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Fortieth day of autumn, fortieth Turn of the Tenth Pass.

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Main Hall and Ballroom

Mimi distractedly wanders her way down the stairs, eyebrows knitted together as she scans over the steps, then across the ballroom. Her hand rests lightly on her chest. "Bah," she grumbles under her breath, quite obviously distraught about something or other.

Ylisa emerges from the instrument workshop, jaw clenched. She appears to be in something of a mood, and glances round the Hall in a manner that's far from her usual poise. Approaching Mimi, she greets the journeywoman - if you'd call it a greeting - with, "You would not /believe/ what's happened."

Majori hurries down the stairs, very upset. "IT"S GONE!" she screams to the top of her lungs. "IT's GONE!" Her hair is a tangle mess. "Someone has taken my favorite hairbrush! Just look at MY HAIR!"

Mimi shakes her head and looks to Ylisa. "I think I just may." Mimi reaches the bottom of the stairs and crosses her arms, throwing a look over her shoulder and Majori, then back to Ylisa with the slightest smirk,"I'm just gonna hope that that's not what you were about to tell me."

Ylisa shakes her head at Mimi, her expression bewildered, and turns on the apprentice. "Majori?" She sounds puzzled rather than angry. "Your /hairbrush/? Granted you're not as neat as you might be, but, really, that's quite a fuss you're making. And why should anybody take a hairbrush?"

Stitch stands off to the side, leaning against a pillar. "Ye might also want t'note that there's somethin' missing right under our noses." See if they can figure it out.

Letting out a huge sigh, "But my hair!" Sniffing loudly, "Just look at my hair!" Majori picks up a tangled lock holding it out for all to see, "Just look!" It might note that her necklace is also missing. She may have misplaces her hair brush or someone could be pulling a prank but it may be noted that her neck is bare also.

Mimi rolls her eyes at Majori,"Are you sure you haven't just misplaced it? Doesn't /anyone/ have a brush you could borrow?" Okay, well, now that that's dealt with, Mimi turns back around with a blink at Stitch. Is there now? Well no time to worry about that,"All I know is that when I went to look for my necklace it was /missing/ and I tore my room apart and it's not there, and there's no other place it would be." Hmph.

Ylisa frowns, suddenly suspicious. "Oh... Mims, I'd think you'd just lost it, but... I've just come from the instrument workshop. Had quite a set-to with Edsel, in fact. Remember that flute he was restoring for me, the silver one? He sent me a note yesterday to say it was done, but when I dropped in to pick it up, he told me I'd already collected it! Which I hadn't, of course, he'd just found it gone and assumed I had. I thought he must have put it somewhere and forgotten it, but, if you've lost something too..."

Stitch rolls his eyes and walks over to the spot where the portrait of the woman used to be and makes a half square with his arms. "Ye call yerselfs Journeyman Harpers? D'ye not /notice/ something missing?"

Majori grumbles as she heads back upstairs, "WELL! FINE! I'll go look again for my brush. But you'll be sorry if I can't find it!" Storming off to look once more for the missing item. Stomping upstairs, she is heard to be muttering cuss words under her breath.

Mimi would really have assumed that she'd just lost it too. But look! It must not have simply been Mimi and her frazzeled self. "I'm sorry but that's just too much coincidence." Majori is thrown a look. That one may just be coincidence. With a sigh, Mimi turns to Stitch again and sighs,"/Wha/- Oh. There was definitely a painting there before," states Mimi.

Ylisa stares after the departing girl, then calls her back. "Majori! However annoying it is, there's no need for that sort of childish behaviour, and certainly no need for threats. Was there anything special about this hairbrush?" She shoots a worried glance towards Stitch and the wall, but first things first.

Stitch shrugs and goes back to lean against his column. "Then I guess ye got it all under control."

Majori spins around on the stairs, almost losing her balance as she does so. Her eyes flash angerly as she glares down at the harpers below. "It's my hairbrush! That makes it special!" But she does remember some of her manners, "If you'll excuse me? I need to finish my toilet."

Mimi wrings her hands together as she stands, looking from distraught apprentice to the space on the wall that was a portrait to her fellow journeywoman. "Well what do we /do/ about this?" she asks. Harper, yes. Detective? No.

Ylisa shoots a chilly look at Majori, then turns her attention to the wall. "The portrait of Lady Alebra. It was there. I'm sure it was still there. Can anyone remember when they last saw it? Yesterday?" She looks inquiringly at Stitch. 

Majori heads back upstairs and to the dorms. Suddenly, an even louder shriek is heard. Marjorie runs out of dorm, "SOMEONE HAS TAKEN MY NECKLACE along with my hairbrush!" She's now in full hysterical mode. First her hairbrush and now her necklace. The one Liesana has so admired. 

Mimi waves a hand to Majori,"Come down here, dear." A necklace. Now that's a little bit more substantial. Mimi can relate. "Uh...Yeah, I guess it was there yesterday. I have to say I don't really pay a whole lot of attention to it.." Just sort of one of those things that one sees every day but never really looks at.

Ylisa nods at Mimi's words. "That's right. It's a while now since we heard anything about her - I suppose someone could just have decided we didn't need it. But two necklaces - was it valuable, Majori? And do you know where you left it?" She frowns again. "And my flute, which was worth a bit. And the most easily stealable painting in the Hall." She shoots another enquiring glance at the pillar-leaner. "Stitch, you're an observant sort - you've not seen anyone suspicious around, I suppose?"

Majori runs down to Ylisa. "Liesana took it. She's jealous that I had such a fine one. Remember? She was admiring it the other day." the girl is babbling but she is clearly upset. "It's gone!"

Mimi bites her bottom lip and drops down to sit on the bottom step. "Well it had a couple gems laid into it. It's nothing spectacular but it wasn't exactly cheap." Mimi shakes her head at Majori,"Liesana is a Harper Master. She wouldn't've taken it. It's probably the same person who caused all of these other things to go missing." 

Ylisa blinks at Majori. "Liesana? The other day? I don't know, I wasn't there. She may have been admiring it, I suppose, but she certainly wouldn't have taken it. What was it like? And do you know where you left it?" She sighs, shaking her head. "I thought we were over all this. The thefts seemed to have stopped."

Majori is sobbing now, trying to look cute as she does. Neat trick. "It's gone! It was my mother's." 

The housekeeper arrives to cart Stitch off to bed.

Mimi picks at one of her nails as she ponders. "Is this related to the previous thefts, do you think?"

Ylisa shakes her head in disbelief. "I've no idea. I suppose we'd better report all this. And find out if anything else has gone." She raises her hands in a bewildered gesture. "I can't believe my flute's been taken! Majori -" She turns to the girl. "Try to calm down, dear, and tell us what it looked like."

Majori lets out a huge --sniff!-- "It's a necklace. It's a cute chain." She sniffs again. "First my hairbrush and now my necklace."

Mimi rubs at one of her temples and stands up. "So we're down two necklaces, a painting, and a flute," she counts off, then with a look to Majori adds,"And one hairbrush." She shakes her head and trudges toward the office,"Better go file this report..."

Ylisa apparently despairs of getting a sensible description out of Majori, and just nods at the apprentice. Her tone is suddenly brisk. "Well, this is all very trying, but we're not going to solve it by standing here. I think I'll see if Liesana or Master Jueann's around. They ought to be told we've had thieves in again." As she heads over to the office alongside Mimi, she asks, "Wasn't Liesana talking about getting locks for the apprentices' presses? It's a shame they've not already got them." She disappears through the office door.

Majori sniffs as she turns to head back upstairs. She seems very dejected.

Logfile from Jueann





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