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A Dance Lesson

Thirty-sixth Day of Winter, Fortieth Turn, Tenth Pass

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Shainman Rehearsal Hall

The largest room in the Istan Harper Hall, save the Ballroom, this room has wonderful acoustics that make sound bounce off the walls just so. From lessons to rehearsal to just listening to the marvelous sounds that fill the room, there's always a surplus of people about: harpers of every rank, and even a few holders. Tiers fill almost every wall in the room.  The choir levels are on the right, with a deep curtained-off space beneath that serves as a repository for chairs and other nameless items.  The orchestra benches are directly in front, with smaller areas for group rehearsal on the left. The back wall, containing the entrance, is decorated with a large 'mural' illustrating a well-known ballad. The room is spotlessly clean and only completely empty in the early hours of the morning when most harpers have to tear themselves away from their work for a few winks of sleep.

Watching from a high ledge are two firelizards.

Mimi is sitting on top of the stage, along with another apprentice or two.  She stands up with her hands on her hips, "Okay, everyone, we're just gonna start stretching out some, okay?" She backs up to allow more room for the others and puts her feet together, hanging down.

Kurrin steps into the room, glancing around. Tucking a bit of long hair behind an ear he clears his throat. "Journeyman Mimi?" he asks, eyes darting around the room "Is it time for the lesson?"

Mimi turns slightly while still hanging down by her feet, combing hair out of her face. "Oh, Kurrin. Yes, do come join us. We're just stating to stretch out while we wait for everyone to arrive..." She looks toward the door expectantly. Where is that girl? She's supposed to be in class today.

Kurrin turns to look toward the door and nods, stalking into the room. "Ok." he takes his place among the others and begins to stretch, his small lanky form rather flexible for as bony as he is.

Majori walks in from the ballroom.

Mimi drops to sit on the floor, arranging her legs in a straddle and leaning to one side. "So...How have you been lately?" she questions idly, trying to draw out the time. Extra stretching can't hurt, but oh that apprentice will get a talking to for holding up her class, even if not by much. Time is of the essence.

Majori slips quietly into the back of the hall, hoping not to have been seen by anyone.

Kurrin shrugs. "I'm OK I guess. I wanted to sit in on a different kind of dancing class. My dad likes to teach me too much. He never stops. What are we going to do today?"

Mimi grins and sits up from her stretch, "Well, you're welcome to be here. I was going to go over some basics of some simple dances you might see at a ball or something nice. And we could start if- " Majori was not so lucky. Mimi tends to know what's going on in her 'classroom' when she's teaching, "Majori! There you are. Come on then, get up here and stretch out, some. Why were you late?" The tiny journeywoman attempts to put on her strict teacher face, but is not all that successful, although she is quite serious.

Majori eeps softly, muttering softly. Putting on a brave voice, "Uhh.... running an errand for one of the masters..."  she tries to think of who was out and about lately... "uhh... you understand?"

Mimi dismissively waves a hand at the girl, "Right, right. Just...have them send me a note later." Bah. Silly masters who don't think that apprentices don't have their own lessons to attend to. "Alright then, you all can sit down for now because we're just going to talk a bit first." Yay dance theory. Kind of.

Kurrin nods as he listens, opening his mouth to say something but changes his mind.

Majori breathes a sigh of relief as she takes her place.

Mimi sits down in front of them all - why stand? "Alright then. Today - boring topic I know, but - we're going to talk about waltzes and those awful partner-switching, organized dances that you always end up doing at nice parties. As harpers, we must know them well, so we must go through this class." She nods around to the class, "Okay then, can anyone tell me anything about waltzes? The time they're in?"

Majori hmms and smiles, "I know?  They are in very stylized."

Kurrin hms as he looks around to see if anyone answers. "Are they in 3/4 time?"

Majori sticks out her tongue at Kurrin.  She knew that but she's not going to call attention to herself just yet.  "Yes, they are 3/4 time."

Mimi shrugs a shoulder toward Majori, "They can be. Yes, Kurrin, they are. Very good." Okay then. That's all there is to say about those. "Right. So moving right along. Waltzes. Anyone know any in particular? Any particular movements that show up in them?"

Kurrin sinks down. He hates waltzes. "Mmmmm no..."

Majori smiles, "You mean roll, turn and glide?"  She looks a bit smug at knowing the answers. 

Mimi backs up a couple steps. "Would you care to demonstrate them, Majori?" Since she does seem to know them so well. "Sorry on your luck of classes to sit in on, Kurrin." Little boys don't get along with these dances too well, but...too bad. Anyway. Mimi moves to the side a step and beckons Majori up front.

Kurrin isn't little! He just doesn't like slow dancing. "It's OK. Guess I have to learn it someday." He scoots back so that he's not in volunteer range, nudging the boy near him with his foot.

Majori gives a smirk as she comes near Kurrin.  "Well, it's simple. The boy always lead and the girl just has to follow in step.  Waltzing is one of the most easiest dance to learn."  Wait a moment, Majori isn't speaking in her usual accent.

Mimi nods slowly at Majori with a grin, standing back with her arms crossed. "Very- Majori, you aren't sick, are you? Sounding a bit different."

Majori spins around, in her fake accent, "Uhh no? I'm fine."  Looking a little startled.  "Been runnin' ragged that's all."

Mimi cocks her head slightly and peers at the girl, "Are you sure? You do look a little bit on the...ruffled side. Normally you are looking much nicer, you know. Everything okay?"

Majori nods, She is, but her usual neat self is a bit smudged here and there.  Looking a tad nervous, "Is the lesson over with?  'Cuz I still have to finish that errand..." right, use the old 'I got to run an errand' excuse by the journeywoman.

Mimi wrinkles her nose up at Majori. "Just...Look, who's your mentor, again?" Gonna have to go have a talk with them. That girl's been just.. off-kilter lately.

Majori blinks, "Uhhhhh.... Master Liesana."  She picks a name off the top of her head.

Mimi waves a hand at her, "Okay, just go. Clean up a bit. Maybe you should get some extra sleep or something." The other apprentice or two still left on the floor are given a wave, "You've been spared. Consider yourselves lucky. Class dismissed." Aside to Kurrin she notes, "Next sevenday we're doing salsa. You may want to sit in then."

Majori nods, escaping as soon as possible.

Logfile from Mimi.





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