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A slender woman of medium height and skin the color of tanned cherry wood. Her features, while not really pretty, are distinct - high cheekbones, a straight nose between deepset almond-shaped eyes of an aqua so deep as to appear nearly black. Her face is shadowed by escaping wisps of dark brown hair, its length wound into a woven bun at the nape of her neck. Her figure is draped in light but voluminous robes, typical of those who dwell in the Igen deserts. Off-white cotton makes up the inner layer, covered with a robe of indigo and sashed, in the only ornamentation, with a broad, embroidered silk cloth of harper blue. Across her back is slung a gitar case, well-cared-for and yet well-beaten-up, in its time. A complex shoulder knot of blue and white signifies a Harper Master, a patch mounted to show in the center of it bearing the device of Blacksands Hold. She is awake and looks alert. You notice Shinnai looking at you. Shinnai is 32 Turns and 1 month old.


You see a young man with long dark hair in a ponny tail. He is tall and a bit thin, but well trained. His eyes are a mix of green and brown, which seams to change after the weather: when it's sunny outside they tend to be green, but when rain falls they become deep brown. His hands are thin but quick, exellent for playing gitar or similar instruments. He is a bit quiet and often waits untill everybody else has spoken before talking. Because of this people often don't notice or forget about his presence. He often smiles and in the presence of friends and people he trusts he likes to joke. When he breaks out of his silence he is a good leader and a man who likes to organize. People often trust him and he has an easy time getting friends, despite his somewhat quiet appearance. He learns easily and an exellent memory which has made studies alot easier. Around his neck is a necklace formed as a half sun. Keven has sheathed his Longsword. Keven wears his Harper apprentice knot with great pride.
He is awake, but has been staring off into space for a minute. Keven is 20 Turns, 6 months, and 26 days old.



Before you, you see a medium sized, agile man. Fasulkad only stands at about 5'10", but his ever alert eyes and quickness give you the idea that he has wits and a deftness around him that greatly exceeds most people. His dark brown hair blowing in the wind, his blue eyes shining with mischief and laughter as he looks back at you. He is wearing a reletively new tunic, matched with a pair of worn Wher hide pants. His boots being well worn are extremely broke in. Fas' backpack hangs loosely from Fasulkad's shoulder, weighed down only by her usual supply of meat and food for herself, her firelizards, and her pets. Hiding on Fasulkad's shoulder is Winterwing. Perched on Fasulkad's shoulder, scrutinizing everything around him with a suspicious glance, is Payshent. Perched upside down on Fasulkad is Tiny. He wears an Apprentice Knot for the Harper Craft with pride He is awake and looks alert. Fasulkad is 16 Turns, 8 months, and 10 days old.


A tall , broad young man, his sparkling eyes are set in his tanned and well-chisseled face. He is muscular and agile, he moves with grace and control and his fet are always moving. His face displays his emotions clearly, and his eyes betray which ladies he watches. His long blond hiar is tied behind his head, anf the blue tattoos show faintly on his Celtic nose. All that he wears is a pair of wherhide shoes, some tight wherhide trousers which apparently allow free movent. His bronzed and muscular chest is only just covered by a black waistcoat, which hangs loosely about his shoulders. A Sack hangs heavily from Ruiseart's shoulder. Ruiseart has sheathed his Blue Dagger. Ruiseart wears his Harper apprentice knot with great pride He is awake and looks alert. Ruiseart is 21 Turns and 15 days old.


Harper's Quarters

A solid wooden doorway opens on a spacious, arched cavern, the dark stone twinkling with the deep light of gems of all kinds. However, broad spaces have been smoothed on the wall just at person-height, small chunks of chalk left on the ledges beneath. Music stands are kept in an irregular corner, extra chairs lining the walls except when a class is in session. Into the
far wall, someone once carved out numerous storage shelves, and showing in these are a number of different instruments. At second glance, one of the cabinets is actually a door, which leads into the Harper's private room. A board stands in one corner, chalk and an eraser nearby a box of push-pins. In the cupboards along the wall, you notice Shinnai's Guitar.
In the bookshelves by the door, you can find Shinnai's Journal and Harper Constitution.

Kestria walks in from the Crafter and Residents' Hall.

Gallen walks in from the Crafter and Residents' Hall.

Fasulkad walks in from the Crafter and Residents' Hall.

Shinnai looks up from her desk, and smiles. "Ah, you're here." She stands, putting aside the hide she had been working on, and walks to the front of the desk to greet the apprentices. "Hope it was a nice trip for you."

Kestria smiles and nods, "Oh yes, lovely hike."

Fasulkad grins and nods. "Oh, yeah! Fun!"

You say, "Have you stopped in the kitchen for refreshments yet, or shall I call for some? It's not a short distance, I know."
Shinnai gestures welcomingly to the chairs set up rather haphazardly from the last practice session.

Kestria chuckles and shakes her head, "I'm afraid we didn't have time to stop for anything to eat. We came straight here. I think some refreshments would be lovely." she says as she tosses herself into a chair with a groan of relief to be off her sore feet.

Fasulkad grins and plops into one of the chairs, being careful not to drop any of his pets.

Shinnai nods, and steps over to the speaking tube on the wall, calling to someone in some other chamber. "Bring in the klah and meatrolls I requested, please, Evvie? We're all in the Teaching Room." She grins, and turns back to the assembling class. "I love these things. So convenient." 


Kestria tilts her head curiously, and nods, "Hmmmm... should get one of those installed between Efe's office and my room. Save me having to walk down the hall all the time."

Fasulkad grins and nods, shifting his mass of pets. "Yeah, so much easier than making one of us go and get it."

Gallen looks out the door, then takes a seat.

While the arrivals settle themselves from the walk, Shinnai crosses the room to the instrument cabinets, taking down her guitar, checking its tuning, and carrying it back to the desk, which she leans against. "Um, Fasulkad?" she gives the boy a quizzical look, "Perhaps you want to unload some of your creatures during the lesson?" 

Danton wanders happily in from the Crafter and Residents' Hall.

Shinnai smiles to Danton as he comes in, and signs with one hand as she holds her guitar in the other, speaking aloud as well. "Welcome, Danton. Have a seat, refreshments will be in in a moment."


Danton watches Shinnai speak, and nods, "Thank you, ma'am." he says quietly, procuring a seat and nodding to all.

Fasulkad nods and sets down all his pets, save his firelizards. "Umm, they're pets, ma'am, not creatures...."

Fasulkad puts Flame gently on the ground. Fasulkad drops Ember. Fasulkad watches as Mystery slides off him onto the ground. Fasulkad drops Coldstone. Fasulkad sighs as his ferret slides noiselessly to the ground. Fasulkad drops Klah. Fasulkad drops Agile.

Evvie arrives from the hallway, a small girl who smiles shyly at all the students and is laden with a large tray of klah and meatrolls. "Where t'I put 'em, Ma'am?" she asks, so softly that it's hardly even audible.

Kestria blinks and just shakes her head in amazement at all the animals, then turns her amber eyes with gratitude to the arrival of the girl and much needed refreshments.

Shinnai grins at Fasulkad, then smiles gently to Evvie. "Just set them here, Evvie. Thank you very much." The girl does so, placing the tray on the desk. Then Shinnai adds, "If you can get out of the kitchen this afternoon, please come by for the end of the lesson, if you'd like." 

Evvie ducks her head in a bit of a nod, and mumbles something as she turns and slips out again.

Flame yawns and wraps himself up around one of the legs of Fas' chair, as does Ember, Mystery, and Coldstone, while the ferrets look around the room, though not venturing far from Fas.

Shinnai grins after the young girl. "One of the miner's daughters," she briefly tells the students as she begins pouring klah and invites them all to come an' get it afore it's gone. "Nice girl," is her comment, taking a meatroll and removing a mug of klah from the tray to reserve for herself.

Keven walks in from the Crafter and Residents' Hall.

Shinnai watches all the creatures - they really _are_ creatures, you know - with some amusement. Luckily, everything important is kept off the floor. :)

Gallen stands then takes a meatroll, then snatches a mug.

Keven knocks lightly on the door before entering.

Kestria jumps up quickly before the boys can beat her to the food, she's had experience with meatrolls and 'Mak and takes a couple meatrolls and a mug of klah, returning to her seat.

Shinnai smiles to Keven, gesturing him in. "Come in, come in, have some klah and rolls after your trip up," she invites.

Danton grabs up a meatroll and a mug of klah. "This stuff tastes bad," is muttered before he hastily downs half the mug. He slips back into his seat, watching Shinnai.

Fasulkad grins and gets up without disturbing his /pets/, and grabs a mug of klah. He looks at Kestria and shakes his head. Who's the vulture here? Her, or him, Gallen, Danton, and Keven? ;)

Keven smiles and look over the room... food!, perfect after that long trip. He smiles politely at all the other harpers, "Quite a crowd here!"

Shinnai grins across at Danton, overhearing his remark, but without commenting on it. "Alright, class," she addresses them all, "Now that you're well recovered from your trip, we'll start. History is our topic today, since we're in very much the spot for it," she begins.

Danton watches Shinnai interestedly, chewing his lip as he studies her own, brow furrowing slightly.

Fasulkad sips at his klah, not at all in a hurry to gulp it down, and keeps one eye on his pets as always, and the other on Shinnai.

You say, "As you may know, in the excavation of Blacksands, quite a few interesting pieces of history were discovered, most of them quite Ancient," she informs the crowd. "So that's what we'll address. Ancients, and their hold on Ista."

Keven gets some klah as well as some meatballs, he also keeps an eye on Fasulkad's pets, careful not to let them get to close to his precious food.

Kestria finishes nibbling her meat rolls and sips her klah, listening attentively as she curls herself up in the chair.

Ruiseart Slides smoothly in from the Crafter and Residents' Hall.

Ruiseart nods politely, and raises an eyebrow.

Sojourner eyes some food, but he's too nice to steal it. Instead, he gets a tidbit from Fas, who absently hands it to him as he listens to Shinnai.

Shinnai glances up at the newcomer. "Welcome. Have a seat, and join the lesson. I'm Master Shinnai, the harper in these parts," she introduces herself.

Ruiseart slips gracefully into a chair. Ruiseart says, "Ma'am."

Shinnai gestures to the refreshment tray. "Help yourself to some klah and meatrolls while we start. Just try not to have your mouths too full to answer questions," she grins at the rest of the apprentices as well as Ruiseart.

Ruiseart declines from indulging in the refreshments.

Danton licks his lip, considering this, "Are you going to answer questions, Master Shinnai?" He smiles lightly, sipping the klah with a slight grimace.

Shinnai grins at Danton. "What, you think I should?" Then, "of course," reassuringly. She then takes her guitar into playing position, idly strumming the strings lightly as she proceeds with her introduction. "We'll begin with the first recorded song specifically from Ista, attributed from the first Pass. It may well be earlier, but we won't venture to guess that for sure."

Kestria tilts her head curiously, preparing to listen as she watches Shinnai's fingers on the gitar.

Keven shrugs deeper into one of the chairs, making it comfortable while observing Shinnai as she starts her story.

Danton raises his hand slowly, licking his lip.

Fasulkad grins as he continues feeding his ferrets from a small wherry slice, one of many, he keeps in his backpack. He motions for his pets to go take a nap while he listens to Shinnai and grins. Never assume anything. Very close to 'innocent until proven guilty', a phrase which he's very familiar with. ;)

Keven also takes great care in observing Shinnai's guitar play, trying to learn something new.

Shinnai's fingers change gradually from light, random testing of the strings to a definite pattern, lightly accompanying a folk melody as she sings in a rich alto. The words are semi-fragmented, in a typical form of poetry from other Ancient songs, but work out to a tribute to the land and its gem and mineral wealth. 


Ruiseart takes his guitar to cradle in his lap...and swivels his head to listen.


Danton sighs lightly and drops his hand, focusing solely on Shinnai's lips for now.

The song is short, lasting only two stanzas, but does mention such landmarks as Ista Hold, in its first years. Shinnai stops playing, muffling the strings with a hand as she speaks again. "It's not a Teaching song, precisely, but does give us some clues as to the origins of Holding on Ista. Specifically, mining. Danton, you had a question?" she wonders, nodding to the boy.

Danton shakes his head, "No, I just can't hear you playing..." He sips his klah and smiles, "I get the idea though."

Kestria frowns a little then nods and murmurs quietly, almost under her breath, "Hmmmm... interesting."

Ruiseart smiles slightly, his eyes unfocused, he listens intently, and frowns thoughtfully.

Fasulkad nods slowly for a moment, then sits back and sips at his klah as he thinks the song over.

Shinnai nods to Danton. "Yes, I'm sorry that songs aren't more conducive to hearing problems, but I'll be happy to go over the words for you if you need them," she offers.

Danton smiles, "It's not the words..." he grins, "it's the music...I have to be touching the gitar to 'her' it." He shrugs, "But please go on, don't let me hinder you."

You say, "Ah! Of course. If you'd like, you can bring your chair up here."  You say, "But for now, no more songs." She puts her guitar away on the desk, and folds her hands in her lap. "Ista was originally settled as a mining colony, we know that first, in our time-line, from songs, and secondly from records."

Ruiseart cradles his left-hands' fingers, and silently ouchs.

Keven frowns thoughtfully "Excuse me Shinnai, could I ask a question?"

Shinnai nods. "Please, Keven."

Keven says, "I'm not sure I remember... Where did the name Ista come from?"

Danton flicks his gaze from speaker to speaker, watching each in turn. He raises a brow towards Shinnai at this question.

Sayanna walks in from the Crafter and Residents' Hall.

Shinnai smiles slightly. "That's uncertain. The records that we have simply mention that it was originally called the Big Island. In subsequent records, it's called Ista."

Sayanna tiptoes in and leans against the wall in the back. 

Ruiseart sucks his lower lip, and chews this over.

Kestria frowns and tilts her head, "Curious... you'd think we'd know where the name came from originally if it was changed from Big Island to Ista." 


Shinnai smiles to Sayanna, inviting with a gesture to the refreshment tray - just klah and meatrolls, and continues the lesson. "Now, in the records that were uncovered at Landing, some other theories have come to light. Unfortunately, there's relatively little extant documentation there." 

Sayanna shakes her head, wanting to concentrate on figuring out the lesson. She nods her thanks.

Keven smiles up at the new arrival.

Fasulkad nods a hello to Sayanna and checks on his pets, who are all sleeping happily under his chair, and mutters something about hoping they don't wake up.

Shinnai nods to Kestria. "The most well-regarded theory is that it was simply an acronym," she says. "However, it's impossible to say for sure, since we don't have all the letters placed. An Ancient map indicates at least two original claimants to Ista, and suggests more; however, they're not mentioned outright on that map."

Kestria smiles and nods in understanding, finding the lesson fascinating as she awaits its continuation.

Shinnai grins. "After all, there's nothing else that would suggest the name 'Ista' to you, do you think?" she asks the class.

Sayanna thinks of her baby brother, who would say "Is da rock" but keeps quiet.

Shinnai shrugs. "So there you have it. We don't know, in answer to your question."

Keven smiles and shrugs "Oh well, maybe one day we will..."

Danton smiles slightly, shifting in his seat and resting his gaze once more on Shinnai's mouth.

Shinnai considers briefly. "Now where was I?" You say, "Ah, yes. Mining. Originally, a mining colony. Records suggest that
the Hold, in its first form, was also further inland, in the shape of a camp of support personnel for the mining operation."

Keven smiles at Shinnai "Well does the record tell if they had any luck finding anything?"

Sayanna nods. "Could Ista be some ancient word for what was found?" 


Keven frowns thoughtfully again "We don't have any gems called Ista do we? I'm not that good at gems so I wouldn't know"

Shinnai smiles. "Yes, in fact, they had enough luck that Ista Hold was eventually built as a permanent settlement. The island was considered quite rich, and has, for as long as the harper records go back, been the sole source of gems for both Craftmasters and Lords Holder."

Ruiseart taps his chin thoughtfully, "None of the settlers had that name? or parentage?"

Shinnai shakes her head. "Not that's indicated. There are records of many settlers from Landing, and the name Ista never appears. That's not a definitive 'no', however, since it's obvious that many of the records are simply missing."

Keven says, "So what names ARE actually mentioned that later became holds?" 


Sayanna says, "But anyone important enough to get the name of the island would likely have been mentioned more than once, I'd think."

Shinnai thinks. "Benden and Boll seem to have been two of the most important settlers," she replies, then nods to Sayanna. "Exactly, which is why we don't think it's a single person's name." You say, "Telgar as well," she continues, "And Keroon. Numerous smaller holds also bear the names of original settlers, although many of them we suspect are completely undocumented."

Danton watches intently, content to simply 'listen'.

*THUD!* Fas becomes the victim of a bad joke enacted by his pets as he slumps into his chair, unconscious, after one of his firelizards 'accidentally' dropped a nice big rock on his head. Well, as soon as he regains consciousness...... ;) OOC: Gotta' go! Bye!

Ruiseart rolls these words around his head.

Sayanna frowns, trying to figure this one. "If they named it in honor of an ancestor, someone who was not there....? Not likely."

Fasulkad falls asleep. Fasulkad has disconnected.


Shinnai pauses in the lesson long enough to call through the speaking tube for a healer to come and remove the unconscious apprentice, then continues. Just for the sake of In-Character-ness. :P 

Keven looks over at the unconscious Fasulkad and realizes once more why he's only got one firelizard and no other pets whatsoever. 

Ruiseart cant see the point in pets.

Shinnai nods. "In any case, there are about a dozen historians still working at Landing, mulling over this exact question and many others, so our speculations won't likely get us any closer to the truth than theirs," she points out. "What we do know is that Ista Hold was built in much of its present form all at once."

Ruiseart frowns "impossible!"

Sayanna is surprised. "That big? How did they know there would be that many people eventually?

Shinnai grins at the disbelief. "Impossible, you say? Well, of course, I don't mean all in a day. In one massive building effort, however, yes. It's documented in Ista's own earliest records."

Keven says, "And the Harper hall? Was it built at that same time?"

Ruiseart is still unconvinced "I would like to try that!"

The drudge calls another one to deal with the pets.

Shinnai replies to Sayanna. "They surely realized that a population which, as Landing's records indicate, had already expanded so quickly was not likely to level off anytime soon. The whole point was, as we understand it, to settle Pern. That means babies," she grins, "and lots of 'em." 


Sayanna grins, and then blushes.

Ruiseart grins , babies....lovely.....NOT.

Shinnai shakes her head to Keven. "No, the Istan Harper Hall was built quite a bit later, added on in the sixth Pass."

Sayanna says, "What else was added on later?" 

Kestria shakes her head as she makes some notes in her Scribe's book... it's all so confusing.

Ruiseart says, "the guards and stables?"

Keven raises one of his eyebrows "Ohh.. So what's the story behind that? Or should we take that some other time?"

Sayanna figures they outgrew the bar....

You say, "Many things have been re-done, rooms rearranged as to function - yes, the stables were added later, and the guard room, if I recall right, was added only during the eighth Interval, in Fax's time." 

Ruiseart spits the name out "oh...Fax"

Shinnai grins. "There is a story behind the Harper Hall, of course. Perhaps it's something you should research for your project," she suggests to Keven. 


Kestria hides a smile as Keven gets assigned more duties for his project, burying her nose in her book as she writes quickly.

Keven chuckles "Well at least it's an interesting topic, we'll see."

Shinnai nods. "At that time, as you surely know, many Holds - especially those closer to the west, and Fax's holdings - developed better Hold Guard systems. Ista was one of many. However, I'd not hoped to get so close to the present in this lesson, but rather stick to the Ancient records."

Keven nods encouraging at Shinnai, hoping to hear more about the ancients. 

Ruiseart looks up "erm...sorry for my interruptions"

Shinnai nods. "That's alright, ..." she searches for the new student's name.

Sayanna giggles

Ruiseart grins "Ruiseart Ma'am"

Shinnai nods. "Ruiseart. Questions are always welcome, that's the only way we can really learn," she smiles. "But back to the building of Ista. Records tell us that Ista Hold was built in much its present form over the course of about seven months."

Keven raises an eyebrow and mumbles quietly to himself. "Seven months? Wonder how long it would take to do that today."

Kestria blinks her surprise, looking up from her book and note taking to gaze at the Master in surprise, "Seven months??? How???" she asks in shocked tones.

Shinnai smiles. "A long time. We know that they used stonecutting devices, and the recent excavations at Landing have uncovered the reason why they fell out of use," she tells them.

Ruiseart chuckles "Did they spread bubbly pies on the cliff, and call in the Flits?"

"Why?" Keven asks.

Danton raises a brow, "Why /did/ they stop using all the old stuff, Master Shinnai?"

Sayanna says, "Land shifts?""

Shinnai blithely ignores Ruiseart's unlikely scenario, allowing the other apprentices to muffle their giggles before answering. "Fuel. While the specifications haven't been found, inventory records indicate a limited quantity of specialized fuel for stonecutters as well as some vehicles meant for long-distance travel."

Kestria nods slowly, "Ahhh... that would explain it then, yes."

Ruiseart shuffles his feet.

Keven looks interested "Long-distance vehicles? Has any ever been found?" Schuyler flitters around a bit and then lands on Danton's shoulder. He wraps his tail around the little boy's neck and then tilts his head as he watches the other humanpets curiously.

Ruiseart looks interested, he awaits an answer.

Sayanna is surprised they didn't' guard the fuel more carefully.

Shinnai nods. "There has been one found, deep in the cliff at Honshu."

Ruiseart coughs politely "erm...I must leave...I am terribly...sorry...Ma'am. Ruiseart turns and walks out.

You say, "Oh, it's not a question of guarding. If they'd not used it on Holds, none of us would likely be here," she tells Sayanna, then nods with some surprise to Ruiseart. "Fine..." she trails off as he leaves abruptly. "


Keven brightens "It has? If we could find a way to produce fuel for the thing we could get something that has been solely restricted to the dragonriders, an easy way of transporting between the holds and weyrs. Has it been examined by the smith craft?"

Danton scritches Schuyler a moment before he looks back to Shinnai and nods, "So they just used all their fuel? Certainly people like the ancients could make more...couldn't they? Or did they just not?" 

Shinnai nods to Keven. "Yes, the smithcraft has been examining it for a number of turns. While the vehicle has deteriorated over the turns, they're attempting to piece together enough specifications to reproduce the mechanics. Once that's accomplished, they might figure out how it works. It will take some time, however."

Keven looks excited "Nice! I have to take the time to visit the smiths and look at it someday, sounds like fun!"

You say, "As the Landing records tell us, Pern is deficient in the components needed to make the fuel." Shinnai smiles wryly. "You can imagine what the smiths think of that."

Danton considers this, and nods. "I see. I suppose the machines couldn't be made to run on hat we have, could they?" he asks, more as a statement. 

Sayanna snickers. "Such a patient bunch, too!"

Kestria tilts her head, "Hmmmm... I don't suppose there's another way to perhaps come up with a something close to the original fuel... like say Agenothree?"

Kestria chuckles a little and grins at Danton, her thoughts clearly running a similar thread to his.

Shinnai grins, and holds up her hands. "Can't you people stay on topic? We're not smiths, let the smiths take care of fuel! The fact is, simply, that the Ancients ran out of fuel, didn't have the components or the capability to create more, and subsequently travel and stonecutting was done by hand." 

Sayanna smiles. "Which slowed them down past endurance, most likely."

Danton nods to Shinnai. "Yes. And Ista was built mostly at once...then...?" he grins, scritching the extra load on his shoulder.

Shinnai shrugs. "Look at all the hand-carved Holds. This one, for instance," she gestures around the rough walls, bedecked with gems unremoved by the builders.

Keven smiles at the reminder of the beautiful gems that adorn the walls and the ceiling.

You say, "There was a great overload already at Fort, as we know. Many of the extras came to Ista, taking to the seas for food as well as farming. This all gave the minecraft the support it needed to fully establish the mines."

Keven twists his mouth slightly as he thinks, then turns once more towards the master "Shinnai, if this was the first mining hold, then why isn't the minor craft placed hear?"

You say, "Did I say it was the _first_ minehold?" Shinnai smiles. "Rather, I said that Ista was settled primarily for mining."

Keven nods "Ohh.. sorry, misunderstood."

Shinnai glances at the large hourglass-type-contraption in the corner. "Gosh, we've been at this a long time. With all your questions, we've hardly gotten where I'd intended," she grins, "but I think we've done relatively well. How about a last question-answer session, and we'll call it a day?" 

Sayanna says, "So what else happened here? Just regular expansion and support stuff? Or something else?""

You say, "The fishercraft came for the seas, and the excellent port location," she answers Sayanna, "and the dolphineers came with them. Shipbuilding also became an important part of the Hold."

Sayanna nods.

Kestria scribbles in her book furiously as she tries to get down all the facts.

You say, "Ista has, since it was established as a formal hold, been a major port of the Seacraft and the Fishercraft both."

Danton smiles, "Traders come here too..." he adds.

Keven adds with a grin "And Harpers."

Sayanna nods. "That makes sense. Oh, harpers will go anywhere."

Shinnai chuckles lightly. "Harpers go where there's Teaching to be done. That means anywhere there are people." You say, "Traders will certainly come to as busy a port as Ista's. Smiths, too, as you notice, and any other craft of use to a Hold or which relies upon trade." Shinnai looks around the class. "Other questions?"

Keven grins "So... how did the Harper craft come into existence?"

Sayanna shakes her head. She can't think of any now... Sayanna thinks it should be the Gitar Craft anyway.

Danton shakes his head to Shinnai, and licks his lower lip.

Shinnai chuckles to Keven. "I think that's a bit out of the scope of this Lesson."

Keven doesn't seem surprised at that answer but sighs "Well, maybe some other time."

You say, "However, as you will, I'm sure, learn over your years as an apprentice, Sayanna, there's far more to the Harpercraft than the gitar." Shinnai smiles. "But again, that's a topic for another day. My klah's cold, after all. Can't have that." 

Keven notices that his klah is pretty cold too, despite his warm hands clung tightly to the cup.

Shinnai stands, smoothing out her robes. "Then if that's it, the lesson is finished. The rest will have to wait for another day."

Sayanna figures it's about over, and rises to get ready to go.

Keven stands up but doesn't seem to be quite ready to leave just yet.

Kestria puts her book away, and stands, nodding her head to the Master, "One of the most interesting lessons I've had in awhile. Thank you Master Shinnai."

Shinnai smiles to Kestria. "Any time you'd like to visit, please come. I'm glad you enjoyed it."

Sayanna says, "Thank you, Master Shinnai. Good bye." She nods and turns to go."

Sayanna walks to the Hallway.

Danton stands, smiling lightly. "Thank you, Master Shinnai." he gathers his few things. "That was enlightening." he grins,

Keven looks at Shinnai "Could I have a word with you Master Shinnai, it won't take long."

Shinnai grins back. "I'm glad," she tells Danton, then nods to Keven. "Certainly."

Danton smiles, heading out. Danton wanders happily to the Hallway.

Kestria makes sure she's got all her belongings and with a quick bow, she's off on the trek home. Kestria walks to the Hallway. 

Keven nods happily "Well, you see Shinnai, I've been having thoughts about getting posted away from the Harper hall. I've been there for an awful long time.. not the I don't like it there, but I think it's time I move on. Every one I've been spoken too so far has had their positions already taken, so I thought maybe there is a possibility to get posted here at Blacksands. Now
with the discoveries of all the things left from the ancients and all things seems to be pretty interesting here."

Shinnai takes one of the vacated chairs, and motions for Keven to take a seat as well. "It is interesting from the historical prospects," she agrees. "Have you taken the time to look around a little, talk to a few people here?" she wonders.

Keven moves towards the chair and seats himself "Well, I went around searching the whole place as soon as it was rebuilt. Personally I didn't find anything left from the ancients but I'm sure it's down there. As for the second question, the only ones I've gotten to know are Heather and Kythias, I like both of them very much."

You say, "How close is your project?" 


Keven looks down at the ground, looking more then slightly embarrassed "Umm.. well, I know what it's about now but I have been having difficulties getting to good material about the subject, actually I'm currently having some thoughts about extending the subject from just the early history of our craft to the early history of Pern. I don't know if that's a good idea."

Shinnai considers only briefly before shaking her head. "Keep the topic small, if you can. That's best for a project. If you broaden it to be all-inclusive, you can't get the depth that you need."

Keven considers that "Well that seems logical, ok so it's the early history of our craft then."

Shinnai smiles. "Good. Where have you been looking for material?" she wonders. "You'll want at least two primary sources among your other sources."

Keven says, "I've been digging in the archives over at Ista. I spent quite many nights in there trying to find what I was looking for, the records are realy hard to find. The longer back our history you dig, the harder it seems to be to find what you're looking for. That seems rather rational, but still... it's frustrating." 

Shinnai nods. "It is. Are you specializing here on Ista's harpercraft, or the Harpercraft in general?"

Keven says, "My thought was, the craft in general." 


You say, "Then you'll need the records from the main Hall. Have you been in contact with the archives there?"

Keven shakes his head, "I was due for Fort Harper hall some time ago. To visit my parents and get some buissnes done at the harper hall, among other things I thought about my project. Unluckily our ship was caught in a storm and we were blown onto Paradise island, you might remember the incident... anyways, since then I haven't even traveled to Fort.

Shinnai nods ruefully. "Ah, yes. That was something. Given that rather extraordinary situation, you might sweet-talk a rider into conveying you," she suggests with a smile.

Keven smiles "Sure, B'var is a likely victi.. hrrm subject to talk to, he's a harper and all. I'm sure he'll understand."

Shinnai grins. "He's a good bet," she agrees. "You'll want to talk to the master Archivist there for good references," she suggests.

Keven nods "Sounds good."

You say, "I think that, for the time being, you might be better off at the Main Hold," she suggests, finally. "Until your project is done, you'll have better access to the sources that you'll need than you will here. You're certainly welcome to come and snoop around anytime you wish, of course." Shinnai grins.

Keven nods "Ok, thanks for your help Shinnai."

Shinnai smiles. "No problem. Please, do come visit. The miners can be awfully dull," she grins.

Keven nods and chuckles "So I've noticed." 

Keven waves "Ok, see ya Master!" and heads for the door. 

Shinnai grins, and waves, picking up her guitar again.

Keven walks to the Hallway.

Logfile from Shinnai





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