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Harper Lounge

A few chairs are scattered at odd intervals around this room, mostly soft, comfortable armchairs, with a few wooden ones off against the walls.  The center of the area holds a cluster of sofas, arranged with a carefully sculpted haphazard appearance around a low wooden table.  The glowlight shines off somewhat uneven walls, which sparkle with bits of bright mineral.  A table against the wall holds some bottles of various beverages and a few trays of neat snacks.  Doors leading off the room lead to various harper private residences. Observing from the mantlepiece is a bronze firelizard. You see Samantha here. Liesana, Harsha, Mimi, and Sadahl are here.

Ylisa walks in from the Balcony Hallway.


Sadahl waves at Ylisa from where he sits. In a chair. It's a brown chair. Quite comfy, too.


Harsha whistles, she's early! Victory! Sweet victory, and she didn't even know what she was walking into. She laughs victoriously, though no one else understands why she's laughing. She peers around and finds a place to sit, off to herself. She doubts anyone recognizes her cause she is always slipping into classes late.


Ylisa waves back at Sadahl, and drops into a comfy chair of her own, smiling as she leans back against the soft upholstery.  Bliss!


Mimi flounces in, flops onto a sofa, stretching the whole way across to take up the whole thing, with nods around to everyone. Yup.


Kirsyn slips in, walking in that unconsciously-seductive way...err, at least it /would/ be, if Kirsy weren't trying to ensnare every male in the near vicinity...but we shall all /pretend/ it's unconscious.  Yes.  A hand raises and fingers are raised in a wiggle of hello, as Kirsy takes up her own couch.


Mmm... Ensnare males? Sadahl, being the only male in the vicinity, is ensnared. Rowr. But he still sits in his brown chair. It's more comfy then anyone else's chair. Really, it is.


Harsha watches the ensaree and the ensared with amusement. While the male doesn't move the interest is written on his face and this is the most amusing thing that has happened all day.


A rustling noise can be heard from the direction of the stairwell, the sound of several pairs of feet and the low sound of mingled voices, over which one very familiar soprano can be heard.  "That's it!  Just leave the trays on the tables, and you can head off again, thanks!"  And in pops Liesana, at the head of a trio of drudges, all bearing snacks and drinks.  "Oh good!"  beams the senior journeywoman, surveying the gathered apprentices.  "I see you all got my message to meet here for lunch."


In the depths of an armchair, something stirs.  Ylisa shifts into a more upright posture, and grins at those who have just entered.  Comfy chairs /and/ lunch!  

Mimi waves to Liesana as a drink is plucked from the tray of a drudge walking past. "Sure did. What're we doin' again?" Juice is sipped as she rearranges herself on her sofa so she doesn't spill anything.


Harsha grins and nods, lunch...meet here for lunch...Riiiight. It's a good thing she wondered into the lounge just as the other people started to show or she would have been in major troubles. Missing or being late to another class would not have gone over well. She sinks into her chair, victory! 


Kirsyn sits up, attentive and /all/ thoughts of ensnaring males gone from her head as it /is/a  lesson.  "Yes, Liesana, we did," says Kirsy quickly, nodding eagerly and taking down her notebook and stylus for taking notes.  Kirsyn /does/ want to teach children someday, after all.


Sadahl hears the bustling noise of Liesana; her turns his head to catch her coming through the door. " Is that food for us?" is the first eager words that come out of his mouth. " I'm starved." Never mind that he just six sandwiches an hour ago. He adds something as an afterthought, " Oh, yeah, I got the message."


Of course there's food. If Liesana is being forced to teach during her lunch break, expect her to order the lesson catered.  "Indeed it is, Sadahl.  Now, you lot go and help yourselves to some,"  she allows, demonstrating an excellent foraging technique of her own.  "And then we'll sit down and have a conference amongst ourselves on two very important parts of being a ranking Harper, duties that you'll /all/ take part in, probably many times, in your careers as Harpers. Giving Craft Interviews, and performing Handfasting ceremonies." 


Hippolyta suddenly disappears ::between::!


Harsha makes no move for food, she snuggles down into her chair. They only feed you so they can catch you off guard with question while your face is stuff with food. Nope not going to happen to her. She's going to be prepared and alert. So take that.

Kirsyn ooh's softly from her little corner of the couch, squirming a bit as she wrestles with her stylus to take notes.  "Oh...this's important then, I'll take good notes."  Of course, this last comment is merely for her benefit, as Kirsy doesn't expect an answer, skirts rustly as she fidgets once more, hand not occupied with the stylus toying with her braid.  Food is ignored, Kirsyn must keep up her shape, you know.


Hippolyta blinks in from ::between::!


Sadahl wastes no time in getting up and t'wards the food table. He ravages through, finding a few meatrolls, some fruit, a pastry or two, and some fried fish, before finding his previous seat and sitting down again. He spends several moments munching and being silent, the food taking all his energy. Hearing Kirs, he also takes out his notebook, and manages to get several grease smudges over them before writing 'important' down at the top of the page. 


Mimi piles a nice amount of food onto a small plate for herself - what balance - and returns to her seat, wrinkling her nose up. "I've /done/ interviews, though! Plenty of 'em!" Redfruit is crunched into, "They 'r eashy," can be heard mumbled through a full mouth.


Ylisa levers herself out of her armchair and surveys the table appreciatively. "Well, this looks good."  She helps herself to a glass of juice and a plateful of assorted goodies, then retreats to her armchair, surreptitiously slipping a small meaty object to the firelizard curled on her shoulder.  He accepts it, then hops onto the chair back where he settles down to sleep.  Yes, that's

bribery.  Ylisa fishes her note-tablet from her bag, places it on the arm of the chair in readiness, then starts to eat.


Liesana balances a plate of edibles on her knee, and then adopts a seat on a sofa best described as a modified-lotus position.  She even treats Mimi's mutterings to a benevolent smile.  "Precisely one of the reasons I specifically

requested you attend, Mimi,"  she beams, before tilting her head and addressing the rest of the group.  "So... Let's start with interviews.  As Mimi pointed out, Senior Apprentices are qualified to conduct them.  We've all gone through our own interviews...  Besides them being nerve-wracking, what do you all remember from them?  What do you think the Harper interviewing you was trying to learn?"


Sadahl raises a hand, then continues without waiting for Liesana to say anything. " Um, I remember that you asked me what a Harper mainly does, and it took me a while to remember. And a bit about my past." Sadahl eyes an apple, skipping over it in favor of a particularly juicy looking meatroll.


Mimi turns her grumblings into a small beam. Oh good. Does she get to show off? Fun! "Y' try and find out why a person wants to be a Harper and if they have good reasons and stuff like that." A small giggle. Interviews are fun. Usually. Except Mimi was called 'immature' at hers. She still holds a grudge against Kurt for that. A cookie is nibbled on daintily for a moment, before decisively being stuffed into her mouth.


Ylisa's face turns somewhat grim at this question - seems she didn't much enjoy her interview.  She sets the bread that she's holding back on the plate.  "What I knew about what Harpers do seemed to be the main focus of mine.  And what I

could do that was relevant - could I sing, or play an instrument, or keep records."


Kirsyn shrugs, shoulders lifting helplessly, though she does have a vague idea. "To try and see if becoming a Harper is what's really what's in their heart, what they truly want to do?  I think they asked about where I'd be in ten years or something..."  And Kirsyn takes the chance to gnaw on her lower lip, as if that'll recall more facts.  Nice try, Kirsyn.


Harsha racks her brain remembering her interview, her tongues is chewed gently in thought, "They want to make sure you are going to be dedicated and responsible.." she nods. Not sure how to respond, she's never been this early on in a lesson.


Liesana nods along, the occasional comment of "Good... good..." rising from her, around a slice of melon that she's nibbling.  A slice of melon that is emphatically shaken in Harsha's direction.  "Exactly!!"  she intones with a terrifying enthusiasm.  "All the mind games, all the interrogation, all the sheer terror of an interview boils down to just one thing.  We want to be sure

that the person applying is sure of what they want to do, and aware of the reality of Harpering.  Think of the time and marks it takes to train someone from Apprentice to Journeyman... Five turns or more, some times.  Would /you/ want to waste that?"


Ylisa is munching something, so shakes her head in silence.  No, she wouldn't want that.  When she can speak again, she adds, "But you can't really know what it's like until you do it.  It would have been nice to be able to find out more before being committed, maybe stay at the Hall for a week or two ... sorry, that's off the point."


Kirsyn shudders.  "No.  Not me."  That's five years, after all, where Kirsyn's losing her youthful charms, you know.  Turning to Ylisa, she cocks her head. "Aren't there... probationary apprentices or something for that?" Kir asks with a purse of her lips, one hand reaching out to grab some food before harperlet can stop herself, and with a reluctant sigh she gives into temptation, biting down with a small sigh of delight.


Sadahl nods, catching Ylisa's insightful comments; " Yeah, couldn't there be a way of sort of testing the waters, if you will?" Of course, you could just quit if you really hated Harpering. But, still. " You might think you like it at first, and then realize you're not suited to being a Harper." Of course, he can't even imagine five years in the future. " Future? What future?"


Mimi wiggles around to adjust herself on her couch, head propped up on one of the arms and plate balancing on her stomach. "But I've only been a Harper for about three turns and I'm workin' on my project. And even /you/ said I'll prolly make jman in the year." Preen. Beam. Bu then an afterthought, "Although I wouldn't want to waste three turns of anything, either." Hair is flipped over the chair of the arm before she nibbles on a piece of meatroll. "If people aren't really dedicated, we'd prolly scare 'em away by the time the interview's done, anyways." Innocence. A small narrowing of her brow, "Yeah, how do we decide

whether or not to make someone a probby or a regular appy?" 


Harsha eyes widen as "Exactly!" is thrown with terrifying speed in her direction. Okay think Harsha, this is too good to be true, on time and giving right answers? When will she wake up from this dream? She tries to disappear into her chair.


Kedei strides eagerly in from the Balcony Hallway.


With the help of his two flits-who flutter about the lad's shoulders, doing nothing more than annoying him-Kedei climbs the staircase. One hand grips tightly the banister, while steps are carefully taken. "Sorry I'm late," he inform the journeywoman, grinning faintly at Liesana and the others gathered. "They would only let me go after being sure that I wasn't gonna start bleeding again." They being the healers, and the bleeding is in reference to the bandage wrapped around his head, making the apprentice look quite odd, considering his dreadlocks are currently sticking out from the material in odd angles.


Liesana shrugs and gnaws at the rest of her melon.  "Well, a probationary apprentice is generally someone who we don't feel is quite ready to be a Harper, but either shows some faint glimmer of promise, or is insistent enough about trying that they wore us down.  Hence the reason for the reinterviews for probie appies.  OK, next question...?  Kedei!"  The ranker stands, and paces quickly over to the apprentice, clucking in a quasi-maternal fashion.  "You don't have to make a class, in fact you're supposed to milk this for what it's worth and slack off... Now sit down before I make you /lie/ down."


Kedei does as he's told, almost, (but not quite) blushing over the attention given to him. As he sits, he leans in and asks Mimi, "Psst.. What did I miss?


Mimi looks about to pounce on Kedei for information on gossip. She's only gotten mixed up chatter from her "sources" so she must go straight to the victims. In fact...She should interrogate Liesa later, too. She shrugs towards Kedei as she nibbles on a cookie, "Nothin, really. Food. And talkin' 'bout interviews. Simple stuff." A cookie is handed over in Ked's direction from Mimi's small mountain of food on her plate.


Sadahl observes Kedei with a vacant expression upon his face -- almost like he's asleep, but not quite. He suddenly jerks awake, and, being the consider fellow he is, drawls out at the fellow apprentice, " Er, what happened to you?"


Ylisa regards Kedei with concern until it becomes clear that he's in one piece really, then the surprise in her expression gives way to curiosity.  "Is that as bad as it looks?" 


Kirsyn would pounce; but refrains, she'll find out /eventually/ what this's all about, really.  Kirsy, however, is a shameless matchmaker, so that's really what's running through her head, about who she could hook whom up with, and if this new boy is apparently available - but Kirsy stops that thought short.  Plenty of time to think about that later, it's lesson time.  So her face goes blank.  Must...focus.  "Hi, I'm Kirsyn, Harper Apprentice, tell me about you sometime."  Blink.  Terribly focused, indeed.  Statement directed to Kedei, of course.


Harsha sinks lower into her chair. Not really noticing what is going on at all. Maybe she should go to the Infirmary.. This can't be right, on time and answered something right. Her mind is stuck pondering this notion as things happen around her. She zones out staring at the ceiling 


Kedei just waves off all the questions. He'll reply to them all.. After class, that is. All the personal questions directed at him, that is..


Liesana shakes her head and returns to her seat, finishing off her melon and then reaching out her hand to flick a switch on a funny looking little box.  The room is immediately plunged into the realm of OOC!!


Mimi whees! Beanbags and pizza for all. ^^


Liesana grins.  There.  So... Interviews.  Who's got questions?  Who's got comments?  Who's got a rubber chicken?


Kirsyn disco's.


Kirsyn disco's while she asks her question, that is.  "Umm...is there any specific format that we /always/ must follow for both of them?"


Mimi giggles. Interviewing is easy. And can be fun. And it's fun to poke at people. And. You know. Stuff like that.


Kedei yanks out the rubber chicken from under his dreadlock wig. "Ta-dah!" He's got the goods.. What did you /think/ he stored in there?! Certainly not anything smokeable, that's for sure ;)


Harsha says, "I have a rubber chicken"


Mimi pats. I have a pet cow?


Ylisa seems to recall seeing a list of questions somewhere, but can't find where it was.  Is there one, or have I imagined it?


Actually, chicken can be smoked, but Kedei prefers his grilled. Oooh, good question Kirsyn!


Mimi nodnods. There's in the office, on the tackboard, there's a list of questions that can be asked.


Kirsyn tickles.  I like my chicken marinated in a zesty lemon-butter sauce and tossed with pasta in a white wine garlic cream sauch...mmmm.  Err, yes.  Nods to Mimi. ^^


Liesana grins.  And removes her own personal chicken from it's pocket universe. And Mimi gets a gold star. We've an outline on the tackboard.  Elaborate where you feel it's necessary.  So... what do y'all think the purpose of an interview is, OOCly?


Mimi beams. Yay! See if a person has a good idea of ICness and good char development and if they can RP.


Kirsyn ponders.  To give a sample of the applicant's rping skills and if there char has a good idea of Harpering and their history?  And /why/ their character wants to be a Harper?


Ylisa thinks seeing if people have their character well enough sorted out is part of it, also if they're familiar with Pern.


Kedei grins evilly, and offers a totally opposite answer to this question. "To drive Kurt and Jueann insane with huge and outdrawn, spammy poses?" Heheh.. At least, that's what I did, but then again, after so many years of popping alts on

and off around HT and else MOO, that's expected. But certainly not required, OR enjoyed... So don't follow my actions... ya hear?


Liesana nods.  Right on, the lot of you.  So what would some criteria for a good history be?  If someone walks in with a background that's perfectly cannon, but informs you that they're a newly orphaned  child from a family of 18 kids, and their parents, their siblings, and even their pet trundlebug all just got killed by thread, and they themselves have been left an alcoholic, do we want them in our craft? :P








Ylisa comments dryly, "Sounds a bit angsty...." 


Mimi sniggers. Well. Since appies can't drink alcohol. And, yeah, angsty, much?


Kirsyn giggles.  No...because firstly, it's seriously non-IC in a lot of ways...even though Pern families would be large, they wouldn't be...18-people large, and...it's extremely unlikely that they would all die of Thread. 


Ylisa adds, "To say nothing of being overdone in almost every particular."  


Kirsyn rolls.  My alt's an appie and pretty much an alcoholic.  But it wasn't because of a huge nasty problem. :>


Mimi giggles atta Kirsy. I know whooo.


Kirsyn blames it on Liesana-alt.  Not my alt's fault. :P


Kirsyn tickles Mimz.  You doooo.


Kedei adds, "If it were toned down some... say, from a big family of fostered kidlets, and a family /member/ was maimed by Thread... Then that would be better. And we all have to admit that some of us had had alcoholic apprentice alts in the past.. *cough*"


Sadahl hehs. Well, it /could/ happen. After all, that thread, it's pretty bad stuff.


Kedei says, "In fact, most /could/ be blamed on Lies, some way or another.. *blink*"


Sadahl hehs. Past? ;) Ooooh. I knoooow who, too. I'm so special.


Liesana grins.  And it is /not/ my alt's fault that your alt is an alkie,


Kirsyn.  Anyhoo, that was just a random example to illustrate a point.  Angst, when overdone = Bad.  And is generally a sign of a twink.


Liesana amends that, on the other hand, a little angst can be fun.  We also don't want 'perfect; characters.  We want folks that can create a fairly robust character, and we're tougher than pretty much any other Craft on the game to get into, because people expect so much from Harpers.


Sadahl wonders, if they are that twinky, should we comment about it OOC'ly? Say that they shouldn't come in our craft until they learn how to deal with the angst, the twinkiescum. Heh. I wanna be a twinkiescum.


Mimi preens and sniffles. I'm not perfect? ;D   Mimi laughs! Hey look, someone wants an interview while we're in the middle of

our 'view class.


Kirsyn hees.  Yep.  My alt, one of my first, has a bit of an ansty background...but she's so apathetic about the whole thing it never gets her down.  And she drinks in moderation now.  My alt's not perfect, my alt's a crazy little devil-child. :P


Kirsyn chuckles.  Indeed they do want an interview.


Sadahl heys. Tell them we're busy. Come back later. Or, better yet, they're not good enough to join a craft. Yeah. Can't wait until I get to do interviews and scare people./


Mimi hms...Most twinks have reputations that get around, so we can attempt to acoid them?


Liesana snickers.   And yes, Sadahl, if you see that the interview is just going to crash and burn and be really painful, you're allowed to OOC (politely) that you don't feel they're ready, and they should try again in X amount of time, after working on Y.  But above all, BE POLITE TO TWINKS.  I know it hurts, but we want to give a good impression of the Craft, to /everyone/. :)


Sadahl oh's. Okay. Be polite. Riiiiight.


Kirsyn hates being polite to twinks.  It buuuurns...but I try to be anyway. Cause everyone's a bit of a twink at heart.  I think. ;)


Kedei admits that politeness is something that I appreciate above all else. You can be a slime ball all you want, IC"ly, but if I see someone acting all high and mighty OOC'ly towards a newbie, a twink or /anyone/.. Well, it truly turns me off.


Mimi giggles. Is there anyone that can't admit that they weren't even the slightest bit twinky when they started out?


Liesana gawds.  I was /such/ a newbie when I started here.  Never a twink, but Marius was /amazingly/ forgiving in my interview. :)  Anyhoo, be polite to twinks, look for robust characters... Hmm... What would some pet peeves in posing be, that would trip all your Twink Sensors?


Ylisa hmms.  Do we have a definition of 'twink,' for the record?


Sadahl hehs. Yeah. I'm more than a bit of a twink at heart, you don't want to know all the twinkish things I've done. I've gotten a few leaders mad at me. But, yeah, that's another discussion altogether. And that was a /long/ time ago. I've learned. Really. Up, powerposing? Like, saying they're eating your brains when you never gave them permission to eat your brains.


Kedei waves. "One line poses, when you /know/ that they've done better."


Harsha says, "spelling wrong?"


Kedei says, "Which is different from a newbie posing, who doesn't know better.""


Mimi says, "I'm a stickler for grammer/spelling, personally."


Liesana grins.  For the record, to me a 'newbie' is a new player.  They /know/ they're new, and will ask for help.  Twinks think they're God. :P


Liesana notes that twinks don't have to be new to be twinks. I know some twinks on here that have survived for two years or more.


Kirsyn hmms...I look for poses that don't really describe?  Like...they can even be long, but don't really tell, in full, what their character's doing or feeling?


Liesana nods.  So, and here's a hot topic... Posing lengths!  


Ylisa chuckles at Lies's definition.  Well, that won't do, on Pern.  Might add /demanding/ interviews and generally not being polite to the list, then.


Kirsyn just said that.  Right up there. :P


Sadahl doesn't think that we should care as long as they aren't obvious? Because I make typos all the time. If they can't use proper punctuation or capital letters at the beginning of the sentence, though, I'd be a little worried. Or if they start talking about knowing/being related to people in the books. Or asking when they can be the master of the craft. 


Kedei hmm's. Isn't it between 5 and 8 lines, for netiquette purposes?


Kedei says, "And then three and five for hatchings, spammy spots, etc?""


Mimi says, "/Not/ super long. Like at one certain interview I did. ^^ Hee. She was misinformed that SuperLong is Good. If someone thinks SuperLong is good....Politely mention something?"


Sadahl oh's. Posing lengths. A sentence is fine, to me. As long as it makes sense. I think 3 lines is good, tho, and definitely not more than 15, because that's just spammy.


Kirsyn nods.  Usually at /least/ three...unless it's a quickquickquick pose, and not all that often...like when you're exiting a room or something, and the other person's already left.  Three lines is a good start for me, though usually my poses run longer than that...it's only when I'm tired that they're around three, usually.


Liesana nods. 4 to 8 is MOO standard.  I'd even accept 2 to 4, if they're done well.  Jueann, for example, rarely goes over 4 lines in length.  I like it if an interviewee tries to match posing lengths with others in the room.  Shows consideration.


Sadahl becomes braindead sometimes and can't make my pose more than a sentence long. Like, uh, today for instance. Ooo. That's a good point. 


Mimi nodnods. Interviewing can get hard to pose long because if you don't have a lot to say...It's tough to say "sits and squirms" in so many different ways. 


Kedei knows the he's a spam meister, but I try to temper it when I'm around those who /know/ that I'm such. Like Liesana said, I'll usually try and match whatever the others are doing.

Ylisa thinks quality and actually having something to say are at least as important as length.


Mimi giggles. Quality over quantity?


Liesana nods.  So basically, none of these guidelines are set in stone, because no two people are alike, but in an interview, look for 1) Knowledge of cannon, the game and the Craft.  2) The difference between IC and OOC. 3) Acceptable spelling and grammar.  4) Reasonable pose lengths  5) /Quality/ posing. (IE, no rambling just to take up space) 6) A good, well-rounded character.


Liesana grins.  So... any more questions/comments?


Sadahl hmm's. What if your character isn't necessarily 'good'. No reason.


Kirsyn has one...if two people are handfasted ICly, do you as a harper need to do anything OOCly?


Harsha says, "ick..sorry to duck out..I gotta go bathe the dog."


Liesana grins.  We'll get to handfasting in a moment.  I want to hop back to IC, and then skip to OOC again after that, Kay?


Harsha has disconnected.


Ylisa says, "Could you tell us about the mechanics of interviewing as a Snr App? We need to get someone to watch, and then decide - how's that bit done?" 


Kirsyn nodnods at Lies.


Kirsyn ooh's at Ylisa.  Good question.


Mimi says, "Someone watches. At the end you consult with them..."


Sadahl nods. Sounds easy.


Mimi gigglets. And I always make sure I've asked all the right IC questions by asking my Watcher before going OOC.


Kirsyn nods.


Liesana nods.  And gives Mimi another gold star.  If you want to interview as a senior apprentice, you need someone of Jman rank or above to watch via firelizard.  We'll step in and give a hand if you get stuck, but for the most part, we'll leave you on your own.  We'll discuss with you whether you feel that player X should join, or not, and we'll take your opinion into account with our own.  After the initial interview, you'll be given more and more autonomy, although you'll not be left completely along until you're a Jman. 


Ylisa nods.  That figures.


Kirsyn ook's.  And nods.  Sounds good...


Liesana nods.  So we all coo' wit' dat?


Kedei nods. Tres cool...


Kirsyn giggles.  Yoyo.  Word.


The housekeeper arrives to cart Harsha off to bed.


Sadahl yups. I'm good with that.


Mimi says, "Mmmhm."


Ylisa says, "Coolissima."


Liesana smiles, and reaches out to that mysterious little box again, toggling the switch in the other direction, and returning the room to ICness.  "So,"  she inquires, picking up a meatroll and gnawing on it.  "Let's talk about Handfastings now... Besides turning everyone involved in them into a pile of emotional goo, they're also one of our more pleasant duties as Harpers.  What  do you all know about our involvement there?"


Mimi snickers very quietly and leans over to Kedei, "Watch out for Kirsy. She bites," whispered in a purposely loud voice. Gleaming smile to Sadahl, "He was attacked by one of Kurt's stalkers with Kurt in the gardens." Hair flip. Mimi has her ways of knowing things. She probably knew what happened to Kedei before he did. One of Kedei's dreadlocks is flicked, "Your hair looks weird. You should get them to rearrange that bandage so it doesn't make your head look diseased." Mimi is just /such/ a nice girl, isn't she? Right then. Once the excitements over..."Uh...We say the vows, then tell the pair to smooch, then go party?" Vague...But true.


Ylisa pauses to sip her juice before saying rather hesitantly, "The Harper seems to act as master of ceremonies, but the couple say their own words as promises.  We don't tell them what to say." She frowns.  "At least, not at the ones I've been too.  Which isn't many, admittedly." 


Kedei blinks at Mimi's advice and comments, before shaking his head and turning back to the lesson at hand. He hasn't been to very many handfastings-in fact, just one, that he can remember. "Well, when my older sister got handfasted, I remember her telling me about meeting with the harper first off, to discuss the ceremony. That way, there'd be no mistakes or lags during the real thing. He-the harper master-asked about the gold marks that they'd be exchanging, and if there were any 'extras' that they wanted to add, like a different kind of token, or something..."


Kirsyn pokes Mimi viciously.  "Hey now, that's not particularly nice y'know...ooh, and Mimi's right about your hair.  Cut it and spike it or something," is said with a knowing nod from harper lass.  "But anyway, I'll bug ya after class...I'm not /that/ mean."  And attention is returned with a snap of her head to handfastings.  "What they said...I'd say the same thing, but it'd be

redundant.  Yes.  Sometimes we sing at them?" 


Sadahl rests his feet up on the seat in front of him, much to the dismay of the young apprentice sitting there. Not that Sadahl's going to do anything about it. " Oh, wow, I thought he was just getting stressed out," he comments. He then pays attention to the class; " Well, we probably need to go over what we're going to say beforehand, like which kind of vows we'll say, where and what time it will be at, what style of service it will be, and stuff like that."  


"I'll thank you not to spread half-fact rumors until I have submitted my report on the incident, Mimi,"  raps out an ice cold voice from across the room.  Whoah. Was that Liesana?  Yup.  A cold glance settles on the senior apprentice for a long moment, before a shake of her shoulders returns Liesana to affability.  "You're all partly right,"  she allows.  "The Harper performs the ceremony, and occasionally performs at the reception afterwards.  Only Journeymen or higher may perform Handfastings, and we always confer with the fiancées before the event, for planning.  Now... Who can tell me the traditional

vows... they aren't hard to remember." 


Mimi turns around abruptly at the sound of Liesana, raising her eyebrows at the journeywoman's tone. Has Liesana /ever/ said anything like that to Mimi? Has /anyone/ ever said anything like that to Mimi? Well...Probably, yes, but we'll

conveniently forget that for now. "But Liiiesa. I spread half-fact rumors about /everything/. It's not like it's anything /new/." Dignified sniff and she sulks by eating a cookie. She'll still spread the rumors, but it's the principle of the thing. Traditional vows? Hmph. Mimi just seems interested in her cookie.  


Garland blinks in from ::between::!


Sadahl realizes, while watching Mimi chew said cookie, that his food has been growing cold. He gets a pastry from his rather large pile, and chews on it while replying to Liesana, " Umpf. I dunno?" Not that him saying anything will help. "I luff you and will stay wiff woo ferever." And now him not paying attention to the handfasting Liesana did really starts to show up.


Kedei can answer this one.. "First, the harper asks for the names of the two getting handfasted, for the records and to announce to everyone who the lucky couple is. Then, he or she asks if the man will take the woman as his wife, to love and to honor for all time..." Now, the only reason he knows this is because he recently learnt a song that had those exact words within them. 


"Speak to me after class." raps out that icy tone again, Liesana apparently in no mood for Mimi's general exuberance, before she nods slightly to the rest of the class to continue.


Kirsyn tends to shrug helplessly, and does so now, as that seems the wise course of action when you don't know something.  "Yes.  Well....I sort of...haven't been to one, and I forgot.  So that's why, really."  Hands return to smoothing out the wrinkles in her dress, braid hanging down over her shoulder, as little FroooodoBreeches looks fearfully around the room.  Everyone's hitting on him.  Cannot cope.


The ragtop male apprentice therefore goes on. "Then, once he says yes, then the harper asks the woman if she will you take the man as her mate, to love, honor, and bear only his children." Kedei blushes at that last remark. He might be nearly 19 Turns, but the young man is still a bit ... squeamish about certain things. "In other words, she has to promise not to sleep around," he adds, bluntly.


Sadahl slaps his thigh with that remark. " Yeah, that's right. No sleepin' around." And eats his pastry innocently.


Mimi gapes open-mouthed at Liesana, allowing a few cookie crumbs to fall onto her knee. The crumbs are noticed and swiped off of her knee before she shoves the rest of the cookie in her mouth and leans back against her couch. Looking...Generally like a small child that has just been told she can't do something. Besides, she doesn't actually remember the vows, so she wouldn't be volunteering to say them, anyways.


Ylisa chips in.  "Oh, and then he offers her the marriage mark and asks her to accept it, and be his, or something - that's the bit that's in their own words."  She nods with satisfaction at having remembered something about it, at least.  "And if she does - we hope she does!  If she does she says so in /her/ own words."


Mimi muses for a moment, emerging from her Pout. "What if she /does/ say no?" Just...curious question. "What do we do?"


Liesana gives a bit of an amused grin.  "Well... then our job at the Handfasting is over.  You might as /why/, but if she doesn't want to do it, then your main responsibility is to take the poor groom and see that he gets properly drunk." she opines.  "But...  Back to the topic at hand.  Let's have a mock Handfasting, shall we?  Sans kiss, and non legally binding, of course. Who wants to be the bride and groom?"


Kedei listens as the other apprentices give their answers, and then blanches at Liesana's idea. Ducking his head, he slinks lower into his chair. Let the girls go and do it.. He'll just, sit here and look.. small. Invisible. Non-groom material.


Mimi giggles a bit, "I wonder if anyone's /ever/ said no before..." She lets her hand /shoot/ up at the mention of a mock handfasting. Was Mimi in anyway sad? Ever? Pouting? No way. Gossiping? Not at all. Sans kiss? Hah. Kedei's wrist is

grabbed for, "C'mon, Kedei. Let's get mock-handfasted." Is she evil or what? And loving it.


Kirsyn follows Kedei's example, as she /abhors/ these displays, simply squirming in her seat for a moment or two and biting on a fingernail in a way she hope won't be notice.  If you can't be heard, you can't be seen, correct?  Well, that's her idea, anyway, so Kirsyn remains silent.  Ooh. 


Ylisa gives a wry grin and says dryly, "Better to change her mind then than just /after/ the ceremony, I suppose."  She doesn't, however, volunteer for the mock ceremony.  What need, when others are so keen?


Keen? You call this keen? However, Kedei-rather than fight Mimi-allows himself to be dragged forward. Funky bandages, dreadlocks and all, he steps forward. "Will there be kissing involved?" he asks, deadpan serious. However, the faintest trace of a grin is making its way across his features, showing that hey, maybe this won't be all /that/ bad. Hehe.


Sadahl notices Mimi's volunteering Kedei. " Yeah, I think that Kedei wants to volunteer," he offers, wry smile slipping on his bemused lips as he polishes off his baked goods. " He's more likely to get handfasted than me, anyways," he finishes.


Liesana gives a most amused grin, and doesn't make a single move to intervene on poor Kedei's behalf.  "No.  No kissing.  Apprentice rules, and all, you know.  Sorry to disappoint you, Ked,"  she winks.  "Right.  Well, the first thing you do as a Harper, after a couple has approached you, is you sit down and have a little chat with them.  So, Kedei, Mimi, congratulations to you both.  What do you yourselves see happening in your ceremony?  Would you like it to be

traditional, or completely original?"  She turns to deliver an aside to the class.  "For demonstration purposes, we're going with tradition, but be aware that you can get some really /weird/ requests..."


Harsha walks with a graceful step in from the Balcony Hallway.


Mimi wrinkles her nose up slightly. Not even a kiss on the /cheek/? Bah. Miz just beams, clinging onto one of Kedei's hands, attempting to appear one in a "happy to-be-handfasted pair". The senior apprentice is ready to make a wonderfully outrageous suggestion, "Completely- aw - traditional," the last word is said almost sullenly. But. For the sake of demonstration...Fine. "Weird? Like what?"


Sadahl has connected.


"Yeah, like what?" Kedei asks, though he can just /imagine/ some of the odd requests that might be given. Something about leather outfits and bovine whips crosses his mind, the weird thought to be blamed on the knock received to his head. With the tiniest of interested grins, he silently waits to hear the reply. 


Kirsyn continues to gnaw on her lip - as long as they're on tradition, you know - although this time it's really in extreme amusement, hands fidgeting in her lap as Kirsy /does/ try to hold back laughter.  And an /intense/ concentration on unbraiding her braid, so she succeeds fairly well. 


Ylisa decides that this is a good time to make a few notes, so picks up her writing tools and starts jotting down the main points of what Liesana is saying.  Her empty plate is deposited on the floor by the side of her armchair.  The blue firelizard perched on the chair back cranes his neck to inspect it, but settles back with a disdainful flip of his wings when he sees that all the goodies have gone. She listens with an attentive tilt of the head, opening her mouth briefly as if to ask a question, but waiting for a better moment instead. 


Liesana just gives a serene little smile and a "You'll find out... remind me to tell you about the time a pair of back cotholders wanted to ride in on blue-dyed llamas, though... Ahem.  Anyways.  A traditional ceremony.  We'll skip forward through the rest of the planning of the celebration that would undoubtedly take place.  Time for the ceremony!  Kirsyn, Sadahl, Ylisa, Harsha, you lot are witnesses.  Stand in a bunch at the back if you will?  Now, as the officiating Harper, I stand up at the front facing the crowd.  Kedei, you come stand up here by me, and Mimi, let's see you give a march down the aisle."


Harsha wakes from her daze/sleep as she hears her name and wakes to find herself in the middle of preparations for a /handfasting/. Don't act surprised to be here. She nods and follows the rest of the names that were called. Just do what they do.


The dark-skinned apprentice does as he's told, and removes his hand from Mimi's grip of handfasting-merriment. Kedei gives the limb a good shake, and idly wonders what that woman will be like to her mate when she has kidlets. Oy! Taking his place near Liesana, he reaches up to adjust his bandages and hair. Even though it's only a mock ceremony, you gotta look good for the people, you know...


Kirsyn follows the instructions of Liesana like a dutiful little harper lass, slipping over to file into group formation and act as much like a solemn witness as she can, even managing to dredge a couple of tears out to have them fall down her cheeks.  Of course she must continue to look simply ravishing while doing so, you know.  All in what's necessary for her image to be maintained.


Mimi grins as she shuffles back past a table, looking around at the "witnesses" with grins and winks to the appropriate friends. Shoulders are squared, chin held parallel to the ground, and she slowly begins to walk forward. All goes well until a chair is in her way. The girl stops, wrinkles up her nose, with a small "oof" shoves the chair to the side, then continues up to Liesana as if

nothing happened at all, of course.


Ylisa stands up and moves into the place Liesana indicated, still clutching her notes in case there's anything to add to them.  The corners of her mouth are twitching, but she manages to look almost as if she's taking this seriously.  She hums a few bars of a cheerful march tune as Mimi heads along the 'aisle,' just loudly enough to be heard.


Sadahl is already at the back. But he's not standing -- so he rises, pushing through the crowd to stand over by Kirsyn. Hands in pockets, he watches, stubbornly trying to look like he's not, meanwhile. Lips /do/ curl up into a smile. Kedei and Mimi'll be hearing about this for a while.  


Liesana is suffering from quite the case of suppressed laughter herself as she watches her 'newlyweds' assemble.  "Right.  Well, I'll drop the formal lingo in the interests of brevity, but in the full ceremony, be as flowery as you like.  First off:  Does anyone here have any reason why these two Harpers cannot be mock-Handfasted?


Harsha finally starts to understand what is going on and grins. She wonders just how much she missed, and how much was vital. Probably all of it. Oh well, maybe she can copy someone's notes later.


Landon suddenly disappears ::between::!


Kedei would say something, and /should/ say something, considering that this on top of the rumors spreading about his knock to the head will certainly place him into the limelight for several more days, if not sevendays, at least. However, he remembers the vice like grip Mimi had on his hand, and even though this /is/ just a joke, he doesn't want to experience that grasp on any /other/ part of his anatomy. Therefore, "Fine by me," is all he mumbles, gulping in slight apprehension. Sharded if he do, and sharded if he don't... So may's well make the best of it, right?


Kirsyn shakes her head.  "No," is said simply...it would be fun to come up with a list, of course, as if taking the process seriously, but in the interest of what needs to be done, Kirsyn refrains like a dear, expressing only that.  Monosyllabic and everything, so informative.  Cue the fake sigh and teary sniffle from her corner.


Sadahl is tempted -- but no. Hands stay in pockets, he continually watches dutifully. He raises a 'brow at Kedei's comments, whispering something about, "Yeah, I bet it's fine by you." Winkwink, nudgenudge. Coughing, he says something louder; " Er, no."


Mimi decides to spare Kedei another death-cling and clasps her own hands together, sunny smile on her face. She turns slightly towards the "witnesses" with a small glare. They'd better not have any problems with it. Ooor else. Or else what? Oh. Not sure. Mimi, just stays silent for now, turning her glare off, smile on and faces back towards Kedei and Liesana.


Liesana grins at the silence.  "Good.  Disrupting my lesson in the middle of my teaching it is a good way to get yourself on my list of people to copy archives." Or pranked.  "So, now we tell the couple to please step forward and state their names, titles, and affiliations, for the record."   


Harsha blinks softly, she has a question and she starts to raise her hand but thinks better about it and puts it back down quickly. Hopefully it wasn't seen. She'll just wait to ask... if she doesn't forget 


Ylisa raises her notepad and a quick note is made of the questions that have been asked so far.  "What happens if someone does object?" she wonders aloud. "It would be awful - but what would you do?"  Then she looks embarrassed because

she's interrupted the "ceremony."  


With a small step-since he's already beside the journeywoman anyway-Kedei comes forward. "I'm Harper apprentice Kedei," he states, reaching up to once again fix the bandage threatening to unroll, and spill out his bound dreadlocks.

Mimi takes a step forwards, clearing her throat and announcing, "Mimi, Harper Senior Apprentice." Eyebrow is arched at the bandage on Kedei's head, but once she is convinced it will not fall onto her, she turns her raised eyebrow over towards Ylisa, turning her stance from eager-being-handfasted-woman to questioning-apprentice, "Hey, yeah, what would we do?"


Kirsyn simply nods, seeing Ylisa raise her own notepad seems to remind Kirsyn of her notebook, and hands fumble to grasp it from her lap and shove the stylus down onto the material, hastily putting down notes to hopefully make up for lost time, one eye trained on the 'groom and bride' all the time, of course. 


Sadahl eyes his notebook. Perhaps he should go over and get it. He leans forward, slinging it into his arms, before watching once more, jotting down a brief thing here and there. Eyes fall upon Ylisa -- jeez. " They kick him out of the 'fasting." Well, that's obvious. 


Liesana reverts from her quasi-official stance to muse that "Well, one would give the challenger leave to speak their reason, and if it's a sound one, the handfasting is off.  If it isn't, have the Guards haul 'em off, and carry on.  But!  Back to the show.  Very well then, Kedei, do you take this woman Mimi to be your mock-wife?  Do you promise to love, honor and protect her as long as you both live?  Or until the end of class , whatever comes first." 


Harsha grins good, her question was already asked. That means she doesn't have to wait to ask, she'll get to find out now. What /if/ someone does. An old lover, a angry parent? "So... You get to decide if it's a sound reason? What constitutes a sound reason?"


Harsha has disconnected.


Kedei hides a wince at the idea of being fasted to Mimi forever. At the addition of 'end of class,' he lets out a sigh of relief and nods. "Sure. Yeah. Whatever you say." Then, he realizes that they're /trying/ to be professional here, for learning sake, so he coughs and re-replies with, "I mean. Of course. She's is of my heart, and without her, I would surely cease to exist." There, you want sappy? How was that?


Sadahl turns a little red at the comment; smirking lips seem to be trying to hold down an outburst of laughter. Finally, he gives up, letting out several loud snorts, which he tries to cover with his mouth. He then steps behind Ylisa, hoping to cover that entire episode up by getting someone else blamed for it. Because, y'know, Ylisa sounds like a fifteen turn old boy.


Kirsyn nods, scribbling ever more notes down in her notebook, already cramming a whole page full of notes on this thing - handfastings.  One would see all this, if one bothered to look closely...and the doodles of classmates are merely there

to be instructive and revive her memory when she goes over these later.  Really. 


Mimi returns to eager-wife-to-be position, letting a small "you'd better" glare cross her oh-so-bright-and-sunny face. Kedei earns a small /look/ at his first response, but the look brightens at his correction. That's /much/ better. And what's wrong with being fasted to Miz forever? We all know everyone luffs the Mimi.


The housekeeper arrives to cart Harsha off to bed.


Liesana stifles a most-un-solemn snicker at the apprentice antics, and then clears her throat to go on.  "Yes, very good.  So, Mimi, do you take this man Kedei to be your mock-husband?  Do you promise to love him, honor his claim, and bear only his children?  Or perhaps darn his socks or something, since you aren't allowed to engage in any activities leading to children.  For as long as you both shall live, or until the end of class?"


Ylisa casts a curious glance over her shoulder at Sadahl, who seems to be trying to - hide behind her?   However, she'd better scribble down the answer to her question, and the formal questions that Liesana has put to the 'happy couple.' With nothing to lean on, 'scribble' is about the right word, too.   


Kedei can't help it, but lifts up his right foot at this suggestion, tugging Mimi's hand to notice the hole in one pant leg. "Or, you could mend my trousers, you know." Grin.


Kirsyn snickers at this image, Mimi darning socks forever for Kedei.  Heh. She'll have to tease Mimi about that later - something about lovingly darning his socks forever or some such thing.  And stays tight-lipped, so as not to interrupt the "officiality" of the ceremony.  Yeah, right. 


Mimi near-snorts at Liesana before regaining composure and giving a considerably seriously faced nod. "I will forever darn my sweet-Kedei's socks. And mend his trousers." Mimi's really quite proud of herself for this being all said so very deadpan. Lovingly. Hah. If someone waves socks in her face before this class is over she may kill them. "Of course." But only if her sweet-Kedei has sweet-socks.


Sadahl continues to laugh -- hiding behind the lovely Ylisa all the time, of course -- while watching the ceremonies. " So ... funny," he gasps between chortles, hands on knees. He calms down a bit more, face turning it's normal brown hue, and continues to watch the going-on's with a teasing grin on his face.


Liesana chuckles.  "And no using a darning needle to skewer your mock-husband," she tacks on, in case Mimi should get any ideas.  "Oh, and Harsha, I'll answer your question after this exercise is completed.  Now..."  A turn back to Kedei,

and she extends a golden-brown sugar cookie to him.  "Kedei, you have the Golden Mark,"  The cookie, obviously.  "Offer it to Mimi and ask her to take it and be yours, telling all that's in your heart."  Another aside.  "This is the part where, in a real ceremony, the amount of sweetener in the air can turn your stomach."


Kedei eyes the cookie, and ponders taking a bite out of it before handing it over. It'd show how he wants to keep his heart to himself.. hehe. However, he doffs that idea and offers the cookie up for grabs. "Mimi, like this sugary treat, you are the sweetness that brightens my life. Please accept this golden *cough* mark and be my sugar-pie forever and ever." The goofy grin that now graces Ked's face is enough to make /anyone/ laugh, though he's doing a fair job of holding in his own guffaws...


Kirsyn holds another bubble of laughter in, although the hand that is effectively "sewing" her mouth shut, and making a soft *thump* as she leans against the wall, head turning towards the ceiling momentarily.  She's taking notes, really...all those random scratches aren't just a product of a lack of hand-eye coordination at the moment.  


Ylisa is doing a certain amount of chortling herself, but steps forward a few inches to give Sadahl room to curl up in comfort.  More spinner-tracks are added to the bottom of her notes, and she wrinkles her nose at the semi-legible scrawl.  Laughter and clear script don't seem to mix. 


Mimi is near-bursting, but holds in laughter to a painfully wide grin, accepting the cookie/golden mark. "Oh Kedei, of course I will." Wait...Pie? There's pie around? Oh. He wasn't actually talking about /food/. Okay. 


Sadahl notices the cookie being passed around as a mark. He grabs one of his own cookies from his plate, chewing on it thoughtfully. This class is going to make him fat. 


Liesana laughs at last.  "Right.  In the traditional ceremony, the bride is supposed to give a reply in her own words as well, but as we seem to all be suffering from a case of suppressed humor, I now pronounce Kedei and Mimi to be mock-husband and mock-wife.  You may shake hands with the bride, and go sit down."


Kedei turns and offers his hand towards his new 'mock' wife, and hopes that she doesn't squeeze /too/ hard. However, before the deed can be done, a familiar firelizard appears out of nowhere, landing on Ked's shoulder and screetching at

him in what seems to be anger. "Ugh.. Can I be excused?" he asks, returning his hand and pointing to the flit. "Journeyman Jeranium is looking for me..." Hehe.. Saved by the screech. So the handfasting is null. Woohoo! 


Sadahl claps, pursing his lip into an alluring whistle; " Nice couple you two make." He makes his way around Ylisa, the hiding no longer needed, and collapses rather solidly down on a chair, taking his food and greasy notebook in hand once more. He opens his page to his notes, find only 'important' written at the top. Well, what can you do?   


Mimi shakes hands with her new 'mock' husband, breaking a piece off of her "golden mark" and popping it in her mouth. As the firelizard appears she wrinkles up her nose, "I want my kiss sometime, Kedei. Don't think you're getting off /that/ easily." Giggling senior apprentice returns to her couch, pouting slightly as she was planning on clinging onto her new husband, since this does only last through class, she was going to milk it for all it's worth. 


Liesana gives Kedei a little nod, and a shoo'ing motion along with a "Take it easy, kiddo," before turning back to the group, and tilting her head.  "So... aside from the necessary humor, did that illustrate to you somewhat of how a Handfasting should be conducted?"


Kirsyn snickers, shutting her notebook back with an audible *snap*, and shoving it into the recesses of her grab-bag, stylus tossed in mere moments later.  "Mimz.  Teeell me all that you kow.  Or something, at a general point later in time."  And then Lies' voice draws her back to the present.  Oh yeah, /that/ thing...class.  "Yes, did a very good job."  Sage nod.


Kedei gives the rest of his classmates a second goofy grin, before shoo'ing off the firelizard from his shoulder and following the chittering bronze out of the room. Ahh.. Freedom.. even if it will only last as long as it takes for him to get to Jeranium's office. 


Kedei goes home.


Ylisa's chuckles are replaced by horror as her own firelizard responds to the new winged arrival's screeching, which woke him from a /lovely/ nap,  by making an even worse noise of his own.  She steps quickly over to the chair where he's perched, and picks him up, but the young blue won't be placated - or quietened.  "Sorry, Liesana, he's not usually this awkward.  May I take him out and calm him down?"


Liesana gives another dismissing nod to Ylisa, before turning back to the class. "Well, to answer your question, Harsha, angry parents are not a sound reason, if the couple is of a legal age and rank to marry.  Neither are jealous lovers.  A sound reason would be a previous husband or a wife turning up, along those lines.  Now, if there are no further questions..."  Her hand hovers over that mysterious toggle box again...


Ylisa walks to the Balcony Hallway.


Mimi stretches out on her couch, stomach down as she nibbles on her golden cookie-mark-thing. "Yes. Being handfasted's going to be /fun/." If she ever gets handfasted, that is. She'll be able to pick her ooown odd originalities. Flashes of whips and something about ovines crosses her mind before the thought is banished. "Anope. Noooo questions here."


Kirsyn shakes her head.  "Naw.  No questions."  Impatient for class to end, Kirsy is, mostly because her player is hoping there'll be OOC disco balls and beanbag chairs soon.  Mmm.  "Yes!  Getting handfasted will be a blast..." Visions of revealing fasting dresses and dragons escorting bride and groom fill /her/ mind.  Yeah, right, dream on Kirsyn.  "So no."


Sadahl shrugs, peeling a particularly juicy citrus fruit. " Nope."


Liesana smiles, and reaches down to flip that mysterious little toggle switch again, plunging the room into the tumbling starfield of an OOC Space Station.


Liesana gleams.  And has been reading too much SF lately, but... Handfastings and their aspects.  Questions!


Sadahl floats 'n bounces about. Weeee. Yeah, I have a question. How many handfastings are there in a rl year, usually?


Kirsyn whoots!  Do we have to do anything OOCly after doing it ICly?

Garland has done 3-4 of them so far this year :)


Mimi hmmmms. Yeah. What Kirsy said.


Liesana ponders.  It comes in cycles.  Oddly, I've noticed a huge increase in them since 9/11.  Whether that's coincidence or something worthy of a Sociology paper, I don't know.  I've done 5, myself.  And no, Handfasting is a completely IC event.  There's no @handfast verb or anything. :P 


Kirsyn mms and nods.  That would be funny - if someone with the power could go around @handfasting random people. :P

Garland nods. I did a lot more last year though.


Mimi laughs. Uhm....Are there divorces on Pern? ^^


Liesana snickers.  If they did that... they probably wouldn't have the power for long.


Garland woos. A @handfast verb /would/ be handy, if only to show up in once's +Finger or something. Like Firelizards and Dragons show up, so should spouses :)


Kirsyn dies.  But it /would/ be funny.


Liesana hrms.  That is a very good question, Mims.


Sadahl hehs. I want a @handfasting verb ... ;) That'd be funneh. I guess you could put it in your plan. That would be neat to show in +finger, though.  Sadahl checks in the lovely dragonlover's guide to pern to see if it says in there.


Liesana is inclined to think that there's /something/ of that nature, because back in DragonsDawn there's a mention of 'contracts of varying lengths'.  But the only real example of a handfasting we're given in the books is between members of the Blood, who wed for life, and happy couples, who don't want a divorce.


Liesana thinks that, in a society like Pern, if someone was really unhappy in a marriage, it would be easy enough to relocate to another Hold, or run off to the weyr.


Mimi giggles. Just in case I want Mimi to become some crazed 40-year-old who's been married and divorced 5 times. ;D


Liesana chuckles.  And doesn't think /that/ would be IC. ;)  


Sadahl blech's and is too lazy to look for it.

Garland doesn't think that would be IC either. :P. Though I have handfasted a couple of people more than once.


Liesana nods.  Anyhoo... most of the OOC organizing of the even is done on the channel 'Handfasting'  If someone pages you asking about a 'fasting, get them and their intended on the channel, and talk it over.  It's also useful for during the ceremony, to cut down on spam. 


Mimi says, "Sounds easy 'nuff."


Kirsyn nods.  What Miz said.


Liesana nods.  What else... Oh, Jueann's got a tres excellent guide to Handfastings that she wrote.  It's on the tackboard, I think, as well as listed on the Harper website.  Pretty much tells you everything you need to know. 


Kirsyn nodnods.


Sadahl nods. Sounds handy. Sorry I'm not too talkative today -- for some strange reason I feel exhausted even though I did nothing all day. 


Garland points. Slacker!


Mimi mmhms and thinks she's seen it 'round.


Liesana snerks.  You could be anemic?   Well, what else is there to cover...  


Kurt?  You see anything that I've missed?


Sadahl hehs. You betchya. ;)


Garland hmms. Handfastings are generally to be very short. And the man always goes first. That's just the way it is in Pern society. We may be liberal but they're still a feudal society. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people try to make Pern too much like Earth :P


Liesana nods.  Actually, we still have the man go first in most /Terran/ wedding ceremonies that I can think of.  Traditionally, anyways.


Kirsyn giggles.


Liesana oh's.  And tell the audience to keep the spam down, during the actual ceremony. 


Garland nods. but there's a lot of liberties taken in terran weddings :)  


Kirsyn rolls.  Liesana, dear, I thought you were talking about an /actual/ wedding.  Have the priest say, "Now everyone, keep the spam down." *dies* 


Mimi laughs and hasn't actually beeeen to a wedding before.

Garland flaps around. "rings aren't a traditional pernese custom. golden marks are. But that doesn't mean they can't exchange rings. Just explain to them that it's not tradition, but a custom option.


Mimi hms....What about cookies? ;)


Liesana nods.  And sometimes folks won't go for the Mark at all... Last 'fasting I did, they exchanged a silver runner-shoe nail, and an eating knife with a golden rose on it.  Personal meaning.


Kirsyn ook's.

Garland - and if you're (un)fortunate enough to be asked to be more or less a wedding planner, asking the bakers and the weavers if they'd like to participate in planning is always a fun way to cultivate RP. But unless they're very very popular people or of a high rank of some kind it's doubtful that they'd have the money to throw a large bash. As far as I know they didn't throw personal parties all that much. Just like turndays weren't celebrated with huge parties unless you were someone important.


Garland dies at the image of a priest saying that. "Ladies and gentlemen. Please keep the spam to a minimum."


Kirsyn notes, bakers are cool.  I have a baker alt. ^^ But we're in harper class now, so I will clam up. :>


Mimi nodnods. Oh, did anyone log this? I'd reeeeally like a copy of it when it's all edited and such. ^^


Sadahl blechs. Weddings are boring, I don't recommend them.


Mimi hi5s Kirsy for having baker alts. ^^


Liesana giggles.  And has been logging, yes. 

Kirsyn beams at Mimz.  I am logging now - I love that SimpleMu logs to the beginning of the buffer. ^^


Liesana will be posting her copy of the log on her website soon.


Mimi hees. Mmkay. I cooould backlog, but wanted to save myself the editing. ;D


Kirsyn loves Lies.  And will prolly just steal it from you and give credit. :>


Sadahl ooh's and finds a slacker person to hang with. Yeah, I logged it, too, but a lot of the parts are cut out since I kept on getting kicked off all the time. So I don't think you'd want my log.


Liesana grins.  Well, if there are no further questions, I'll call this class dismissed.  3.5 hour lesson.  Oy.


Logfile from Kirsyn





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