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Majori Makes a Purchase

Seventy-sixth day of winter, forty-first Turn of the Tenth Pass

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Gar Hold Trader's Courtyard

Just out of sight of the main courtyard, this functional area is replete with every convenience to make traders' stay here more pleasant. Hitching posts line the far wall, allowing the traders to tie up their runners; next to the posts are troughs for watering and feeding the beasts. Along the northern end of the courtyard are grassy areas where the traders can set up tents if they've a mind to. Fire pits are also located conveniently around the area to allow the preperation of food for those that do not wish to eat in the hold. Stalls are set-up for the traders and the occasional small gather.

Rianna sits boredly, kicking at the closest firepit with the toe of her shoe. A soft white and grey bunny bounces around happily not far away, returned to the turf of it's birth. Lemon is wrapped tightly, like a heavy winter scarf about Rianna's neck, attentively watching the movements of her toes before suddenly leaping down and gently pouncing onto her feet. "Lem! Stoooooop." The teenaged girl whines, pouting out her lower lip as she pulls her foot back towards the log she's seated upon. The bronze firelizard rolls about in the soot, shaken free and momentarily uncoordinated. After a moment of lying on his back, he climbs atop a stone and launches himself into the air, spraying soot in all directions from his wings and body as he deliberately shakes the dirt off.

Majori ambles into the courtyard, looking round with unashamed curiosity. Whatever's brought her here, it's obviously not pressing. She peers at the wagons, then spots the girl. Giving a not-entirely-pleasant snicker at the antics of the firelizard, then wanders in Rianna's direction. "Traders, are you?"

Rianna glares at the firelizard before brushing off her solid pink clothing in a swift motion. She looks for all the world like a spoiled, stuck-up teenage girl... Exactly what she is. "Thanks a /lot/, Lem, you ungrateful little wherryhead." She says in her most mature voice to the large bronze. Of course, everyone knows that fifteen Turners are supposed to sound, look and act mature, right? As an older teen walks into the trader's courtyard, Rianna promptly stands and smiles her best Trader's "Welcome" smile. "Hi, yeah, of course we are." The statement is made half sarcastically, half with that unique selling pitch, resulting in a strange sound overall. "Do you need to buy something?"

"I don't /need/ to." Majori's voice is smooth and cultured, to say nothing of a bit snooty - but the grin that follows is entirely cheerful. "On the other hand, if you've got anything I like, it might be fun! What are you selling?" 

Rianna shrugs her thin shoulders idly. "Stuff. Anything you could want. Do you wanna see?" Rianna turns slowly, looking about the courtyard for her mom, dad, uncle, another trader, someone. Everyone is occupied so she shrugs, figuring it's time to start off for herself. "C'mon, we got stuff in here," She says, that 'mature' sound in her voice still. She gestures towards a wagon and starts off at a slightly bouncy walk to the wagon, Lemon swooping low to follow her, then alight atop the wagon covering.

Majori is a bit dishevelled, hair working loose from the thong that ties it back. "Something to wear, maybe. Only, nothing fancy: I'm a bit short on marks." She tugs petulantly at her hair as she follows Rianna, with the result that the thong snaps, leaving brown hair curling round her chin. It changes her appearance worn like that, making her look more feminine. "Shells! Wouldn't it just..."

Rianna frowns slightly, looking over Majori. "Do you wanna scarf? We got some pretty ones. Or a headband?" She asks curiously, head slightly tilted, her true childness showing through as she considers. She climbs into the wagon, heading immediately for the clothing area of this particular wagon. All sorts of odds and ends are laid about neatly, on display, just waiting for someone to come browse. "I think my mommy has a nice bit of cloth to hold your hair back with around here somewhere..." She begins digging around through a box, miscellaneous bits of cloth sewed up nicely to pull hair back with appearing almost immediately admist leather thongs and many colors of ribbons.

Majori's eyes light up with an acquisitive gleam as she peers into the wagon. Now she's in the shade, she lets the shawl that protects her shoulders from the sun fall back, revealing pale skin and narrow straps. "Hey, this is wonderful. You've got all sorts. A headband? That's not a bad idea. I'm going to go crazy if I have to ride back to Ista with my hair flopping loose." She's watching as Rianna produces the box of pretty items. "Or a scarf might be better. I could tie my hair back with it now, but I could wear it other ways, too."

Rianna nods brightly, a giggle sounding softly. "Yeah, we've got whatever you want. Take your time and pick what you want. This stuff don't cost much, either. It's all girly hair stuff, so it's cheaper." She nods sagely, gesturing at a few random other items as she walks about the wagon, finally just standing out of the way to allow Majori to take her time. "You can come in if you want to, you know."

Majori climbs into the wagon, and looks about for a few moments, then starts to pick through the tray that Rianna offered. She sorts out the scarves from the other items, turning over a beige one, a red one, and a few others. "Too bright... Not blue. I'm sick of blue. Ah!" She picks out a filmy scarf in a clear pale green. "That's pretty." She holds it up to the light, checking the weave for flaws, then lower it again. "How much do you want for this one?"

Joeseph runs into the scene. Quite literally while chasing a small rabbit it runs underneath the wagon and Joe runs /into/ the wagon. He's grown a lot lately. Still getting used to the height. "Oww," he groans rubbing his forehead then goes right back around the other side of the wagon to grab the bunny as it hops out the other side. Little boys tend to be elastic like that. "Rianna! Ice is trying to get away again and he's /your/ rabbit, not mine!" Yeah, blame it all on the sister.

Rianna shrugs her shoulders negligently. "Whatchu think it's worth? Do you wanna buy it or trade for it? If you have something cool, we can trade." She says, reaching out for the green scarf. "It's a nice scarf. I guess a 16th of a mark would be good... Maybe. Or does that sound like it's too much?" She shrugs, deciding it's about fine with her. Suddenly Joeseph appears and she glares at him. "Joeeeee!" She whines prissily. "I'm /trying/ to sell, here. Go tell Uncle Keetan that I'm gonna sell a scarf for 1/16th of a mark, 'k?" She says, directing her younger twin brother away before she gasps suddenly. "Hey! Don't chase Ice, he's miiiine!" Suddenly, she's at the door of the wagon, looking around for her bunny.

Majori lays the scarf back on the tray, then unties the small purse at her belt and peers inside. "Well, I've not brought anything to trade. If I'd known, maybe I could have..." She breaks off abruptly. "All right, a sixteenth." She plucks the wooden piece out of her purse and holds it between thumb and forefinger as she looks toward Rianna.

Joeseph finally catches the rabbit and holds it out to Rianna, the little bunny's legs trying to find something in mid-air to hop off of. "Here, take 'im, then." Once rid of the rabbit he ducks around a wagon to go deliver the message, but after a moment adds,"Bet I could have sold it for mooore." No, probably not, but it is in a boy's job description to bother his older sister.

Rianna grins at Majori, shrugging her shoulders yet again. "That's great! You don't only gotta trade, we take marks too." She nods reaching out for the mark politely. "I hope you like your scarf. If you want anything else, come back and I can trade you next time." She beams happily, excited to tell her parents about her first ever sale.
Rianna glares at her younger brother. "Nuh-uh! I sold it for the /right/ price. I bet Uncle Keetan was proud of me. Ha!" She says snootily as Ice scrambles past her yet again to book around the courtyard happily.

Majori hands over the sixteenth-mark and picks up her scarf, then folds it expertly into a headband and ties it into place. Long ends of the bow hang down behind. "Thank you. I'll leave you to your, ah, rabbit." She ignores Joeseph completely - perhaps boys are beneath her notice? Climbing down from the wagon, she bids Rianna a "Good afternoon," then walks off without further ado.

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