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Why Do We Learn History?

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April 5, 1999

(I forgot to start the log until after we started, so I lost the introductions. I asked the question: "Why do we learn history?")


Debbie says, "And so we don't make the same mis-ta-kes?""


Jueann smiles to Debbie


Torey blinks and looks up again. Oops. "To um, to put us to sleep?" she teases before shaking her head. "Actually so that we remember important things that remind us of things like our rights and stuff?"


Jueann say, "We learn history so that those that came before us isn't forgotten plus we  know why we do things certain ways. For instance, how do we know that there  is a pass?"


Eirian slips quietly in from the Hold House.


Jueann say, "That's right Torey."


Jueann then asks, "ok, Someone give me a good example of what was done in  the past?"


Jocelyn squirms nervously in her spot because she doesn't know what is going  on, or how  to answer any of these questions. She looks around, watching the other  children and doing  her best to listen so she /does/ know the next time.


Dione sits quietly in the back watching the other kids and Jueann, she  doesn't raise her  hand or offer any answers but just watches.


Torey beams, and squirms in her spot, and tries not to giggle. To put her to  sleep.. it'll  never will work. Nope. She hmms and then hops to her knees, raising her hand  again,  wiggling it about.


Jueann asks, "Torey?"


Torey sits on her heels again. "Well, lots of things have happened in the  past." she says,  "Like yesterday I went fishing... that's in the past." Yup, it is. "Also big  things though, like  when the storm came to Ista way 'fore I was born and tried to wreck everything."


Jueann chuckles, "Well Torey, fishing isn't so historical but the storm was.  You know  why?"  Tessa walks quickly in from the Hold House.  Torey ums, "Cause everyone remembers it because it 'fected a lot of people?"  she guesses.  Eirian raises her hand, willing to make a guess... Well, Tors answered it  adequately, so she  lower her hand.


Jueann asks, "Eirian, did I see your hand?"  Shenya strides in from the Hold House.


Eirian nods and then stands. "I would have said because it affected the  course of the  history of the island." Then sits down again quietly.


Jueann nods, "how many knew that the original Lord Holder and his whole  family was  killed in the storm?


Debbie shakes her head.


Jueann nods. "They did. Can someone else give me another example of an  event in the  past?"


Debbie raises her hand.


You say, "Debbie?"


Torey knew, she heard the story, though that's the only reason she knew..  she never did  meet the holder and his family.. though that may be because she wasn't born  yet. She sits  and looks about, listening.


Tessa raises a languid hand as she sits back into a chair. "I can."


Jueann smiles, "Tessa?"


Dione slowly raises her hand half an inch before she quickly scoots it back  down again.


Eirian didn't but raises her hand for an answer.


Debbie lowers her hand and looks over at Tessa.


Jueann say, "You will each get a turn. Debbie you are first, then Tessa,  then Dione, then  Eirian.""


Debbie says, "The founding of the Weyrs."


Tessa smiles at Jueann, glad to be called on, "When Lessa brought up the 5  other weyrs,  that happened in the past, didn't it?...I think it did." she finishes lamely."


Eliza walks slowly, with unnatural grace in from the Hold House.


Dione shyly signs a quick two words < Dragon Hatchings > followed by balling  up like an  egg and then pretending to hatch and flap her wings like a dragon would.


Jueann nods to Dione and signs back,


Eirian waits for Dione before giving her answer. Standing, she says softly, "In the very  recent past, the dolphin hall moved to Tillek." studying the desk in front  of her, before  sitting down again.


Theo walks in from the Hold House.  


Jueann say, "The move is current history. Which we'll get to later on. And  you children  didn't know history. tsk tsk." She chuckles softly. "Can anyone tell me  what the question  song was about?"


Shenya raises her hand hesitantly.


Theo says, "um... I've heard of it..."


Jueann say, "Shenya"


Eirian raises her hand. She knows the answer to this particular point in  history.


Theo questions his brain but it can't remember


Jueann say, "Eirian?"


Eirian stands and says softly "The question song was written by a harper 400  turns ago so  that Lessa could figure out the riddle and go back in time to get the  remaining weyrs, so  that we would be adequately protected from thread in this time period."


Shenya says, "The question song was written soon after the five Weyrs disappeared. It  was about what happened to them, though it didn't have the answer. Lessa  figured out  that it meant the weyrs came forward to her time.""


Jueann nods. "Correct. It this case of history, a song was used to affect  our present. If  the question song had never been written? Could Lessa thought of bringing  the weyrs  forward into time?


Debbie shakes her head.


Jocelyn listens quietly, being a good little student, even if she isn't all  that helpful in  answering questions. She licks her lips in thought and unconsciously tugs on  her hair.  Shenya sits back, thinking. After pondering on the question for a bit, she  raises her hand  again.


Eirian shrugs and shakes her head "Probably not, but she had the makings of  it with her  moves through recent time, back to her hold."


Theo pauses for a second, and also raises his hand


Torey frowns as she raises her hand, curious.


Jueann smiles, making her students think. "This is why we study history.  We try to figure  out why they did things and how they affect us in the present.


Theo switches hands because one is tired


Jueann asks, "Theo?"


Theo pauses for a second, than asks "What was the song's lines?


Shenya says, "I'm really sorry, but I have to go. I had fun while I was  here! Goodbye.""  Shenya goes home.


Torey bounces on her knees, wrapping one hand over her head to hold her  other hand up  as she waits and listens, none too still.


Jueann raises an eyebrow, "Theo, that song should've been taught to you in  your hold. But  that's not important right now. We are dealing with history and why does  history affect  the present. So if Lessa hadn't solved the puzzle, would she have gone back?"


Reil shakes her head a couple of times.


Theo , thinking he's still allowed to talk, says "I don't think so because  then she'd think she  was doing something wrong."


Torey shakes her head back and forth, still holding her hand up.  Debbie raises a hand quietly.


Jueann chuckles, "ok. Debbie?"


Theo wonders how long Torey can keep her hand up.


Jueann asks, "Torey?"


Tessa goes home.  Debbie says, "No, cause if the riddle song hadn't been written then she  wouldn't go back  cause the other Weyrs wouldn't be empty."


Theo says, "Huh?"


Torey can keep it up forever, yes she can. "Which came first, the song or  Lessa goin' back,  cause I heard that the song was written cause she went back but she went  back cause of  the song, but... how's that work?" she asks, tipping her head with quite the  confused look  on her face.


Theo pauses for a second, thinking of what Debbie said, then shoots his hand up. Theo says, "I think I can explain!"


Jueann nods. "And The weyrs would've been been in trouble in Lessa's time." She  chuckles at Torey, "Well the harpers are still debating that one." Looking  at Teraille,  "Right?"


Theo says, "I think I can explain!"  Theo wildly waves his hand


Torey's hand shoots up again as she once more bounces.


Theo wonders if his hand is seen by Jueann


Jueann sighs and asks, "Theo?"  .  Theo says, "I think that if Lessa would have gone back no matter what,  because the 200  turns ago the Thread had a... a..." Theo forgets what the Long Interval was  called"


Jueann raises an eyebrow, "Torey?"


Torey sits on her heels and ponders. "Would the weyrs still have been empty  if Lessa  hadn't gone tween and taken them all away and brought them to her time? or  would they  have still been there, or their kids.. er, grankids, or whomever?"


Theo quickly remembers. "The long interval! The thread didn't come that time  from the  Red Star. So the people began to believe Thread was a myth and mocked the Dragon Riders, and gave them less payments!


Eirian raises her hand, waiting patiently.


"Eirian?  Jueann asks, "Eirian?"


Theo continues, "So then the Dragon Riders would have gotten smaller till  Lessa's time,  but because of this, Lessa went back and caused the weyrs to come with her,  witch also  caused the song to be wrote!"


Eirian stands and then offers softly "This is just my opinion, but I would  think that as the  need for the dragons died down over so many years, many of them would have  died off  and the weyrs would have been sorely understaffed if not altogether empty  anyway with  disuse and disrespect."


Torey frowns as she thinks. "How could anybody disrespect a dragon, they're  huge, and  they're neat and they're fun..."


Jueann nods. "As I said, the harpers have been debating the question for  turns. They are  still debating it."


Torey sits back down on her heels and nods as she listens, pondering the  questions.  Theo can't wait to grow up so he can crosscraft and join the debate.


Jueann looks up at the candle mark. "Well we are almost through. Any  questions before I  assign homework?"


Eirian looks over at Torey and says softly "People are greedy and sometimes  stupid,  sometimes just downright mean. They would disrespect a dragon and his rider  if he was  taking something they thought they deserved." She studies the desk after  that whisper.


Debbie shakes her head.


In the distance, the drums announce the arrival of Senior Apprentice Sapphira.


Jueann nods to Eirian, "True."  Torey shakes her head, still pondering.. no more questions here.. yet.


Jueann chuckles, "homework time. I want you all write or draw me a picture of a  historical event."


Theo stands pondering... But rests on thinking up no questions


Theo ponders which one to do.


Jocelyn blinks slowly and tilts her head to look up at Karv, poking gently  at his arm,  "Karv, Cece has homework." She crawls up into his lap.


Dione grins as she looks about, deciding to draw something shyly she gets up  from her  seat and wanders over towards the drawing supplies < can I have some? >


Jueann says, "Class is dismissed"


Reil goes home.


Theo asks when the next class is


Jueann shrugs, "I do these once a month."  Eirian sits in her chair, thinking about the differences between recent  history and ancient  history, and thinks she prefers ancient history to recent history.


Theo prefers now.


Karvonen goes home.


Torey climbs to her feet and scrambles towards the door, chores to do,  people to find,  questions to ask.


Debbie stands up, "Thank you for teaching us."


Torey hop-skips to the Hold House.


Teraille watches the room empty from her silent place in the rear of the room.


Theo looks around and sighs, Becoming a Journeyman is going to take a long time!


Eirian looks up, brought out of her reverie and stands to say as well  "Thank you Jueann,  for teaching us." then sits down again, hoping maybe they'll leave her be  for a bit.


Jueann chuckles, watching her students leave and the sighs, blowing out her  cheeks. "So  what did you think of the lesson, Teraille?" She smiles at Eirian and nods.  "you're  welcome."


Debbie walks over to Teraille instead of the door, "I've seen you at the Weyr, are you  going to teach us there?"


Theo wonders....


Teraille laughs lightly. "It's not so different from mine," she says,  turning to grin at  Debbie. "Indeed I am," she acknowledges, reaching over to touch the girl on  the arm.   "You're Debbie, right?"


Jueann say, "Theo, I'll let you when"


Theo says, "Jueann, do you know anyone named Laria?"


Jueann blinks, and thinks, "hmm I don't' think so."


Jocelyn walks to the Hold House.


Debbie nodders, "Uh-huh"


Theo sighs, and wonders how many times he's going to miss her by a minute again.


Jueann say, "Teraille, want to come up to the apartment? I have fresh klah  and sweet  rolls."


"I thought so," Teraille says lightly. "Well, Debbie, you did really well  in here. I'll have to  remember that you know all about history now." There is a light glimmer in  her eyes. To  Jueann, she shakes her head. "I'd love to, but I should really get home."


Debbie grins, "Are you going to teach us stuff like that at the Weyr?"


Jueann ahhs softly, then hearing a faint noise and blinking, "Oh dear. Ke'chara is telling me one of the girls are awake."


Theo sighs. Time to go home and clean up again. "Bye everybody, and thank you Jueann.


Jueann say, "Excuse me."


Teraille laughs at Debbie's question. "Maybe I will," she says cheerfully. "Though I suspect I'll teach you the teaching songs more than why they were written."


Debbie grins, "I like learning songs."


Jueann nods to the ladies

Logfile from Jueann





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