hearing range, watching the whole situation with interest... 


Jueann takes Seamus' hand and clasping it, she places itin her lap. "it's alright 


Seamus finds himself on the floor, in front of Jueann. "This morning, I intended to teach a lesson to Aviana and Brennya on Performance," he begins, hesitantly. "Kivi, Lorianda's firelizard and riend to Allegro, interrupted it, chittering wildly until I followed. In the Dining Hall, I found someone beating on Lorianda, a Herder Apprentice..." Shinnai lets in a small gasp. 


Cimorene murmurs softly, to herself, "Lori? Someone was hurting Lori?" It's barely audible, though.


Seamus shivers minutey as he recalls the rest, "I couldn' stand by and watch. So, I stepped in and thought I had chased her away... That's when I returned to find Aviana and Brennya not in a learning mood, so I started a lesson with Kabel and Keven..."


Shinnai nods at appropriate points, listening carefully.


Jueann hugs Seamus tightly 


Seamus continues with unnerving cooleness, "Then, Isabella interrupted, saying she found this person at the beach, apparently arguing with Master Aeia and a stranger. Me being me, I chose to follow..." Seamus takes a long, deep breath. 


Seamus says, "Master Aeia requested that I stop the fight that would soon take place. Pellan, the stranger, and Tilla, Lorianda's foster mother/assailent, were arguing heatedly on the verge of physical altercation. I stepped in, rather foolish of me. As I remember it, I tripped Tilla to the ground, where she rose and kicked me. She charged Pellan with a knife, got scratched by a firelizard, and dropped it. I knocked the kife into the water. She said no one would arrest her and charged for the knife now. Pellan tripped her as I got up and leaped at her back, striking her with my staff. Her neck snapped, and that was that..." 


Shinnai nods, considering carefully. "That's a complex situation, I think," she concludes. "What's been done about it as yet? 


Jueann shrugs. We've been waiting


Shinnai nods.


"So you've done nothing. What about Tilla? I assume her body was removed." Seamus finally eases back into Jueann, giving into his weariness. His tired gaze sweeps up to Shinnai, searching, "Her body lies at the beach still, I believe. Kiersa sent me to report to Fletcher, Aeia ... Master Aeia ... spoke with Kiersa immediately and Pellan was taken away somewhere."


You say, "And Pellan, and Aeia?"


Jueann starts to massage Seamus' shoulders.


Shinnai nods. "I think it would be proper to remove her body to somewhere less open to predators," she notes.


Jueann says, "i won't know, I've been with Seamus since I found out"


Seamus chuckles quietly, "We planned an settig her aflame... She deserves no grave," he says, tone menacing. 


Jueann hands tightened hearing his vindictive tone.


Kabel agrees with seamus a pyre no funeral. 


Shinnai whistles a short tune loudly enough to carry to the next room, then raises a quelling eyebrow to Seamus. "You've done enough harm already today, Seamus, that wasn't necessary." Her tone is harsh, but her manner is sympathetic.


You seem to have become a focus of interest to Rhymert, who flits over to land on your shoulder.


Cimorene looks slightly sickened at the idea of burning someone.


Seamus relaxes, or tries to, taking in the sight of the assembled Harpers calmly, quietly. He simply sits there as he watches with a sense of detachment. 


Jueann says, "Seamus, no person deserves that. Good or bad." 


Shinnai pauses to pet the little green. "Can you take a message?" she asks the small firelizard pointedly. "And deliver it?" she adds. From behind Shinnai's neck, Rhymert chirps once, cheerily enough but without much assurance that she's a reliable courier. 


Seamus sighs for no reason, then adresses Jueann, "Possibly, but that... that... beast, deserves no human treatment!"


Kabel looks at Skipper "He's not that bad at messages." 


Seamus says, "Go visit Lorianda and just take a look, it's terrible!"


Crom furrows at Seamus, someone he thought he knew well... 


Jueann sighs but doens't rise to the arguement. She continues to massage Seamus' shoulders, willing him to relax


Shinnai reaches into a handy pocket and removes a small scrap of well-scraped hide and a small writing stick. "Seamus, there's an old clause in those laws that you've been studying," she reminds him. "'You have the right to remain silent'. And I'd suggest you exercise that right when it comes to snide comments." Kabel can use that in his law book. Shinnai nods to Kabel briefly. "Oh, thanks," she finally replies, having realized that he spoke. "But she'll take it. She may be silly, but she's pretty good." Seamus blushes at the reprimand, wisely keeping his outh shut for his ready reply. He attempts to settle down again, staring coldly at the floor. His body tenses again, almost ready to explode from repressed anger... 


Jueann says, "Seamus?" 


Seamus nods acknowledgement to Jueann between trembles of anger, fear, and hatred. "I'll be ok..." 


Shinnai scrawls out a short message on the scrap, and ties it to the very curious green's leg while she peers at it with great interest. After trying to shake it off once, Shinnai looks Rhymert intently in the eyes, then sends her off with her fingers crossed. Rhymert isn't interested in you anymore. She flits off to discover new horizons. 


Jueann says, "Seamus, lean back and rest. Let Shinnai do her job. Close your eyes and try to sleep. I won't leave you ok?" 


You say, "Look, Seamus." Shinnai turns her full attention on him once more. "I know you're upset, and I'm sure that Lorianda's beating will figure into this prominently. But acting in anger -- and it doesn't seem, from what you've said, that you did -- is not acceptable. If you disparage the woman that your own staff killed, or caused the death of, however, you open yourself wide up to such speculation."" Shinnai sits forward in her chair, leaning a foot against the leg of it as she leans her elbow on one knee, eyes intently focussed on Seamus'. "I know you're angry at the beating, but if you let that be known, you'll have a lot more trouble than you have already." 


Jueann says, "Shinnai, he was frightened earlier and now angry, isn't the proper steps of helaing? i read something. . ."" 


Seamus does shut his eyes, clenching his fists tightly as he wills himself to calmness. His trembling subsides to a lesser violence, as he nods absetly to Shinnai, words only barely making their way through to him. 


Shinnai smiles grimly, though softly, to Jueann. "Healing or not, it won't put him in better stead with those who may have complaints against him." Rhymert flits out into the ballroom. 


Jueann nods. " I understand. Jueann says, "Seamus, please. . ."" 


You say, "Good. Seamus, I hope you understand. It's not that any of us think that a beating is acceptable. But you've opened Pandora's box here, and none of us know what you might be in for. Hopefully, nothing. But let's not count on it." 


Seamus chuckles, "Complaints?" he asks, his voice a soft whisper. "The people were *happy* with what i did, it's disgusting! That most of all! Pellan is practically throwing hiself to be arrested, claiming his own actions as being responsible! This entire Hold has gone amade ( er, mad )!" With that final outburst, he relaxes almost completely again, glad to finally get that off his chest.


Shinnai closes her eyes for a moment at the appalling thought, even if it does relieve a few worries about Seamus' future. 


Jueann 's arms tighten around Seamus as he falls back. She smooths back his hair as she tries to calm him 


Shinnai finally speaks, sitting back again in her chair as she tosses her long braid back over her shoulder. "Given that attitude, I don't anticipate that we'll have much trouble absolving you of responsibility, which is a relief," she assesses. Fletcher steps in from the ballroom. You say, "If Master Aeia will speak on your behalf, we may not even need... " she notices Fletcher approach. "Ah, good, just the man we've been looking for."" 


Seamus shakes his head, "I understandthat, but I cn't let Pellan take my share of the blame..."


Shinnai nods. "He won't. It sounds to me like a good part of the blame falls on the woman herself." 


Fletcher raises an eyebrow at the commotion and the assemblage, offering a nod to Shinnai. "Hello, Master. How may I be of service?"


Jueann looks up with her pale and tear swollen face. "oh Fletcher 


Seamus keeps his yes focused on his feet, barely registering Fletcher's approach. 


Cimorene shakes herself alert to glance at Fletcher with a surprisingly shielded regard, then goes back to...apparently thinking. 


Jueann says softly, "Remember you can't second guess him. Keep you anger back and be brave 


Seamus starts to laugh ihis quiet laugh, "No, Jueann, I can't," he admits. 


Jueann says to Seamus, "See I made yu laugh again." 


Fletcher looks about at everyone in a mild sort of interest, finally coming up to the group and places his hands on his hips with a sort of questioning air. 


Shinnai nods to Fletcher, beckoning him over. "Fletcher - Lord Regent, I should say, I suppose," she addresses him, rising to her feet. "There's a matter of importance here that you should oversee." 


Fletcher (#5030)

Your gaze rests on a tall, confident-looking young man who stands no more than two meters in height and seems to carry himself upright and tall with his shoulders thrust back. His dextrous fingers are often laced together behind his back as he strides from place to place, always sure to arrive punctually. Two emerald green eyes contrast with short-cut black hair which meets in a small widow's peak right over an average-looking nose. His face is completely clean-shaven and looks incredibly average, causing him to easily be forgotten. His movements seem graceful and fluid at whatever he does, and we wears two daggers on his right and left hips. An average build finishes the image of a confident, respectable, polite man. A new-looking doublet dyed a wonderful grey-blue covers his top, closing neatly at the wrists and neck. These are matched by dark grey, almost black, leggins which flows comfortably around his legs to drape over his boots, which are a similar dark grey and reach up to just beneath his knees. Perched on Fletcher's shoulder is Jasper. Fletcher wears his Ista Hold Lord Regent knot on his shoulder with pride.Fletcher is 20 Turns, 9 months, and 10 days old. 


Fletcher nods to Shinnai to continue.


Seamus snaps back to himself again, smiling up to Jueann thankfully. "And I'm sure only you couldn've done that in this certain situation..." 


Jueann says, "Well I tried my best."" 


Shinnai beckons to Seamus and Jueann with a nod of her head that it would be appropriate to stand, please. "There's been a death due to an altercation which occurred on the beach earlier this day. Seamus, perhaps you'd like to continue." 


Fletcher raises an intrigued/irritated eyebrow as he looks to Seamus 


Jueann stands, helping Seamus to his feet. She takes his hand and squeezes it. 


Seamus sorrowfully rises from the floor, finally turing to face Fletcher. Seamus speaks quietly, "Shall I start from the beginning again? This is my 5th time re-telling this unpleasant story," his tone back to the centered calm of himself. 


Fletcher looks reasonably patient, considering everything. 


You say, "Perhaps I'll fill in what background I know." 


Jueann tightens her grip and nods. "go on, Seamus. It's ok." 


Seamus sighs, offering a half-mile to Fletcher. "I'll repeat it..." Seamus says, "This orning, I intended to teach Aviana and Brennya a lesson in Performance when Kivi came to get me. Upon following, I found a woman beating on Lorianda." Shinnai waits for Seamus to retell his story, standing formally by his side. Daerin walks in from the ballroom. Daerin walks in and leans against the wall at the back of the room. Seamus frowns as he recounts the tale, much more in control than the previous recoun. "To keep it brief, I interfered with the beating and scared her off. It turns out the woman was Lorianda's foster mother come to take her back to Fort Hold, by force if necessary. So, I returned to teach Kabel and Keen as Aviana and Brennya were not up to a lesson after that. I was again interrupted by Isabella, she told me Till, Lorianda's mother, was at the beach arguing with Pellan, a newcomer o Ista, and Master Aeia. Master Aeia requested I put an end to it, so I stepped in. I tripped Tilla to the ground in hopes of taking her in. She rose, kicked me, then drew her knife. A firelizard attacked Tilla, causing her to drop the weapon, where I sent it into the esea. I again insited that Tilla give herself up, but she ran to the knife, claiming she wouldn't be arrested. I jumped to strike her unconscious as Pellan tripped her... In the end, her neck broke, and I believe it was my fault, though Pellan claims it is his own trip that did it..." He sums up the tale, voice still even and neutral... "So, now I'm here." 


Cimorene looks up quietly, for once, not bothering with spoken greeting. 


JeDera strides absently in from the ballroom. 


Shinnai nods as Seamus finishes his recounting. "I think it would be appropriate to get Master Aeia's word to confirm Sr. Apprentice Seamus' story." 


JeDera walks in and notices the group."Oh my, what a gathering. CHoir practice?" 


Seamus shakes his head wearily at JeDera, "No, Master JeDera, my arraignment." 


Jueann turns her pale and tear-swollen face to the voice master. "uh no Master Dejera 


Shinnai is standing formally next to a rather distraught Jueann and a serious-looking Seamus. 


Seamus rocks unsteadily on his feet as he waits for a response, any response, from Fletcher. With a small groan, he crumples to the floor, exhausted and tired. 


Jueann says, "SEamus!!!!!!" Jueann kneeds beside the fallen harper 


Shinnai bends over quickly. "Seamus?" She checks to be sure he's still breathing, and whether or not he's awake. 


Seamus smiles up at Jueann, "Sorry, I'm bored..." 


He gives Jueann an affectionate hug, yet remains on the floor as he waits. 


Jueann places his head on in lap. looking up at Shinnai Jueann says, "ohhhh you!!! (dropping his head hard on the floor)" 


Shinnai gives the two a disapproving look, considering the gravity of the situation. 


Jueann stands. hands on hip. "Seamus!!! That wasn't funny!" 


Seamus would wince, ut he's seriously tired. With a hollow *THUNK!* his head strikes the floor. "Well, I need something to do, I've been here the entire day. I've sat in this hall for the past 20 odd hours, doing nothing but worrying about what's going to happen," he shrugs, "I could use alittle fun." 


JeDera tries not to giggle, moving over to stand by Shinnai. 


You say, "Not in front of the Lord Regent, you can't." Shinnai glances at Fletcher, obviously deep in contemplation. "Even if he is a friend." 


Jueann 's eyes start to water up. "Seamus. How could you!" she turns away 


Seamus sighs as he regards the Lord Regent, "Ah, that's right... Sorry, Lo... Journeyman Fletcher." Seamus is quick to point out that Fletcher requested him not to refer to him as Lord Regent, then rises from the floor. Seamus glances over at Jueann, "Very simply actually," he says, gazing about the room. "It isn't of..." his voice trails as he turns away, regarding Fletcher intently, waiting patiently and rather bored. 


Jueann cries softly, moving away 


Cimorene speaks for the first time in a while, though really it's a whisper. But a VERY loud one. "You might want to TRY a little respect for Fletcher" (Cim's saying this???) "You need all the allies you can get." 


Seamus stands completely still now, his eyes turning to a steely cast. Unblinking, unmoving, he stares straight ahead, hardly brething anymore either. Seamus shuts his eyes at Cimorene's remark, but refuses to comment. Continuing to stand as he is, calmly awaiting what will happen next. 


Cimorene shrugs with slight exasperation, born of her tendency to get short-tempered when worrie. 


Jueann dries her tears and a slight frown crosses her pale face 


Cimorene begins to pace quietly, chewing on the end of her braid. 


Jueann looks back at Seamus and the frowns increases. Then she nods to herself and goes and stands by him. "I understand now. I'm sorry." 


Seamus trembles visibly for a second, as he spares a glance in her direction. His outward appearance retains its stony clmness, watching Fletcher... 


Jueann nods and goes and stands by Shinnai. "what's keeping Journeyman Fletcher?" 


You say, "He seems to be thinking, Jueann." 


Jueann wraps her arms around herself and trembles slightly. 


Fletcher poses.


Seamus grows weary of standing as still as a rock, so he opens his mouth to speak, eyes carefully kept forward on Flethcer. "Master Shinnai, whaat are my chances, honestly?" 


Fletcher informs Seamus grimly, "Not good, Seamus. We'll have to talk about this some more, I'm afraid... In the meantime..." 


Seamus nods, solemnly. 


Jueann gasps and turns even paler 


You say, "Assuming Craftmaster Aeia confirms his story, I think his chances should be very good, with all due respect." 


Fletcher mmmms to Shinnai. "Perhaps, Master. But it isn't a matter to be taken too lightly..." 


Seamus sighs in Shinnai's direction, "Murder is and always will be murder..." he says, voice carefully neutral. 


Shinnai's pose seems respectful, but entirely aware that Fletcher is still her junior in the craft. "No, it's not. However, malicious intent does not appear to be present, and there is such a thing as accidental death." 


Jueann reachins in a half-way gesture to touch Seamus but nstead brings her hand up and bite on the finger knuckle 


Shinnai nods to Fletcher, and Seamus. "I'm certain that if Master Aeia will stand for Seamus, all suspicion of intentional or unlawful harm against Seamus will have to be dismissed." 


Fletcher nods slowly to Seamus. "I think, Seamus, we'll keep you in your room until we can arrange a more proper hearing..." he turns to Shinnai for confirmation. 


Shinnai nods. "Agreed, Lord Regent." 


Jueann looks at Fletcher questioningly. Jueann says, "ahh Journeyman Fletcher?" 


Shinnai nods to Seamus, a bit of a reassuring smile on her otherwise concerned countenance. 


Seamus smiles for no reason whatsoever, just glad soemthing was said, "Very well," he sighs. "And I can see where this will most likely lead, you don't forget Law when you're a Law student..." 


Jueann says, "ah excuse me?" Fletcher nods to Jueann. 


Shinnai listens to Jueann. 


Jueann says, "Will Seamus be allowed visitors?" 


Fletcher asks Shinnai, "Can you deal with this, Master? I need to go." 


Seamus inclines himself in a bow, "Will I need an escort or can I go on my own?" 


Shinnai nods. "I'll subpoena Aeia and Pellan, as well as any others." 


Fletcher mmmphs to Shinnai and heads out. Fletcher steps down into the archives vault. 


Seamus lists off witnesses... 


Jueann says, "but can Seamus have visitors?" 


You say, "I'll escort you, Seamus. Yes, Jueann, I don't think we need to worry about you slipping him a file to cut through the bars." 


Seamus says, "Master Aeia, Pellan, Isabella, Michael, Lorianda, and one other... Annie?" 


Shinnai winks slightly, reassuringly.


Jueann runs to Seamus and grabs his arm in relief. 


Cimorene flounces out into the ballroom. 


Shinnai makes a mental note of the names, and nods to Seamus to head out. "If you want to bring some books to your room, you're welcome to." 


Jueann calls to Milo, who flies over and lands on her shoulder. 


Seamus smiles down at Jueann as he becomes his normal self, "Well, so much for reaching Journeyman, I guess..." He gives a sad chuckle as he turns to Shinnai, "Very well." Seamus calls to Allegro, who flies over and lands on his shoulder. Seamus glides, like a shadow, out into the ballroom. 


Jueann walks out into the ballroom. 


Logfile from Shinnai

Aeia's Statement    


Statement from Aeia to Shinnai, via Email ----------------------------------------- 


Okay, bare-bones situation, 'cause I don't feel like narrating the whole thing out: 1) Pellan got to her first, was trying to push her over the edge. Newbie or NPC - in any case, annoying. Every time I managed to calm the situation down, he tried to push her again. Very big into self- flagellation, too. 2) Seamus was angry, but in control. He came on the scene after I did, and I told him to stop them. He did not strike her until she declared she wasn't going to be taken without killing us all, and that strike was only tripping her. 3) OOCly, Pellan and Tilla were both determined to get someone killed. It was blatantly obvious by their RP (to me) that they weren't satisfied with a peaceful ending. Tilla kicked Seamus in the groin; he hit her back in self-defense. At the same time, Pellan kicked her legs out from under her. *Her* player snapped her neck (falling on sand from a standing position? *Puh-leeze!* 4) It is not my opinion that any action be taken against Seamus... Especially since I had no impression he OOCly wanted this conclusion! -- 

Micheal's Statement


Harper Office (#2732)

The light of midmorning shines brightly through the window, casting few shadows due to the northern view of the beach. Activity can be both seen and heard, fishing nets spread colorfully along the white sands, voice blending in old sea shanties to make the mending work go more quickly. The office is cheerful, the light reflecting off of whitewashed walls and ceiling. A pattern mimicking musical notation in colors runs along the tops of the walls, shelf upon shelf rising from the floor to meet it. Desks, cabinets and filing drawers are arranged about the room, workplaces for those whose job it is to keep the harpers and hall in order. The air is fresh, tangy with sea and hides and well-seasoned woods. The glows are lit, illuminating the work of the harpers as they go about their daily tasks. The window looks out over Main Beach . Through the open window, you notice that It is a fall midmorning. In the rehearsal hall, you see one firelizard. You see Staff Tackboard, a sandtable, and Sign-up Sheet for B'var's Orchestra here. Michael is here.


Michael bows politely. 


Shinnai smiles.


"Hello." she places a stack of files on her desk. "You're..." she thinks hard, and the name should come... 


Michael (#5661)

Before you stands a very handsome young man. His towering figure seems to reach for the sky at about 6'1". His eyes glimmer in the light with a greenish tint, they seem to scan the room always cautious and aware of what is going on in the world around him. He notices your glance and returns it with a smile and a bow. There is something to his smile. It is both playful and mischevious. His hair is as black as night, and is pulled back to a ponytail down to his shoulders. He is quite muscular for a young man of his age. But don't let the strength intimidate you. He is a very loving and understanding person. Upon further inspection you notice a burn scar that lines his upper left arm. He wears dark brown wherhide pants that fit him snugly. His boots come up about mid-shin, they are also dark brown and blend in well. His shirt is a soft white fabric, laced firmely up his muscular chest. Perched on Michael's shoulder is Zeal. Perched on Michael's shoulder is Randall. Michael's Red and White single twist loop shows that he is a Smith Apprentice. Michael is 17 Turns and 9 days old.


Michael extends his hand. "Michael..."


Shinnai smiles, gratefully. "Shinnai. Pleased to meet you, and thank you for coming." she grasps his hand firmly, and then invites with a gesture for him to take a seat in the convenient chair facing her desk. 


Michael takes the seat quickly. "Yes, I recieved your message..." 


Shinnai says, "Apprentice Seamus has said that you might have some further light to shed on this subject." 


Michael nods and shrugs a bit. "Yes I was there the whole time." 


Shinnai seats herself, moving the stack of files out of the way as she takes a new sheet of wood-pulp leaf and a lead writing stick in hand. "Wonderful. Can you just start at the beginning, then, and tell me what happened?" 


Michael nods solemnly and wipes his sweaty hands on his pants. He takes a deep breath before starting. "It all started when Lorianda, of course the one who was beaten.." he sighs a bit thinking of her, "She invited me to the Dining Hall for a meal with a new resident of Ista. All was going fine when her foster mother, Tilla, came along yelling that Lori needed to go back to Fort. She started hitting and kicking Lori ruthlessly," he snarls thinking about it, "I for one am glad that Seamus did it. If he wouldn't've, who knows who would... Anyway a large crowd started gathering in the dining hall and Tilla realized she was outnumbered and left. When I went chasing after, she had already gone... But was later spotted at the Main Beach, where the little 'incident' with Seamus occured.." he pauses to catch his breath and watch for Shinnai's response. 


Shinnai nods. "So Seamus broke up the first fight. Did he immediately follow Tilla, then, to the beach? 


Michael shakes his head, trying to remember. "We took Lorianda to the Infirmary first." 


Shinnai nods, scribing as Michael speaks. 


Shinnai says, "Can you tell me how badly Lorianda was hurt?" 


Michael nods. "At first she looked horrible, and felt horrible... I went back to visit her after the Healers had done their job and she was her usual spirited self, happy to see me." 


Michael says, "She still was hurt, making little winces with her face at the slightest movement." 


Shinnai says, "I'll check with the healers to see about her condition, then. Can you tell me who treated her?" 


OOC: Michael says "One of the 'healers' was a puppet." 


Michael nods. "One of them was not a true Healer, but knew her ways around treating someone. She was Isabella, and the other was Keera. (ooc: the puppet)" 


OOC: Shinnai nods. "Who played that puppet, Lorianda, or someone else?" 


OOC: Michael says "I never ran a @sweep, so couldn't tell ya. :/" 


Shinnai makes a note of those names, pushing a strand of escaped black hair back behind her ear for safekeeping. "So then, after Lorianda was treated, do you know where Seamus went?" 


Michael shakes his head. "After Seamus left the Infirmary I stayed with Lorianda for a couple more minutes, but the Healers told me to leave her. So I went back up to my place for a while... As I was on my way to Grinstead I saw the crowd gathered on the beach." 


Shinnai nods. "Alright, that's well. And you joined the crowd on the beach?" 


Michael nods, "Just a spectator... had a quite distored view of the actual attack, but I saw it pretty well." 


Shinnai says, "Please, tell me what you observed." 


Michael nods.. "Well, I believe Seamus had said something to get Tilla mad, I don't quite remember what it was. So she... kicked him in the groin..." he gapes a bit thinking of the pain. "He struck her with a staff of some sort and she fell backward breaking her neck... A few seconds later, she was dead." 


Shinnai grimaces slightly at the mention of the unfortunate death. "Was it Seamus' stroke which broke her neck?" she wonders. 


"It's not quite clear." Michael shakes his head. "Not the initial blow which broke her neck, but the initial blow did force her to fall back onto her neck." 


Shinnai nods, recording that. "And the other man, Pellan?" 


Michael shakes his head again. "I didn't really pay much attention to him... but I think he struck her with his knife..." 


Shinnai says, "Some accounts say that he tripped Tilla at the same time as Seamus struck her." Shinnai says, "Can you confirm or deny this as a fact? As you say, you weren't paying much attention to him." Shinnai leans an elbow on her desk casually as her hand pauses, awaiting Michael's answer patiently. 


Michael shrugs, "I cannot prove he did it, No. But perhaps he was the one who tripped Tilla when she fell backwards after Seamus had struck her." 


OOC: Michael was kinda idle at the time, so didn't get it all. 


Shinnai nods. "Understood. I can understand if you didn't notice everything - you've already been helpful, I can assure you. Afterwards - " she continues once again. "After Tilla was dead, what were the reactions of Pellan and of Seamus?" 


Suwert walks in from the ballroom. 


Michael shakes his head in confusion. "I can't tell you becuase after that I left..." 


Shinnai glances up. "Master Suwert, this is Smith Apprentice Michael." 


She gestures to the young man in the chair. 


Suwert nods and sits in a corner. 


OOC: Michael says "OOC'ly they were talking and joking about it and stuff... Tilla asked how to @nuke and she did then disconnected." 


OOC: Shinnai nods. Ok. :) 


Michael rises from his seat to offer the Master a hand, "Well met, Master Suwert." 


Shinnai writes down Michael's last answer, and waits for the two to finish greeting. 


Suwert smiles. "Ignore me." 


Shinnai studies the notes briefly. Michael smiles and resumes his seat. 


Shinnai raises her eyes once more to Michael. "Is there anything more you can tell me? Anything that you think we should know?" 


Michael props his arm on a rest and rubs his chin thinking for a minute. He shakes his head, "I believe that is all I can tell you..." 


Shinnai says, "Ah. One more question, if you don't mind." 


Michael nods. "Sure, go ahead." 


Shinnai recalls another importance. "You're a friend of Lorianda's? Do you know anything about her foster mother, and why Tilla would have come all the way from Fort?" 


Michael nods. "Yes, a very good friend of Lori's, but I know nothing of her past other than the fact that she doesn't know her real parents and Tilla was an abusive foster mother. 


OOC: Michael says "I /really/ have to go NOW." 


Shinnai grimaces sympathetically as she writes that down. "Well, thank you, Michael." She sighs briefly as she rises from her chair, placing the stylus beside her page. "Thank you very much, you've been a great help."

The Judgement

Unfortunately, this log seems lost. Suffice it to say that Seamus was cleared of wrong doing and reinstated in the craft. If someone happens to have this long, a copy would be greatly appreciated.






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