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A Note from Nabol

35th Day of Summer, forty-first Turn, Tenth Pass.

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A bronze firelizard delivers a note to Master Jueann.  It's from one of her Harpers who's doing a short posting in Nabol.

Dear Master Jueann,

At last, I've found out what I came for.  The man that Lady Alebra was seeing is called Dennell.  It seems that the lady was quite infatuated with him, despite Lord Bramero's disapproval. She'd been meeting him secretly, and she vanished after she was forbidden to see him again.  He is reputed to be involved with a renegade group that has been responsible for a long string of thefts in this area.  The best description I've been able to find is that he's tall, dark-haired, in his late twenties, with brown eyes and a tanned complexion.  I've had this information from some Hold staff that I'd consider reliable.  Marisa is recovering well and should be able to return to duty soon, so I should be back in three to four sevendays.

Respectful greetings,






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