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Gar Hold CourtYard

Broad paving stones are swept clean the entire length and breadth of the expansive courtyard. In the northwest corner is the main entrance to the Hold. A large, shaded porch welcomes visitors, offering several benches and simple chairs, as well as a new, freshly painted swing that overlooks the courtyard.

Mimi rides into Gar atop a borrowed runner, looking decidedly out of place atop it. She dismounts as she reaches the hold, mumbling and stretching out a leg. "This better not make me too sore and set back my routine," she grumbles quietly to herself as she stands in the middle of the courtyard, looking around for someone who might be able to direct her.

Rianna is sitting delicately atop the swing on the porch of the hold, trying her best not to ruin her nice dress. She waves a hand at Mimi as the harper arrives at the hold. "Welcome," she calls brightly at the woman, petting the gray-tinted bunny in her lap.

Mimi leads her runner over to the hold, walking rather oddly. "Hi there," the normally bouncy harper replies. She ties off the runner on the porch railing, and shoulders her bag. She opens up the bag and begins to dig through it. "Yeah, uh, do you know where I might be able to find the Traders, by chance?"

Rianna shrugs her shoulders idly, sitting back in the swing. "Yeah. They're in the trader's courtyard." She says, gesturing towards the area where her caravan lies awaiting customers. "Need Rhyssa? She's the head of the Dilse Caravan," Rianna states, properly, like a young girl attempting to be mature.

Mimi shrugs a shoulder and pulls a rolled parchment from her bag, opening it up and holding it out for the girl to see. Actually, I just need to talk to some people. We're looking for someone...We'd gotten word that she might have been around here. Happen to recognize this girl? Mimi holds out the sketch of Lady Alebra, rather doubting that she'll get much of an answer, but it's worth the question.

Rianna frowns slightly, shrugging her skinny shoulders again and shaking her head. "Nope. Her dress is pretty, I want one like that." The young girl isn't quite as mature as she tries to be, evidenced by her occasional off-kilter comments.

Mimi wrinkles her nose up and looks over her shoulder, maybe for someone else wandering around. As she sees no one, she turns back to Rianna and tries to explain,"  Well, she wouldn't have looked exactly like this. Probably wearing a lot plainer clothes. Looking a lot more rumpled, most likely." The journeywoman scratches her head," You a hold brat?" she asks, figuring that if she is, Mimi might as well move on.

Rianna eyes Mimi, then the picture again before shaking her head. "I'm a trader. I sell stuff too. I sold a green scarf to a girl, because she had lots of hair that wouldn't stay back." Rianna smiles proudly, nodding her head at the journeywoman. "It was pretty and curly and dark and the green looked nice with it." 

Mimi raises her eyebrows and finds a pad of paper and notes this down. Green scarf. Hasn't she seen someone with a green scarf lately? "Really? Did she resemble this picture in any way whatsoever? Think, now." Mimi holds the picture out for the girl to inspect again.

"Her hair wasn't all nice like that, but it was sorta like it, I think." Rianna looks worried for a moment, her eyes going wide under the pressure. She turns to Mimi suddenly, "Did I do something wrong?" She asks timidly, scared she wasn't supposed to sell that scarf or... something, anything.

Mimi beams at the answer and rolls the picture back up, then shakes her head to the girl. Oh, oops. Maybe she was a /little/ too forcefull. She puts a nicer look on her face,"No, no not at all. That was very helpful, thank you. We're looking for a certain young lady who has disappeared, is all. It is very important that we find her." Or so they've been telling Mimi.

Rianna blinks, her face the picture of confusion. "Well, my scarf was light green and very pretty and silky." She nods as though the information might prove useful, but she really has no clue what's going on at her age. 

Mimi adds that information too her notes as well, if for no other reason than to let Rianna feel like she's being useful. "Okay then, thank you very much. Was there anyone else around when you sold the scarf?"

Rianna nods her head slowly, after thinking for a moment. "Joeseph chased Ice. And he told Uncle Keetan that I sold a scarf, but I don't think Uncle Keetan saw the scarf. Joeseph did, but he's a dork and he don't remember nothing." She pauses, makes a face and corrects herself, "He never remembers stuff."

Mimi nods slowly and looks off in the direction of the traders' courtyard. "Okay, should he be over there?" She tucks her notepad back into her bag with the sketch and begins to shuffle in that direction,"I have to go ask a few more questions, and I will find this...Joeseph?"

Rianna nods, returning her attention to the sleeping bunny's fur. It's all dirty, you know. "Yeah, he's in the wagon, I think. He's 12, but Tryss wasn't there, and Tryss is his twin brother." She shrugs her shoulders and pets the bunny, done helping Mimi.

Mimi nods and wanders her way off to the courtyard, "Thanks for your help!"

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