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The Final Confrontation: At the Harper Dinner

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Main Hall and Ballroom 

The ballroom's vast space is simply and tastefully decorated, combining images and materials from many parts of Pern. Opposite the main entrance, a broad balcony is supported by pillars of the finest northern marble; polished to glassy smoothness, they contrast the toning blues of the walls. A staircase of the same stone rises in sturdy flights to the upper level. The high vaulted ceiling with its round wrought-iron window is white, brightening the room, while the varnished floor is the deep red-brown of a Lemos hardwood. High on the west wall, a large 'mural' shows a map of Pern, framed by images of harper life and symbols of the Craft, while the bright 'tapestry' opposite offers an informal scene. Glowbaskets rest on marble stands of different heights, turned to give both direct and reflected light, while carved stone benches along the walls provide places to sit for those attending functions, or simply wishing to rest. For everyday use, rush matting protects the most frequented parts of the polished floor.

Majori appears, carrying a tray of drinks. She's followed by a couple of
apprentices, similarly laden, and the three of them start to circulate
and offer refreshments: dry white wine or fruit juice as befits the rank
of the recipient.

Ashlao takes a cup of juice with a smile and thanks the apprentice. She
keeps a keen ear out towards the higher tables.

Ylisa descends the stairway, pausing to take a glass from a passing tray. 
She opts for the wine, and thanks the apprentice carrying it before
making her way across the room, greeting this person and that but not
getting involved in conversation just yet.

Muted, quick steps carry Fas down from the balcony above, glance surveying
the Ballroom quickly to check on the status of the dinner. Transition to
the level floor of the ballroom completed, Fas quickly grabs himself a
juice from -- Majori herself, and offers a light nod with a slight grin
as he relieves her of one of her drinks. "Heard you were the new
Headwoman -- how's the job treatin' ya'?"

"Oh, I don't think it's going too badly. Jueann's watching every move I
make, and Leyte and Dernila are carrying on behind my back as if I were a
mass murderer, but apart from that, it's fine." Majori apparently sees
no need to mince her words to Fas - though she does roll her eyes.

Ylisa smiles at Ashlao. "You made it in time, then! I thought we were
both going to be late, for a moment. Still, pottery's fun." She eyes her
hands, spreading the fingers. "And I think I got the clay from under my

Jueann enters late, flustered as usual. "Sorry I'm late. I got my nose
in a book and lost track of time."

"You kept secrets from Harpers for quite a while," Fas reminds lightly,
though he retains a good-natured grin all the same. "Caused us quite a
stir of trouble, too. You can't expect anyone to forget about it very
/quickly/... But time will stem the suspicions a bit, I'm sure." And
with that, Fas offers a light chuckle, tapping two fingers to one temple,
before bringing them away in an informal salute. "I better get to my
seat, though -- just don't let it get to you, and before you know it, I'm
sure everything'll be fine..."

Majori sighs. "Of course. Time." Turning away from Fasulkad, she comes
face to face with Jueann and offers her tray. "White wine, or juice? I
found a very good vintage - nice and refreshing, just the thing for this
sort of occasion. A good price, too."

Juvin walks down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.
Juvin walks into the ballroom noticing a large gathering of harpers. 
Darn. He had forgotten all about the Harper Dinner. Juvin hoped that it
hadn't been underway for very long so that he didnt miss out on anything.
Juvin looks around for someone that he knew.

Jueann finds her place and tries to make herself comfortable. She smiles
and nods at a few people, a word or two with others. She looks tired,
more so then usual.

Ylisa gives a sideways glance as another apprentice looms into her field
of view. "Oh, and here's Juvin. Have you got yourself something to
drink, Juvin?" She turns towards him. "There are trays going round
somewhere - get yourself some juice."

Glance remains on Majori for a moment more, before Fas turns, and heads
towards the head of the Apprentice tables, where the other Senior
Apprentices sit, where he carefully takes a seat some of the other
Seniors avoid, right on the border of between the Seniors' and the
regular Apprentices' seats, placing his juice in front of him.

Juvin looks towards Ylisa as she says a word to him about getting a drink.
"Oh, sure. I'll get one. Juvin walks around looking for one of the
trays which is easily found. He takes a drink and then heads over
towards the apprentice tables. He sits next to an apprentice that he
doesn't know. Juvin looks around for others he knows only noticing
Master Jueann, Journeyman Fasulkad, and Journeyman Ylisa.

Majori rounds up her two apprentice assistants, relieves them of the
remaining glasses on their trays, and stacks their trays underneath hers.
All three are left on a side-table for the benefit of any latecomers. 
Then she moves off to the doorway, apparently giving instructions to
someone just outside.

Ylisa scans the tables and tells Ashlao, "Looks like it's time to sit
down." She heads for the Journeymen's table and takes a seat next to her
mop-headed cousin, Journeyman Ferdie.

Jueann is noticed. She watches Majori settling in with her new duties. 
She stands and 

Majori glides quietly back towards Jueann, and murmurs politely, "We are
ready to serve, Master Jueann." Oh, she's being careful around Jue these

Jueann sighs and stands, "First off, who ever glued Journeyman Jeranium's
sheet music together, you will be caught." Catching the eye of the aged
journeyman who snort and huffed. "I'm assigning extra homework for the
next month to all my classes." he threatens. Feel free to groan.

Jueann nods to Majori, "Go ahead and serve please."

Majori nods to those waiting in the doorway and they enter, bearing
covered dishes, trays of roast meat, bowls of salad, and jugs of sauce. 
These are rapidly distributed along the tables. The meat turns out to be
wherry, tender and ready to melt in the mouth. The salads are one of
mixed grains, in a citrus dressing, and another of mixed leaves, green,
red and almost white. Hot tubers and green vegetables are in the covered
bowls, and the sauce has the fragrance of red wine. Scrummy!

Senior Apprentice, meantime, seeks to check on who sits nearby. To one
side, another Senior Apprentice he doesn't know very well, and an empty
seat to the regular Apprentice side -- until it's suddenly pulled back,
and a female Apprentice Fas /does/ know is there, along with another one
taking the seat just past her. "Heyla, Lasara, Chetren," Fas greets
pleasantly, to which he recieves a similar reply as they sit. Juice is
taken in hand, and a light sip is taken, before Fas reveals a grin in
return for hearing of the tampered sheet music. Good to know some things
don't change.

Ylisa shoots a sympathetic glance towards the abused Jeranium. "I'd not
have appreciated that much, either." She returns to her conversation
with Ferdie, who is telling those nearby a long and unlikely tale
involving two firelizards, a dead glowbasket and an item of ladies'
underwear. Ylisa gives him an old-fashioned look.

Majori wanders the length of the Journeymen's table, refilling the wine
glasses of those who want it from the jug in her hand or the carafes on
the table. At the end of the table, she moves over towards the Senior
Apprentices, and 'absent-mindedly' pours wine into one of the glasses in
front of Fasulkad. "Oh, silly me," she says. "Well, shame to waste it." 
She moves onto the next person - but he only gets juice.

Juice is held in mid-air for a moment, as Fas' glance peers curiously down
the table as the food begins to arrive. Juice is downed quickly, before
a grin is passed towards the nearest server who drops a plate of wherry
nearby along with a thank you, after which he starts to scramble food
from various arriving plates, as is the Apprentice custom. Eyebrow
raises slightly at the 'mistake' by Majori, but Fas allows only a light
nod towards Majori as he grins so as not to gather any extra attention. 
Glass is carefully taken in one hand, carefully hiding the color of it's
contents from those at the higher tables. Whether he wants it or not
hasn't become obvious yet -- but it definately won't do to get /caught/
with it, at the very least...

Jueann checks her list, "Hmm... Would Apprentice Juvin, Alys and Devon
report to Master Liesana, she has a special project and needs help with."
Looking up, she smiles, "Now for the fun part. Thank you Majori. you
all know that I've accepted Majori as our new headwoman. She's paying
off her crimes towards the craft in reorganizing our inventory and
cleaning our stores. Also, she'll be looking over the dorms to see what
needs to be replaced." looking over at the journeymen and women, "I am
hoping you are doing inspections on the cleanliness of the dorms?"

Ylisa helps herself to meat, vegetables and both salads, but goes light on
the tubers. She starts to eat, while listening to Jueann. At the
question about the dorms, she nods, and says "Yes, indeed." Then she
elbows Ferdie in the ribs - he's still whispering as he tries to get the
end of his story in, but blushes and falls silent.

Majori has the grace to blush as her past activities are mentioned, but
otherwise simply stands erect and gives the faintest of nods to Jueann by
way of acknowledgement. In her new-looking red dress, she cuts quite a
ladylike figure, very different from the poorly groomed apprentice she
once pretended to be.

Now Lasara, sitting on the regular Apprentice side of Fas, is not the most
unobservant of Apprentices, and actually nudges at Fas, whispering
lightly towards him, "You don't drink, though, do you? Not just the
rules and all, I mean..." To which, Fas gives a light shrug. "Does klah
count?" After a wicked grin appears on her face, Lasara replies it
doesn't, she presses in a hushed, far-too-quick whisper, "What'reya'gonna'
do, Fas?" "Just, pass me the klah," he murmurs back, glass switching
hands, before he reaches for a mug with his free hand, and uses the
forward leaning motion to lower the glass to carefully to the ground
under his chair. "Like I just told someone else earlier -- patience..."

The servers are forming a neat line against one wall, ready to spring into
action when it's time to take the plates away and bring on the next
course, but at present, the room is hushed apart from the sounds of
cutlery on plates and the occasional murmur from someone who /isn't/
listening to Jueann.

The light murmuring from Fas' area of that particular table continues,
though remains low. "I'll too much of a Harper to /waste/ a fine
vintage, even if I won't /drink/ it," Fas continues to murmur to Lasara,
who looks a little disappointed at Fas' decision to keep the drink hidden
and unused in any way for the time being. Pitcher is recieved, and mug
is filled, before the pitcher is passed away again, and Fas finally
starts in on his food. Chetran, it seems, is a little behind, being on
the other side of Lasara. "Did something happen?" he whispers towards
the girl, who simply hushes him with a promise to tell him later.

Jueann starts reading off the names of apprentices that have reached the
rank of sr apprentice. "Will you all walk to your new table?"

Ashlao walks down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.
Ashlao returns discreetly, Filtiarn on her shoulder. She takes a seat at
the Apprentices table.

There's a shuffling as more chairs are moved to the Senior Apprentices'
end of the table, for the newly promoted apprentices to move into.

Jueann looks over at the sr apprentice table. "I think there is a bit too
many of you over there. Fas! Stand up!"

Ashlao looks around for the newly promoted, of all the things to miss!
Perhaps there was more..

Quite nearly unseen, a figure quietly enters from the back to keep from
disturbing the proceedings. He looks around but finds no open seats and
resigns himself to standing in a back corner.

Majori is still standing with the servers, and notices the newcomer. She
moves over to speak to him. "Can I help you? As you see, we're in the
middle of dinner, so if you're looking for someone, they're probably

For now, it seems, Fas' area has quieted down again. Glass sufficiently
hidden under Fas' chair, Fas continues to eat, pausing to clap
respectively for those being promoted, and to greet the newly-promoted
Senior who appears to his right to take a newly-brought chair as his own.
"Welcome to the front of the table -- it's harder to hide when you
didn't do your homework up here," he advises with a grin, only to pause
as he hears his own name called. Stand up? Contrarily, Fas' hand
suddenly drops, and slaps a fork to the ground, and the Senior
immediately reaches down to grab it -- quickly shifting the wine from
under his own seat to Lasara's next to him, before he does as he's told,
and begins to stand again, telling Lasara, "Take care of that," as he
drops the fork on the table. "Ahh -- Master Jueann...?" he replies,
raising an eyebrow as he finishes standing.

Majori raises an eyebrow as Fas is asked to stand, and stops eating. She
watches him curiously - curiously enough to spot the manoeuvre with the
fork and the glass. She grins, very discreetly, but says nothing, just
waiting to see what Jueann has in mind. 

Jueann points a finger at Fas, "You've been skating around here long
enough, Fas. I've had it. You're a disruption to this craft. And there
..." she pins a glare at him, "I'm ordering you to take your journeyman
exam next month. I suggest you start studying."

Zenethen looks over at the lady addressing him. "Ah, thank you though,
I'm not, just in the area and wanted to see the new journeymen, maybe one
was from our hold." he nods with a smile. "Though dinner would be great."

A slight pause indicates Fas' thoughts on the sudden order, before he
gives a slight smile as he nods, explaining, "Makes sense -- keep me
quiet for a month while I study so I don't disrupt the Craft for a
while." Another small pause passes from Fas, before he acquiesces a bit
more formally. inclining his head into almost a light bow as he speaks. 
"As you say, Master Jueann. I shall prepare myself over the coming

Majori looks Zenethen up and down, her eyes resting on the sword for a
moment. "Well, if we're to have the pleasure of your company," the
Headwoman says dryly, seeming to grow a little taller as she gathers
herself. "Perhaps you'd tell me who you are?" She darts a glance towards
Fasulkad, aware of what Jueann and he have said but not otherwise

Zenethen smiles and nods. "I am Zenethen, of Gar, Nightshift Guard." he
smiles and nods, glancing back to the proceedings.

But the Craft master isn't done, oh no! She looks around and points
another finger this time at Ylisa. "And that goes double for you
JOURNEYMAN Ylisa. You will prepare for your master exam, as well. I will
not have people not living up to their potential in this craft.'

Ylisa chuckles, and murmurs to Ferdie, "Well, he's certainly been an
apprentice long enough," The other journeyman can't possibly know how
true that is, and takes it at face value, saying, "Well, yes, he's
getting on a bit. Must be well into his twenties." Ylisa chuckles,
until the sound of her own name brings her up short. Her eyes widen, and
she manages to get out, "Yes, Master Jueann," before relapsing into a
puzzled frown.

Ashlao grins glad that Ylisa would perhaps be Master, she didn't know Fas
quite as much but clapped politely anyway. She reclined back, Filt giving
an annoyed chirp at the change of position and she continued to watch the
proceedings with a keen interest.

Jueann frowns and looks at her list. "Where is Kurt? Anyone seen Kurt?"

Majori nods to Zenethen. "Well, they'll be through the business soon. 
Why don't you join us... there's a space at the journeymen's table." She
ushers him towards the vacant seat, and introduces him to the journeymen
on each side, one of whom is Ferdie. "This is Zenethen; he's come to
visit and he's just arrived. Make sure he feels welcome, will you?" 
That said, she pours the guest some wine, whether he wants it or not, and
sets a plate in front of him, indicating, meat, vegetables, tubers and

Attention shifting away from Fas again, Fas offers an amused grin towards
Ylisa, whose puzzled look causes Fas to chuckle again. Seat is retaken,
amidst various opinions from those nearby. Some of the Seniors actually
look rather interested at the news, some less than pleased, and a few
just confused about how a still fairly-recent transfer from High Reaches
could have received both Senior's knot and order of exam in a somewhat
short amount of time. Of course, then there's those like Lasara, who
just stares quietly, before turning to look back at Chetran. "They're
trying to make /him/ into a /what/?"

Zenethen nods. "Thank you Ma'am." he smiles and nods to each of those
around him. As he looks around he doesn't notice anyone right off hand,
but there are a lot of people to remember and he sets about doing so as
he takes a sip of wine and starts out on the meat.

Ylisa isn't too overjoyed by Jueann's order, it seems. Though she's
still listening to Jueann, she murmurs to her neighbour, "Shells, Ferdie,
when am I supposed to find time to write music if I've got to study for
exams on top on everything else." Then she smiles at Zenethen and offers
him the sauce.

Kurt has been here the entire time, more or less slacking quietly at his
table, blending in with the shadows. Nope, no Kurt here.

Zenethen shakes his head. "No thanks." he says in reply to the offered
sauce. "Is there salt? he asks, while dropping an ear the the rest of the
conversations around, just listening.

"A Journeyman!" Chetran pipes up in reply to Lasara's question in a tone
that indicates just how completely oblivious he is to how this might be a
bit distressing to her. "Isn't that great?" Momentarily, the other
Apprentice can't seem to find words to reply, before she finally voices
quietly, "Just... /How/...?" " ... You know I'm sitting right next to
you, right?" Fas confirms between slices of wherry, eyes not even
bothering to leave his plate.

Jueann frowns, "Kurt! I know you are here. I got a note from Utoxin." 
Holding up a note, "He says you qualify to becoming a DolphinSinger."

Majori leans over Ylisa's shoulder to pick up the salt cellar and pass it
to Zenethen, then goes back to the servers and says a few words to them. 
They spread themselves down the Hall ready to spring into action as soon
as Jueann has finished. Majori sidles up beside Jueann, waiting for the
instruction to clear away this course and bring the next one.

The Craft doors swing open and in walks Lord Bramero, Lord Holder of Nabol
strolls angrily in. "WHERE IS SHE!? WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER ALEBRA!?" His
voice frightens all the nearby firelizards into flight.

Ylisa takes a deep breath and tries to look inconspicuous. "Oh..." she
murmurs to Ferdie, "I don't want him recognising me. He thinks I'm from
Fort." She stares at her plate, not looking at the noisy Lord Holder at

"That doesn't make it any less confusing, Fas," Lasara complains at him in
a tired voice. "I mean -- /you/?" Conveniently enough, her final word
is lost in the booming voice of Lord Bramero, which snaps all three of
the Fas-area murmurers to attention. "That's the Lord Holder of Nabol,"
Chetran murmurs to the other two. For once, Lasara doesn't try to hush
him, and Fas simply mutters a six-letter word unbefit for all his
training: "Shards." Glance turns towards the forward tables, looking
towards Jueann, while eyes stray over towards Majori, waiting to see who
makes the first move...

Majori is standing a couple of feet behind Jueann, so she doesn't have a
hope of escaping Bramero's attention, especially now that she's dressed
in a fashion more suited to a young Blooded lady than an inconspicuous
apprentice. With a sigh, she turns towards him and says in resigned
tones, "I'm here, Father. Exactly where Master Jueann told you I'd be
when she wrote to you."

Zenethen nearly gags on what he's chewing and looks up, confused. "What
in Faranth's.. " he asks looking around. 

Jueann who is still standing. "I am Craftmaster Jueann, and I will have
courtesy in my own Hall." She still looks tired but this is when she's
the most dangerous. No one knows what she'll do.

Ashlao watches as Filtiarn blinks between with the exclamation by the Lord
Holder. As usual she stays quite and watches.

Bramero storms over to where the Craftmaster is standing. Thunderclouds
set on his brow. Glaring daggers at his wayward daughter, he comes up
short at Master Jueann's words of courtesy. "You Dare to instruct
me...." At which point, the tired master says, "I dare! Now be quiet!
And listen you old Tunnelsnake!"

Glance passes between both Jueann and Majori, and after both have spoken,
Fas leans back, plucking the wine glass out from under Lasara's chair,
before he stands up, and takes his own chair in the other arm, lifting
it, and walking towards Jueann's table, settling the chair down just next
to the Lord Holder, and placing the wine glass in front of the chair,
before stepping away and to one side. Well, the Lord Holder might not be
staying long, but at least the pleasantries of a seat and a drink were

Ylisa may not be looking at Bramero, but she can't help spotting when Fas
goes into motion, and smiles. Ferdie spots it too, but is less
restrained. "Oh, neat move," he murmurs under his breath. "I was
wondering how he'd get rid of that."

Majori doesn't retreat in the face of Bramero's glare, just ranges herself
a little behind Jueann, a position that indicates her support for the
Master. Or maybe she'd rather have Jueann between her and her irate
parent. The corners of her mouth twitch ever so slightly when Jueann
calls him a tunnelsnake.

Alain isn't trying to be useful or fortuitous in his appearing at just
this moment. Rather, the man looks distinctly as though he is in want of
a good feeding. Maybe it's just lucky that the argument began before he
entered the room. What ever the case may be, the healer makes a beeline
for the nearest table with any semblance of food on it, elbows his way
between a couple of apprentices, who pay him no attention, and begins
eating of someone's abandoned plate.

Jueann leans her hands down on the table, as she looks the Lord Holder in
the eye. "Alebra is now Majori and she is now under my jurisdiction. 
She applied and was accepted into the craft. She has done wrong to this
craft. I would will have justice." She glares at him, waiting, daring
him to counterdict her.

Bramero sputters. No one dares to talk to him like this. He turns beet
red. he's looking like he's about to have a coronary (sp?) right on the

Juvin just sits in his chair at the apprentice table watching while his
heart pounded. He leaned over to another apprentice who he didn't know
and said "Are they going to fight? I wish I could see better." 

Majori certainly doesn't dare talk to him like that, but she's quite happy
to let Jueann do it. She nods agreement as the Master speaks, then adds,
"Besides, I want to stay here. I like it here." Which sounds fairly
feeble, really. 

Ashlao watches. "I don't know, Bramero isn't stupid he wouldn't attack
anybody, especially a harper, in a room full of harpers. Jueann has more
self control then that. But-" she adds "It will be an interesting verbal

Jueann raises a hand to quiet the girl. "Stay out of this." The master's
eyes doesn't stray off the Lord Holder. "Well? You know the Charter as
well as I. She is to serve the Harpers. I am within my rights as

Having stepped back slightly -- and out of the relative zone of danger --
Fas maintains his ground there, now without a seat to return to, having
sacrificed his for a better vantage of the argument. He takes a quick
glance behind himself, and motions one of Majori's Apprentices she'd been
using as assistants over, and quickly whispers to them to gather a plate,
should the Lord decide to stay. Once again, just in case.

One wouldn't think a man's face could get any redder. Bramero looks like
he's about to explode. Then he gasps for air. "Water!" Clutching his

Alain blinks up--or gapes rather--at the cry for water. "Water?" he
repeats a little dumbly, and stuffs another piece of food in his mouth. 
"Fas!" is the next exclamation from the healer, and he promptly scoops
up the plate, ignoring the shocked look from the apprentice who had been
originally eating off the plate, and heading over toward Fasulkad. And
is he aware of the whole situation? Utterly oblivious.

Majori takes a step backwards. OK, she'll keep out of it. She hisses at
Fasulkad, "Go and sit down, Fas!" Then she looks back at Bramero, eyes
wide and mouth gaping for a moment in shock. "Father! What is it?" As
she spots the healer approaching, the Lord Holder's daughter beckons
frantically, trying to divert his attention from Fas. "You're a healer!
Help him! He's ill!"

Alright -- forget the wine. The call is barely out of the Lord Holder's
lips when Fas is reaching past Ylisa, and picking up the first
fairly-filled glass of juice Majori was handing out earlier that he finds
with a murmured, "Excuse me, Journ..." Before his voice fades as he
turns away from them again, the remainder of is apology is lost into the
wrong direction. "Alain?" Fas calls over his shoulder as he quickly
moves back to the Lord Holder, ignoring the hiss for him to leave just
yet, lifting the glass towards the man's lips as he asks the Healer,
"Hurry up! Is juice okay for this? And is someone actually /getting/

Gurgle, spit, sputter. Then "What are you trying to do, DROWN ME! Get
off me! you harpers are crazy!" The Lord Holder shoves and pushes to
get away from the hands.

Majori watches her father's performance through narrowed eyes. Then she
steps forward again, trying to shove Fas out of the way. "Don't
interfere," she tells him, "This is /my/ business." Standing square and
with hands planted firmly on hips, she declares, "Father, I am NOT going
to be fooled like that. You tried that trick on Mother once too often! 
Now listen to what Master Jueann's telling you. And listen to what /I'm/
telling you. I. Am. Staying. I am NOT going to go back to Nabol and be
married off to whatever doddering old blooded gent or snivelling fourth
son you can get to take me. I've a life here now, and I'm keeping it! 
Got that?"

Alain stops mid-step as Marjori lights into her father, then balances his
plate on one arm and prepares to clap...nobody is clapping, so he lowers
his hands silently and seizes his plate again and moves over to stand by,
or at least near, Fasulkad. "Is this is floor show or are they for
real?" he whispers to the Harper, watching as one does a theatre

Jueann sighs, shaking her head. "Get him out of here! He can either take
it up with Master Oriana or at the next Conclave. OUT!"

In the silence that follows, a whining voice is heard clearly as Leyte
observes to Dernila, "Ooh! I never knew she 'ad it in 'er."

Amusement shows, rather than any other emotion. Glass is pulled back, and
Fas at least manages to suppress the chuckle, as Majori pulls in front,
and Alain pulls up next to him. "No, no," Fas replies in a light murmur.
"The floor shows have more story on stage than off." As Jueann begins
to shout, though, Fas makes a slight bow towards both Majori and the Lord
Holder she calls Father, "My apologies for attempting to assist you, my
Lord. I'll keep your preference in mind, next time." And though the
statement itself might seem mocking, voice sounds perfectly level --
subservient, even -- as if Fas has every intention of following through
with it, should events repeat themselves.

Bramero stands, "You haven't heard the last of this!" he threatens. 
"Alebra! you will come home and do your duty."

Ylisa really couldn't resist watching all that. She's smiling rather
smugly as Bramero gets his come-uppance from Majori, then gestures
meaningfully to one of the younger journeymen on the other side the
table, indicating the empty chair next to him, then the space where
Fasulkad's chair used to be. The man picks up the chair slots it into
the empty space before resuming his seat.

"Ooh, that was an original line," Alain murmurs sarcastically to Fasulkad,
but is careful to keep out of the way lest the holder decide to flee in a
rage. Not to be confused with flea in a rave. But he does edge closer
to Fasulkad, apparently doing his best to hold off talking to the man
until everything is at least nominally settled.

Jueann glares, "OUT!" She points to the craft Doors. "When you can
behave yourself. I may let you back in." She says in her best crossed
mother tones. Misbehave and you'll be treated like the spoiled brat you

Majori bites her lip. She's really angry now, eyes bright. Her hand
moves to her neck, where a small gold charm, the symbol of Nabol Hold,
hangs from a chain. With a sudden motion, she tears it off, the fine
links breaking, and throws it at her Father. "No. I won't."

Still sputtering and red-faced, the Nabol Lord storms out of the Hall. 
"YOU HAVEN'T HEARD THE LAST OF THIS!" His booming voice echoes as he
leaves, heading straight to Lady Risana to lodge a formal complaint.
Bramero walks to the Great Hall.

Zenethen doesn't have quite as good of a feeling about this as the
journeymen do. As he watches, he nervously grips the hilt of the sword at
his side. He may be a gaurd, but he is unfamiliar with these here, the
rules, and this is not his home hold. For now he watches untill he knows
he is required and that he would not be interfearing wrongly.

"Originality wasn't the intent, though, was it," Fas murmurs back, seeking
to turn away from the Lord and his daughter. Fas did, after all, try his
best. Eyes notice a chair returned to his seat, and eyes follow back
towards the Journeyman sitting back down, before searching out Ylisa at
the table, and offering both her and the Journeyman who put a chair back
a light nod of thanks. Ylisa is, after all, the only one he really knows
at that table. "I'm gonna' go sit down again -- no use for me up here,
after all," he tells Alain, before he grins, and adds as he watches the
Lord storms his way out. "Don't think there's one for you, either..."

Jueann grumbles as she looks at the shambles of the evening. "Shards! 
Now I have to write a report on him."

Ylisa leans forward to reassure Zenethen. "Don't worry, it won't come to
blows. He's just a windbag: all bark and no bite. I know him from when
I was posted there. Anyway, he's gone." 

Alain nods a little blankly to Fasulkad and makes to follow the harper. 
"That was wierd, I thought for a second he was going to turn into a
redfruit or something. But that's not the point. The point is, how are
you doing? Did you find a girlfriend yet? Didn't I tell you I was going
to find you one? I don't remember if it was you or Zak. Anyway, I
haven't seen you in a long time and you should at least come to the hall
for a check-up." And he finally manages a breath, and a bite of food.

Majori shakes her head slowly, then asks Jueann, "Had you finished what
you were saying? There's dessert. Nothing like food to smooth over a
tricky situation." There speaks one who should be expected to have a
grasp of the social niceties.

Zenethen glances over and nods with constraint. "Thankyou." he replies. He
squeeses the hilt once more, then lets it go, makeing sure it is coverd
by his cloak, which also is covering his knott. He does have a hard time
relaxing though, seems how he's usually the one to deal with this event.

Jueann plops back into her chair, "I guess the dinner can be over. 
Majori, serve dessert and get me a glass of wine."

A light tap on the shoulder of the newly-made Senior Apprentice who was
sitting next to him, and Fas motions for the table to shift a bit. 
Begrudgingly, it does, and probably wouldn't have if it weren't for the
Journeyman who speaks at rapid paces to Fas. "I'm fairly well -- ... 
I'm a Senior... Yes, you did, bu -- ... I don't know Zak... Check-up?"
Grin remains on Fas' face as he takes his seat, attempting to answer
Alain's questions as they're asked, and finally just shaking his head as
Alain stops for breath. "I'm still a Senior Apprentice, you know,
although you'll probably be happy to hear that I've just been ordered to
take my Journeyman's exam in a month..."

Majori nods to the servers, who spring into action, clearing away the
plates for the first course, then replacing them with dessert plates and
an assortment of gateaux: fruit ones, with spongy bases and a clear
glaze, apricot tarts, with sweet pastry, and a very nice lemon flan. All
served with lashings of cream, for those that want it.

Zenethen stabs a few remaining pieces of vegetables and meat before the
servers take his plate and works on that before starting his desert.
Being guard, even that amount of excitement doesn't dampen this mans

Alain's eyebrows go up as he drops a nod to the apprentice who moves over
to make room for him. "Zak's my brother. You don't know Zak? And
you're taking Journeyman's exams? That's great! Shards, if that's the
case, I'll throw you a little party myself!" He considers a moment
before shooting Fasulkad a too-bright grin and adding, "We can celebrate
when you pass...just the two of us." Er...is that a glimmer in his eye? 
He promptly digs back into his food which, after only a couple more
bites, has completely disappeared from his plate.

Fasulkad beams and nods, and then jumps back IC. ;D
"It'd be a little rude not to invite others," Fas fills in absently,
shaking his head as the motion to take away his wherry is made by a
server. "I didn't get a chance to eat with everything that happened,"
Fas explains, before he quickly dumps a few more vegetables and a tuber
on his plate, before he allows those bowls to be taken away without fuss.
"Besides. I have to pass before any party. Don't put the cart before
the runner."

"Sometimes it's funner that way," Alain teases, nudging Fasulkad with his
shoulder. "C'mon, though, it'll be about time. I'll start interviewing
for a wife for you this sevenday's end. You like blondes, right? Or,"
he leans a little closer and murmurs with a flutter of eyelashes and an
evil glint in his eye, "Do you like brunettes?"

Jueann takes her glass of wine and heads for the office.

"Right now?" Fas questions lightly, absently taking the next slice of
wherry off his plate. "Right now I like this wherry. And I suppose I'm
a little curious -- in your world view, do /I/ get a say in who my wife
will be?" Eyebrow raises slightly as Fas picks up the luke-warm mug he
left on the table what feels like an age ago, before he takes a sip.

Alain chuckles and shakes his head, pushing his own plate away and leaning
on his elbows on the table. "Nope. I get to pick her. Just be glad I
haven't decided to grow out my hair again and put a dress back on and
pass myself off as a girl until the 'fasting date. Though you'd look
nice in blue and I look good in red..." he adds, a smirk playing at his

"Blue's a Harper's color," Fas replies simply, not quite rising to the
bait. "I think it's part of the training to make sure we look good in
blue..." Not quite, anyway. He will joke around a bit, at least. "So
-- dare I ask who you intend to interview in the first place?" Hand
lifts again as if Fas is going to take a sip, before he hesitates, and
places the mug back down again, deciding, "No, wait. I don't wanna' have
klah in my mouth for this one. I don't wanna' hafta' clean the floors..."

Zenethen is finally back in comfort range as he finishes his desert. with
a sigh the man sits back and watches those in the hall.

Dinner continues in its usual sociable fashion...

Logfile from Ylisa





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