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Teraille's Harper Concert

June 1999


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C'dar walks in through an arch from the great hall.


Jellem shakes his head


Reeba examines Jellem at little closer and wants to question him further but is not sure if she should. "Do you mind if I ask 'Why not?'"


C'dar meanders in, his Hatching finery still adorning his person. Walking down the central left aisle, the Istan Weyrleader judiciously picks a seat... in front. This may mean he has to stay through the entire event, but at least he'll have a good seat.


Reeba looks at the Weyrleader and tries not to be overly impressed...and fails miserably.


Fellar walks in.


Arbok walks in.


Ariena walks in.


Lynsay walks in.


Gilgamesh blinks in from ::between::!


Fellar calls to Gilgamesh, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.


Arialla walks in.


C'dar looks back to the entrance with a frown. "Refreshments. I should have figured." Weighing the loss of his fine seat against the opportunity for some cheese and fruit, C'dar furrows his brow.


Larisa walks in.


Arbok walks over to Fellar. "Hey, again.


Teraille offers a brief, warm smile to C'dar as he comes in, her eyes flicking around from Harper to Harper... counting performers, no doubt. Her brow is lightly furrowed; she's still missing two or three of them, though they will no doubt arrive soon. She lifts a hand in a greeting to Arialla, attempting to catch the other Journeyman's attention from the front of the room.


Starr wobble-skippahs in through an arch from the great hall.


Larisa gets herself some juice and meatrolls and sits in a corner feeding her suddenly creeling pair.


Lynsay quietly comes in from behind Larisa. She tucks some of her long auburn hair behind her ear. Brown eyes scan the area, and she quietly makes her way over to a quiet corner.


Reeba waves at Arialla. She hasn't yet been able to spare time from classes and chores to congratulate the new Journeyman. 


Arialla grins and waves as she strides into the Hall.


Fellar nods to Arbok, then walks over to the table, picking up a glass of redfruit juice and a redfruit.


Starr wanders slowly in blinking slightly at all the people and quickly skirting to one of the walls quickly out of the way of most everyone watching all the going ons with wide eyes as she clutches her flute to her chest.


Aerrin slips in through an arch from the great hall.


Kellira looks up, realizing that she's zoned out for a bit, thinking about her song. She blinks in surprise at all the people in the room.


Reeba is doing her best not to repeat the screaming exercise. One...two... She looks at Teraille and decides she better not. She tells herself just to breath slowly. She didn't count on so many people showing up to the Concert.


Larisa gets the blue youngster and her older bronze quieted admonishing them as they feed hungrily on the meatrolls. "Shhh Logan It's QuiGon's turn..."And the opposite when it is the older bronze's turn for meat as well...


Fellar walks back over to Arbok, grinning, and holding some redfruit and a glass of redfruit juice.


C'dar removes his knot and carefully drapes it on his chair, so as to save his seat. "There. No one would think to sit there now." Smiling at his ingenuity, C'dar heads back up the left aisle towards the goodies.


Kaatje walks in.


Dahndi walks in.


Kaatje walks to the Great Hall.


Teraille rises from her bench, shifting her position to better see all the entrances to the room. Her gaze shifts for a moment up to the balcony and the people there, then back down to the room. She counts heads for a moment, then abandons it as a failed effort and simply seeks out performers.


Cassidy walks in.


Jellem goes home.


Starr edges around the edge and stands behind one of the pillars of stone peering out from around it to watch everyone ebony flute still clutched tight in her hands as she peers from person to person.


Saundethen walks down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.


Arialla moves about the room, nodding to everyone and making her way to the refreshments table. Her gitar bumps lightly on her hip as she moves.


C'dar fetches himself a few pieces of fruits and cheese. Frowning at the abysmal selection in wine (which is to say, none), the Weyrleader dutifully chooses the next best thing: fruit juice.


Kellira suddenly jumps up and runs from the room, realizing that she's left her gitar in the dorm. She flies by Teraille with a mumbled, "Be right back!"


Kellira walks to the Great Hall.


Lynsay walks up to the table, beside Larisa. "Hello." she says again, picking up a meatroll for her own flit, Xian. He eats it greedily, and chirps for another. "No way. You'll get fat." she tells the young firelizard. 


Kellira walks in through an arch from the great hall.


Kellira walks up the curving staircase to the balcony hallway.


Aerrin slips to the Great Hall.


From his perch, Xian chirps at the large crowd, obviously confused.


Fellar walks over, noticing Larisa, dragging Arbok by the wrist.


Dahndi bounces to the Great Hall.


Fellar says, "Hi."


Arialla nods to the Weryleader as deftly slips by him, snagging her own glass of redfruit juice. "Good even to you, Weryleader."


Larisa finishes feeding her lizards and hands Xian half a meatroll her boys are too full for. "Knock yourself out Lizard." She winks impishly.


Teraille moves her hand in another motion aimed to snag Arialla's attention, then moves towards the stage, her eyes again brushing the crowd.


Caramak walks down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.


Burdened as he is by the fruits, cheeses and juice, C'dar makes his way /back/ down the aisle towards his coveted seat at the front. Borrowing a nearby chair as a table, he re-fixes his knot to his tunic and settles into his seat.


Arbok goes home.


Trevilla wanders absently down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.


Ellena walks in through an arch from the great hall.


Larisa smiles at the sight of Fellar and the stranger. "Hello Fellar looks like you're doing well." 


Lynsay giggles, as the firelizard gobbles down the meat. "You spoil him!" she tells Larisa, but she doesn't mind. "You better enjoy that, it's your last one tonight!" she tells the bronze firelizard, who chirps loudly, giving his thanks to Larisa. 


Loeree nervously refingers the final chord on her harp. Absent mindedly fiddling with the tuning knobs.


Ellena opens Ellena's rucksack.


Larisa smiles and caresses her two who chirple back at Xian.


Ellena removes Ellena's Songbook from Ellena's rucksack.


Fellar says, "Yeah, I'm pretty good. How about you?"


Ellena quietly plays on her instrument. A peaceful, blissful feeling surrounds you, for it is perfectly in tune!


Larisa smiles. "Fine here..." 


Falryx walks in.


Fellar looks around. "Hey, where'd he go?"


Lynsay is going to head over to Grinstead to visit friends. "Nice seeing you again Larisa." she says, and winds her way to the door.


Lynsay walks out.


Reeba takes out her gitar and prays it is good enough for this audience. Why didn't she pay more attention to it when she first made it. "Oh please don't let Master Caramak hear a mistake!" she thinks to herself.


Larisa smiles. "Bet he got shy." 


Maiziera walks in.


Starr moves around the pillar she leans against to peer towards the stage and watch the first few people. Peering downwards without putting flute to lips she runs fingers over it practicing over and over as she doesn't need to play the notes to practice anyhow. She smiles slightly after a moment and stops then looks back up to the stage.


Falryx doesn't so much walk in as teeter in. Wrapped in abundant clothing, despite the warmth of the Istan isle, the old Healer shuffles past the gathering mob at the front of the hall, crisp eyes alert for signs of youthful indulgence.


Fellar says, "No, he's not like that. Arbok?"


Caramak makes his way down the stairs with a cautious pace -- it would hardly do to trip in Gather finery and carrying an instrument. In his hand is a flute...a large flute. An alto flute, in fact, for those who might recognize it as such. He pauses at the foot of the steps and decides that his first stop of the evening will be at the refreshments table.


Arialla makes her way through the rapidly filling room until she finds Teraille. "Everything set, Tera?" she asks softly, emerald eyes sweeping over the gathered folk.


Fellar begins to look half panicked, half depressed, and sits down.


Ellena paces with restless energy around the room, holding her bodhran and calming a twittering Greenwitch.


Kellira walks down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.


Larisa rises, and makes her way over to the refreshments table again. She gets herself more food and another cup of redfruit juice.


Saundethen wanders through the hall amidst the crowd, looking for anyone familiar to go socialize with. Seeing no one right off, going over to an area where the folks are not quite as concentrated to watch.


Kandar steps away for a moment to write himself a note.


C'dar settles into his chair, smoothing out his Hatching clothes. "Why I let Fia talk me into these..." is muttered quietly to himself. Slowly nibbling his way through a wedge of cheese, the Weyrleader does look about for the familiar face or two, but doesn't catch many.


Loeree is settled in her appropriate chair. Fiddling with her harp and flits at intervals.


Kandar returns from writing himself a note.


Ellena releases Greenwitch, who launches into the air.


Falryx totters about and shuffles down the right-hand aisle, heading for a seat not too far removed from the front. The occasional youth is given a healthy scowl, but for the most part, the old healer keeps quiet.


Kellira skid to a stop, breathing heavily after her run up and down the stairs. She glances around, gratefully realizing that she hasn't missed anything yet! She head over to where the performer have gathered.


Teraille moves up a few steps there for that purpose, and holds up her hands in a gesture meant to call the crowd's attention. She waits for a few seconds, standing motionless, then calls out, beginning loudly, to be heard over residual noise. "Ladies and gentlemen! If you could all take your seats, we can get underway." She pauses for another brief interval, and when she resumes, her voice is soft enough that quiet is required to hear it through the room. "I welcome you to HarperHall, and to this concert. You will be hearing music from all levels of harpers, from out newest apprentices to our masters. Your quiet and courtesy is appreciated." This said, she pauses yet again. "For our first performer, I would like to introduce the latest journeyman to be promoted who was once part of the Istan ranks. Now at Keroon, she has nevertheless come back to perform tonight. Journeyman Arialla?" With this, she slips away and off the stage.


Trevilla wanders down the stairs, looking over all the crowds, especially noting her friends, her gaze wistful. After all, it's not /her/ fault that she's sick. Holding a hand over her mouth to cover a cough, she vaguely heads in a random direction; mingling.

Larisa sits down by Fellar.


Cassidy quickly finds a seat close to the front.


Fellar glances down at her feet, face looking depressed, but remains quiet.


Caramak catches up a glass of water (safest drink before a performance) and redirects himself towards the chairs. He looks to catch C'dar's eye, to at least be sure the Weyrleader sees a friendly, familiar face, but he has to find a seat quickly as Teraille takes the stage. A smile is the best he can offer for the moment.


Maiziera takes a seat close to the back, looking awkwardly at her dull clothing in comparison to the gather wear around her.


C'dar happily remains ensconced in his front-row seat and sips idly at his wine substitute whilst offering a quick wave 'Makwards. Quiet he is, but he remains nibble-minded on his food.


Siuan walks silently with a light step in through an arch from the great hall.


Larisa waves quietly at Siuan.


Falryx settles down a few rows back from the front on the right-hand side, giving the older gentleman a good view of the gathered people and the stage itself. "Aah," the sound of an older man coming to rest in a comfy chair.


Arialla nods to Teraille, a smile on her lips as she moves up to the stage. She crosses to center, bringing a small stool with her. Placing the stool down she turns and nods to the gathered ensemble. "Good evening, and thank you, Teraille. My selection this evening is entitled, "Drums of Battle." That said, she sits on the stool, one foot propped up, gitar slipping onto her lap.

Starr finds herself a chair at the far back in the corner near the door as far away from anyone else as she can and sits silently then frowns ever so slightly as she squints to see up front and stands moving to a chair in the first row.


Siuan looks around the room, looking for familiar faces, then sees Larisa and waves (excuses any mistakes, is on telnet)


Reyenna walks in.


Arialla's fingers begin a slow steady strumming on the strings of her gitar. She lightly thumps the sounding board after each strum, drumming her fingers over the wood. A steady minor key, the music rises darkly from the instrument.

The drums of battle throbbing;
Calling us to ride.
The golden queens beneath us
Our weyrmates close beside.

A few strident notes stand out in the steady rhythm, clashing with the dark music that beats its way out of the gitar. Arialla continues her even strumming, her fingers deftly picking out the strident notes without missing a beat.

The bells are ringing loudly;
Their clamorous alarm
Calls the dragonriders
To keep Pern safe from harm.

The rhythm increases, the music marching forward, a bright major chord slipping in, lifting the music for a few brief moments before sinking back down to the dark minor sounds from before. Heavier thumps resound from the sounding board, almost mournful in their echoes.

The trumpets beckon forward;
Playing glory's strain.
The dragonriders falling;
Death's bitter refrain.

Arialla's fingers slow over the strings of the gitar, pulling soft, mournful chords from the instrument. A slow minor strum, left to hang in the air before a resounding drum on the sounding board, is followed by another and another, the music plodding forward heavily.

The death bells beat too slowly,
Mournful tones resound.
A wing of riders rises,
Bound for burial grounds.

A light tremor, notes tumbling quickly after one another in a bright, momentary hope before the minor key reasserts itself. The steady, rhythmic drumming and strumming resumes and then softly fades away, the last few notes hanging in the air to die of their own accord.


Gold_Guest walks in.


Arialla waits a long moment before pressing her hand on the strings of her gitar. She looks up to the crowd and smiles as he song comes to an end.


C'dar wedges his hand-held fruit into his mouth and claps appreciatively. "Mmph-o" is the best he can do, but it's evident that the Weyrleader appreciated the tune.


Fynn walks in.


Siuan walks over to Larisa, looking around, standing at her side, "So, how've you been?"


Fynn walks to the Great Hall.


Cassidy claps her hands softly.


Reyenna claps, smiling. "That had a lovely haunting tune," she murmurs to herself.


Torlan walks with precision in through an arch from the great hall.


Teza is led in by Torlan.


Ellena wipes a tear from her eye, then begins to applaud.


Reeba claps wildly. "Well done!"


Ariena pauses, caught up in the tune, the begins applauding fiercely.


Larisa gestures for Siuan to sit as she claps. "I've been well and you?"


Caramak carefully positions his instrument across his lap, making sure it is secure from any tendency to roll, and applauds strongly, his large hands cupping deep pockets of air upon impact.


Siuan smiles, sitting down. "Fine...fine."


Teraille pauses for a few seconds to let the silence settle, then touches her hands together in applause, the sound beginning softly, then gaining in strength. Her gaze drifts over to Caramak, and a faint smile, touched with deep memories, curves her lips.


Kellira just sighs, hoping that her song isn't to terrible compared to this one!


Arialla smiles a bit wider, emerald eyes sparkling softly as she stands and picks up the stool, calmly walking off stage right. She sets down the stool and then steps down, finding an empty seat for herself.


Starr quietly tries to watch both arialla's lips and the strings of the gitar then as she notices movement in the side of her eyes and seeing lips and strings still she quickly claps for a few seconds then stops.


Gold_Guest walks out.


Kandar claps appreciably and smiles, hoping that his number won't pale by comparison.


Kesara walks in.


Larisa smiles.


Kesara smiles back


Teza slips in on Torlan's arm, keeping him near as she glances around. Apparently entering at the end of one song, she nods to the faces she recognizes. Leaning over, she says to Torlan, "It's been a while since I've been to a concert, actually."


Loeree applauds enthusiastically, if a bit nervously, smiling broadly, and clutching her harp.


Caramak catches Teraille's eye -- he has a sixth sense for eyes upon him. He flashes one of those smiles which takes a dozen Turns or more off his face, points with his chin towards the stage, and nods once, definitively.


C'dar finishes the redfruit that's in his teeth, washing it down with a bit of that bitter fruit juice he got from the back. Muttering to a nearby audience member the Weyrleader suggests that's one of his favorite songs. But then, so are all the songs of that ilk.


Torlan leads Teza in, his arm protectively intertwining hers, and notices that it has already started. "Fashionably late, right love?" He asks, jokingly, as he leads her to two seats near the back. They've seen many performances before, so why not let some non-Harpers have a good view? He turns to her, "Yes, I haven't been at one where I wasn't playing in ages." He waits for her to sit before sitting beside her, protectively, of course!


Siuan leans back in the chair slightly, scanning over the faces once more. "Do you know anyone here, Larisa?"


Teraille moves up onstage again to take Arialla's place. She pauses for a moment, waiting for the applause to quiet. When she does speak, her voice is just loud enough to be heard through the room. "This next piece," she says, "written by Apprentice Kandar, is called "Klah Kraze," and will feature Journeyman Torlan and apprentices Kliana, Azalea, and, of course, Kandar himself." And, again, she descends from the platform.


Trevilla wanders absently up the curving staircase to the balcony hallway.


Larisa speaks in a low voice. "This is Fellar." She introduces Fellar to Siuan.


Will walks in.


Fellar whispers as equally. "Hello.


Two pairs enter the stage from the opposite ends, making their way to the stools in the center. You notice Kandar and Kliana on the left and Torlan and Azalea on the right. Instead of instruments (for the song seems to be acapello) they seem to be carrying mugs, with the exception of Azalea, who is carrying a small Klah Pot with her. They sit down with their backs against each other, supporting each other's weight. 


Iman walks in.


Torlan and Kandar begin softly with gaining intensity along a casual swingbeat, giving it the feel of a cafe, with a sudden burst of dynamic and the joining of the rest of the group the real song begins--


Kesara quietly takes a seat


Siuan smiles and nods to Fellar and lowers her voice, listening to the music with one ear. "Well met."


Ygrane walks in.


Fellar goes home.


Larisa watches the people on stage.


"I Love klah, I love tea, I love the Klah Kraze and it loves me. A mug to lug and the klah pot and me, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup."

The group exhales a content ah. The chords seem dreamy and sound as if they were off balance, almost as if the singers are drunk upon klah. The song continues...


"I love Klah, sweet and hot. Whoops! Harper Teza I'm a hot klah pot. Shoot me the pot and I'll pour me a shot, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup." (Ah!)

Kandar begins his solo, addressing his need for klah to the audience, knowing that some one has to have some. As he sings he acts out as much as he can from the stool, and rest of the group backs him up on chord sung on ooo---


Aife walks in.


"Oh, slip me a slug from that wonderful mug, and I'll cut a rug that's snug in a jug. A slice of greens and some raw ones. Drudge, drudge, drudge, some hot klah fudge!"

The song rapidly returns to the refrain with the same intensity and swing so prevalent that you can't help but snap on the off beats.


"I love klah, I love tea, I love the Klah Kraze and it loves me. A mug to lug 'cause I can't get enough. A cup, A cup, A cup, A cup, A cup." (Ah!)

After a short pause Kandar begins another solo, this time the style is a little operatic which works in perfect contrast when the group responds nasally to produce a comic effect---


"Benden Wine!"

"Tillik Wine"

"You know that stuff you get at Paradise."

"Red and White."

"But nothing can even compare to a great big steaming batch of hot sweet klah."

"Talk it boy!"

Larisa smiles and puts a hand on her mouth to stifle a giggle...She whispers to Kesara "It's funny." 


The song is passed on to Torlan with the group backing him up, his line seems to be a little lazy and winding down a bit until he begins to get louder on the last words and forcefully growls out the last one.


Reeba puts her hand to her mouth trying to hold in a giggle at this masterful lighthearted tune. Only Kandar could come up something so clever.


Ellena starts to giggle.


Cassidy giggles quietly.


"I love Klah sweet and hot. Whoops! Harper Teza I'm a hot Klah pot. Shoot me the pot and I'll pour me a shot, a cup, a cup, a cup, a dat zam BAH ZOH!"

C'dar can't help but snort at the klah vs. wine shot.


Teza glances up at sharply at the sound of her name, chuckling softly as she offers a wave for the harpers on stage.


The focus is seamlessly moved on toward Azalea. Her solo's style slides up and down so rapidly and with so much intensity that at times she sounds like a trumpet. The background gradually becomes more and more discordant, and the tension heightens.


Siuan bites her lower lip, starting to smile even more after each verse before she has to cover her mouth with a hand to withhold her giggling.


"Oo slip me a slug from that wonderful mug and I'll cut a rug that's snug in a jug. Daaahrop your halfmark in my pot, Tor." 

She lifts up her Klah Pot at the end and you hear the ringing of Torlan's halfmark as he drops it in.


The song reaches it's peak in two loud, discordant measures as the group calls for some klah fudge from the drudge, and then returns to the swing beat and laziness of the first verse.


Bronwyn strides in through an arch from the great hall.


Arialla grins wider and wider as the song progresses, her eyes sparkling in delight at the song.


Saundethen goes home.


"I love klah, I love tea, I love the Klah Kraze and it loves me. A mug to lug and the klah pot and me, A cup, A cup, A cup, A cup. Boy!" 

The last chords start to ascend and stop on a vibrant, bright sound, it's essence pure finale. A hold, and it's ended. The group takes a bow and exits off the stage, clearing it for the next act. 


Larisa giggles out loud.


Cassidy claps appreciatively and quietly before stopping a minute later.


Ariena grins, clapping loudly for the fun tune.


Maiziera giggles, clapping her hands together.


Ellena laughs and applauds heartily.


Larisa applauds as well.


Aerrin slips in through an arch from the great hall.


Reeba quietly issues a prayer "Thank the egg I don't have to go next!"


Bronwyn steps in quietly, trying not to disrupt the concert. She scans the crowd for familiar faces, but gives up after a moment and slides into a seat towards the back.


Ygrane applauds energetically.


Starr claps as she sees others clap glancing round as she sees others giggling and giggles a bit herself.


Arialla brings her hands together enthusiastically, applauding the group whole heartedly.


Loeree giggles, but glances down worriedly....her's isn't half so long....or so fun. But for the moment she applauds! grinning like a maniac.


Kellira grins and laughs, wiping a tear from the corner of her eye. "Bravo!"


Teza's laughter vies with her applause for prize of more enthusiastic, unable to help herself. Her name was in it, after all.


C'dar chuckles, eyes alight. Accompanying his smile is his applause, however. Heartfelt and easy to discern for those with him in the front row. 


Ygrane walks out.


Siuan lets her giggles out and starts to clap, sitting up straight.


Torlan listens with great amusement as Kandar & Co. perform their piece on the addiction of Klah. He can certainly relate to this! He places a hand, palm up, on Teza's thigh for her to grab, if she wishes. He seems to be fairly in to the song (and in to Teza!)... As they finish, he jumps to his feet and applauds loudly; He sure does like to support the harpercraft. 


Teraille's smile is light, mild, but very earnest. She claps more loudly for this one, her hands touching each other each time with a solid noise. She offers a grin to each performer, then moves up to the stage again, waiting for the applause to die down.


Reeba shakes her head as she claps in appreciation.


Falryx chortles, "Reminds me of Avenues.. that old coot."


Caramak gives in to a smile that threatened to overtake his face for a good portion of the piece. He applauds, perhaps lazily but definitely firmly.


Will, who was trying to be unobtrusive about slipping in the back, applauds, taking the end of the song as an opportunity to find a spot to sit and wait his turn. "Brava!"


Larisa wiggles her finger at the man (Will) in the back and points at the now empty seat next to her."Psst over here." She whispers.


Maxwell walks down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.


Siuan smiles at Larisa and leans over to whisper in her ear, "Just how many people do you know here?"


Teraille waits a few seconds after the room begins to quiet, just to be certain. Then she speaks again, moving into the next introduction. "Up now," she says, "we have Harper Apprentice Ellena, performing her song "Firelizard Hatching."" She moves away from the focus, offering the apprentice a smile as /she/ moves in.


Larisa whispers back. "Not many I'd like to know more though.."


C'dar quiets down to let the apprentice take a shot.


Reyenna sits up straighter, listening closely, intrigued by the title.


Will flashes the Farmer apprentice--see, he can read knots--a grateful smile as he slides into the empty chair near her. "Thanks," he whispers quickly, then falls silent to hear Elenna's song.


Starr quiets and watches forwards with both eyes.


Siuan stops in mid-whisper, waiting to see what this new piece will sound like.


Ellena takes a deep breath, trying to suppress the butterflies that have started wreaking havoc in her stomach, and makes her way to the stage.


Ellena places her bodhran on one knee, right hand pressing very lightly on the back of the head. Holding the tipper in her left hand, she begins to tap out a gentle, lilting rhythm. Taking a deep breath, she begins to sing the chorus in a clear, light mezzo.

"Eggs on the sand,
"Food in my hand,
"The crowds press to see;
"Please let this be the day
"A little friend picks me."

She increases the pressure on the back of the drum head, decreasing the volume of the beat as her voice takes on a plaintive quality.

"I have not much to offer you,
"No land, no marks, no gold;
"Only food, my love, and warmth,
"And shelter from the cold."

Ellena eases the pressure with her right hand, letting the drum vibrate more freely with the rhythm of the chorus.

"Eggs on the sand,
"Food in my hand,
"The crowds press to see;
"Please let this be the day
"A little friend picks me."

She dampens the volume of the drum again, while her voice becomes more urgent and pleading.

"I have so much to offer you,
"Full heart and open hands;
"If you'll only look my way
"Small hatchling on the sands."

Siuan goes home.


Ellena lets the drum ring full force, adding a counter rhythm with the upper portion of the tipper, while she nods & smiles at the assembly, inviting them to join the final chorus.


Alesa walks confidently and quietly in down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.

"Eggs on the sand,
"Food in my hand,
"The crowds press to see;
"Please let this be the day
"A little friend picks me."

Larisa caresses her lizards.


Alesa spies Maxwell and sidles over, very quietly


C'dar dutifully does not chime in. There was a reason he was a woodcrafter before he Impressed rather than a Harper.


Larisa hears her Lizards warble in tune as she joins in the singing of the chorus.


Valdi joins in, creeling along happily


Ellena quietly finishes the last beat, grins at the audience & bows, making her way gratefully off the stage.


Cassidy claps her hands a little louder as the song ends.


C'dar applauds once more, pleased to have managed to sneak away from the Weyr for such a treat as this. 


Teza adds her applause to that of the crowd, turning to speak to Torlan. "Get some juice before the next one, would you?" she asks, before turning to appropriate silence for the next song.


Starr claps quietly putting her flute in her lap to do so.


Larisa hums the last chorus softly as she applauds


Bronwyn goes home.


Reyenna claps appreciatively, reaching out to her flits fondly.


Alesa smiles as she claps wholeheartedly


Torlan listens to one of the newer apprentice's performance pieces with interest, all the while keeping his hand firmly intertwined with Teza's. So, maybe he's a little /too/ protective... As she finishes the final chorus, he joins in the song, singing the notes in his comfortable tenor range. As the song ends, he stands and applauds. Good work for a young apprentice...


Kellira smiles gently, thinking about how may people, herself included have thought what Ellena just sang. 


Reeba smiles and shouts "Well done Ellena, well done!


Arialla grins and claps her hands together, nodding her approval of the apprentice's song. 


Maxwell claps vigorously. Ands whispers to Alesa "She's so good."


Caramak joins in the final chorus, as seems to be indicated. A little late, as he didn't expect to be called upon to sing before his own performance, but he enjoys the singalong (and the rest of the song) and applauds at its end.


Sipping at his juice, C'dar clandestinely looks back across the gathered people in the room. Not too obvious-like. Though, obvious enough it is. Teza is nodded to, as is that young man he's seen about the Weyr who's name escapes him.


Loeree smiles, and claps giving both flits on her shoulders loving looks.


Elspeit blinks in from ::between::, glancing about before settling on a comfortable perch and trilling a short note to let everyone know she's arrived.


Alesa still clapping, whispers back "Yes, it was wonderful!


Kandar claps and smiles, everything seems to be going quite well and enjoying making music in front, and with such honored company.


Maiziera comes out of her wistful listening rapture to clap politely, if distractedly.


Ellena calls to Greenwitch, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.


Teraille applauds as the song fades away. Her steps up to the stage follow closely upon the applause, and she motions to Starr as she goes, a warning to the apprentice. "Next up," she tells the audience, "we have a piece by Apprentice Starr, of Tillek Hold. She calls it "My Blue Friends."" Again, the journeyman moves into the audience and seats herself.


Torlan quickly jumps from his seat to get Teza some juice before the next performance. He speeds quickly, if politely, to the refreshment table and grabs two glasses of juice. He returns and makes it /just/ in time for the next song. Handing the juice to Teza, he slips quickly back into his seat. 


Teza catches the nod for a fellow rider, and returns it with a slight wave of her hand. Taking the juice in the other hand, she glances around a tall holder to catch sight of Starr.


Starr watches Teraille as she goes back to the stage and seeing her announce her name slowly stands from her chair in the front corner and walks onto the stage. Reaching the middle she stares at the crowd a moment cheeks reddening slightly then closes her eyes and takes a few deep breathes before putting the flute to her lips.


Ellena puts Ellena's Songbook in Ellena's rucksack.


Ellena closes Ellena's rucksack.


Alesa walks over to the refreshment table and also gets some juice...two glasses...one for her and one for a special other person... ;P


C'dar looks askance at Teraille to see if she's close enough to ask a question of. Unfortunately, he's not quite near enough to the Harper. Thinking he faces forward to watch Starr.


Caramak appears to lean back -- no mean feat without a seat back. He manages, however, to obvious settle himself, assuming a position of equilibrium that one can only assume he finds comfortable for some odd reason.


A low note emerges slowly from the ebony flute as if being slowly pulled out of it. 


Young face turns red till finally note is let go and another pause though shorter then before ensues. 


Suddenly fingers fly in complicated patterns at least for one so young and taught so little faster and faster they go in light happy notes as if one were flying soaring through the clouds. Up and down first soft happy notes then harder though no less happy ones before going back up the scale to lighter happier notes once more.


Slowly happy notes turn sad and dark seeming to need to be yanked out of the instrument as if warning of some danger or conflict as they slow to nearly nothing notes being pulled slowly from the instrument seeming to echo in sadness.


The sad heavy notes slowly go faster as if in a race against time and fingers fly though notes vary little on the small flute keeping to the lowest possible notes the youngling can use.


Faster and faster the notes emerge till suddenly.....


......a pause.


Brief as it was the pause ends and slowly starting with a low and sad sounding g the music goes up in a scale till it gets to a where it trills lightly joyously back and forth with b for a few seconds then ends with a low c which is held for a moment before being let go.


"Oh Thanks Alesa," Max accepts gratefully. "I never thought the flute could sound so full and rich..."


Starr finished with her song with eyes still closed she removes flute from lips then opens her eyes first one then the other. Quickly she hops off of the stage and scurries to a seat in the back row.


Cassidy claps loudly and yells "Bravo.''


Teraille begins a firm, rhythmic applause, her smile giving more of her sentiments about the song than the applause.


Cassidy releases Badger, who launches into the air.


C'ran wriggles on his way, shake it groove thang, shake it groove thang, yeah yeah in through an arch from the great hall.


Larisa applauds and her blue chirples.


Vivian pads in through an arch from the great hall.


Reeba pats Starr on the back and nods her appreciation.


Kellira grins up at Starr and claps loudly.


Kandar wows at the song and claps, "Well done."


Noyar walks in.


Alesa smiles at Maxwell, then claps again loudly 


Arialla listens intently to the rapid burst of notes, eyes widening in appreciation as the song moves along. She shifts on the bench, smiling up at the apprentice before clapping enthusiastically.


Aerrin opens her eyes, startled to find they had drifted shut as she listened. She pauses, not wanting to break the wonderful mood, and then applauds as other begin to.


Teza sets aside the juice in hand to add her applause to the others, pausing to offer C'ran a wave as he arrives.


C'dar claps once more, turning back to see if Vivian and C'ran have walked in per the warning from his lifemate. Seeing the two at the back, a healthy wave is thrown towards them from the front row. 


Valdi chercherrees in fl appreciation


Maiziera has totally lost herself, and is now floating somewhere out of her own consciousness, inside her own dreams and the music, so she barely catches the end of the applause she really meant to give.


Caramak shifts his instrument again, making sure his new position still ensures its stability, and begins to clap, decisively.


Loeree grins, and claps enthusiastically. Nerves forgotten.


Teraille rises from her bench yet again, almost treading on the hem of her skirt, but gathering herself quickly and again ascending the steps to stand on the stage. "Next," she says, "my own mentee, from Ista Weyr. Everyone welcome Apprentice Will and his song "Sleepless."" She slips again down the stair and into her seat.


Starr glances round the room from the chair she's at in the back quietly then looks back down to her lap then back up to the stage to squint to see the next.


Torlan stands and claps on cue as another new apprentice turns in a fine performance. "Good job!" he adds to his applause, perhaps trying to make his approval more vocal? This done, he lightly places an arm around Teza's shoulders and waits for the next number.


Vivian must've had good timing, because everybody's clapping. Means she isn't walking in right in the middle of a ballad or something. "Hullo!" she calls to C'dar across the crowd, hoping he's saved her an extra spot or something.


Ellena applauds, smiling.


Cassidy goes home.


Larisa nudges the man next to her. "I think that's you..." 


C'ran slips in on Vivian's arm, matching her wave to the weyrleader with a large grin and leaning over "who was that that's playing? Did she say Will or Trill?"


Maxwell leans forward in earnest for Will's perform.


C'dar looks to his right and left, and quickly cleans off the borrowed chair-turned-table and lo! empty seats for Vivian and her compatriot. 


Alesa pricks up her ears to listen to her fellow appy's performance


Torlan waits for Will to begin his piece, and makes a polite nod to the Weyrwoman as she enters. He may not get around the weyrs too much, but he can recognize the major leaders...


Will heard his name, he knows. He rises from the chair, gathering up his harp and taking his place at the centre of the room's attention. Abruptly he looks away from the crowd, swallowing once, nervously--and then looks down at the harp.

'Tis a long moment...almost too long, as Will's fingers splay across the harp's silent strings, his head bent forward, fair face obscured by strands of golden hair. The melody--hypnotic, discordant, discontent--begins without announcement, permeating the air and insinuating into your mind before you have a chance to realize it's there. Unnoticed, in fact, until the Harper boy's gentle tenor takes up the lament.

One touch and I shiver--
Your voice can carry me away
A dream could deliver
me from this fantasy, and I complain....

Why can't it be--
Why can't it be real?
One taste is all I'm given, 
and the burning skin you touched may never heal...

Why am I--
Why am I dreaming alone?
When the face I touch in my dreams
is still the only one....

His voice, heartbroken, fades away into the harp's discordant harmonies, his fingers on the strings speaking what words have failed to, until he regains both voice and desire to sing once more.

In the darkness, a whisper--
Playing out my love inside my head,
I bent down and kissed her,
Then woke up in my cold and empty bed.

I stare at the ceiling,
Tossing, turning, frozen to the bone...
Exploring this feeling,
Undaunted dreams create lives of their own!

T'rell strides, boots clomping noisily in through an arch from the great hall.


The last refrain, and Will pours his entire soul into it. His fingers move across the strings in a trance, and his body rests still, motionless, against the edge of the harp. 

Why can't it be--
Why can't it be real?
One taste is all I'm given,
and the burning skin you touched may never heal...
How can it be--
How can it be wrong?
When every faint touch, look, caress,
and heartbeat seems to scream your name out strong?

Will's voice ends long before his hands do, fingers spilling desperate, melancholy cacophony from the lap harp's strings. Filling the air with its longing, pooling wistful longing around the ears of the faithful, it dangles for a long timeless moment in the air before it fades away.


Reyenna has disconnected.


Larisa sighs and wipes away a tear and then applauds.


Vivian tugs C'ran into a chair next to her, elbowing him. "Will, silly--ye know exactly who it is..." And then falls prey to the song, silent until the last remnant and memory of it fade.


Ellena applauds wildly, tears in her eyes.


Maiziera bites her trembling lower lip as tears pour down her cheeks. She ducks behind the chair in front of her, hoping that nobody can see her back on the back row.


Kesara clasps her hands together and gets a dreamy look on her face


Teraille remains motionless for a moment, then begins to applaud, her eyes shadowed and her eyes on... Vivian? No... couldn't be. However, her applause is genuine, and she smiles to the apprentice.


Kellira just looks up, transfixed by the music. She sighs, eyes closed, savoring the moment.


Reeba shutters and remembers all too well being alone. Tears begin to fill her eyes but she wipes them away. 


T'rell, moves freely into the room as the song ends, applauding as he tries to find a seat at the same time.


Iman leans over to Alesa, and whispers while applauding, "I never heard such a passionate piece before." 


Caramak blinks a few times at the end of the song, then begins to applaud. Slowly, at first, but it quickly gains in intensity and sheer volume.


Iman has disconnected.


Noyar applauds with an appropriately bittersweet smile on his face for the beautiful performance.


Reeba hugs Will and tells him well done.


C'ran listens, enraptured by the song, several moments passing before he recovers enough to applaud the performance "Well done lad. Well done indeed."


Loeree applauds wildly but closes her eyes briefly, taking a deep breath to sooth her nerves, and steady her hands.


Aife applauds, from her spot against the wall She'd whistle, but the song doesn't really call for that sort of response. "Wonderful!" she mouths toward the Istan apprentice.


A moment of silence comes before Teza's applause, she nods very slightly in acknowledgement of the song and the apprentice. She glances up to offer T'rell and grin and a slight wave, taking up her forgotten juice and draining the cup. "That was a nice one," she murmurs in Torlan's direction. "Not, of course, that the others weren't. I'm glad I came."


Torlan jumps to his feet and cheers to accompany his applause. "Wooh!" It is fairly obvious what he thinks of this work... and of its creator.


Alesa sighs and says Oh yes, I agree! to Iman


Arialla cups her hands and brings them together in rapid succession, the sound resounding nicely around the area. "Well done," she murmurs, offering the apprentice a warm smile.


Kandar sighs, a solemn look at his face eyeing a glint of red, he claps after brushing the mood aside forcefully.


C'dar applauds, nudging Vivian slightly in welcome. "Hello there." A stoic person, the tune's basic premise is not entirely lost upon him, though he's not too terribly caught up in the moment.


Kliaya walks in.


Alesa gives Will a big hug while saying great job!


Will gathers his harp hurriedly into his arms, standing to bend in a quick, almost awkward bow. His blue eyes scan the ranks of Istan riders, but make contact with none, and he slips away into the crowd.


Kliaya has disconnected.


C'dar offers warm words of encouragement to the scurrying mentee.


Kiana saunters in through an arch from the great hall.


Teraille rises slowly this time, her hand resting briefly on Caramak's shoulder before she moves up onto the stage. She pauses, once up there, to seek out her next performer. "Next we have "Free Sky," written and performed by Apprentice Loeree." She pauses long enough to be sure Loeree is moving up, then moves back to her bench and seats herself.


T'rell throws a subtle glance your way.


Kesara smiles and says "G eve to you! " to T'rell


Caramak glances up at Teraille, as he feels her hand on his shoulder and offers her a smile as she comes back to the seats.


Vivian watches the blonde Harper vanish into the crowd and grins at C'dar. "One of Teraille's," she points out. Hence, one of theirs. The Weyr's. "Oh! Hullo T'rell!" Is there another empty seat near her and C'ran? And then she should probably shut up so the harpers can sing.


Ciressa walks in.


Arialla shifts on the bench, smiling at the performers next to her. "It's going well, don't you think?" she murmurs.


Larisa smiles at the Rider who just looked at her.


Starr quietly watches the front squinting slightly as she watches Loeree.


C'dar says, "What? T'rell?" Looking over the Weyrleader waves towards the other bronzerider with a quiet "Hi."


Kesara hopes that T'rell might sit near her....it would be very interesting to get to know a rider as she does not really know any


Reeba smiles at Arialla. "Thanks to you for starting us out so well!


Loeree glances up, and after one deep breath rises, and strides with stately grace to center stage, both hands clutching her harp, the only sign of her nervousness.


Ellena smiles and salutes T'rell.


Loeree quietly takes a seat on a nearby stool. Placing her harp between her knees. And plucking a strangely compelling arpeggio in a slow, minor key.


The music of the harp shimmers with a lonely joy, speaking of clear skies and gray dawns. With chords that ring of empty lands, it weaves a bittersweet tale.

Alone I face the world.
Alone I face the sky.

Arialla blushes faintly at Reeba's compliment, then turns her attention to the stage.


Loeree crouches over the harp, Back arched, eyes half shut, as she sings. Barely moving other than to tap her in rythem to the beat.


Alesa gives an encouraging smile to her friend

Alone was I born.
Alone shall I die.

T'rell glances around, then starts as he finally locates Vivian, a few seconds after she'd already shut up.. and trying to do the same, he quickly just finds a seat and sits in it, attentive.


The harmony weaves in an intricate trace-work of patters, and harmony, yet the melody is simple and clean, as it continues. Loeree's fingers glide delicately over the strings, barely seeming to touch them, even the tap of her foot.

Freedom is my nature
All is dearly won.
Others remain on the ground,
While I reach for the sun.

Kestria walks in.


The song changes from the wild, lonely harmonic to a pure minor. The harp quivers, as if in response to the song itself, yet the harpist is relaxed, lost in the thrall of the song.

The fate of the Dragonless
Never shall be mine.
For my heart is free.
And my flight divine.

The last glorious notes shimmer to an end, fading away as if the singer were moving off into the distance.


Alesa enthralled, listens attentively and is overwhelmed by the images and emotions...


Reeba stands and shouts praise to Loeree for her piece. "Beautiful Loeree!"


Ellena applauds so hard that her fingers begin to hurt.


Torlan bounces up and cheers loudly again, and especially so since this is /his/ mentee. "Great job, Loeree!" he adds, before returning to his seat. As she passes by him, he pats her on the back.


Alesa stands immediately and claps very enthusiastically


Starr claps softly from her seat as Loeree finishes.


Maiziera applauds, a wistful look on her still tearstreaked face.


Kandar claps at the moving piece ,smiles at Arialla and nods, "Yes. It's a thrill to do this, and you did wonderfully Aria."


Teraille's smile, as she listens to the song, is mild and gentle, but not insincere. Her applause, similarly, is quiet and thoughtful, but heartfelt.


Kellira applauds quickly, with a smile towards the stage, then wipes her hands on her skirt, trying to still the butterflies in her stomach.


Larisa applauds clapping her hands together and her lizards provide a trilling whistle counterpoint to her shout of "Bravo! Bravo!" 


Aerrin stares at the girl on stage, motionless for a moment. She's heard some wonderful songs tonight, but the poetry of this one... she applauds loudly, grinning towards the stage.


Ciressa slips into the hall just in time to hear that last song played. The hem of her gown is lifted delicately with one hand, but she finds a way to clap. Beautiful song, beautiful. But bluey gaze scans the crowds for a familiar face, or good food- either will do.


T'rell considers the song and the harmonies as he begins to clap, then sits back in his seat and leans over to whisper a greeting to Vivian and C'dar during the interlude. "What do you think?"


Noyar smiles, applauding again. Seems like someone's written his theme song with out even knowing him.


C'dar nods as he quietly applauds, considering the words of the song and their meanings. Pausing to sip on his juice, he does so with a hint of consideration to lyrics now faded to his memory.


Arialla grins brightly, clapping happily as the apprentice steps down from the stage. Hands still ringing out, she leans over to Kandar. "I loved your piece, it was hard to sit still during it."


Loeree looks up from her harp, boldly, as the the audience reacts. A brilliant smile spreads across her face, and she rises, and bows deeply to the crowds. Managing to retain enough composure to walk off the stage, rather than run.


Aife looks up from adjusting her gitar to set it against the wall behind her and applaud. "Well done!" Mellow alto floats over the crowd, projected, and she bends back to her work.


Teza offers Torlan a quirk of a smile before her applause joins the others. "Always been an enthusiastic one," she teases lightly. "Isn't she one of yours?" 


Caramak starts to applaud. A few seconds into the group response, his flute slips. His hands lower quickly, catching it before it can move more than an inch or two, but he rearranges it /very/ carefully before beginning to clap again.


C'dar nods to T'rell, looking back over his shoulder. "Overall I've been having a great time. You missed an earlier piece about drums and dragons. Quite good really, reminds me of that one song of Teraille's. Don't know if it's on the agenda tonight or not though."


Maxwell feel like the thermals the dragons glide upon, inspired by Loeree.


Teraille moves up to the stage yet again, smoothing her skirt as she ascends the steps. She finds her place in the center of the platform and addresses the group again. "Next," she says, her voice clear and warm, "we have Apprentice Kellira, performing a lullaby from Bright Star SeaHold." Her eyes meet Kellira's, and she moves away from the stage with one arm sweeping in an invitation for the apprentice to take her place as she returns to her seat.


Vivian grins, giving C'ran a light poke--you here too?. "Oh, I think it's great! Makes me wish I could play somethin'...haven't seen this many Harpers together in an age, though!"


Torlan turns to Teza and nods, "Yes, she is. And for only having been in the hall for several months, she did a fairly excellent job!" The enthusiasm continues to leak out of him as he utters more words of approval to Loeree. "And hey, so /what/ if I am a little enthusiastic once and a while?" He winks playfully at Teza and plops a kiss on her cheek as a way of saying 'I love you.'


Alesa seconds that emotion and can imagine having a dragons eye view of things....


Starr goes home.


Kestria slips quietly into the room, her delicate hands brought together in applause for the last few measures of the song. Late, but that could hardly be helped, catching a ride as she did as soon as one was available. A vacant seat is slipped into and her skirts arranged as she glances surreptitiously round the room. T'rell receives a nod, along with a small quirk of a smile and perhaps a slight darkening of the rose in her cheeks.


C'ran is here, just rather distracted by the music as he always is. "Aye, concerts are far too rare"


Reeba whispers "Good luck" as Aife walks past her.


T'rell nods to the Weyrleader. "Was that B'var's from a few turns back? No," he rethinks, "couldn't have been. Couldn't get here any earlier, though." Ah- he winks slightly as he catches Kestria's eye.


Loeree gives Torlan a brilliant smile before sitting. Just in time to prevent her legs from collapsing on her....First concert. Wow. She survived!


Kellira takes the stage, twitching her skirts in a slight show of nervousness. She grasps her gitar for a moment, before strumming the first notes. The music tries to impart a feeling of gentleness and a mother's soft love.


Kandar smiles and blushes a little at Arialla, "Thanks." he says and claps for Loeree.


Kellira has disconnected.


C'dar settles down again, saving his comment for T'rell 'til after this song.


Will deposits his harp in a safe place in the corner, then slides down the wall to curl up where he can keep a good eye on it. Summerblue eyes refuse to stay set on the performers, and flicker consistently across the audience to the group of riders. 


People, people people people... ah, food! Ciressa's gaze rests upon a plate of warm bubblies provided for the patrons of tonight's event, and, quick as a crawlie, the woman slides over to deftly nab one. If nothing else, the trip here was worth the renowned Ista Hall food.


Laurenlee walks in.


Ellena waves a greeting to Laurenlee.


OOC: Teraille ahems. Your attention please. Assume that didn't just happen. No announcement of the next performance, no beginning. We'll move on to someone else.


Larisa smiles at the newcomer.


Alesa gives a knowing smile and wink at the "newcomer"


Laurenlee walks in quietly, and seeing Ellena's wave, waves back and moves over to join her. She grins at Larisa, then waves happily at Alesa< "Hey!" she whispers.


Teraille moves up onto the stage, seeking out a face in the crowd before speaking. "Up next, ladies and gentlemen, we have the song "Arise," to be performed by Apprentice Reeba." That said, she sinks back down into the crowd.


Reeba glances at Teraille for strength before a tentative smiles sweeps across her face. Trying to look confident she strolls to the center of the stage and sits down on the waiting stool. She makes eye contact with the crowd and then nearly loses her nerve. Glancing again at Teraille, she says in a quaking voice "Good evening."


Vivian's smile fades a little, into thoughtfulness, and she leans over to whisper something to C'ran, her gaze still flickering nervously--she really doesn't want to get in the way of the concert! 


Aerrin slips to the Great Hall.


Ariena slips to the Great Hall.


C'dar automatically replies, "Good evening" right from the front row.


Reeba's eyes appear to glaze over as she begins to dance her fingers over the gitar strings. A quiet and passive melody comes streaming from the gitar. She plays several measures of the melody before ending in a major chord. Several seconds pass after the last tone has died and she begins again, this time singing over the sweet sounds of her gitar. 


Arialla smiles encouragingly up at Reeba.


Alesa whispers Hey back at her co con...err friend...

Oh wake sleepy eyes, 
No time to lay in bed. 
Danger comes a calling 
in the form of falling thread. 

Reeba strums the gitar intermixing the sound of strings and that of thumb slaps as she increases the tempo of the music. Her looks to the ground and slowly glances up toward the sky as the chorus progresses.

Arise and go forth 
bold rider and dragon pair 
Flying. Fighting. Flaming. 
'Til the sky is Thread bare. 

Reeba repeats the measures of the last line of the chorus before slowing the tempo back for the second verse.

The Harpers sing songs 
today about what you do. 
Give them new words to sing 
about your bravery true. 

Reeba leans forward and glancing skyward as she plays the final chorus. 

Arise and go forth 
bold rider and dragon pair 
Flying. Fighting. Flaming. 
'Til the sky is Thread bare.

Reeba glances about the room making eye contact with everyone present and quietly repeats the last line of the chorus. 'Til the sky is Thread bare.


Noyar goes home.


Larisa applauds. 


Alesa follows suit


Laurenlee grins at Reeba, clapping loudly.


Reeba bows quickly and exits the stage trying not to trip in her new dress.


Loeree barely restrains her self from cheering, instead she settles for loud enthusiastic applause.


Ciressa stands at the back of the hall, munching on the bubblie. Once the last bite is finished, the juice licked off thin fingers, and the song ended, the young woman begins to applaud again, sinking into the shadows as she pilfers another bubblie and a glass of redfruit juice. Yummy food, wonderful music- what more could a girl want? Except, of course... wine. 


Teraille's head tilts slightly to one side as Reeba plays, her forehead creasing for an instant, then smoothing as she begins a light applause, her lips curving up in a smile. She calls lightly to Reeba as she moves by: "Well done."


Maiziera claps her hands together, still seeming to have her mind elsewhere.


Teza can't help but enjoy a song that describes riders and dragons as bold, eyes darting over to the other riders farther up before she applauds. Loudly.


T'rell leans forward in his chair, leaning elbows on his knees as he applauds approvingly.


Arialla applauds brightly for Reeba, nodding to the apprentice as she walks by. "Very nice, very nice indeed."


Caramak waits for a few seconds after the first of those to applaud, making sure she seems to be done...and then applauds himself, a light smile across his face.


Kandar has an enoumous smile on his face. He has never smiled this way since... well... since he arrived on Ista. He can barely hold back the tears in his eyes, amidst the celebration of song. He claps awardingly to Reebe. "Great job!"


Kestria quickly applauds as the harper rushes from the stage. Ah, soon they'll learn to stay and accept their praise.


Ellena applauds, grinning.


Vivian stops her people-watching, and gossiping with blueriders, enough to clap heartily. "Always like a good dragon song," she admits aloud.


Ciressa has disconnected.


Reeba smiles finally. "By the Most High Egg, I survived."


As the applause for Reeba's performance dies out, Caramak blows a bit of warm air through his flute. Warm air translates to a warm instrument and better tuning.


T'rell sits back, then grins to Vivian. "Aye, they always do stick a couple in just to be sure we'll keep coming to their concerts," he whispers irreverently.


Teraille rises again and moves up onto the stage, speaking to the crowd, her eyes moving through it. "Up next," she says, "we have the Weyrharper down from High Reaches Weyr, Journeyman Aife, and her piece "Cry Over You."" She moves down again, offering Aife a smile as they pass one another.


Aife smiles cheerily at Reeba. "Of course you survived. Did right well, too--oh!" That means she's up next, doesn't it? Tiny journeyman reaches hurriedly for her gitar, flashes a grin at Teraille, and takes centre stage.


Katyana strides with a light step in through an arch from the great hall.


Larisa gives a thumbs up to the harper called Reeba even though she doesn't know her at all.


Naturally, the Weyrleader can be seen at the front applauding loudly. Vivian is once more nudged by the pleased bronzerider and he nods to her and T'rell's commentary. "Never a bad time for a one."


Vivian winks at T'rell, laughing. "Of course--it's that or feed us, and they don't want to share. Now be quiet and let her play!"


T'rell chuckles to himself, folding his arms across his chest as he relaxes into his seat.


Aife brushes her fingers over the strings of the gitar and begins to play. As her fingers dance in a complicated chording, her devotion to the instrument is plain. Harmonic, reflective, and somewhat melancholy, the introduction is more gentle than her dusky voice as she begins to sing.


Iman walks in.

How can you say you didn't know?
How can you say he never tried?
How can you turn on your heels to go?
Leaving your lover here to...
Leaving your lover here to
cry over you....
cry over you....

The small Harper's rich brogue grows uncustomarily strong as she sings, her voice thick with a lover's unshed tears. A trace of bitterness enters, longing and resigned, as she begins the second verse.


Weren't those good times good enough
for you to make up your mind?
And who filled your head with this freedom stuff
Leaving your lover here to...
Leaving your lover here to
cry over you...
cry over you....

She leaves the words then, holding a single tone like a flute, winding an interlude through the harmonies her fingers weave. Clear and sad, it soars mournfully around the notes of the gitar until she bends her head and with a sigh, takes up the words again.

And you may wake in a strangers bed
And cover your tracks with those pretty blue eyes
But you cant run forever from what's in your head
One of these days you'll have to...
one of these days you'll have to
cry over you...
cry over you...

Auxerre blinks in from ::between::!


Aife does not cry, and neither does the gitar, but the purity of desperate longing shivers and permeates the Hall's crowded air, fading at last like the final rays of sunset, and leaving only their memory behind.


Teraille's gaze slants again to Caramak before she begins applauding, her face hard to read. Thoughtful, perhaps. And something more.


Maxwell bows his head, Aife's performance hit too close to home for him. He manages to keep his conflicting emotions hidden from his face, now a mask hiding an open wound within him.


Kyrta walks in.


Reeba stares at Aife with pity in her eyes wandering what pain this poor harper has witnessed. She tries to smile but just can't....such sadness. Reeba begins to quietly clap for the somber piece.


Kyrta goes home.


T'rell joins in the applause, of course commenting to Vivian. "Nicely sung, but I never was much for those mushy songs."


Ellena applauds quietly & respectfully.


Laurenlee's eyes still reflect the emotion of the song, the sadness still there. She lifts her head and claps loudly, finally recovering with a smile on her face, it was truly wonderful!


A few silent tears track themselves down Arialla's cheeks as the song comes to a close. She sits a moment before bringing her hands together, slowly at first, and then building. The catharsis of the piece moving her to grateful applause.


Katyana goes home.


Maiziera's crying again, head down, hoping that nobody will see her acting so silly over a mushy song. But she claps softly anyway.


Will finally tears his eyes from the performing Harper--the one person or thing that could distract him long enough to stare unblinking at her for the duration of the song. He claps til his hands hurt, then fades back into the background.


Teza's silent only a moment before she adds her own quiet applause to the others. With a sigh, she picks herself out of her chair and slips off, murmuring an apology to Torlan for leaving. Duties. Eh.


C'dar joins in the with the muted applause of the gathered audience. Once more, though it is evident that the Weyrleader enjoyed the music and the song... He nods to T'rell, "Well.. I'll be honest.. I got caught up early with Mnedzanth and..." He waves his hand explanatively.


Alesa notices a slight change in Maxwell's demeanor, then pats his arm in concern


Teza slinks quietly to the Great Hall.


Kiana has disconnected.


Caramak's applause is, again, slow, but it picks up quickly. His eyes swing to catch Teraille's, and he does manage a smile -- the privilege of the well besotted, perhaps?


Kandar joins the applause in approval the journeywomen's song. Heck, He mentioned her name for a reason. ;-)


Aife bows her head, then looks up with a bright smile that denies the effect of her own song on /her/, mouths a 'thank you' to the crowd, and slips off to the side.


Loeree's gray eyes are closed. A single tear trickles down her cheek, and after a moment she joins in the applause for the sad, beautiful song.


Kestria applauds gently this time, in deference for the solemn piece. No tears cloud her eyes however -- romance of that sort for her but a distant memory. A certain rider gets a curious glance however and a raised eyebrow, should he glance her way.


Teraille rises again from her seat, this time bringing her instrument with her: a well made flute. She stands just off from center stage this time, speaking a touch more quietly than before. "And, lasies and gentlemen, this will be the last piece of the concert. I've never been much good at introducing myself, so I will, instead, introduce my partner: Master Caramak of the Istan Hall. Together, he and I will perform a duet entitled "Time Stood Still."


Vivian shrugs, grinning at T'rell. "There's a definite market for 'em...look, I think half the folks here are crying..." She was about to say something more, but Teraille's introduction stills her once again.


Kandar listens attentively to what should be a musical treat.


Maxwell has connected.


Will creeps unobtrusively to a seat at the front...Teraille and Caramak? A duet? This he doesn't want to miss...


Arialla smiles as her mentor and former mentor take the stage. Delightfully waiting for their duet.


T'rell gives quick applause as the duo take the stage, breaking off all commentary save for a "This should be good," assuredly to the other riders.


Caramak rises from his seat shortly after Teraille and accompanies her onto the stage. Both carry flutes, but when contrasted, it is readily apparent that Caramak's is a size or so larger...alto in pitch, rather than soprano. As Teraille introduces him, he offers a smile at both his partner and the audience. "C?" he asks her quietly...since they're probably both out of tune after sitting quiet through the concert.


C'dar nods. The Weyrleader has e'er been a fan of Teraille's music.


Torlan has disconnected.


Reeba watches the stage intently trying to glean any useful tidbits on the art of performance from her mentor.


Teraille blows quietly, sending the note into the crowd. Caramak joins her quickly, and the two adjust until the initially dissonant sounds combine into a true unison. The notes dies off there, though the couple maintains eye contact through the silence.


Caramak and Teraille make eye contact, their flutes poised. With a rhythmic nod, Caramak cues a combined breath and sets their tempo. They enter in octaves, Teraille's smaller, higher instrument holding sweetly above Caramak's alto flute. The two instruments break into melody and countermelody, although it is difficult to tell which is truly dominant. Both melodies are sweet, in and of themselves, but combine to produce a wistful sound, never quite resolving.


Finally, the two flutes come to a resolution, albeit an unsteady one, and together they hold and fade until the sounds of both instruments dissolve simultaneously into simple breath. Before the last hints of sound can evaporate, however, Teraille and Caramak lower their flutes and raise their voices. This melody is simpler, more austere, and they sing it together, their voices separated by a consistent two octaves until the last, repeated word of the chorus, when they separate into a slightly unsteady harmony.


Alethia walks in.

Time stands still --
(But oh, so many Turns ago)
Nothing changed, and nothing will
Or so I thought, until -- until...

Teraille holds her note longer than Caramak, who puts his flute to his lips as soon as his own note vanishes. They leapfrog; before Teraille's note is finished, Caramak plays the first on his flute and they segue into the verse. It echoes the theme of the introduction, Caramak's alto flute recapping its earlier part while Teraille's voice soars high in her range to match her flute's part.

A teacher's voice can soothe the dark
And bring to life the hidden spark
That flares within a child

As Teraille finishes her half of the verse, she raises her flute again, joining with Caramak's briefly before he ceases to play. His voice rumbles against the subtle vibrato of Teraille's flute, taking over the part of his own instrument. His melody is less active, but it makes up in dignity what it lacks in agility.

But now the teacher's frail and old
His lessons taught, his stories told,
By age and death beguiled.

With the end of the verse, both performers join their voices in song, repeating the chorus. This time, however, Caramak's bass raises, singing the melody in a medium baritone range, while Teraille's soprano lowers to create a pleasantly thick harmony.


Kesara goes home.

Time stands still --
(But oh, so many Turns ago)
Nothing changed, and nothing will
Or so I thought, until -- until...

Again, they end in harmony with Teraille holding out her note during Caramak's switch to flute. For the next verse, the timber of both flute and voice are slightly different. A hint more vibrato in both softens their tones while a slight increase in volume lends both a fuller, richer sound.

We stood alone and watched the stars
And dreamt of love with no more bars --
It ended with the night

The transition between singers is smooth, gentle. Teraille's flute plays a subtly altered melody, ever so slightly more mellow and content, while Caramak's voice warms the air with its majestic intonations.

Today I hold a hand in mine --
A quiet love, intense, sublime --
A love completely right

They transition again into the chorus, singing with almost hushed reverence. Teraille's soprano supports the melody, making it full despite its range, while Caramak's bass counterbalances it with a grounding bass line.

Time stands still --
(But oh, so many Turns ago)
Nothing changed, and nothing will
Or so I thought, until -- until...

This time, the performers do not reclaim their instruments to transition back to the verse. Instead, their unsteady resolution returns them back to the chorus...nearly. The melody alters so that its surety grows, replacing a lingering wisp of wistfulness. It is not loud, nor any more powerful than any other section, but it expresses confidence and a firm strength in its own tonality.

Time stood still
But that was many Turns ago
With games to play and time to fill
A man can change -- with luck we will.

The resolution of the final word is confident this time. Both singers hold the note in their middle ranges, letting it diminuendo until the consonant disappears into the faintest of hums. As at the beginning, Teraille and Caramak make eye contact, and one or the other of them seems to signal the cut off, as it happens in unison...but what the signal was, it is difficult to say.


Reeba jumps to her feet and begins to clap as the thunder of others clapping begins to be heard.


Maiziera lets out a deep breath she'd been holding for the entire song and begins to clap enthusiastically.


T'rell nods and grins wryly as he begins to applaud, slow and deliberately. "Yep, he's hooked."


Arialla sits in stunned silence a long moment before she leaps to her feet and begins to applaud riotously.


Ellena follows Reeba's example, yelling "Bravi!"


Larisa applauds and smiles. "Wow that was good."


Loeree joins Reeba on her feet, harp on the ground upsetting the flits on her shoulder applauding madly.


Though not one for the mushy sort of song like his erstwhile companion T'rell, C'dar applauds voluminously obviously pleased with the song. Nodding to T'rell's comment he stands to ovate afoot.


Laurenlee's eyes are still fixed on the floor, (it helps her listen to not see movement), and she slowly starts to clap. As she raises her head to the stage, she claps even harder, whispering, "Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!" She grins happily at the duet, still clapping as loud as ever.


T'rell rises from his seat, continuing applause in a standing ovation.


Kandar doesn't move at all awhile, then, slowly and then with increasing speed, he claps and stands to the beautiful piece.


Reeba shouts to be heard "Encore, Encore!"


They're standing up? Ooh, good idea. Vivian may as well join them; she bounces upright, straightening her dress and then reaching to tug C'ran up with her. "I /liked/ it." Mush or not.


Larisa rises still clapping.


Having only just arrived a few moments earlier, Alethia claps lightly and joins the rest in the standing ovation.


Caramak holds out a hand towards Teraille to allow for a unison bow...and a good dose of mushy Harper romanticism.


Will, on the other hand, loves mush. And idolizes his mentor, Teraille. Between the two, wide blue eyes echo the testament of hands that beat against each other til they're sore.


C'ran allows himself to be pulled up as well, clapping along with the rest of them.


Maiziera jumps up from her seat as everyone else does, self-consciously pulling on the bottom of her tunic before returning to her applause.


From Ellena's shoulder, Greenwitch gives a tiny bugle, signifying her enthusiasm.


Teraille accepts the hand, giving Caramak a warm, entirely mushy smile. As Caramak bows, she drops a deep curtsey, then the two straighten with smiles for the audience.


Kestria rises to her feet even as she brings her hands together in applause. Sun-kissed eyes hold a multitude of emotions as she watches the pair take their bows.


Logan and QuiGon also warble applause. From Larisa's shoulder that is.


Aife was already standing. There's hardly any room left to sit, after all, and she's still leaning against the wall with her gitar against her leg. She applauds enthusiastically, her eyes shining with approval.


C'dar continues his applause. "Encore!" he suggests.


T'rell gives a loud whistle which cuts above the applause, loud and clear. Sharding good, mushy or not. He can appreciate a fine bit of harpering.


Teraille steps a bit in front of Caramak, smiling to the audience and holding up a hand to still applause only loud enough to be heard. "One more round for all of our performers," she calls, glancing back at Caramak briefly, then down at all the performers in the audience.


Alesa tears flowing, stands and applauds really hard


Larisa applauds again.


Reeba proudly stares at her mentor with a silly grin she asks Teraille "Can we scream again now?"


C'dar nods, clapping for each of the Harpers who performed this eve. Looking around, he does his best to at least smile at each of the performing individuals.


Arialla continues to clap her hands, arms beginning to ache from the enthusiasm she's putting in to it.


Caramak tucks his flute under his arm and offers applause around the room at the other performers as per Teraille's suggestion.


Laurenlee had already been standing, but to show that she /would/ have stood if she had been sitting, she steps briskly forward, applauding as hard as she could. She really enjoyed this, and was determined to show it. She 'whoos!' loudly at all the performers, grinning proudly at them.


Kandar finally let's go of those tears of joy, the first ones he has ever shed in such awhile he can barley murmur "Encore!" What a day indeed.


T'rell has plenty of clapping left in him... he got here late. "Think they'll give us another?" he asks C'dar and Vivian, clapping loudly still to be sure everyone gets the message.


Arialla grins a bit and turns around to face the crowd as Caramak gestures to the performers.


C'dar shrugs. "I don't know. They don't often do encores, do they?" He looks askance at Vivian and C'ran. As if they'd perhaps seen more concerts than he had.


Vivian shrugs, lifting her hands to her lips to blow on them. Clapping that long /hurts/. "Maybe if we ask really nicely? But I wouldn't want to wear 'em out."


Loeree is standing near the end of the line of harpers, grinning like a fool, her harp slung over her back.


Kestria is quite willing to join in the applause, cupping her hands in order to make the noise as loud as possible, but her small hands are little match for those of larger, huskier people. Still, she has plenty of enthusiasm.


Teraille waits a long moment for the applause to carry, then speaks again. "And thank you all for coming tonight," she says. "Clear skies to you all on your journeys homeward." That said, she turns and moves down from the stage, claiming Caramak's hand on her way past and leading him after her.

Logfile from Larisa





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